Customer Reviews: Spider-Man - Xbox
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on May 26, 2004
I thought that I was in heaven during the first eight levels of this game. It was fun and challenging, but I got through them with a smile. But pretty soon it seemed the levels were getting impossible. I tried over and over again to beat some of the levels and i finally realized that it wasnt gonna happen. So i gave up. This game is great for anyone really looking for a challenge. I love a challenge... but this game just seemed like an impossibility. Definitely not a game for the younger crowd.
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on May 10, 2002
This game does a great job of immersing you in the world of Spiderman. ALL of his abilities are represented in the game, and you'll be able to use them all seamlessly in only a couple minutes of play. The graphics are pretty good, and the combat system is great.
However, your constantly fighting against the camera in this game. I usually just kept the right thumbstick pressed down to keep the camera behind me. Keep in mind, though, this only is a problem in the indoor levels - the outdoor levels simply rock in all departments, including camera.
If you still haven't seen the movie, don't worry, this game doesn't reveal much other then the basic storyline. I played this game before watching the movie, and throughly enjoyed both.
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on April 13, 2007
This game hasn't aged at all! Here it is in 2007 and I played this game again and it is just as fun as when I originally bought it! This game is more based on the movie than actually a game for the movie. Scorpion, Vulture, Shocker and Kraven weren't in the movie but they are featured on this game along with the Green Goblin which just adds more gameplay to this really fun adventure. The game is also challenging and not too easy. It may not be as good as Spider-Man 2 video game, but it is still fun after all of these years. Highly recommended if you don't have this game already.
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on September 26, 2014
I feel the same way about this version of the game as I do with the game cube version. I'll provide that text below but I'm making this seperate review to air out a couple of additional things this game has. First the button configuration while not complicated feels a little different to me and secondly the bonus Kraven levels are fun but don't add much.
GameCube review. I have many fond memories of this game. I liked the storyline and I liked how it felt as if I was Spiderman punching and swinging everywhere. While the graphics and movements are dated these days, I still found the athmosphere great. Also I was impressed at the one liners put into the game as Spiderman is the Marvel king of one liners I think. Also while some boss battles were tough once you develop a good sense of the controls they become a lot easier, so there is some incentive to up the difficulty at least for those levels. As for the bonus/training levels fun but they do get old.
And that is the main weakness of the game it gets old and many will say it's easy to beat. I never minded that as I like marathoning many games but for some it will (provided you still have a gamecube). Good game.
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on July 27, 2002
This game is really cool. It is packed with action and fighting. You have to fight Uncle Ben's Killer, Shocker, Vulture, Green Goblin, and Kraven. Plus the hundreds of guys you have to fight on the way to the boss. The game would be a five star but it is to short. If it had Venom, Rhino, Charnage, and other guys then it would be a five star game. All in all this is a great game but I wouln't buy it just rent it and you'll beet it with in that time.
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on August 31, 2003
As Spiderman your up against thugs,bank robbers,robots,robot
spiders and bats and bosses such as The Shocker,Vulture,Scorpion
Kraven and the Green Goblin.The thugs and robbers are easy
to fight but be forewarned their guns can take out spiderman
quick.You not only fight on the ground but must in the air.
Air fights come in handy against bosses.Spiderman can
punch,kick and shoot webs.He can also jump from building
to building by shooting webs.Spiderman also must save
Mary Jane and some guards by picking them up and getting
them away from danger.Spiderman must also diffuse bombs
and fix towers and bridges by webbing them togeather.
The city scapes are beautiful you get both day and night
shots and it portrays New York.Here is some interesting
cheats that you might want to try.
(1)Unlock The Shocker-Hermanschultz With this your crimefighting
as the Shocker instead of Spiderman.The Shocker sounds like
Spiderman but looks like Shocker and does everything Spider
man does including climbing walls and shooting webs.Interestly
when your on this cheat the Shocker fights the Shocker and all
the other bosses and bad guys.
(2)Unlock Captain Stacy(the helicopter pilot)-Captainstacey
You fight as captain Stacey instead of Spiderman.
(3)Unlock Level Select-Imiarmas This Unlocks all levels.
(4)Unlock Unlimited Webbing-Organicwebbing
There are a lot more cheats on this game the rest can be found
at the Kraven levels are exclusive
on the xbox version of Spiderman.Also when you first get this
game go to the training level.It will show you how to use
Spiderman's moves and his fighting techniques.Activision
is working on Spiderman 2 and it should be out by late
spring or early summer of 2004 before the movie comes out.
It has even better features than this one.This is a pretty
fun game once you learn how to fly,climbwalls and fight
and I recommend it along with the companion Spiderman
Stratagy guide book put out by Brady Games.I also recommend
Superman The Man Of Steel And The Hulk Game.
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on June 10, 2002
I'm surprised how many official and individual reviews are luke-warm to this game. I've had a blast playing it and I still am. I agree that it is a little too short, but it's not nearly as bad as most of the adventure console games I've played. The Green Goblin missions give the game a depth of replayability that most games never do. If you grow bored with the game, you should try finding some of the cheats that are out there. SOme of them really add extra depth.
I'll agree that the camera mode can be a little frustrating sometimes. I think they've done the best they can considering the complicated movements that Spidey performs, but some of the indoor levels can be whacky with the action gets tense. Some reviewers and even the offical Xbox magazine accused some of the levels of being boring. It's true that some of the later "creeping around" levels are a little tedious, but I thought they were all interesting enough to keep me going. A little difficult maybe, but not boring.
Although they're a little grainy, a side effect of being a cross platform game I'm sure, the graphics are still excellent. The attention to detail, lighting and city scapes are absolutely incredible. The sound is good, but nothing to write home about. I will say that the Dolby Digital sound really helped create a sense of paranoia when creeping around, especially when the alarms go off. I also liked the the fact that Tobey McGuire did the voice work instead of a stand in.
What I think makes the game most succesful and satisfying for me as a player is how the developers managed to fuse all the better aspects of the movie with the comics. Since this game is based on the movie, they had to make the add-on villains a little more photo-realistic so they didn't seem out of place or goofy. The story and cinematics are top-notch and balance between interactive movie and interactive comic. The makers got it all right in this category. The web-slinging, the mid air acrobatics, the high speed action is exactly what I'd come to expect. Unlike Batman: Vengence, the Xbox's other recent multi-platform superhero game, the novelty of being Spiderman doesn't quite wear off.
I've seen the PS2 and Gamecube versions in action and they're vastly inferior. The Xbox version even has a bonus level featuring Kraven the Hunter. Even if you decide not to buy this game, it's definitely worth a rent. I can't remember the last time I played an old fashioned adventure game and enjoyed it, but I definitely enjoyed this one.
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on April 19, 2002
It has taken quite some time for this game to hit the open market, and finally it arrived... and it was worth every penny. Everything from the graphics and gameplay to the music makes this game worth your money. I am not a person that likes watching the "cinema transition scenes," but the graphics simply pull you in. The transition scenes are fairly straight forward (they don't last FOREVER like some games), plus you can skip through them once you have seen them. For those gamers that might be intimidated by the controls of the game, the training modes that are avaiable prepare you for every aspect of the game. I would have to say that a negative aspect of the game is that "exploration" is limited in each of the levels. It would be nice if you could just web sling around in the environment more than is allowed, but do not let that change you mind about the game. Another must see aspect of the game is the utilization of the spider sense, in some areas when your spider sense tingles, the player is taken through a dreamlike sequence toward the origin of the threat. So in closing...
Pros: Graphics: (ex: window reflection on the buildings)
Gameplay: (different fighting/web maneuvers)
Music: (the music simply contributes to the experience)
Training Mode: Prepares ANYONE for the actual game

Cons: Limited environment exploration
Some corny dialogue
I cannot speak for all gamers, but this game met all of my expectatons, and I have not even made it through the entire game yet. It should be a part of any video game collection regardless of the type of system you own.
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on May 2, 2002
I came into this game with some-what low expectations, if you're asking yourself why, good, so am I. I played it for a few minutes, which quickly turned into a few hours. As far as the combat system goes, nothing really new or unexpected. No complaints as far as graphics go. I only had 2 real problems with this game:
First, the plot. I can't remember playing a game with a more predictable and obvious plotline, and I never even saw the movie.
Second, web swinging. This is quite possibly the strangest feature they could've put in the game. Anyone who ever watched the cartoon remembers swinging from building. Good. But in this, the webs just go straight up into the sky like there was some kind of ceiling there they were sticking to. You'll feel like an urban Tarzan after about 30 seconds of it. It doesn't really detract from gameplay, except when you're chasing something and you look up at the top of your tv and think "Wait a minute, what am I swining from?" Then it becomes an issue. Two problems, the combat system mostly makes up for them. Rent it first, I ended up buying it, but save yourself the $50 just in case you don't like it.
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on April 17, 2002
If you dont beleave me i'll upload a pic of me playing it or whatever.
First off the game does take some skill to play... as for the camera modes.... leave it alone... there are only 2 modes to pick from and trust me the active mode is more useful than the passive mode which tends to get annoying more so than the active mode. If i wasnt such a good fan of spiderman i would rank the game a 2 in fun, 3 in strategy, but its not really worth [$$$] that you pay in stores or online. If your a fan buy the game... if your not i suggest halo or Rally sport challenge etc etc etc....
Now for the cheaters.... yes there is a cheats entry option in the game. As well as a Training section on how to be a web slinger(a guy that talks to you like your a idiot in the background).
Movie Clips are awesome ;) if it wasnt for those i would have taken it back already.
P.S. IT IS BUGGY! When fighting green goblin if you knock him off his glider sometimes it freezes the game.... no worries it only does this once in a blue moon but it just so happened to do that the first 3 times i played the game :(
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