Customer Reviews: Soy Milk Maker - SoyQuick Automatic Soymilk Maker SDZ-5
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on December 30, 2007
I've had the SDZ-5 for about nine months now, making 2-5 batches a week. I agree with all the favorable assessments posted here about ease of use and quality of contruction, but I do have some tips for its use. Here are my top 5:

First, my family and I found we didn't like plain "undoctored" soymilk, at all. You'll find that there are plenty of recipes on the internet for making soymilk that approximates what you buy in the store. We add 2T uncooked oatmeal to the soybeans in the machine before cooking. After cooking, we add 2 T sugar, 1/2 tsp salt, and 1 T vanilla to the finished product. Very tasty!

The end product still won't taste exactly like the brand of soymilk that you're currently drinking, but give it a couple of weeks and it'll probably become your new favorite. If you're like us, you may remember that it took you a while to get used to soymilk when you switched from dairy. Same thing here.

Second, we filter the cooked soymilk/oats through a piece of cheesecloth rubber-banded to the top of the unit, before adding flavorings. If you don't, you end up with with a fine, somewhat grainy sediment (okara) when you get to the bottom of the batch. You can get cheesecloth in a lot of grocery stores and kitchen shops. My machine came with cheesecloth for use in making tofu, but I found it so tightly woven that it tried my patience waiting for the soymilk to drain. Regular cheesecloth does the trick just fine. I rinse the cheesecloth and throw it into the laundry so it can be re-used.

Third, make sure to give filter a good scrub after each use (I throw it in the dishwasher afterward for good measure). The mesh is very fine, so it's easy for it to get gummed up, and easy not to notice.

Four, use a nice big piece of cheesecloth in a nice big colander to filter out the "whey" when you make tofu. As mentioned above, the included cheesecloth is too finely woven and too small to be of use.

Five, once you run out of the little packages of tofu "coagulant" that come with the machine, you can use 1 tsp of Epson salt as a fine alternative. Epson salt is a naturally occuring mineral salt (magnesium sulfate). It's perfectly safe to consume epson salt -- it's sold for internal use as a, ahem, laxitive. Happily, the small amount that remains in the finished tofu is too small to have this effect!
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on October 17, 2007

I decided to purchase this soymilk maker for rice milk, despite a previous customer review about the rice milk boiling over. Mine didn't boil over, but the milk that resulted was so awful I had to throw it out. The mess was UNBELIEVABLE - I spent longer to clean up the machine than the machine took to make the milk. It was a sticky, gooey disaster. I managed to clean up the machine thoroughly and packaged it right back up. The customer service was great, though.

22 August 2008

The Soyquick company called me last week to let me know that a newer version of the Soyquick machine has just come out. It is model 930P. I was VERY impressed with the difference! The rice milk came out great with a smooth, even consistency. Rather than having the machine run the liquid through the metal strainer, I did that part myself with the strainer that is provided. The machine parts are SO much easier to clean up- took me less than a minute, nothing like the last machine. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE NEWER MODEL(SQ 930P) FOR RICE MILK and thanks to Kitchen's Best! Terrific customer service!
P.S. This machine will not make rice milk that tastes or looks like Rice Dream, so don't expect that.
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on May 23, 2007
I love this thing. Actually my husband is the one who does the work but I love the milk it makes. It's super-fast (something like 15 minutes) and easy to clean. We've only used it a few times so far but hopefully it will last a long time. He adds a little bit of sugar which really covers the beany taste. He also makes tofu with the tofu kit. Very yummy but still figuring out how to press it firmly. I highly recommend this product.
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on April 2, 2007
For some reason my machine decided one day to not work. Period! I called the customer service number, went through the test check no luck. Since I just purchased it 2 months ago and had the SDZ5 they are replacing it! The service was pleasant and courteous even with my phone out of whack and disconnecting twice while we were on the line. I love my machine and the service is wonderful!
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on December 31, 2007
As a longtime vegan, I was looking forward to owning one of these. Unfortunately, the 'milk' it generated -- despite numerous recipes and types (soy, nut, rice) -- was disappointing. Not undrinkable, but not anything like your standard store brands. Worse, however, is the maintenance the thing needs: it requires a lot of very intricate scrubbing, and if you don't do it *immediately* after making a batch, it becomes nearly impossible to clean. Particularly annoying is the filter basket, which they claim *must* be completely clean, but which has holes so tiny this task is nearly impossible (and uses a disappointing amount of water, energy, etc).

In any case, be *certain* that you are willing to live with this item's disadvantages before purchasing. The company claims a '30-day money-back guarantee' free trial period; what they don't reveal to you is that even though they ship the product to you from within the US, if you wish to return the item, it must be sent to Canada. With the weight of the item, this will cost a *minimum* of $25 -- which is a pretty pricey 'trial'.
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on October 14, 2005
This is the best Product Iv seen on the market because its backed by a 2 year warranty ,I was going to take it back because it only makes 3 cycles of milk a day. I need more than that a day for protein.Then I called soyquick costumer service and they were very help fool and told me they would sale me another machine for used for half the price ...that helps because I need more protein than the average person ...this product does save you $ you can go to Asian markets and get dried soy beans. 99 ranch is a good place to shop .....don't go to rip off health stores ...
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on December 18, 2008
We purchased this machine in 2006, love it!
Tasty milk in less than half-an-hour; the soy milk produced can also be made into great-tasting tofu with a little extra effort and the tofu press that came with my machine. If one wants to make tofu one can purchase soy-quick coagulator from Kitchens Best.

The leftover pulp, known as okara, can be added to many recipes and can also be frozen for later use. In addition to soy milk, this machine makes wonderful rice milk and both cooked and raw nut milks. We like to add almonds to the rice milk. You can experiment with adding different flavorings and sweeteners to taste.

Cleaning consists of using a little care (as with most small kitchen appliances) to keep the power head out of the water while cleaning the attached grinding unit. Both the pitcher and filter are good quality stainless steel and easily cleaned with the provided scrub pad.
My daughter has accidentally dropped the machine into a sink-full of water, and, although I wouldn't recommend doing this, it still works great.
We really appreciate the removable cord.

Last but not least was the awesome service provided by Kitchens Best staff!
I called them on a Friday afternoon, they said they wouldn't be able to ship until Monday, yet Monday morning it was at the Post Office in our small northern B.C. community. We later ordered an extra tofu press and a quantity of tofu coagulant which we received with the same good service. They provided courteous and dependable service, a real delight to speak to real people and not a machine, a little old fashioned and we like it.

We enjoyed the comfort of an extended warranty though we have not had to use it.

For the all new 930P see our review:NEW 2009 Soymilk Maker - SoyQuick Premier Milk Maker 930P
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on January 11, 2006
WOW!! What a terrific machine. I was so excited to find this machine so my children could enjoy the wonderful benefits of healthy milk. The Soy Quick is so easy to use and makes alot of milk. The machine is extremely cost effective and most of all makes delicious milk. I know I have found the best product on the market. The best part is that Soy Quick stands behind their product and will do what ever they can to ensure the customers happiness and continued use in their machine.
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on August 2, 2007
I don't drink soy milk, I'm allergic to soy but I bought this unit to make rice milk. I followed the directions to the letter and the thing bubbled over and scolded the milk. I thought maybe I did something wrong and tried again, and again. I tried three times total and was not able to make rice milk comparable to Rice Dream - which was my goal, nor unscolded milk. If you're after a soy milk maker, this is probably a great unit, but it doesn't do so great if you want rice milk.

Kitchen's Best are a good company to buy from, they used to offer a great money back guarantee, not sure if they still do, so if you're after rice milk, maybe you could try it and if it doesn't work well, I think you would have no trouble returning it. It's possible my unit was just a lemon.
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on March 21, 2012
this is a real cool machine, and my family loves it. we make tofu the firmness that i like. i like it extra firm so it is real close to the texture of real meat. I was born and raised in michigan and have eaten meat most of my life, this machine is helping me turn vegan, and Im loving it.
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