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on February 21, 2009
Somehow, Christianity is just supposed to go away. Look at the other review on this site. First, I would recommend actually reading the book before posting a review. Secondly, the book is thoroughly annotated and documents a plethora of cases where Christianity is now considered hate speech. I am a Christian and can tell you from my own personal experiences that this book tells the truth. People of faith are becoming more fearful in a climate and a culture that makes fun of Christianity in secular, business and even family settings. You either have to surround yourself with people of similar beliefs, or you have to shut up around people who might feel "uncomfortable" with talk of faith, especially the name of Jesus. It's a total lie that somehow the religious right is imposing their views on any one. We are attempting to just keep what's ours. The constituion protects free speech, and this book is ammunition in the current culture war.
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on February 26, 2009
Christian speech is in peril and this book identifies the remedies that can be used to bring the U.S. back to its Christian roots. I have recommended the book and DVD to all of my family members and to all church congregations that we attend as we travel around the U.S.
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on March 21, 2009
The book is a must read for all Christians. The war on morality today is so pervasive that even innocence is seen as being "gay" ...innocence as in not sexually active.
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Throughout the West Christianity is increasingly coming under attack. Religious freedom in general and Christianity in particular are both under direct assault as the West moves in a leftwards and secular direction.

Donald Wildman, who has for decades championed pro-faith and pro-family causes, here documents the relentless war being waged against biblical Christianity. He provides numerous examples of how Christians in North America are being targeted by secular activists.

All these cases of anti-Christian bigotry and intimidation make for very sobering reading. One wonders how it is that a nation like the US has so quickly become a land where Christians are being bullied into silence, and where activist minority groups are turning the values and beliefs of a once great nation upside down.

Earlier books have offered similar warnings. Persecution by David Limbaugh (Regnery, 2003) and The Criminalization of Christianity by Janet Folger (Multnomah, 2005) were two such books. But things have heated up considerably even since those volumes were released.

Simply listing the many examples of the war on Christianity could fill volumes. Consider briefly a few recent cases:

-Christians are arrested for expressing their concerns about homosexuality.
-A church was told by the government that it must allow lesbian "weddings" to be performed there.
-Workers are being fired for simply quoting from the Bible.
-Christians are jailed for singing in a public park where a homosexual festival is held.
-School kids have been threatened for daring to recite passages of Scripture.
-Christian charities are being shut down for refusing to comply with politically correct agendas.
-Workers are told the words "family values" are offensive and could not be used in the workplace.
-Fines and imprisonment are being handed out to those who speak up for Christian values in the public arena.

The list goes on and on. A once free nation is now becoming a soft totalitarian state, where the biggest threat to the government seems to be biblical Christians who stand up for their faith. Wildmon documents how in every field - be it education, the workplace, finance and taxation, the media, the courts - laws are being passed and actions taken which specifically target believers who refuse to bow to the secularist agenda.

Wildmon examines groups like the ACLU which seek to "intimidate the schools and other public institutions into censoring Christian speech" for fear of legal action. He also looks at how government bodies are putting the squeeze on Christian groups, all the while funding and promoting organisations which oppose Christianity.

Increasingly it is an activist judiciary which is using rights talk to target Christians. Legislation which sounds good on the surface is being used to implement the secular left's agenda and silence believers. Whether it is anti-discrimination legislation or equal opportunity laws, it is getting harder by the day for believers to freely proclaim their beliefs and values in the public arena.

One of the most insidious examples of such legislation is the so-called "hate speech" laws which are being passed. These usually include sexual orientation and gender identity components which are designed to gag all criticism of the homosexual lifestyle.

Consider two Christian employees of the city of Oakland, California who were ordered to stop posting flyers which used such terms as "natural family," and "marriage". They had done this in response to a steady stream of anti-Christian messages sent by city officials on the city's email and bulletin board systems.

A lesbian activist complained that such terms were "hate speech" and the pair had to cease and desist. It seems that tax dollars can be used to assault the beliefs and values of Christians, but if believers dare to respond, they are met with the full force of the law.

As Wildmon demonstrates, the "homosecularists" are using these bogus hate speech laws to in fact punish politically incorrect thoughts. The "crime" entails the supposed "hateful" thoughts, not the act itself. Thus if a pastor simply quotes from a passage of the Bible which is critical of homosexuality, he can be accused of a hate crime and punished accordingly, all because his thoughts do not conform to the homosexual lobby and its agenda.

Says Wildmon: "The law in general and criminal law in particular is properly concerned with actions. When the law attempts to first identify and then punish certain thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, the law becomes a force of tyranny."

Tyranny it is, and it is a secular tyranny with Christianity directly in the crosshairs. Says Wildmon, "Laws equating the expression of Christian principles with promoting an illegal act put a terrible weapon in the hands of the secularists who want to silence Christians."

And it gets worse: "Federal hate crime proposals typically include monetary bonuses to local and state governments for prosecuting such crimes." So there may even be financial incentives to go after those pesky Christians. So be forewarned: carrying a Bible in a park, having a Christian bumper sticker, or displaying an inspirational poster in the workplace may all soon be considered to be hate crimes.

This book is must reading. Not only does Wildman offer us a vitally important book, but the foreword by Ann Coulter is almost worth the price of the book itself. She rightly warns how the secular left is actively seeking to squeeze faith out of the public square.

What Coulter calls liberal dhimmitude - the imposition of "liberal sharia law" - is very carefully chronicled and detailed in this vitally important book. Every believer must read it and be reminded of how the secular pogrom against Christianity is gaining momentum throughout the West.

We are clearly in danger of losing it all. Thus we need to be informed about the battles we face, and be made aware of the foes who seek our ruin. This book very capably does just that. Ignore this book at your own peril.
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on July 2, 2009
Rev. Wildmon has done a good job of compiling some really disturbing trends. Some of the other reviewers who gave this book bad reviews must be liberals, non-christians or both. Christians are being silenced bit by bit. A lot of it comes from public schools. For instance instead of "Merry Christmas" it's "Happy Holidays." Students not allowed to bring bibles to school. In her graduation speech one Valedictorian was prohibited to say the work Jesus in her speech. Homosexuality being promoted in schools.

This book brings out a lot of good points. America is in a downward spiral. As George Washing ton said, "A republic must have two pillars. Religion & Morality." Both of these are going south in America very fast.
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on May 27, 2012
Reviews various actions taken by progressives to silence Christians, shows a pattern and the goal of the actions, and proposes a positive path forward by Christians.
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on May 25, 2011
though sometimes a bit weak stylistically, the overall theme should be alarming to all Christians. Mr. Wildmon draws clear and concise outcomes if we shut our eyes to what is happening to our culture. and if we choose to not speak out and defend what we know to be morally and Biblicaly right, we will forever lose our right to speak and may ultimately find that homosecularists even invade our sacred scriptures of the Bible and alter God's holy word. don't look away. dare to read the book and share it.
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on May 26, 2015
oh so true of today!!!
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on October 7, 2010
Speechless: Silencing the Christians
This was a quick, easy read, concentrating overall on the issue of homophobia/homosexuality/gay bashing. For information on the political silencing of Christians, read "Persecution--How Liberals are Waging War Against Christianity," by David Limbaugh, who is mentioned by Rev. Donald E. Wildmon, author of "Speechless--Silencing the Christians," throughout his book. Limbaugh, a lawyer and political commentator, covers a much broader spectrum than Wildmon, citing specific legal cases of record throughout.
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on December 23, 2010
Christians are being silenced? Christians are being oppressed?

That is hilarious.

I read this book because, even though I fully expected to disagree with it, I want to make informed opinions based on facts from all sides, not just the side I agree with. I did not expect this book to make me so angry.

First of all, Christians in America are the majority. You know what that means? That means that those who are not Christian are minorities, marginalized groups. By the very definitions of the words, a majority cannot be oppressed by a minority. Christianity is the norm in America, and any other religion or faith is therefore marginalized.

What this book claims is not only not true, it makes no sense. Homosexuals do not want equal rights to oppress Christians, and people do not say happy holidays instead of merry Christmas to oppress Christians. Homosexuals want equal rights because they are citizens of the U.S. just like everyone else, and they shouldn't be separate from the rest of us. People say happy holidays because they want to include non-Christians, not shut Christians out.

Here's what I can't wrap my brain around. What open-minded, kind person can see the progression of others as an oppression of themselves? Faith is personal, and incredibly subjective. Just because you believe something it does not mean that everyone else does. You don't believe that homosexuals should be able to marry the person they love? That's fine. But homosexual marriage have absolutely nothing to do with you, so don't let your opinion rule it.

This book is outright offensive, and I say this as a Christian. I am well aware that as a white Christian, I have privileges that non-whites and non-Christians will never have, simply because we were born different. And I would never consider using my privilege to deny someone the same rights I enjoy. And I would never delude myself into thinking that I don't have those privileges. Which is what the authors of this book have done.

If I could give it less than one star, I would.
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