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on April 14, 2013
JW has an infinite imagination and an astounding inventiveness with language. Space Orville is an endearing character and Neutrofuzz is...well, where can I get one of those? A great range of contrasting characters and creatures, together with vividly painted scenes add up to an almost psychedelic reading experience. I loved the punning about time and infinity, and the gadgets. (I'm not placing any spoilers here). Every adult, young or otherwise, should read this book. If it comes out in hard copy, I shall buy it. I hope JW is writing the sequel.
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on February 18, 2013
What a delightful tale and what a talent the author has for creating words out of thin air. A joy to read.
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on February 7, 2013
Space Orville is fantastic good time. Every page is smart, creative and engaging. I was hooked from the start. Jeff Whelan transports you into an amazing and unique world with fantastic characters, whimsical new words, and depth and detail. Nothing about this disappoints. I highly recommend this book. Fun for everyone!
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on January 24, 2013
Space Orville by Jeff Whelan is one of the most ingenious novels I've read since Douglas Adam's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The novel is well-written and caught my attention from the first page.

Sixteen-year-old Space Orville finds himself whisked from his work as a game tester for Morphean DigiCards in Torus 23, a donut shaped habitat in space. He and his companion, NeutroFuzz, to help capture an escaped convict from a maximum security penal moon, Mordan Quel.

Adventures abound as he meets some of the most unique beings and maneuvers through space encountering things he's never even dreamed of.

Jeff Whelan has to have one of the most incredible minds of the century to have created the vast number of alien life forms, planetary systems, and mind-bending problems that needed to be solved for Space Orville to achieve his goal.

And last but not least, we must not forget NeutroFuzz, a shimmering bundle of neon noise, as he goes thimmering, bippering, and finkling along, helping Space Orville at every turn. NeutroFuzz is the most wonderful sidekick I've ever met.

Thanks for the fun-filled read, Jeff; I hope you write another book soon. I give this book 4.5 stars.
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on January 17, 2013
Enter a whimsical world of the future, where a young man embarks on a fantastic journey of intrigue and danger. As I read, I was constantly laughing and felt like I had fallen through the rabbit hole to the 23rd century Wonderland with whimsical characters that kept me on my toes. Bravo! Well worth the journey!
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on January 7, 2013
SPACE Orville has a 14 year old's dream job; he makes games on a space station, away from his parents. Then he gets to save the world. Jeff Whelan has put together a jovial romp through space and time. He has fun with names and words as SPACE Orville cleans up with the fog napkin.
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on December 25, 2012
Space Orville is a rocketing good time, right up my space-alley. Let's agree now that my review won't be as funny as the book, so go buy Space Orville and read for yourself. Here's a sample of what you'll experience. Space Orville starts out living on his own at 16 to design games on a spacey space station but ends up on a mission to make the universe (all twelve layers) safe. Kind of a 12 layer space-cake adventure.

My favorite character is Neutrofuzz who does so many things I never heard of before that it takes neologism to describe them. Yeah, made up words. I can't remember a single one, but I loved Whelan's humorongous (humongous/humorous) SF adventure.

Space Orville ends up in kahoots with all sorts of strange characters. Strange inventions also end up in Kahoots, I guess with each other. I think Jeff Whelan is in kahoots with Terry Pratchett to find new ways to play with words. I'll eat my irreplaceable fog napkin if Whelan isn't paying homage to Discworld's Great Atuin on a grand and more luminous scale. Okay, I won't eat my fog napkin because it's irreplaceable. Book joke.

Along the way to saving pretty much everything, Space Orville meets characters with names like Miles O'Teeth, General DeKay, and bad guys like the Candy Apple Weezlebums (you know, the gooey ones that stick in your teeth). What a mouthful. Then add Bizmo the Inconceivable and try to swallow. Face it, Bizmo sounds like that chalky pink medicine--except he causes indigestion for everyone.

The bad guys make it hard for Space Orville, Neutrofuzz, the Spoonies (who are, obviously, spoon shaped), a very large banana, and other inventive characters to catch them. It takes a beautiful and smart female to calm the male beasts, and not just her Spoonies, along the way. Then there's either a descendant of Bozo the clown or some Bazooka bubblegum character involved, maybe a cross. The imagination that went into the creation of the scenery and characters is more inconceivable than Bizmo.

I did find some minor errors and point of view jumps. Also, everyone except Space Orville had a first name or a single name, so reading his whole name each time felt awkward. Compared to Whelan's outstanding creativity and humor, the problems were insignificant--like gnats on Miles O'Teeth. Midpoint, the missions switched into high gear so the middle didn't sag. I had a smile on my face for most of the ride. The end included a growing up moment that made me very happy as a parent. Whelan also wrote a real resolution that reminded me why I prefer standalone books. Having said that, I hope he writes more Space Orville books because I'll be in line to read them.

Never mind stars. I give five Luminous Numinas to Space Orville.
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on December 25, 2012
My daughter and I have just finished reading `Space Orville', by Jeff Whelan. I never read Science Fiction-I have no means to explain why, I love watching Sci-Fi movies and TV shows, but not reading them...go figures! Anyway, my daughter loves reading Sci-Fi, and won a copy of the book as a very generous gift from Jeff Whelan himself, after I interviewed him on my blog. Since I knew it had to be a great book, with so many wonderful reviews, I decided to read it with her, and what a fantastic decision that was!

This book is amazing. Seriously, it was an unforgettable journey.

The attention to detail is remarkable. Everything and every name in the story seem to be thoroughly thought. You keep reading and being pleasantly surprised by Whelan's ability to create the most unbelievable and bizarre things and people in a way that you simply have to believe. It all makes sense! Just like to Space Orville, the mysteries of the Universe are presented to us. Flabbergasted at first we start to get immerse into this Universe. Suddenly, you are holding your Kindle as if trying to control a spaceship, grinding your teeth as if watching a movie.

The story has it all; laughter, tenderness, suspense, action, everything!

In the final chapters, we were reading really fast to finish and see how it all would end, curiosity taking hold of us. Then, when we finished, we were both hysterical about the great ending and sad because we wanted more! I miss the story already. Actually, I can imagine weekly episodes, toys, lunch boxes, etc about space Orville.

As one reviewer said, how can this not be a Pixar blockbuster yet? Imagine seeing all these characters in big screen (bigger than my mental screen, that is)?
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on December 14, 2012

Reviewer: R. Murry

Jeff's imagination took possession of my mind from the start of this space odyssey. He invents characters, places, words, and scenes that could only have been produced with much time and effort.

Colors will pulse, turn into a glowballs, become liquid blankets, and smooch to name a few ways they are used. Objects exist but you can't see them; and they chuffled, wheebling, and merbled. As you can see, he makes up words that flow well in the situation they're put, and make you laugh, because of their usage.

Space Orville, a sixteen year old, is out to catch the bad guy Bizmo while a host of characters are after the Weezle Bums. They come together to search for the villains.

For me to try to describe the characters would do discredit to Mr. Whelan's superb effort. There's NeutroFuzz, Space Orville's side-kick who performs what Orville describes as amazing tricks, and then there are the General, Commander, and Ivan. Lidweena and her Spoonies, Zabooka, and Miles are also contributors in trying to find the universal criminals.

We visit the land of the Reality Free Zone, Andorica, Narvosis and Selador to name a few. I know I missed one or two, because there are many interesting places in Mr. Whelan's universe of conscious,
subconscious, and dreams that we as humans traverse. Examples are: Miles hands Space Orville the Fog Napkin, an instrument of life or death, saying, "Remember, that's a lot of time you've got on your hands." Zabooka says to Space Orville's group, "...You may not know which way you're going, but that won't stop you from getting somewhere."

There are gadgets that are mind boggling. And again, for me to describe them would be fruitless. I'll just say you will enjoy seeing hearing, and watching what they do through Mr. Whelan's colorful and descriptive prose.

Therefore, I give Space Orville a FIVE STAR RATING. See Jeff Whelan's interview at [...] August.
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on December 11, 2012
I was afraid to read this book, because I am old and wouldn't know a joy stick from a swizzle stick. But Whelan 's book is a delightful mix of imaginative characters, futuristic action, and fun story. I think readers of all ages would like the story and love the fun that Whelan squeezes out of words. Try this --you 'll like it. Ago knows? There might be a Space Orville App available soon!
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