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on August 18, 2004
SPEAKING OF SEX is a highly entertaining film that will keep you laughing the entire time you're watching it! Melinda and Dan are a married couple who are struggling to solve their emotional and sexual issues. They end up seeking help from Dr. Emily Paige, a marriage counselor who happens to be thrice divorced. She decides that Melinda should see her colleague, depression expert Dr. Roger Klink (James Spader). When Melinda and Klink have a carnal encounter in an elevator, the stage is set for malpractice lawsuits and personal vendettas!

This film is wacky in every sense of the word...and the main theme (as you can probably guess) is sex. Despite its absurdness, however, it is a cute story about several messed up people who manage to find what they need and want in a relationship.

James Spader gives a brilliant performance as Dr. Klink (who is not TECHNICALLY Melinda's therapist, mind you)! His comedic gestures and awkwardness are really entertaining to watch and this film is a must for Spader fans! It isn't his best or most intriguing performance, but it is enjoyable nonetheless!

The remainder of the cast is also good, even though some of the scenes seem more like Saturday Night Live skits than actual film acting. Bill Murray delivers a solid performance as Klink's attorney and Laura Flynn-Boyle is amusing as Dr. Paige.

I would highly recommend this wacky comedy to anyone who can appreciate a low-budget story about sex, repressed desires and the need to find the right partner. It isn't Academy Award material, but I love it just the same!
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on December 8, 2010
In wine, I'm always on the look-out for the $10 bottle of $20 wine. In movies, I'm always on the look-out for good acting and good writing... in short, an entertaining movie that exceeds expectations, and... the wider the margin, the better.

I ordered this little gem after watching "Secretary" and going on the prowl for something else entertaining with James Spader. This got the best reviews and the price was much better than "Storyville," so I bought it.

Having been married too many times and been in the presence of too many marriage counselors and attorneys, I was delighted with the writing and the modest sex scenes (there to serve the plot rather than to tintillate). All the characters where caricatures to make the point that, during "mating season" (roughly 14 to 55), we are all more or less at the mercy of the gods, and no amount of education can suppress the ensuing chaos.

The "attorney caricatures" were the perfect embodiment of professional vultures only too happy to amplify and exploit something that would have otherwise worked itself out. So... being unable to surpress the chaos, we have found ways to make six-figure incomes off of the sexual chaos in the lives of others.

As the Pagans recognized (along with the book of Genesis, the Laws of Manu, etc.), women are the portal of sexual chaos into the affairs of men. (No need to get huffy and shoot the messanger over this... it's just the way it is.) Men are the hapless "George Burns" of the world to the "Gracy Allens" and "Lucille Balls" everywhere among us. At the end of the day, Mother Nature will do "whatever it takes" to get the next generation, and there is little that we can do to alter that fact.

This movie makes an excellent opener for a double feature that includes "Intolerable Cruelty." Both are farces of the sexual manners in a society that takes sex, greed, and litigation way too seriously. "Cruelty" has better production values and more of a marquise (sp?) cast. However, for my money, the writing and acting in "Speaking of Sex" is every bit as good. This movie might also pair well with "Men vs. Women" (another guilty pleasure for grown-ups).
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on April 30, 2014
Horribly acted - as if the actors were in a farce, but instead they all severly over-act, and at a glacial pace. Dumb and obvious. Boring. James Spader, who is an acting genius, appears confused and embarrassed. Constantly crouching and running, like Groucho but without the swagger, Spader seems more like he's trying to hide from the camera. And for good reason. He, and the other actors, probably signed on the dotted line, and the next thing they new they were in front of a director who had no idea what he was doing -- from flat lighting and static camera to overwrought sex scenes of people pretending to be passionate but obviously just lamely going through stage directions in the script. So many great films out there can't be seen on Amazon, or Netflix, or Hulu, etc, which means garbage like this floats to the top. Flush it.
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on January 11, 2015
I watched this movie on HuluPlus. Funny and witty, although just what you could call a Chick-flick. The story is simple (no spoilers), with a couple struggling to save the relationship, and the marriage counselors meddling rather than helping. The introduction of lawyers was rather a twisted, although refreshingly clever addition to the plot.
I give the story 3.5 stars, the acting 3.5 or 4, but the funny lines harvest 4.5, besides whenever Bill Murray is in a movie, I have to give him a 5
Enjoy the laughs. A nice Friday night movie to watch.
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on May 1, 2013
This is the first time Ive seen Spader in a comedy. He was excellent in it because he portrayed the character brilliantly. But Im a big fan of Spader so I can only speak well of the actor. The story was ok & yes, I'd recommend it to friends.
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on May 18, 2014
I made the mistake of accidentally order this travesty twice!! Horrible movie...leaves you wondering how some many favorite actors could come together and make something this awful!!!
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on January 12, 2014
Well you can't go wrong with James Spader, Bill Murray, Katherine Murray (SCTV,Home Alone MOM, Laura Flynn-Boyle, Melora Walters, and Jay Mohr) and some lesser known cast members all of whom deliver a thoughtful comedic depiction of our American way of life, love and sexual relationships. The movie has very funny dialogue and euphemistic wording that reflects the basic responses of all humans of our cultural indoctrination centering around relationships, the legal and the medical professions and ordinary folks all of whom share a communal need to feel secure and loved no matter what social strata they emanate from. We see the plot from several angles and video replays and in a "Roshemon like retake" we see the situation from many viewpoints and several screening film types like a William James in the great grandstands watching in fascination at the great game of life.

By no means sick or voyeuristic, this film delivers hilarious and well acted comedy in the same vein as "A a Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. Not a musical comedy, the background score includes music from Gato Barbieri (Last Tango in Paris), Puccini and others. In review, the movie has connections to a number of other film classics that deal with our curious sexual proclivities and the connections that we make with our fellow humans. Those that panned this movie on moral and defamatory grounds are just being too one sided in their world view and probably should lighten up!!!

While I wouldn't recommend the film out right for those twelve and under, there is a lot less to censor than what is put out on prime time television each evening,yet:) the film is very very entertaining and no one dies or gets shot. You would have to admit that video of any of us overtaken in the heat of a passionate sexual encounter is pretty funny if not scintillating and to see James Spader and the female protagonist, Melora Walters erupt in sexual fireworks on a small elevator stuck between floors is hilarious, exhilarating and redoubles when we see and hear the encounter re-enacted from the videotaped interviews played at discovery in the lawsuits that emerge as the plot develops. It is all very good humored and the whole scenario is repeated when the hugely pregnant court recorder and videographer husband sell and mass produces the deposition tapes at the local bar to get money for the new baby soon to be born. Every character in the movie is flawed with the same foibles and Freudian ID that we all have held at bay.
Every character is likable/lovable to most of us, even the lawyers, therapists and the videographers.!! While there is not a lot of spiritual motivation here Ala Carl Jung or Joseph Campbell, there is a lot of heart and humor.
As I lay in bed with the flu,having worked twelve hours sick and feeling initially miserable, this movie delivered so many laughs that my endorphins, thalamus and frontal lobes kicked in and I was much better at the end of the movie without any afrin , tamiflu or antibiotics! My congestion was gone (I did drink tea and golden-seal) and I fell asleep feeling that even the crazy world we live in can work out OK . Thank you for considering my opinion.

BTW the scenery is absolutely beautiful and well shot ..has me thinking to go away for a while to Boise and Alberta.
Even in 2014 this movie is on target and speaks to our all too human nature and society. James Spader continues to stand out as a great performer in the lineage of "Sex Lies and Video Tape", "The Secretary", and "Boston Legal"

Neuro-felicity January 2014
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on December 4, 2012
When marriage-counselors have marital problems too, what can possibly
go wrong? When confidential video depositions become public, how can that
be not funny?
This is a great comedy, poking fun at everything, our squeamishness in sexual
matters, our attraction for sordid/titillating details, our greed/entrepreneurship,
the whole panoply of what makes the humans funny.
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on January 21, 2014
Well acted.Outstanding cast. Bill Murray at his best. Very minor nudity. Very little swearing. The dialogue uses correct terms and is very sexy. The end is a little weak.
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on October 16, 2013
It is the ultimate "B" movie on justifiable sex without any qualms of its ironic comedic qualities; it has demonstrated the low to any theatrical evidence.
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