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on May 11, 2002
„Speaking of Everything" is not just an interview given by an author about his writings. It covers many more topics, leads the listener much deeper and tells much more about human consciousness, psychospiritual development and deep philosophical questions than anything I have heard before in form of an "interview".
The conversation is led by Jordan Gruber, founder of (anyone interested in integral consciousness-studies should check this site) and publisher of various essays and Ken Wilber. Wilber, the so called "Einstein of consciousness", is one of the most widely read American philosophers and author of seventeen books as well as numerous other writings. He literally has drawn thousands of sources to create a genuine world philosophy model that includes more different approaches, worldviews, systems, and "maps of human consciousness" than any other model before. In fact these "Theories of Everything" can be seen as one big meta-map of the Kosmos and humankind in its evolutionary process. Wilber delivers the overview.
Now J. Gruber talks to this giant of knowledge and intelligence. And what comes out is a very relaxed, very human and partly very funny interview. In a concentrated manner Wilber and Gruber cover a lot of topics and discuss a lot of questions in philosophy, spiritual development, psychology, sociology, literature and a lot more. Gruber is well prepared and seems to be very versed in each of the topics. His questions are intelligent and very clear. At some parts I thought that he tends to speak a bit too rapidly, especially when he reads out texts, so that you may be forced to listen to the sequences more than once.
Wilber's genius shines through in many answers he is giving. Not only that he seems to be the greatest mind of our time, he also seems to be a very nice guy. He not at all comes across as this hermit-like person sitting in an ivory tower of wisdom, knowledge and spiritual transcendence looking down on the rest of us.
It's difficult to say, but probably the listener is pretty lost if he/she is not familiar with any of Wilber's ideas. The booklet offers a glossary in which many terms are explained but due to the complexity of some of the topics it probably won't help much. Anyway: I highly recommend this CD. It really transports a lot of the atmosphere around KW and gives you a good idea of his vision.
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on February 17, 2003
This 2-disc set is a great chance for the followers of Ken Wilber and newbies alike to get inside the world's most gifted and prolific philosopher alive today. I have read all the classics of philosophy and heard all the arguments, even was told we could not come up anything new. Then I met Ken Wilber in his book "A Brief History of Everything." This was years ago and I have been an avid fan ever since. When I got the 2-disc set "Speaking of Everything" (produced by J. Gruber and, I was so exicited to hear the voice of an enlightened mind I had been conversing with for years.
Outside of my personal aspect, the cds do well to introduce the ideas ken has been developing in his books over the years. I found it especially nice to hear him in a conversational setting and with statements about the future of things including, digital darshan, the Qlink, etc. I highly suggest this set for anyone who is serious about personal enlightenment and world transforamtion, you know who you are.
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on August 1, 2003
Ken Wilber is fun to read, but let's face it- reading his books often takes more time than we have. And, as one reads Wilber's books, they often begin to think of questions that they'd like to ask the guy- What's going on at Integral Institute? What do you think of reincarnation and parapsychology? Can a worm have a peak experience of nondual consciousness? Are psychedelic drugs the real deal?
These questions, and more, are answered in this interview. Jordan Gruber, from ......., presents a nice sample of intriguing questions and isn't afraid of posing questions to Wilber that he might take heat for- such as the work done at Clarus and their "Qlink", or Dean Radin's parapsychological research. And Wilber isn't afraid to answer- he discusses issues never mentioned in his books, and shows a willingness to not shy away from controversy, contrary to the image some have of him as being dodgy.
All in all, I recommend this interview for fans of Wilber, especially those who have read SES and Boomeritis.
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on October 29, 2002
Yes, Wilber is a genius, but his dog, Chang, ... is wise!
The first CD was a little boring: It is obvious that the reclusive Wilber is intent on advertising his Integral Institute ... it's worth the commercial because in the second CD ... there is some exciting stuff. First, I really liked to hear the voice of Ken Wilber, he is excited about his world and I can hear it in his voice. Second, I admire his depth of thinking and the eclectic subject material: The spiral effect; the "4 forms" of G. Spencer Brown: plural, singular, outside and inside; the constant Witness; death every night; Boomeritus; the Q Link; Dean Radin, and more. Although the sequence of questions put to Wilber were not well organized, nevertheless, Wilber did a great job. His talk energized me to continue to research, to think, and to carry on with my spiritual practise, on the other hand, Chang kept things light with a deep snore!
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on December 30, 2001
I've long read and long loved Ken Wilber's writings, but I had always wondered: really, who is the guy? What is he like? What motivates him?
Some of this was answered when he wrote the great "Grace & Grit," and somewhat more came out in his journals, "One Taste." But in all that, it was still just words, words, words.
Now we get to hear him! He's warm, funny, humane, and, much to my surprise, I was really moved by the power of his spiritual point of view. Wilber is clearly the real thing.
This is an excellent interview -- not your usual fare, but for the fan of Ken Wilber, or anyone who wants to hear what this world class genius sounds like and feels like, this is a great product.
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on February 18, 2002
I have read some of Ken Wilber's more accessible works and still perceived a significant distance beteween the thinker/author and the human being coming up with the words and thoughts. Speaking of Everything is an engaging, informative interview with Wilber that brought him to life for me in a way that text just cannot do. The interview was intellectually engaging, humorous, personable, and left me with a more nuanced understanding of some of Wilber's foundational concepts. Great concept and execution!
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on January 4, 2002
I was impressed by how quickly this CD arrived and pleased that it made it over the border into Canada without a customs stop!
It was great fun to listen to this interview and to have the opportunity to hear the "voice behind the words". Ken Wilber speaks fluidly, authoritatively, and transparently in smooth, strong voice.
I enjoyed both disc one, which was a bit more formal/question-and-answer in tone, and disc two, which felt like I was listening in on a more informal, personal discussion.
Ken tackles some pretty tough questions here, with precise good humour and honesty. His discussion of the purpose of the Integral Institute left me hopeful about the possibility of his vision being enacted in some way, in this our "manifest" world.
Fans of Wilber's books will discover what motivates him to write, will be disuaded from becoming "groupies", and may be encouraged to support the Integral Institute. They will enjoy the liveliness, frankness and breadth of the discussion.
Jordan Gruber is also to be commended for his insightful and tactful questionning, and his ability to meet Wilber at a fairly high level of discourse. deserves to be proud of this accomplishment.
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on July 14, 2002
This is not particularly strong as an introduction to Wilber's system. It is a perfect update and audio newsletter for those who already have read several of his books. For people who are already fans and followers, it's exactly what's needed. Strongly recommended for all, though if you're not a scholar or haven't read his books, I don't know how much you'll get from this.
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on February 19, 2002
I felt so full after listening to the interview. Both Wilbur's and Gruber's presence and gift of mind stimulate me such that I feel elevated and encouraged. Thanks to Wilbur for finally sharing his extraordinary voice with us and to Gruber for perusing this very helpful endeavor.
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on February 15, 2002
This CD is extremely well done. It is educational, stimulating, entertaining, and fun. It brings out Wilber's human side and helps to flesh out many aspects of his theory. Jordan Gruber, the interviewer, keeps the tone fresh and interesting.
While targeted to those who have read some of Wilber's work, I would still recommend the CD as a provacative introduction to Integral Theory.
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