Customer Reviews: Speck Products iPad 2 iGuy - Peacock (SPK-A0503)
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on September 11, 2011
There were very few reviews available when I bought this case for a 2-year-old who was in the hospital. While I felt more confident in the engineering of the Gumdrop case, I was swayed to this case due to price, ability to stand upright, larger gripping options, and the "fun" factor.


When I first received it, there was an overwhelming chemical-ish smell from the foam. After letting it sit outside for 24 hours, the smell was not as strong, but still noticeable.

After inserting the iPad (no directions are included), I noticed that the foam material was very static-y, seeming to attract cat hair out of thin air. I'll report back once I've seen how bad it gets under daily use.

This case claims to fit both the iPad 1 and 2. I assumed that was possible because the foam was squishy. It is actually a hard foam, and the iPad 2 rattles around in it. The case is clearly sized to fit the thicker iPad 1 exactly, not by any squishing. Despite the rattle, it was a tight enough fit getting the iPad in that I'm not worried about it being any less protected. In fact, it probably improves its ability to protect against a drop or fall.

When this cute little guy is standing up, it's natural to pick it up by grabbing the top edge of the case. Unfortunately this seems to be the weakest point, as it bends the top edge back a bit (and it wasn't even perfectly straight to begin with).

There is more of the iPad 2's bezel showing at the top than at the bottom (by the feet).

One thing I didn't think about before buying was usability in Portrait orientation. Even with the rotation-lock switch on the iPad set to Landscape, i didn't realize how many apps are hardcoded as Portrait only.

This case does not come with a screen protector, which I liked (no leftover goo from ripping out the built-in protectors some other cases have).

Overall, I feel that the iGuy offers enough protection to hand an iPad to a 2-year-old.


No falls or drops yet, since it's so easy for her to hold securely.

Lots of comments from adults about how cute it looks. They can't believe there's a real iPad inside.

The static issue must have just been related to inserting the iPad. Haven't had any trouble since.

My wife actually likes the foam smell, which is not too strong anymore. My dad, who is chemically sensitive, did not seem to be bothered by it.

The free-standing feature proved really handy for watching movies.

A few creases have developed where the arms attach to the main body.

Foam is easy to clean and feels very durable.

Removing the iPad 2's included charging cable (dock connector is only about 1cm) is a real pain while the case is on. I had to find another cable with a bigger dock connector that sticks out enough to grab ahold of.
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on December 3, 2011
I tried about 5 different covers for the iPad 2 for my Son Sammy who is 5 year old & Autistic. I spent anywhere from $30 to $100. None of them worked because Sammy always wanted to take the covers off & he always figured out how within mins.In that time Sammy broke his iPad 2 times.I orginally didn't buy the iguy because I knew he would be able to get the iPad 2 out in like 2 seconds. After I return my 5th cover I tried the iguy. (Why not it was only $30.) To my surprise he LOVED IT. He NEVER tries to take it off. He loves the handles, it makes it easy for him to hold. He gets alot of attention from it, so it gives him alot of opportunies to interact with other children. We have had the iguy for a couple of months now & it has taken many of falls Sammy is very hard on it & goes back & fourth with him to school. It has done a great job in keeping the ipad safe. NO cracks No brakes.
I gave the iguy 4 stars & not 5 because it is a little big for the iPad 2 sometimes I see the corner of the iPad pop out & because it is big it is also hard to plug in & charge. I see some people are concerned with the smell but that is gone in a few days.Other- wise it is the Best Kids Cover FOR THE IPAd that I have tried.
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on November 19, 2011
I bought the Speck iGuy so my about-to-be 2 year old daughter could safely play with my iPad 2. It took about 2 minutes to unbox and "install".

- I haven't (and don't plan to) drop tested this yet, but the rubber/foam seems substantial enough to absorb all reasonable falls on back/corners/flat on face. At minimum there is about a quarter inch of foam between the iPad and the outer edge of the foam.
- Gives the iPad some grippyness and heft for securely towing it around the house.
- When lying down, the "arms" can be tucked under it (with legs pointing away from you) for a nice viewing angle for looking at the screen/typing.
- The legs raise the iPad up just enough off of your lap to make it really convenient for watching videos.
- Stands up on well on flat surfaces.
- The arms are just the right amount of flimsiness to make it hard (but certainly not impossible) throw it by the arm (This could be an important plus for those with toddlers or special needs kids).

- It's easily knocked over if bumped when it's standing up.
- It's VERY big and will be an inconvenience to bring on an airplane.
- Some off-gassing (stinky/chemically smell).
- Not complete protection from 2-year-olds as the screen is still fully exposed (make sure there aren't any table corners around).
- Makes the buttons and connections a bit tricky to access.

Bottom line: I would definitely recommend this product to anyone planning on letting a toddler use an iPad, but it's not a perfect solution (read: best not to only let your toddler use the iPad unattended). Also, if you are considering this for your special needs child, then I would recommend it to you as well.
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on January 27, 2012
Ok, so you're looking at the Speck iPad iGuy...and your expectations are.....?

Seriously, it's a funny looking case for kids (or grown ups that are kids at heart, either way, it's cool)!

Bought this because I swapped out my old iPad 2 folio for a keyboard case and wanted something to protect the iPad when my daughter plays with it. Honestly, it's better than I expected!

The cushion provides great protection for the iPad 2. Yes, it says it fits the iPad 1 and iPad 2, but I've only tested it with the iPad 2, and I must say that it fits it snugly and I have no concerns about it falling out. the foam seems to protect it well from small/minor drops. Of course, this won't do you much good if the iPad is dropped in a manner that pits the screen directly against a corner or edge, but I don't know how you'd protect against that anyway.

The iGuy really will stand on its own, and I've used it as a stand like that before. It looks pretty funny that way.

Ironically, when my daughter plays with it, she actually flips it around so that when it sits in her lap the iGuy's legs are pointing away from her. This gives the iPad a natural angle towards her that makes it easier to see and use.

The handles seem sturdy, and are easy for my daughter to grip and carry it around with. She's carried it with one handle and both without any trouble.

The only drawbacks to this case are that the buttons can be a bit touch to access, despite the cutouts, and connecting the charger isn't something I've been able to do without looking at it to make sure that it's lined up correctly.

Remember, though, that I ONLY use this for when my daughter plays with the iPad. That means that I keep the iPad in a different case most of the time. I would find this case to be totally impractical as a daily driver case for my iPad usage, and would probably expect you to come to the same result. But, as far as usage and protection under my daughter's care, it's absolutely perfect!

PS - I did not notice any overly plastic smell when I received this. If there was an odor, it went away pretty quickly, but I did not have the same experience that other reviewers here have noted.
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on June 4, 2012
Bought this case after my wife saw it being used by another family. Right from the get go, I had reservations on how well it would protect the iPad, especially because we had the otterbox defender case on it now. It is basically made of a spongy material. The ipad just pushes into it without any fasteners. The first thing we noticed is plugging in the charger was almost impossible. My wife found it easier to partially remove it from the case. Secondly, my son dropped the ipad from about 2 feet up off of a chair and the iPad popped right out of the lucky there. The the final straw was he was carrying it across the room and the ipad again popped right out of the case and onto the floor. OMG, that was it. I returned this case and I'm going back to the otterbox!
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on December 10, 2012
I have had this case for my son's ipad case for about 6 months now. It protects the ipad really well. The arms work great for him to carry the ipad around and the feet let it stand up so he can watch netflix or movies on the ipad and not have to hold it. The only complaint I have is that it is hard to plug the charger in to it because the opening is too small. But other than that it is a great case and I highly recommend to anyone with kids.
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on September 10, 2012
I needed a case to protect my ipad2 from my 16 month old. This product was adorable, but after using it I am very disappointed. The chemical smell is terrible, and makes me nervous since it hasn't gone away in over a week of being aired out. The arm is very flimsy, and since that is how my son carries it around I am afraid it is going to rip. And the most frustrating problem is that it is nearly impossible to plug in the cord to charge while the ipad is in the case. The fit is very tight so removing it from the case just to charge is not convenient, and I find myself pinching my fingers and swearing under my breath every time the battery runs out.

I still think this product is the cutest available, I just wish it was made from a more user friendly material.
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on July 5, 2012
- The first thing I noticed when I opened this was an OVERWHELMING smell of porta-potty, including the smell of urinal cake. I mean not a hint but like 2 or 3 feet away it would knock you over. Just based on that I wanted to return it but stuck with it because I was too lazy. It's kind of oddly coincidental that it is EXACTLY the same color as the plastic used in porta-potty's too. I mean it's just plain weird and kind of freaky. Anyway, the smell has dissipated but it's still very noticeable up close.

- The arms are very flexible, which means you always have to have 2 hands to hold it straight. If they had more rigidity it would be much more functional.

- not that would be nice if it had a bit more stability when "standing". You can do it, especially on a hard table top, but would have been super functional if they foot was possibly a bit flatter, or slightly larger or something.

- the holes for the charger don't quite line up...had to fiddle with it a bit to get it plugged in. Overall this is the least of the complaints.

- overall the concept is great...great at protecting the ipad and allows a toddler to use the device without worrying it will be destroyed.
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on February 12, 2012
So, I so wish I wouldve invested in a good ipad case right when we got it.
Unfortunately I didnt. We had the ipad 1 for sooo long without the kids
ever breaking it, but we only had the ipad 2 for a couple of weeks before
my 18month old decided to grab it off the kitchen counter and throw it on
the ground in the backyard. Of course the screen cracked a little bit
and since apple changed their policy it would now cost us 370 dollars to
get a new one. yikes. So, off I went on a great search for a good protection
of what was left of out ipad. I found the IGuy, we received it just in time for
me to take my preschooler and toddler on a cross atlantic flight all on
my own. The Ipad and the Iguy was a TOTAL lifesaver during the 20 something
hours we were traveling. The case covers the crack on my Ipad and you cant
even see it, phew.

So, the PROS are

1. Yes, you can drop this on the floor/concrete/ground.etc. and it will protect
the ipad.
2. One of the BEST things about this little green guy is that he stands without
support, which means the kids can watch a movie at the same time! Without having
to fight over who gets to hold the ipad. I just popped him up on the tray in
the airplane and he only fell over once (because of the person in front of us
shaking the chair). VERY stabil!!
3. Light weight, weighs like.. nothing.
4. Cute, the kids love it and ppl asked us where we got it
5. Easy to use. Ppl complaining it didnt come with instructions.. seriously?
Hand it over to your 3yr old, I know they can do it for you if you cant
figure out how to pop the ipad in. Again, s e r i o u s l y ?!

1. Yes, it is HARD to plug in the charger while the ipad is in the case, but you CAN
do it. If I cant get in it, I just pop out that side of the ipad and plug in the
2. The arms. Yes, they prob. should be a liiitle less wimsy, but its not like
they're going to fall off from the kids pulling on it. I think it would take alot
(maybe older kids fighting over it??) to break it.

So, overall we love this thing. Wish I wouldve bought it earlier :)
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on June 8, 2012
I would definitely recommend this product for children, and have just purchased one to take along with me when I go to visit my grandson. I have downloaded a lot of apps for him and whenever I visit, he takes over my iPad and I just want to know that it will be protected if it slips from his hand.
I have a frend whose 15 month old toddler has taken over her iPad and she bought him this case and he has dragged it and done every conceivable thing to it, and the protective case has done it's job really well. I am not really purchasing from reviews at this point, but from seeing the protection it gives after 4 months.
It doesn't even look like an iPad while he is dragging it around. Very cool case!
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