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on April 6, 2002
First off, I'm going to start by saying this: If you are looking for the average Missy or Timbaland album, THIS IS NOT IT. Tweet's "Southern Hummingbird" is perhaps the most refreshing album I've heard in quite some time. From beginning to end (with the exception of the last two bonus tracks) are nothing short of musical ecstacy. The production on this album is very simple, stripped almost - leaving Tweet and her angelic voice to shine all over the album. The best examples of this is are songs like "My Place", "Smoking Cigarettes", and the heartbreaking song "Motel", in which Tweet discovers a lover sneaking around in a... well, a motel. Seems simple enough, right? Tweet's voice, coupled with only a single acoustic guitar easily makes this the most breathtaking song on the album. You can almost feel her emotion - her anger... Don't get me wrong, "party" tracks like "Oops (Oh My)", "Boogie 2nite", and "Make Ur Move" can definately move bodies on the dance floor, but the slow songs definately take control of the album. Another amazing track is "Drunk", which has an eerie haunted house-type feel to it. Like a previous reviewer commented, it's definately not a track you want to listen to while you're drunk. Spend some time with Tweet - it's not often that a Southern Hummingbird like this comes along to breathe new life into a stagnant R&B market.
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on April 2, 2002
This new one from tweet brings the heat once again to the music world with "Southern Humming bird". From the first listen I was hooked and played it through 3 times over. The first single "Oops" makes you think this is another timbaland beat heavy cd, with just another R+B girl to sing over. Not the case here. The cd is very soulful with a lto of different sounds and beats.(fast , midtempo and slow) No matter how fast or slow the song is...they all have a soulful vibe to it. Missy did it right by bring tweet out in a different way. There is also a lot of guitar playing here. Makes it sound mroe liek a live session sometimes on some of the songs. (She is a godo live singer). Now to the songs....whats good?
My place(reminds you of something D'Angelo would make. real soulful), Smoking cigarettes, Best Friend(probably one of the most soulful tracks on the album), Always Will, Boogie 2 night(tight club song), Oops(we all know this..the song that started it all), Motel(real soulful with a story behind it), beautiful(Another on of my favorite soulful tracks), Heaven, Call me(Next single with another hot beat), Drunk(Song with another deep story behind it), Sexual Healing pt.2 (Tight remix that makes everythign different).
Overall tweet came strong for her debut and made it clear that its not just another R+B singer here. I would not be surprised if she droped a live cd later on...but for now this is good. anyone with doubts about this should pick this up and listen for themself. Its a good mix of sounds with a lot of soul.
Dont sleep.....get it!
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on April 11, 2002
Okay I admit that when I heard Oops! I was like okay she has a great voice, but she'll be a one hit wonder. Then I heard her on Jay Leno live and said out loud, "The girl can sho'nuff sang!" After I peeped the whole CD, I was hooked. Tracks like "Smoking Cigarettes" and "Beautiful" are reminiscent of old school. Tweet's acoustic guitar playing is wonderful on "Always Will" and "Motel". The album gives me a D'Angelo/Old school Prince feel. After reading negative reviews, I have to assume that these people are either deaf or young. To say Ashanti's CD is better than Tweet's is just scandelous. Ashanti is for the children and Tweet is for the mature adult who remembers what a Minnie Ripperton track would do for you. I think that Tweet is one of the most talented singers and artists to come out amongst the mediocres of the music business and the overrated neo-soul artists i.e. Alicia Keys. Tweet reminds one of what real music is and unlike Oops, the rest of the CD is not drum programmed beats. The whackest song on the entire CD is the Missy Elliot track "Big Spender". I don't know what the hell she was thinking. Anyway, if you like this CD...try Jaguar Wright and Syleena Johnson. These are two more sisters laying it down with real soul.
My favorite songs on the CD are:
Smoking Cigarettes
Best Friend (with Bilal)
Always Will
My Place
I like the entire CD!!!!
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on April 28, 2002
SOUTHERN HUMMINGBIRD is absolutely awesome in every way. Aside from being a complete surprise, it's also a different take on todays R&B. This album is very sensual, mellow and stripped down. Charlene "Tweet" Keys has a smooth, sweet voice that conveys emotion with every note. She's very talented vocally, lyrically, and musically. She even plays the guitar on the acoustic driven "motel."
If you expect more of the hit single "oops (oh my)" on this CD you'll be disappointed. SOUTHERN HUMMINGBIRD is a different vibe all together. This is not the usual Missy/Timbaland sound; which is nice for a change. Tweet takes a stripped-down, mellow approach and emerges victorious. Instead of being shocked, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. It all begins with the inviting "my place" which is such a warm, smooth track. One of many.
Other gems are "smoking cigarettes" (which is a strange combination of acoustic guitars and a distorted beat), "best friend" (a laid-back soulful "is it love" tune), "oops (oh my)" (recalling a lesson in "self love"), "make ur move" (a club shaker), "complain" (a smooth bluesy track) and "drunk" (which sounds like an eerie, warped, like you could be drunk track). There are so many great songs on here that it's hard to spot a bad one.
This CD is such a much needed breath of fresh air in todays over produced market. I was pleasantly surprised as to how well the songs work here. In every way this SOUTHERN HUMMINGBIRD takes flight. It's a wonderful album.
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on April 3, 2002
How refreshing! In a world now dominated by lesser talented singers (Ashanti) rather than by real R&B singers like Faith Evans, Kelly Price and Mary J. Blige, Tweet emerges with an impressive collection of songs with depth. Having written and produced much of the album, Tweet offers up this set of highly introspective, original compositions which sounds refreshingly dissimilar to other R&B sounds. Unlike other Missy Elliot and Timbaland proteges, Tweet delivers an album more in the acoustic vein than the more recently hip electronic. The result is Aaliyah meets Tracy Chapman. And it is oh so good!
Those wanting more of the wonderul, sexually charged 'Oops! Oh My' type songs may be hard pressed to find others songs similar to it on the album, but that is what sets this R&B chateuse apart. Songs like 'Smoking Cigarettes' 'Always Will' and 'Beautiful' present more of the acoustic sound of Tweet, with a little of the Tim and Missy thrown in as a little kick. 'Motel' presents the artist at her best as the slow guitar brooding number tells an errant lover exactly where he can go. No mincing of words present there. Surprisingly the album has a playful, almost comical feel to it at times, though her artistry shines through resplendently. One of the best albums to emerge thus far this year, 'Southern Hummingbird' provides an intimate look into the soul of this gifted artist. Definitely worth looking up.
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on October 28, 2002
Besides being drop-dead beautiful, Charlene "Tweet" Keys' voice is one of the loveliest I've heard in a long time. The CD is mostly a relaxed, soulful, very musical collection that has a very strong old school soul feeling mixed with some modern hip-hop-ish sensibilities and production techniques. The Missy Elliott cameos just enhance it. This is great music for a candlelit dinner or even better, makin' luuuuuuuv with that special someone. Tweet is definitely an erotic artist when she wants to be, but it's more along the lines of erotically-charged mood and hinting at bedroom delights than explicit, raw sexuality of the Lil' Kim/Trina variety. This is one of those CDs you could probably play in your church-going Grandma's presence (if she's not paying TOO much attention to it) and not worry about giving her a coronary. That said, it's a more mature CD than I think is currently being given credit for. The track "Motel", for instance, which helped get Tweet her album deal, is a very stripped-down (mostly vocals and a single acoustic guitar), quietly bitter song about infidelity. "Boogie 2Nite" is a real old school-style struttin' tune. "Best Friend" is a great soulful duet with Bilal. "Smoking Cigarettes" is a terrificly harmonious number about a lost love. "Oops (Oh My)" is a playfully erotic song enhanced by a Missy Elliott cameo. "Beautiful" is a wonderful song reminiscent of a classic piano standard. "Complain" is a song you just HAVE to have someone to kiss when you're listening (it's a real mood-setter). "Call Me" is a Timbaland-produced excursion down the Ganges (yet again) that just exudes Tweet's eroticism. "Drunk" is a fun little woozy number that sounds like it was written while severely smashed (it's a trip).
I just hope eventually there's a DVD release of Tweet's videos. The woman is one of the sexiest singers I've seen in YEARS, but sorta sweetly so, like she's both aware and unaware of her erotic power at the same time. She is THA BOMB! Tweet mah gurrrrrl!
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on July 20, 2002
When I went to buy this album, i was like most pople, expecting to hear the Missy/Timbaland type beats. But was i surprised to hear this one!
At first this cd came off a boring, and terrible. But then i began to listen to it, and realized that this was a classic. And its been in my Cd player ever since.
So much to say: (Unrated) I never really listen to intros or outros.
My Place: (10/10) This track is da bomb! I love tweets sultry voice, and I love this song. It is so deep with emotion, and love.
Smoking cigaretts: (10/10) Another classic track that is da bomb! I love the guitar, and the lyrics. The subject matter is so truthful.
Best Freind: (10/10) The first track that I actually listened to. Bilal & Tweet sound so good together, and i love the subject matter.
Always Will: (9/10) I love the words, and I love Tweets voice in this.
Boogie 2nite: (9/10) When Tweet does have fast-paced, up-tempo songs, they are excellent! I Love the chorus.
Oops(Oh My): (10/10) If you dont love this song. Something is wrong with you.
Make ur Move: (9/10) Another excellent up-tempo song.
Motel: (9/10) Love it!
Beautiful: (Unrated)
Complain: (Unrated)
Heaven: (Unrated)
Call Me: (10/10) Call me anytime Tweet! This song is off the hook! It's on par with "Oops."
Drunk: (9/10) Very touching song.
Southern hummingbird: (Unrated)
Sensual Healing: (9/10) Nice remix.
Big Spenders: (2/10) Don't get me wrong, I love Missy Elliot, but this track is a mess. Terrible. And not even worthy to be on this album.
Tweet is wayyyyyyyyyyy better than Ashanti! I just wish, and hope that she gets the respect she deserves.
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on April 3, 2002
If u r looking 4 the usual Missy/Timbaland-type collaboration, sorry...u won't find it here.
Is that a bad thing? Oh, no...not at all. The essence behind this CD is old school R&B, not today's smooth-type R&B. The music itself attains this goal as good as, if not better than, what Musiq and Jill Scott presented 2 us.
Considering the 1st single release, "Oops (Oh My)," the listener does not get what they expect, which may be up tempo music. No...u get hit with smooth ballads right from the beginning (check "Best Friend" with Prince-like vocals from Bilal). Tweet flows with the music she was chosen 2 sing on. "Always Will" has more accoustics then we expected...and it sounds great. If Tweet sang "My Place" 2 me, believe me, I would be there.
She brings it 2 the up tempo side with "Boogie Night" (can some1 say "truly old school?"). Then there is "Make Your Move (the music SCREAMS "Old School!!!). The title "Motel" is almost self explanatory...well, maybe not. She caught her lover going n2 a motel. Nuff said...except this song is Tweet and a guitar...nothing more. That is the start of the ballads again.
"Beautiful," "Complain," and "Heaven" r all nice ballads. "Call Me" sounds like something u would expect from Missy and Timbaland. It's the only song that does besides "Oops (Oh My)".
Now, "Drunk"...that's different. Remember back in the day when people would say "only Prince could have done something like this"? Well, that's what this sounds like. The song has a Poltergeist-like feel about it...a risky experiment that works. My advice 2 u: don't listen 2 this song while u r drunk.
The title "Southern Hummingbird" may be misleading...there is nothing southern about this CD. It is all-in-all a good compilation. I don't think any1 would be disappointed if u bought this collection. One word of NOT listen to this CD if u are will put u 2 sleep. That's how soothing it is...FROM BEGINNING 2 END!
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on April 29, 2002
Not in recent R&B memory has an album been more misrepresented by its single releases than this record. Tweet shows an amazing amount of stylistic range and maturity that belies her 10 year struggle to break into the industry, and it doesn't hurt that she writes and produces herself pretty well. Having a back-catalogue of 10+ years has done wonders for her debut record, which is both new and retro, down-to-earth and diva-worthy. She's got a very slow-mo vibe going on, with super strong ballads ("Drunk") and mid-tempo tracks ("My Place") popping all over the record like eyebrow-raising dandelions.
Not that her dance tracks aren't worthy. The Timbaland touch dots the record nicely with "Oops", but rocks its simple magic on "Call Me" to more effect (it doesn't help that we were all likely sick of "Oops" by the time the album dropped), but he's held in check on other tracks and sounds uncharecteristically challenged by the work on the table. This is not an album loaded with throwaway Missy Elliot beats. Tweet gives us what Bilal's record was supposed to be...and no one even knows it yet when they buy the record.
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on September 16, 2002
Hearing "Oops (Oh My)" and on the radio everyday didn't exactly make me wanna run to my local music store and pick this one up. I was just walking through the store one day looking for something new, saw this on sale and figured even if the songs are crappy, atleast I know she can sing (unlike our beloved Murder Inc. Princess). Also, the 4 1/2 star average customer rating on Amazon had me kind of curious. Now, when I got it home, I must admit... it did make me kind of sleepy at first... until I got to "Motel" that is. But overall, this is one of the best albums I've purchased this year: not over-produced, not juvenile, shows maturity, very laid-back until you get to the singles and a couple of others, and most importantly... NOT WHAT I EXPECTED!
So Much to Say- Itro: A really beautiful intro that always calms my nerves.
My Place: Not a favorite, but not bad. The lyrics are pretty simple, but I love the way she sings it. ****
Smoking Cigarettes: This is a nice, laid-back song that's much more mature than the "Foolish" stuff some like to sing about. ****1/2
Best Friend: Seriously, this doesn't become a favorite until Tweet and Bilal really set things off towards the end. Really nice, though. ****
Always Will: There's not much to this song, but I play it a lot for some reason. I like how it slightly changes pace during the chorus and, of course, Tweet's voice is beautiful. ****
Boogie 2Nite: This could've been much better if they developed the lyrics in the actual verses a little bit... but they didn't. The chorus is really addictive, though. Nice. ***1/2
Oops (Oh My): "Tell ya what I did last night..." Very interesting... though my momma doesn't agree. The beat's hot, the lyrics are hot and Tweet's vocals fit the song perfectly. But no matter how addictive it was, it just didn't leave the listener with the feeling that she's anything more than a woman, over 30, who's trying to make a couple dollars for her kids by turning some heads. But hey, it worked! ****1/2
Make Ur Move: I'm still not sure about this one. I listen to it once in a while, but it doesn't really leave a mark. It's okay. ***1/2
Motel: Ok people, this is the heavy-hitter right here! This is my FAVORITE song on the album. This is the first song that stood out from the rest and woke me back up at the first listen. Very stripped, but still strong enough to hit hard. Just Tweet, a couple of background singers (just a couple) and a guitar. Definately repeat button material. Beautiful!!! **********
Beautiful: Speaking of beautiful, that's exactly what this song is. Very soft and Tweet's vocals are mature and soothing. It sounds to me that it's probably about her little girl, but you can sing it to whoever you like. Another one on repeat. *****
Complain: A very mature, sincere and realistic look at a situation in a relationship. But it's not for those with a short attention span. ***1/2
Heaven: She's movin' on; you go Tweet! This one reminds me of "Beautiful" a bit. I think it's the vocals or the production, but it's a beauty just the same. ****1/2
Call Me: The beat is hot, but the lyrics aren't really working for me, though. The chorus is so generic that it was used in a phone commercial. And the actual verses aren't much to talk about either. I couldn't imagine singing this to someone without feeling stupid. But the beat is hot!!! I don't know... ***1/2
Drunk: This song is from the perspective of someone who seems depressed and talks about turning to alcohol and other things to ease the pain. But they didn't stop at the lyrics... Tweet's vocals and the production sounds drunk too! It's the type of song that creates a mood and makes you feel funny. This track is something else... something that I never would've expected from Ms. "Oops (Oh My)." Very dramatic,interesting and original! I LIKE! *****
Southern Hummingbird-Outro: Cute and real, not too dramatic, just a couple of shout-outs and thank you's.
Sexual Healing: It's aright, nice beat, an Eve sound-alike (Jade), that's about it! ***1/2
Big Spender: Sometimes I just don't know about Missy. This happens to be one of those times. I just DON'T know. All I know is that though it's kind of interesting at times, I don't listen to it much at all. Whatever! **1/2
Overall, a great album from someone who I didn't expect much from. Really makes you wonder why she's singin' about panties with Trina of all people! About 4 months ago, I probably would've given it a 5 from the shock and the freshness of the cd ( listened to it constantly), but I've calmed down since then and some of the songs are a little less interesting than they once were (still listening to Smoking Cigarettes, Oops(Oh My), MOTEL, Beautiful, Heaven, and Drunk...Call Me once in a while), but I'm very glad I took a chance on this one. Definately worth my time!
Pssst! For another surprise, Amerie's debut might be worth checkig out, especially for the price I got it for!
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