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VINE VOICEon January 29, 2009
An unlikely story of 5 dogs who stow aboard a space shuttle, take a trip to a space station to pick up a Russian dog, land on the moon, then pilot the ship safely back to earth and their loving masters. It's what you would expect in a movie like this: action enough for older kids, comedy and cheese enough for younger ones. Clean fun.

The highest praise I can give it is that my children loved it and I wasn't bored (the first time.) Recommended for children of all ages.
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These "Buddie" films are just so cute and enjoyable, family fun films with cute puppies that you can't get enough of.

Since the 1997 debut of the film "Air Bud", from that film of a talking canine has launched several "Buddie" films featuring the golden retriever puppies in "Air Buddies" and "Snow Buddies" and this time with "Space Buddies".

What happens when the puppies become stowaways in an experimental spacecraft? Expect a lot of fun and giggles for the family.


The film is presented in 1080p high definition (1:78:1). The film looks great on Blu-ray and the majority of the film is done using green screen and CGI and wirework. The CG work was done quite well for this family film.. From the space station to the aircraft and its digital screens, the film looks pretty good. Also, there is quite a bit of wirework done to emulate the puppies floating due to gravity and you don't see the wires, again, it looks pretty good.

Audio is presented in English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and I did notice the rear channels being used quite a bit for several action-based sequences and sound effects rather effectively. I was very impressed to hear the all channels being utilized during the film because for a children's film, I really wasn't expecting it. So, needless to say I was pleased by it. Although "SPACE BUDDIES" is primarily a dialogue-based film, the film does take advantage of your system's surround sound, so that was definitely cool!


There are a few special features on this Blu-ray edition of "Space Buddies". The video quality ranges from 1080p, 1080i and 480i and are featured in Dolby Digital 2.0. The special features are:

* Buddy Facts: You can watch the film with pop up tidbits about the making of "Space Buddies" and about space.
* Buddy Bloopers: Outtakes and blunders (granted these were purposely done)
* "Dancing in the Moonlight" Music Video with Disney Channel's Alyson Stoner
* Disneypedia: The Buddies Guide to Space Travel: This was a 10+ minute featurette about the behind-the-scenes making of the film. Also, a insight on comparisons of how real astronauts train for space and what the pippies had to do to look like they were in space. A fun featurette that the kids will definitely enjoy!
* Buddy Finder: Exclusive to Blu-ray is a scavenger hunt game using your remote control and while watching the film, you need to find 100 items.
* Disney BD-Live Network: A US only feature which people with BD-Live equipped players can access special features from Disney's BD-Live Network.

I watched this film with the family and each of us enjoyed the film. I suppose it's really hard not to dislike a film about puppies and fortunately the technology of how they make the puppies talk on film definitely works well when they mouth the words and overall, the talking portion doesn't look cheesy at all.

This is a safe family film. For my 6-year-old, there was only one sequence in which he was a little scared but that was the Cosmonaut Yuri (because he has lived in the space station and is a bit unkept, so his hair is a bit wacky) but all in all, from his perspective, he had a lot of fun and of course, when you have a puppy who likes to eat a lot and when his paw is pulled, he lets out gas. So, I guess you can say that the "fart jokes" really goes well with the kids.

As for the puppies safety, I know that there are a few dog lovers who cringe when they see animals in a film because they worry about their well-being and if they are going to be put into any dangerous situations . The puppies were more or less kept indoors most of the time and in small and what looks like safe areas in the films, so I believe that the puppies were quite safe during filming.

As for adults who are watching this film, may you be a dog lover or a parent, the film of course is a bit farfetched especially how the puppies were always so successful into sneaking into a building or vehicle with human's nearby but with these type of films, you can't get too serious, after all it's a film made for children. But these are the types of film that are wonderful to watch with the whole family especially if your child enjoys reading about the planets, the moon and outer space, the film and the special features will definitely be entertaining. Heck, even if you are captivated by the charm of these puppies, you'll definitely find this film fun and entertaining.

The Blu-ray version of "Space Buddies" looks very good in high-definition and the audio is pretty good as well! This is the best looking "Buddies" release yet!

Overall a solid, family film for the children and worthy of purchasing on Blu-ray!
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on March 2, 2009
As, and avid, and loyal fan of all the Air Bud movies, and with the Air Buddies, I think this movie is good entertainment for the whole family. It has a good cast, and the story line is very cute. I hope Disney continues to make more of the Buddies or Air Bud movies, it is good wholesome family fun to watch. With all the violence out in other movies this one brings the family back together to watch a fun, and cute movie, what family movie time should be. I recommend this to all families, and single people who love animals. An excellent movie.
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on February 5, 2009
Okay, this is clearly a childrens movie, and I'm sure the 50th time I have to watch it, my head will explode. But my kids (4 and 2) loved it enough to actually sit down and be quiet for about 80 minutes. Underlying messages of teamwork and "never leave a man behind." Ignore the preposterous premise and use the time to do something exciting like wash the dishes or fold laundry.
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on November 22, 2013
My 5 year old daughter loves this series of movies. A little cheesy, but good clean kids movies. Space Buddies, Treasure Buddies, and now Super Buddies are her favorites.
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on December 3, 2013
Ordered this for my Grandson on my kindle. He enjoyed it so much he watched it twice. Good movie for kids age 5 on up.
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on March 7, 2014
This is a good movie but my 5 year old likes "Treasure Buddies" much better.
Would buy this again though
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on October 6, 2013
Overall, it was a cute movie. The plot was a bit far-fetched, and predictable, but the dogs make it entertaining.
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on July 1, 2013
Space Buddies is a 2009 Disney direct-to-DVD and a newest chapter of the Disney Buddies saga. Directed by Robert Vince, this new adventure places the Buddies in a expiremental space craft and traveling on their way to a Russian space station. There, they meet a friendly Russian pitbull cosmonaut named Spudnick, who needs the Buddies' help to travel back to Russia and his family. Just like the other Buddies movies, the cast are very impressive(Bill Faberbakke, Diedrch Bader, Jason Earles, Amy Sedaris), and the special effects are very cool as well. The special features includes a behind the scenes featurette, bloopers and sneak peeks of upcoming Disney favourites. Space Buddies is a perfect addition to the Disney Buddies franchise!
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on May 5, 2009
We bought this dvd as a surprise for our 4yro son to watch during a 14 hour flight. He LOVED it and watched it several times over! Making a long flight not seem so long. His words "a movie with dogs, space and a ferret! This is the best movie ever!" The movie is a bit corny and cheesey but it is fun. This is definitely geared towards little ones, older kids might get bored. I liked that this film kept the plot simple and easy for a little one to follow, and the bad guy wasn't over the top or scarey. It is a true G-rating unlike some other animated G-rated movies, I highly recommend it for wee ones.
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