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on January 31, 2014
Size Name: Camera with 16GB Micro SDHC Memory CardVerified Purchase
I own this unit for about 6 weeks now, and so far it works pretty good. From my experience so far I would recommend it - here is some (hopefully) relevant info about this clock/camera:

- unit is small, but feels pretty sturdy and well-crafted

- I leave it plugged into an outlet - the rechargeable battery alone lasts 4 hours when recording (according to the seller), and about a day without recording (according to me)

- get a USB extension cable - the USB cord supplied does not reach an outlet close to the ground if the clock is on a table. I used a male-female USB extension.

- video resolution can be set to 640 x 480; out of the box it was 320 x 240

- video settings (resolution, video quality, night mode, etc) can be changed when you are in recording mode, and go to <monitor settings> using the volume forward or reverse buttons (thanks to Inspector Gadget for mentioning this in his review!)

- out of the box, night vision is weak - can be improved by going into <monitor settings> and set <DV night mode> to "on"; it was "off" out of the box, even though it still had some IR recording capabilities (? - not sure why) - anyway, with <DV night mode> on, you get an OK-ish quality 6-7 feet range in a completely dark room

- Mini SD card that comes with the package deal is a class 4 card

- out of the box it records 30 min clips, each clip is approx. 30-50 MB in size (for 320x240) or 200-300MB (for 640x480 in high quality) - so for an overnight recording, you would find 20+ clips, each 30 min long, in the morning (video clip length can be changed in <monitor settings> to either 10min, 30min, or 1hr)

- this also implies that you get about 15 days of continuous recording on a 16GB card on the lowest 320x240 setting; on the better 640x480 setting, your 16GB card is filled up after about 3 days.

- MAC users: this unit gives me a weird problem: when I connect it directly via USB, it keeps mounting multiple desktop icons (and by that I mean many, i.e. >10, and just keeps going). Somewhat annoying, so I just pop out the SD card, put it into an adapter and put that in my iMac. Takes 5 seconds and works nicely. Anybody else encountered this issue, with either Mac or PC?

- MAC users: there might be a difference between playing videos in QuickTime Player versus other players (VLC, MPlayerX etc) in regards to sound (make sure sound is "on" in <monitor settings>)
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on January 2, 2014
Verified Purchase
I wouldn't say the product isn't without faults but what product isn't. I'm very glad I purchased this product.

My family is my number one concern. I shopped around Amazon and Google trying to find the perfect product; there is are so many options to choose from. I needed something that could get the job done but keep me from installing a complex set of wiring around my house.

I've installed the camera where many people walk by it and, let me tell you, I've found some very interesting things. Maybe that says more about my friends than about my camera but things I had suspected were certainly happening.

The easy user interface made retrieving information very easy and I actually enjoy knowing the time. I never realized how nice it is to have a clock around.

The real decision maker for me was the included SD card with an amazing amount of storage. Many of the others make you manage your own storage and it becomes a real pain if you have less than the amazing 32GB they offer.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 9, 2014
Size Name: Camera with 16GB Micro SDHC Memory Card
There is a ton of options packed into this small 3" x 1 ¾" device. The main reason I was interested in evaluating this device was the security camera feature. But I can also use this as a digital camera. And I CAN record Audio, despite the specs above saying that it can't. In my video review, I show that it does indeed record audio by itself and also along with the video it records.

I can put this anywhere, without it drawing attention to itself. It can be operated with or without a power cord, making it extremely portable. I love the fact that I can take this with me when I stay at a Hotel, and get a bird's eye view on the housekeeping staff. Do they REALLY clean my room? Are they messing with my personal belongings (prob not but...)? Now I'll be able to tell!

I like the "hidden" security settings. You have to push two buttons simultaneously to access them, which most people are not going to ever figure out. It just looks like a small clock radio. The speakers actually sounds great as well for such a small thing.

➺ Night-Vision Recording (though limited on distance)
➺ Loop Recording
➺ Continuous Recording
➺ Hidden Recording
➺ Digital Camera
➺ Audio Recording
➺ Motion Detection
➺ 16GB MicroSD card
➺ Good sized digital display

➺ The IR Leds don't put out that great of night vision in my opinion unless, what you are recording is within about 3-4 feet or so. But, I won't be using it for that anyways, because I have actual Security Cameras that cover this need.

➺ For some reason, I had difficulty getting the unit to play my uploaded .mp4 video files. Tech support is looking into this for me and I'll update this review with my findings, though I won't be using this feature much anyways.

Overall, it's a handy device that I will get much use from and it does what I need it to do.

I received a product sample for review.
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on February 1, 2014
Size Name: Hidden Camera OnlyVerified Purchase
I bought this camera about a month ago. It has worked very well. If you are concerned with hiding it in plain sight put that worry aside. Since it is a fully functional speaker all you have to do is use it for that feature around those that might notice it. It also has a clock setting so it should not raise any suspicion. The video quality is pretty good for a stealth camera. Audio is also very good. You can hold the ESC button and it looks like it is completely off minus the blue light on bottom (see below). I would recommend this item if you want an HD camera that does not need to be hidden.

There is a blue LED light on the base that I can't find a way to turn off and it brings un-needed attention and is annoying if it is near your bed and you want to sleep. I had to resort to putting black duct tape on the bottom but it peels away a lot due to the product finish. Being a stealth security cam you should be able to disable a bright blue light!

Also the product has a web cam feature which would be a great excuse in case anyone noticed the camera and wondered why. It would be a perfect excuse for a college product with MP3 speaker and a web cam combo. But to get to the web cam feature you have to go into the hidden menu where the normal record function is. The web cam function should be on the main menu so you could put minds at ease of why a cam is on it. Wasted opportunity there.

Do not eject the SD card from the back without powering down. It will corrupt the last file and you will lose the footage.

Go into menu and increase all video settings to the highest it is totally worth it.

Don't think the IR mode is going to provide much in way of details. It isn't like the Paris Hilton tape mode ha.
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on May 29, 2014
Size Name: Motion Camera OnlyVerified Purchase
It's been about a month and a half that I've had this little guy. Been waiting to do a review because i wanted to test it thoroughly.

My Little Story on Why This Is VERY Handy

I purchased this little guy, because I work in demolition and at times i have to leave the city and work in another. I've stayed at a super 8 motel for about... give or take 7 months now. During the last month and a half, I've had this little guy with me. I have it looking over my personal belongings. I've got to say I'm very happy with it. I've caught the same housekeeping lady stealing my laundry soap twice now. I've also been able to see their cleaning methods. The same lady is horrible at cleaning and I was down right furious to find out that the lady cleaned all the dirty counters, one after another and proceeded to clean the top of my expensive laptop/keyboard with the same dirty towel. And, well. Let's just say that the lady, may or may not have a job anymore.


1. No where near noticeable, unless you know exactly what to look for.
2. Night Vision works (... sorta)
3. You can see where the camera is going to be looking, because once you start recording it displays the its view point for setup.
4. Motion detector works flawlessly (use it all the time, no need to record all day, unless something moves right? :P).
5. Very easy to transfer files to PC.
6. You can view all files on the "Clock" itself, very easily.
7. Pretty good functionality over all.


1. Very small view. Possibly around 45 degree view.
2. Night vision has a super short distance to it. Pretty much blind unless the person is around... give or take 10 -5ft ( or possibly less not that great on measuring distance through cam), which is right in front of the lens pretty much.
3. There is a very noticeable lag when pressing buttons, either to listen to music or just about everything over all. Once you hit a button it takes around 1-2sec to proceed.
4. This is just for some people really, the manual is all in small print. Not much of a con I suppose, unless you can't see well from up close. I was able to read it just fine.
5. Speakers are not as loud as one would most likely want.

Over All Rating : 4/5 stars, I would Recommend this item to anyone who works away from home and has to stay at a hotel or something similar.

P.S. To get to the "secret" settings (activates the menu letting you record secretly and what not), Press and hold both volume buttons down until the secret menu is displayed. Also once you have videos or pictures that where taken "secretly", you can go to your empty video/picture folder, Press and hold both volume buttons down again to view the secret files/recordings.
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Size Name: Motion Camera + 32GB Memory
When I was first offered this to review I thought a security camera would look like a camera but this one doesn't, it looks like a small clock. And therein explains the "hidden" in the name.

It's an oblong piece, measuring 3 inches long by 2 inches square. At first glance it looks like a clock with a digital face. But this device holds a ton of features. I'm mostly interested in the home security camera part.

It comes with a plethora of accessories including wall charger, 3.5mm cable, charging cord, instruction manual, CD, earphones and most important of all, a 32GB SD card.

The instructions come in a small booklet which is 14 pages long. I also received the .pdf manual which is 67 pages long and is more detailed; I have been unable to find this manual online so far. But for people needing more detail on how to use it there are also 5 listed YouTube video tutorials and troubleshooters on this Amazon page. I was able to find one on YouTube by just Googling it. So there is a ton of information on how to use this, just takes a bit of time, that's all.

And because there are many functions on it, it will take a bit of time trying them all out. As I mentioned, we were mainly interested in the security camera part and am glad to say that it works well. For such a tiny device, it records well and works well. My suggestion for hiding it is hiding it in clutter. If you've got it on a shelf with a lot of stuff or a counter top with other objects, it won't stand out much. So far, I'm very pleased with it.

Bottom line: It's a small video recording device with a lot of other functions. It does what it's supposed to do and works well.
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on February 25, 2014
Size Name: Hidden Camera OnlyVerified Purchase
First of all "my complements to the engineers." It's an amazing package of technology.

Regrettably my unit was damaged and the mSD showed as "not installed".

The power supply should not have an LED that lights up the room, and the USB should be one step smaller...that way one could use your own cellphone charger to continuously power it.

Lastly the battery doesn't last long either.

If it had worked, I'd have kept it.

The next version should be a direct hit.

I'm going with:
R-Tech PIR Sensor Hidden Covert CCTV Camera with 1/3" Sony Super HAD Color CCD, 650TVL, 3.7mm Pinhole Lens for Security Surveillance System
Sold by R-TECH
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Size Name: Motion Camera + 32GB Memory
I've been using this little security camera for about a month now and I continue to be impressed.

Upon unboxing, I was very surprised at the small size of the device. It measures 2" x 2" x 3". Also in the box is a small user's manual, USB cable with power adapter, a set of ear buds, an aux cable, a 32GB micro SD card and a nice little storage pouch. The device itself is black but the cables, ear buds and power adapter are white.

The USB cable is only 2' long, which may be a problem depending upon where your electrical outlet is and where you want to place the camera. If you're using the security camera feature, you'll need it up high enough to catch faces. I had a 15' long, black, mini-B cable like this Cable Matters 2 Pack, Gold Plated Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Type A to Mini-B Cable 15 Feet already on hand and it allowed me to place the camera perfectly to catch any action or activity. It's worth spending less than $10 to be able to place the camera in an optimal location.

The user's manual is practically worthless for me as is because the print is so small. (So many companies, like Sony for example, do this and it's a shame because this is the kind of product that needs a readable user's manual.) I enlarged it and copied it on my home printer, which enabled me to read it. However, it seems to have been written by someone for whom English is a second language. The info is there, but it can be confusing if you've never used a device like this.

Fortunately, enKo has posted a series of videos on YouTube that demonstrate how to use all of the features clearly. The links are listed above on the Amazon product page. Save yourself some time and watch them. They are short and to the point without a lot of silly filler. Nice job, enKo.

When I first read how many different things this little device could do, I was underwhelmed. It's been my experience that when a manufacturer tries to pack too many features and capabilities into one product, it rarely manages to do any of them very well. However, this one does almost everything it claims exceptionally well! It functions as a clock, a radio, a mini speaker, a camera and a video recorder, a web cam, an audio recorder, and a video player as well as a hidden security video camera and recorder.

The display is bright and amazingly clear with excellent definition. The speakers sound great and I was stunned at the volume I can get out of them. Plus, because the speakers are on either end of the device, it gives the feel of surround sound. I loaded a movie and some MP3s onto the micro SD card and seriously, the display and the sound quality blew me away. Even on the tiny display (2" x 3"), it was downright respectable.

Obviously most people aren't buying this device to simply use as a mini-speaker or video player, but the fact that it sounds so good and can be used as a mini speaker is a great cover, particularly if you intend to covertly record people you know. Use the speaker to play music or the radio during non-recording times and no one will suspect that it's a hidden camera.

You need to press Volume up and Volume down keys simultaneously for at least 3 seconds to access the hidden menus for the security camera. From those menus, you can select motion activated recording or continuous recording, as well as selecting a super long record time, which is perfect for when you'll be away or for a second home. With the 32GB card, you can actually record for 32 days using the super long record time.

There is a tiny, unobtrusive blue light that stays on above the time when you are in record mode so you know at a glance that it's recording.

The camera also has infrared night vision, and it's the only area that I think falls a little short of enKo's claims. They say you can get good, clear video 6-9' away in total darkness but that hasn't been my experience. In total darkness, I only get a clear view if the subject is 2' away or closer. However, if you add a nightlight or other small light source in the room with the camera, the whole room becomes visible. Play with the camera and additional small light sources until you get just enough additional light to make the video recordings clear enough to be useable.

I used this camera in my primary residence for about a week and got a very good idea of what my cats and dogs do when I'm sleeping, as well as when my older kids came home and who raided the fridge in the middle of the night. It's easy to play back the recordings directly on the device, or to view them on your computer by removing the SD card and inserting it into your computer's card reader.

Next, I took it to my little house at the beach and left it set up in the living room for two weeks. I returned and viewed the recordings. I had it set on motion activate so it recorded a series of videos that showed when my neighbor came in to do some pre-arranged work. It even had a date and time stamp so I knew exactly when he was there! He was there at my request, but had a burglar or vandal entered instead, I would have had a video record of it. I definitely feel more secure about the times I'm away from my second home now that I have this little camera there.

If you employ others to care for your child in your home while you are away, having a nanny-cam is crucial - particularly if your child isn't old enough to tell you what's happening. This one is perfect for making sure all is well even when you are away.

Additionally, sometimes we have friends and even family members who may be having issues or engaging in secret activities. This camera, placed in the right room, can put your mind at ease or confirm your worst suspicions. Either way, it can help you learn the truth and take action, if necessary.

I am so impressed at the ease of use and the performance of this little camera! It performs as well as the security camera and recorder my friend had professionally installed for almost $1000. If you need a security camera for your home or office, or if you have concerns about activities that may be taking place in your home or office, this is a very reasonably-priced device that's easy for the average person to set up and use and can give you peace of mind.

NOTE: I was provided a sample for reviewing purposes, but no promise for a positive review was made or implied.
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on September 7, 2014
Size Name: Hidden Camera + 32GB MemoryVerified Purchase
I hired a nanny recently and want to make sure my kids are in good hands sooo I bought this spy cam and I LOVE IT!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Its super easy to figure out... I didn't even need to open the instructions that everyone seems to be whining about. The LCD screen is nice... I read some reviews that there is some lag when selecting the features on the screen but I haven't experienced it. It is also really nice looking. I was a little hesitant of getting it because other reviewers said it was cheaply made. I actually find it very decently made. I just love how discreet it is. I'm thinking about purchasing another one for my bedroom just in case. It Isa must have if you have kids!! I'm not even going to tell my husband its a spy cam so I can snoop on him too. Hahaha! Love it!!! Did I mention I LOVE IT?!! I did however make the mistake of purchasing the one WITHOUT the motion sensor so if you're looking for one with a motion sensor feature they do have one listed that says "motion detection" on the title. I still love it though since even with continuous recording (which you can adjust from 10 min, 30 min, 1 hr.increments)32GB can hold A LOT of video time!! So no worries. Just a little tedious having to look through videos that have no action even with the fast forward option. Anyway still in love with it. I would have never looked at that clock and thought it had a hidden camera feature! Its great!!! Just great!!!
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Size Name: Hidden Camera Only
I received this clock/media player/007 tool as a gift and was immediately and completely confused. I am, as much as I hate to admit it sometimes, and Apple kid. I revel in things that are simple. I’m simple. I like simple. Sadly, espionage is not simple nor is it iOS based. The clock, to it’s credit, has a great build quality bright display, and a VERY easy to use decoy menu. Did I also mention that as an Apple kid, I don’t know how to read instruction manuals? Turns out that this isn’t actually THAT confusing, but you do need to take this little booklet out which they called “instructions” and read them carefully. Upon reading the little instruction booklet, this product became infinitely easier to use! The menus are surprisingly intuitive, even if you’re an idiot like me. The video record options are plentiful and all work wonderfully! The infrared option, especially, works really great. In addition to doing everything it said it would and then some, it came with a really solid pair of headphones.. not the normal, touch and break kind that come with most products lately. Battery life is exceptionally long, especially if you’re just letting it do its thing and not playing mp3’s, videos, or using the built in fm radio. And lets be honest, you aren’t buying this to do any of those things.

Sadly, the only downside to this product is that I have nothing interesting for it to look at yet. I have a feeling that there are currently about 18 hours of footage of me in a bath robe folding laundry and answering emails. It’s not easy being a secret agent in the suburbs.
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