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on March 8, 2012
1 Year update

We have now used both the Washer and Dryer heavily over the past year. All my opinions and observations below have not changed. They have worked flawlessly since the day we bought them and they still look brand new.

Whether you like this dryer or not depends on what you want in a laundry appliance, Fashion or Reliability.

Thirty years ago Dryers were made to do only one thing- dry clothes dependably and do it for decades. They were not intended to be "Information Centers" with electronic keypads, LCD screens, and more sensors than a Star Trek Tricorder. They were not much to look at neither were they intended to be.
They were simply made to dry clothes.

In recent years washers and dryers have turned into something unrecognizable from their ancestors of the past. They have become so sophisticated they now have more in common with your laptop than a mechanical device designed to perform a relatively simple task. And while all that high-tech may look impressive on the showroom floor the true price of that innovation is notorious unreliability.

We have many friends who have bought newer machines and regardless of the brand or what they paid the stories all end up the same. They work for a while but eventually they all have problems and it always involves something electronic.

Speed Queens have no electronics, they are purely mechanical. For that reason they look very much like the dryer your grandmother had. But what they lack in "21st Century Pizzazz" they more than make up for in performance and reliability.

Speed Queen is primarily a manufacturer of Laundromat equipment. Their residential machines are identical to the ones sold for commercial use with one exception, they have a control panel instead of a coin box. They are built to run in Laundromats 24 hrs a day and withstand any amount of abuse the customer can throw at them. For that reason they last almost forever in the home.

So as I said - it depends on what you want.
If you want to make a fashion statement and don't mind constant repairs and a maximum 5-7 year lifespan you would be better off looking elsewhere.
On the other hand, if you miss the workhorses of the past that only did one thing and did it extremely well the Speed Queen might be for you.

We bought this Dryer and the Speed Queen AWN542 Washer and are amazed how well they perform and the quality of their workmanship. While the name brands have moved to sophisticated electronics and plastic parts the Speed Queens are of a simple reliable design and made entirely of steel. By simple I don't mean inadequate- they just do laundry extremely well and nothing else.

But after all- how complicated do clothes dryers really need to be?
How many people need their dryers to tell them the current time, flash text messages, or connect to the internet?
I have no desire to "communicate" with my appliances; I just want my clothes dry.

Finally- all name brand appliances are now made in either Mexico or Asia. Speed Queens and all their components are MADE IN AMERICA.

One final note- Speed Queens are not sold in national chains, only local appliance stores. For that reason I would recommend you find a dealer and see them in person ( use the Dealer Locator on Speed Queens Web site).
Unlike the large retailers the small stores have people who actually "know" the product and can explain why they are so reliable and perform so well. In addition we found they were much cheaper locally than on the internet even after local sales tax was added.

But regardless of where you buy I would avoid the Extended Warranty. Every article I have read has concluded the only people who benefit from Extended Warranties are the people selling them.

Speed Queens have an excellent warranty:
1) Full 3 Year Parts and Labor on entire machine.
2) 5 Year cabinet Warranty
3) Lifetime Warranty interior cylinder.

That is more than adequate for a manufacturing defect to show up. Besides, the veteran Repairmen I talked to prior to purchase all said the same thing, Speed Queens do not break.
In fact, one told me he has never removed a Speed Queen washer or dryer from a home regardless of age which wasn't still working.

Product Note:
The ADE4BR is the Top of the Line in Speed Queen Dryers and has a light inside the drum. When we got it I decided to get some replacement bulbs for the future. This proved to be a challenge since it is an odd bulb and Speed Queen only sells it with the housing, they do not sell the bulb separately.

I did finally identify it and once I determined exactly what it was finding it was easy. I am including this information for other people who may need it.

Light Bulb Specs: 10 Watt 120volt Candelabra base scoreboard sign bulb

Manufacturer Part Descriptions:
1) Sylvania 16726 - 10S6 120V Candelabra Screw Base Scoreboard Sign Light Bulb
2) General 10621 - 10S6/10 120V Candelabra Screw Base Scoreboard Sign Light Bulb



I decided to do an update 6 months out for one reason.

Most reviews are written a few days after the purchase. But the real question is not how the product performs the first week but how is it doing months or even years later.

To me that would be more helpful since all new appliances work initially- the problem is many start falling apart a few months after you buy them. Many of our friends with newer machines have had that problem.
For the sake of time I am covering both the washer and dryer in one update. My initial reviews on both the AWN542 washer and the ADE4BRG dryer are posted on Amazon.

So how is the Speed Queen washer and dryer doing after 6 months?

They have been used heavily and we have not had a hint of a problem.

In addition, Speed Queen makes a big deal out of the fact their coatings and finishes ( think paint) are made to Laundromat standards and are far superior to other laundry appliances.
That claim appears accurate.

Both the washer and dryer look exactly as they did when they were first delivered in spite of their heavy use. They still look brand new without a trace of wear or corrosion in spite of the fact we live on the ocean.
You could put them back on the showroom floor and sell them as new and no one could tell.

I also downloaded the Speed Queen Service Manuals in order to be familiar with their construction in case I ever had to do a repair.
I discovered they were built even better than I thought.
Electronics are the primary cause of new appliance failure today. The second is Drive-Train issues.
Speed Queen has no electronic components so they are reliable in that area. All their controls and switches are commercial grade so I doubt they would ever break in a residential environment.

Second, the Drive Train has no plastic components at all. The washer transmission has only eight gears made of steel so it is unlikely it would ever break. The motor is commercial grade as well. The inner tub on the washer is Stainless Steel and the outer tub is Porcelain coated steel as opposed to plastic used in all other washers. I never could determine the type of bearings they use but from what I have seen I would guess they are over rated as well.

The washer is belt driven instead of direct drive so the belt is the mostly likely part to fail. But I have seen the belt and it looks like an alternator belt used in cars in the 70's. It is so oversized it would probably take decades to wear out.

The water pump is direct drive off the motor and is made of plastic. It appears to be of much higher quality than what was in our old Kenmore so it unlikely this would be a source of failure any time soon.

Dryers are far simpler than washers so there isn't as much to tell.
The motor is also commercial grade and the drum belt it uses is oversized as well. The weak link in the dryer would be the heating element since they do burn out. The element doesn't appear to be any different than what I have seen in other dryers so it will probably need to be replaced every fifteen years or so.

The bottom line is Speed Queens are not a gift from Heaven, they are simply built the way all washers and dryers were 30-40 years ago.
In fact, if you look at Service manuals from any major brand from the 60's they all looked and were built the same way the Speed Queens are today.

They don't do any more or less than any top end washer and dryer you could have bought in 1970. But like the old machines they clean well and last almost forever.

So to repeat myself- if you want fancy paint jobs and a lot of computer functions that fail after a few years look elsewhere. But if you want clean clothes and reliability buy the Speed Queens.
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on September 3, 2013
Best dryer I have used, excellent quality and function. The "auto dry" cycle will over dry/shrink your clothes, so I just use the timer. The adjustable alarm volume is a great feature.
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on May 12, 2014
I hate having to write this review but feel I must. After having a Maytag Atlantis pair for over 10 years, the washer was losing its transmission so I needed to find a new set. I settled on Speed Queen due to all the negative reviews and statements from friends about the newer high efficiency units and how poorly they cleaned. I wanted a washer that was as close to my Maytag Atlantis as possible. So.....2 weeks ago my new Speed Queen pair was delivered. So the washer and hope for the best in the future. Dryer, however, is a different story. When it arrived, I noticed a piece of plastic on the top control panel had broken loose and was sticking out. I immediately brought it to the attention of the dealer. Two weeks later the distributor sent a new control panel to replace the broken one. Meanwhile dryer seemed to work just fine, although I noticed that it took twice as long as my 10 year old Maytag to dry a load of clothes. Even though a little inconvenient, I could deal with that, as the clothes were coming out nice and soft and with few wrinkles. I decided to wash & dry my (very expensive!) queen comforter prior to storing it for summer. Comforter is 100% cotton, 100% poly fill, labeled machine washable/dryable and has been washed and dried many times in my old Maytags. The new Speed Queen washer handled it just fine. Put it in the dryer on delicate and started the load. Ten minutes later I went back to readjust the comforter so all sections would get dry. Ten minutes later went back to do it again and got the shock of my life. (Let me interject here that I have been doing laundry since I was 18 and I'm now a grandmother so this is not my first rodeo.) My comforter had literally fried!!! The cotton cover had virtually melted in spots to the poly filling!! I have never, ever seen a dryer do that......ever. The old Maytag had dried this comforter and all my others beautifully for years and I did nothing different except use the Speed Queen. This morning I called the Speed Queen main office in hopes of getting some kind of explanation why the dryer did this. To say I got nowhere fast is an understatement. After offering several lame excuses, the service department representative finally stated that they could arrange for repair service to come. Wrong. No. Not happening. I did not spend $750 for a brand new dryer that needs repair within the first two weeks so it won't fry my laundry! I explained that I would take a replacement or else I was returning the dryer. No replacement offered, instructed to call my dealer, so now the dealer is coming in two days to get the dryer and we're hooking the old Maytag back up. I hate not having a matching pair, but at least I know the old Maytag won't ruin anything I put in it. Maybe one day when I'm not so mad, I'll try another Speed Queen and see if I get a good one. Meanwhile I'm extremely displeased with Speed Queen and the lack of customer satisfaction with their American made product!! I'd actually be interested to know if anyone else has ever experienced this problem.
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on May 10, 2013
This dryer replaces my Sears Kenmore which took forever to dry clothes no matter how small the load. This Speed Queen lives up to it's brand name. Fast drying: it dries clothes twice as fast as other brands. Just the faster drying time is worth the extra money, because it makes the whole laundry day a lot shorter. They are built like tanks (all metal parts), but are super quiet while in operation.
Beware, the company that ships this dryer is slow to get to your home. They are good about giving a six hour window of arrival, but our delivery person finally showed up almost two hours after the six hour window was over. Not good for customers with a life beyond waiting for delivery.
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on February 12, 2014
Like the GE washer that died in Sept 2013, the dryer followed in January 2014. The roller bearings were shot and the cylinder bearing was also on the way out. Rather than put money in a 15 year old appliance, I opted to purchase a new one.

I already have the AWN 542 washer thus I was very much biased towards a matching dryer. Still, I shopped around and as was the case when I looked for a washer, I was not impressed with what was out there.

This dryer is very much a carbon copy of the washer in terms of layout of the controls. In fact, the control hood is identical to the washer.

This is Speed Queen's top of the line and it has 4 temp settings, no heat, delicate, normal, and permanent press. The cycle selction is on the right side of the control panel the the corresponing cycles are clearly denoted. It also has a 70 minute time dry cycle. In the automatic permanent press/knits and automatic regular/delicate, you have the option to use the extended tumble which is activated by a rocker switch on the control panel. There is a short automatic wrinkle out cycle as well. Speed Queen denotes with an asterisk the "energy saver" settings in the automatic regular/delicate and timed dry cycles.

The construction of this beast is very sturdy. It has a galvanized cylinder with 3 plastic baffles mounted to the cylinder. This model also has an interior light that is very bright and covers the entire cylinder; no more stray socks hiding in this unit.
The cylinder is rated at 7.0 cu ft capacity and it is huge. 4 shirts, 2 slacks and 5 pairs of socks look "lost" in there! The very size of the cylinder lends itself to adequately drying large sheets without having them get bunched into a ball of tangles. The lint filter is rather unique. Instead of removing it from the door opening, you just reach in and pull out the lint that is collected. There is a 5/16 screw that secures it to the dryer door frame. A greay plastic guard fits on top that lifts out, I supposed it is to keep bits of paper from covering the lint filter and blocking airflow.

Operation is very simple. Again like the washer, the controls are all mechanical. No touchpads or electronic circuit boards to short out or burn up. Simply select the temp setting then rotate the control knob clockwise to the desired dry time or setting. To start the dryer, you push in on the control knob. There is no separate start switch.

In use, the dryer is pretty quiet. Other than the assorted banging and knocking from zippers and buttons, this unit is no more noisy than any other dryer. Mostly what you hear is the whoosh of the airflow. There is no excessive vibration or noise from the cylinder rotating.
The end of cycle buzzer is very and I mean very loud on the highest setting. It will buzz for about 5 seconds, then stop. About 30 seconds later, the dryer shuts off. There are 4 "volume" settings for this buzzer.

Drying time for a mostly cotton load set between the "more dry" and "less dry" setting was approximately 30 minutes. I did not notice any overdrying or excessive heat on the delicate cycle. Lint collected was no more or less than what the GE collected with a similar load.
Airflow is 220 cfm and I have an outside 3 louver vent that has all 3 louvers opened when the dryer is running. With the GE, 2 would stay open. That suggests the Speed Queen has a stronger blowr

Speed Queen dryers do not have a moisture sensor. Instead, they rely on the exhause air temp to advance the timer as the load dries. And that timer is rather loud. Each advance is announed with clicks and clacks certainly betraying its mechanical DNA!
Thus far, I cannot say whether or not the lack of moisture sensor is an issue. I dried 2 cotton loads and performance and drying time were satisfactory.

Speed Queen warranty is as follows:
3-year warranty on parts and labor for the entire machine
5-year limited warrant on the cabinet

This blows away the competition. No other manufacturer offers as long a warranty on their dryers.

Like their TL washers, this machine is old school in every aspect. All mechanical controls, nothing electronic to mess up or require you have a BS in electronic engineering. I highly recommend this machine.
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on October 14, 2013
My husband and I were on the fence about giving up our working 16 year old Maytag dryer in favor of buying a matched set (I love the SQ washer). We decided to get the matched set.

Using the SQ dryer for about 5 days (heavy use) I've experienced a few loads that haven't dried as I expected and I was wondering if it's this is not possibly a design feature for the commercial machines re:profit center. As I recall from my younger "laundromat" days it seemed I always had to pump more quarters into the dryers then I thought ought to be necessary. So possibly, as these are the same design as the commercial dryers, the residential version might require more time then what we expect from residential machines. Just a possibility. Another possibility is I need experiment a bit more with the settings and adjust my habits to the peculiarities of this machine.

Additionally many clothes that were wrinkle-free when I removed them warm from my old Maytag dryer now appear to have wrinkles. Possibly it's due to the stronger spin cycle in the washer and I need to make some adjustments there.

I do preferred the bright white enamel interior finish of the Maytag, and the light on the SQ isn't working although the unit is brand new (although I'm sure it will be easy enough to replace, but a bother to have to), plus there's a very faint rubber smell on my clothes which will probably go away as I use the machine (actually I do believe that smell is fading).

Overall, despite some disappointments I'm not unhappy with my purchase as it's a sturdy unit. I did not purchase my dryer from Amazon, so I can not speak to the easy and availability of this vendor, however the Speed Queen warrantees are terrific.
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on June 28, 2014
I find that this dryer does a great job. It does not have all the new bells and whistles that other dryers may have. Reading reviews tells me that those new bells and whistles are what normally break first. I am very happy with this dryer.
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on June 9, 2013
I traded in my Neptune which I had for many years because the beater bars had come off and it was really heating up. I had bought the speed queen washer and I love it, but, I am really disappointed in the dryer. From the start I could not seem to get a load dry. I do large loads of wash. These products say they are industrial sized. So I would think it could handle large clothes loads as it has a sensor in it. Towels are the worst! I have tried everything possible and read the manual over and over to see if there is something I am doing wrong. Nothing seems to help.

When you are busy and need to get the wash done in a timely fashion, there is nothing more frustrating than coming down to the dryer and finding damp wash, or REALLY damp towels! Even when the load is small, the sensor seems to turn off the dryer before everything is really dry.

I would not recommend this to anyone. The only good part of this is that it matches my washer. That is it!
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on June 27, 2014
My 1998 Kenmore dryer had worked perfectly for 16 years, so I wanted to replace it with one that was similar. I had recently replaced a 1998 Kenmore dishwasher with an expensive, "high efficiency" Boch, and was very disappointed. Through that experience, I learned that cleanliness, functionality and durability were far more important to me than "high efficiency". Unfortunately, the quality of the new Kenmore 7.0 cu. ft. dryer was weak in comparison to the older models. It did not look like it would last more than 5 years. I was thrilled when I discovered Speed Queen! It was more money, but this dryer is solid! It is quieter than my old dryer, blows more air out of the vent, dries faster and leaves my clothes all fluffy and fresh. It out performs my friends' high efficiency models - and I can still fold my laundry on top of it. I love the Speed Queen dryer so much that I am considering replacing the washer so it can have the perfect life-time mate.
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on February 17, 2013
We purchased this dryer at the same time we bought a AWN412 washer three months ago (see review on that). It replaced an 8 year old Kenmore that was still doing it's thing but hubby didn't want to replace it in a few months.

We researched appliances before we bought this pair and we like the fact that it is well made, dependable and made here in the USA. If you are expecting an eco-friendly machine, this is not for you. It's just a plain (and i do mean plain) ugly dryer. I do 80 % of the laundry for three people and we have put it through it's paces. BUT, I find the temperature selection is complicated and the drying cycles take forever. I am used to drying a load of towels or jeans in moderate to high heat in 30 minutes or so. Not this baby. More like 45 minutes to an hour. And I am never really sure whether the temperature is too hot or not hot enough. Selections are too confusing for me. I am used to having an option of low, medium or high heat. Permanent press cycle takes forever and the regular cycle is super hot. There doesn't seem to be a lot of flexibility with this machine. I have read the instruction manual and still am not sure. I now hang most clothes up to air dry after spending some time in this dryer but really wish I didn't have to. Some clothes have shrunk and others never seem to get dry. That defeats the whole purpose of a dryer to me. I want the clothes dry in a reasonable amount of time so I can fold or hang them up and put them away.

The manufacturer really missed the mark when they put the door hinge on the side, instead of below the opening. Clean clothes drop onto the floor when loading and unloading whereas if the hinge was under the opening, it would be more convenient. I admit, my last two dryers had the drop down door and I am used to that. But this seems so cumbersome to me. Guess I will learn to put a laundry basket under the opening from now on.

We were told this should last probably 4 to 6 years and I'm sure it will. It is a sturdy little devil. Am not sure we will purchase this brand again. if they change some of their design issues - maybe.

If I figure out the temperature selection problem, I will post an update.
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