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1,008 of 1,014 people found the following review helpful
on October 31, 2009
Alright, I went out on a limb when I bought this because, let's be realistic: one cannot hope to find a bathing suit at the end of the October for a good price. Enter: Amazon. I just got this bathing suit last week, and I have to say it is great. I am a 'more-than-average swimmer', I go swimming 3-4 times a week, even during the winter months (I swim in an indoor pool...).

Pros --
1. Very happy with the slimming of this new bathing suit as compared to my worn and stretched-out version (and also 'see-thru' spots where the chlorine got to it). It slims down the body very well and makes the legs look lengthy (something I need since I have short legs)

2. Since I swim in an indoor pool, it is, of course, a public pool with a high chlorine content. I chose to go with Blue instead of Black (because black, it seems to me, is more easily able to see the chlorine effects after a period of time), and so far the fabric seems to be holding up just fine against the outrageous chlorine content of the public pool.

3. I didn't buy this suit for style: I bought it because I needed something that I could wear 4 times a week at the gym. If you are looking for something stylish (and possibly low-cut), look elsewhere. But I needed a bathing suit that wouldn't 'ride down' when I was swimming, and this one is high-cut, which is just what I need to keep the ladies in place while I swim.

Cons --
1. Amazon is usually very fast with their shipping. I don't know if it is the time of year and I'm buying a stupid bathing suit or what, but the shipping this time was about 7-8 days, where usually it is about 3-4 days. If you need one quickly and it is during the 'not normal time' to buy a bathing suit in your corner of the universe, then I would go with the 1-2 day shipping or get it somewhere else.

2. Sizing. Oh boy. Let me just say this: if you are "pear-shaped", go with one size up from your cup size. I bought a 36 but I'm having a hard time getting my ass into it, next time I think I will go with the 38 and see how that turns out.

Of course, anything can help at this point, right? When you click on the "Sizing Chart", it gives you a sizing chart for, and NOT for Speedo. Don't even bother going to the Speedo website (unless you live outside the US, I mean), because it gives the whole sizing chart in centimeters, ugh. Speedo sizing chart can be found here:

Amazon doesn't let me post the website but it is Dick's Sporting Goods store, go to google and type in this (leave out the quotes):
"dicks womens bathing suit sizing chart"

Start with your bra size as a baseline, and adjust up or down depending on your waistline (or butt-line, in my case).
UPDATE 7/1/2010 - First: Thanks everyone for the 'helpful' votes! Didn't realize buying a bathing suit online was so popular! Second: I have been using this bathing suit, as I said in my review, 3-4 times a week at the gym. It it just now starting to show signs of 'stretching' in certain places, but I stand by my review I made back in October: get this bathing suit! Although in my review it says to order 'one size up', I think I am going to order a 36 again, because it does stretch (eventually) around the butt-area after a few uses. I actually logged in to buy another suit, and imagine my surprise when I came to this page: the review I made a year ago is at the top! Thanks for the votes! :)
UPDATE 6/17/2011 - I should really visit Amazon more often, thanks for the upvotes, everyone! :) Since I posted this review a few years ago, I have bought approximately 4 bathing suits (same suit, Speedo) from Amazon. The first two I stretched out from swimming in a public swimming pool (as stated above). I used one blue one and one black one. The black one, it seemed to me, was more easily able to 'stretch out' after only a few months' worth of using. Just an FYI, but I would definitely use this suit as a backup and/or for swimming on a more regular basis at the gym -
LAST AND FINAL UPDATE 1/21/2013 - WOW. Speedo should be wondering what all the fuss is about over their bathing suit. When I first wrote this, there was zero help online for fitting guides for bathing suits, and this bathing suit had one or two reviews. Now with over 250 reviews, I think I should write a letter to Speedo and ask them for a free suit, for all these new customers that I potentially brought in! As for the bathing suit: I don't go swimming anymore at the gym. The last one I bought, back in June of 2012, works great as a back-up bathing suit when I go to the beach, and sometimes I wear it as my regular bathing suit, too. It's slimming and fits great. I still buy the 36 size, as it does stretch out in the butt-area after a few uses. I also only buy the Blue/Navy one now, as it seems to keep its shape longer than the black.

People also ask me what I buy to workout with. I use this cap (, and these goggles (, both by Speedo. I have reviews on those products, too, if you look at my review history!

Thanks again for the Helpful Votes, and thanks especially to Amazon for letting me spread the word about buying a bathing suit online. Don't be afraid, ladies! And don't forget to review your purchases!
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105 of 105 people found the following review helpful
on October 10, 2011
I swim competitively and I needed a black bathing suit quick. I needed something cheap just for one meet; however I've been using it since: 2 times a week for about 2-3 hours every week for the past 6 weeks. This bathing suit is a good price and good quality for what you pay for it (in comparison to $40-50 suits that I usually wear). It's definitely worth it!

- True to Size, at least in competitive bathing suit sizes. For a snug fit, size 28 would be a 4, size 30 would be a 6, size 32 would be an 8, and so on. For a looser fit, go up one size.
- Keeps shape - no stretching or fading yet.
- Generally comfortable.
- Quality for the price.
- Although I've only been using it for meets, it feels like it would keep well for regular swimming (5 days a week, 1-2 hours).

- The thick straps can become annoying when swimming butterfly or something breaststroke; however, this is a matter of preference.
- High cut. The leg holes have a high cut, which some people prefer, while others do not. This cut is a little high for me, but it's not THAT much of a problem. When buying this bathing suit, keep in mind that the cut with rest either on or above the tip of your hip bones
- For women with larger breasts, this bathing suit may be uncomfortable since it flattens your chest.

Some tips for making this bathing suit last from someone who has been swimming competitively for 9 years:
- Never dry your bathing suit in the sun! (That also means don't hop out of the pool and sunbathe)
- Always rinse that bathing suit after you use it! Chlorine will make it fade and stretch and rinsing it will make it last longer. A shower, although it can help, isn't enough! Rinse it under some cool water for a few minutes.
- Cut the tags out. They can be annoying and even chafe delicate skin.
- Never wash your suit in a washing machine or with laundry detergent! If you want to remove the chlorine and its smell, get a neutralizer, like vinegar or Chlor-Out, and wash it by hand.
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77 of 84 people found the following review helpful
on September 2, 2008
I've read a lot of reviews about this product being too small for its size. It's not. It's consistent with the sizing for all of the other Speedo competition/race suits I own. When trying to determine a size for your swimsuit, I would recommend using your bra size as a baseline. If you're an A cup or on the smaller end of a B cup, you'll probably be fine with your standard size. If you're larger than that, you'll need to adjust upwards accordingly - I'd venture to say a size per cup. The fit is on the tighter side but you don't want a swimsuit to fit loosely, since water drag isn't fun when you're swimming! My one complaint with the fit is that there's a seam on the back that sometimes tends to ride up into a slight wedgie - it doesn't happen while I'm swimming but it does when I walk around.

The material isn't as smooth feeling as other Speedo swimsuits, but it's durable enough. I swim three times a week in a chlorinated gym pool, rinse my swimsuit out with clean (non-chlorinated) water after every swim, and wash it once a week in Woollite. It's held up well for two months now with no problems. There comes a point in every swimsuit's life where it becomes threadbare due to chlorine damage, so being able to find a decent swimsuit for such a cheap price is a lifesaver.
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75 of 86 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon December 28, 2007
My wife ordered this and her comments are:
The style is very attractive as it is a little higher cut than her Nike suit and makes the legs look longer and leaves the impression of being slimmer. The back is also less restrictive than the Nike X / racerback.
The material is very thick and after swimming in lots of Chlorine the suit remains pitch black.

We ordered more because we are so pleased with it.
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15 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on May 3, 2012
After reading almost all of the reviews to make sure to get the right size, I ended up buying the size 30 swimsuit. I am 4'9" and 85 lbs (pretty skinny), ~30in chest and hip and the size 30 is a tight fit. I'm glad I didn't buy it any smaller. I can't imagine anyone buying the sizes 26 to 28 unless they were a lot smaller than me, and I'm the size of a 13-year old. I went with the approximate size of my bust and hip and I'm glad I did! The suit fits me nicely and is comfortable and easy to swim in. It is great since I'm used to swimming suits being too large or loose. The quality of the suit is good, though the material is a bit thin, especially around the buttock region. I'll update my review if my opinion changes once I use the swimsuit more.

I recommend buying the the suit in the size of your chest/hip(probably pick based on whichever measurement is bigger) if you are slim, otherwise pick a few sizes up from your chest/hipsize. Here's a size chart I got off of a swim retail website if it helps anyone (I used the chest/waist/hip measurements to pick; sorry if it's hard to read, amazon had weird text formatting):

Women's Size......|n/a...n/a....n/a...n/a...5/6...7/8....9/10...11/12...13/14..15/16
Girl's Size...........|n/a...7/8....10....12.....14......n/a...n/a.....n/a......n/a.......n/a
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19 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on December 5, 2009
I've swam in this suit five times, and I must admit that it's perfect. It fits all of my needs! I use it
for exercise swimming at my gym. It is slim fitting enough to make my torso appear to be toned and minimizes 'jiggle'.
I would like to order another suit in navy!

Positive points:

-slim fitting
-a nice color
-a good price
-stays in place( no tugging!)
-modest high neckline is great for exercise swimming!
-I do not feel exposed
-non-obnoxious logo

Negative points:

It was however difficult to find a correct fit with this suit! I've never bought a Speedo suit before, I chose this one because I wanted high quality with a low price tag. I eventually bought a size 36 after returning a very tiny size 32.
My measurements are 32-28-33( roughly 128 lbs), therefore I generally wear a size four. I went up four times larger than what I would have expected originally.
The suit would not offer enough support for women with larger breasts, but for my A/B cup it is perfect(It will hold them in). There is not a lot of padding on top,therefore nipples will show! However, if you're swimming no one will notice. It is relatively high cut, but not ridiculously so(It does not show too much skin). If you want low leg holes look elsewhere.

All in all, if you want a suit that is fashionable, look elsewhere, but if you want a practical suit this will be your best bet!
DO NOT be afraid to get a suit that seems to be larger than normal. I think that most of us will have more body fat than athletes.
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15 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on February 25, 2012
I go swimming around three times a week, and so far the suit has been great. I got a 36, and I'm about 5'4" and 137lbs. And it fits perfect. I was a little worried on how to size a swimsuit, so I hope this helps out first time swimsuit buyers and gives some reference on the how to size this suit!
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10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on January 20, 2010
I have not taken a swim in my suit yet, but I agree with everyone who said the sizes are small. I usually wear a 5 or 7, or a 29 in jeans. I bought a 36, which they say is a size 10, and I'm sure glad it's not any smaller! (By the way, if you see the account says "Robert"....this is his wife. :) Just wanted to clear that up!)
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15 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on May 22, 2009
I bought this for my daughter as a training suit... She normally wears a 6/8 women's size... I ordered the largest size 38 due to the past reviews... Glad I did... It fits perfect... The tag says size 12/38... I will tell you... don't think of this size if you are really a 12... LOL... Hope this helps...
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on June 30, 2013
I bought the bathing suit for my 14 year old. She wanted a whole piece to swim and dive in the lake for recreation. . I could not find a whole piece that was age appropriate and to fit well. It looks great on her. I had a hard time deciding what size to order but went with the 34 size 8.
Fits perfect.
She is 5"2 and 105 lbs. Size 34A chest. I was nervous to order but glad I did.
It is a little high cut on thigh but not indecent. I hope this helps because I wanted someone to post their info on how they came up with size. You cant beat the price either.
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