Customer Reviews: Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Galaxy S5 - Metal Slate (SGP10774)
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Color: NH Metal Slate|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$17.99 - $18.99
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on April 13, 2014
Was really concerned when I bought it but there werent a lot of options around and wanted it protected from day 1.

It was difficult to find something that didnt look cheap, add bulk, but still seamed to protect well. It seems that this case does all of that. I havent dropped it or anything yet, but seems pretty solid.

I'll rate the features 1-10...obviously my opinion based on my criteria above

Aesthetics: 10
Can't be more pleased. I got the silver one and it offsets the silver trim on the black phone perfectly. The color use is not overwhelming and adds enough highlight to still keep the phone clean and sharp looking. Its seems like the silver matches the color shown in the picture. Cant speak for the other colors.

Feel: 9
I wanted something that would keep the dimpled back of the phone. I like that feature on the S5. This case covers it, but has its own design that mimics the feel. The "grip" really only works if the phone is lying on its back, as the sides are clearly plastic and like anything that you do not grip well, it can slip our of your hand. The only solution would be to have a case with rubber or gel sides which may add more grip, but wasnt something I was concerned about when purchasing.

The case has rounded outside corners, but the surface and back edges are more square with the case on. It actually makes the phone feel more durable to me.

Ports and Buttons: 7
All the ports line up well, perhaps with exception to the IR sensor and mic on top. Its ever so slightly off...negligible really. Both work perfectly regardless of this.

The headphones port is awesome. Plenty of space for any jack you need to use.

I had no issue with the case and the finger print sensor. The sensor itself is a bit touchy but had nothing to do with the case.

The surface lip seems large enough to do its job and protect the screen when placed face down. I put a spigen screen protector on as well and I think its protected from scratches pretty well at this point.

Someone mentioned the "metal buttons: being plastic and loose. These are both true, but the plastic doesnt bother mean. I prefer it, to be honest. The rest of the phone is plastic so I didnt really want 1 or 2 pieces of metal. The buttons do have some play in them and wiggle a bit, but its nothing that affects the performance of the buttons or phone. They dont feel like theyre going to fall our or anything. Not an issue for me.

The charger port...this was probably the one thing that bothered me at first, and why I rated this a 7. The first time I tried to charge my phone I could not get my finger in the slot to get at the flap that covers the charging port. The thin straight piece that is directly below the home button was severely in the way. What I did figure out though is if I had opened the port cover once or twice without having the case on I would have had no problem. The port cover is a little snug right out of the box. After opening it a few times WITH the case on I have no problem now and I've only had the phone for a day or 2. If you have abnormally short nails, however, or are prone to chewing them you will have issues with this. This issues was nearly a deal breaker for me and the case was going back until it loosened up a bit.

I like everything else about this case, so I was pretty pissed when I thought I had to send it back.

Short of the long, if you like the look of the case in the pics you will like the case even more in person and on your least for the silver border. If you're looking to be able to throw the phone off a bridge and have it survive then this probably isnt the case for you. If you're going to drop it out of your pocket or something then I think you're all set with this one. For what I was looking for, it has a perfect balance of aesthetics and protection
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on September 4, 2014
NOTE: If your case's buttons fall out like some people are complaining about, just pop them back in. The buttons have soft rubber nubs that press easily into the hard plastic part of the case to hold them in place. This seems to be done on purpose rather than having them permanently attached, maybe so you can pop them out to clean the case and whatnot. The buttons don't fall out accidentally with normal use, and if you do pop them out somehow they go back in really easily.

Pros: perhaps the thinnest quality case available for the Galaxy S5; the case fits the phone 100% perfectly and Spigen has great quality control; pairs well with a glass screen protector for great protection without a bulky Otterbox or Lifeproof style case

Neutral: if you really care about the precise color, you should definitely look for real photos online as the pictures shown here are not exactly what it's going to look like under typical lighting conditions; the case is not super easy to slide on and off

Cons: the sides are a bit slippery; the buttons stick out a bit more than I'd like so they get pressed accidentally pretty often; the case gets in the way when I'm trying to open the flap over the charging/USB port; the case buttons are securely attached but they do slide back and forth in their slots which is annoying
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on June 4, 2014
I work in a variety of different environments from office to rooftops crawlspaces...etc.

I usually have had a full Otterbox or huge bulky case to keep my phone safe. I have used several different cases in trying to find the one with the least bulk but still having good protection.


Very tight and protective
Metal hard buttons
Looks nice
Cutouts for speaker and accessory
Easy to access charger port


I have to be honest I am not sure if this is a con, in its not.

No screen protection. At first this bothered me, however I found the tempered glass screen protector that goes with this and in my opinion is better then the cheesy plastic built in ones.


Buy this and the tempered glass protector.
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on July 29, 2014
This case protects well, is lightweight, doesn't add much bulk to the phone, and it actually makes the Galaxy S5 look a little better. I prefer the polycarbonate edge over aluminum or another metal; I've heard of some metal cases interfering with reception. The case feels fine in my hands; I just wish it had a little more grip on the textured back. The phone itself has a little better grip to it than the case. I highly recommend this case to others. This is all coming from a guy who really dislikes using a case and is extremely picky on the rare occasion that I use one. This is a keeper.
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on May 25, 2014
This was the right purchase, case fits great on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and is not bulky as the the expensive brand that makes your phone look like a brick (sure phone is protected but you sacrifice style)
All side buttons work great (not a single issue there), heart rate monitor works perfect, ir, cameras and speakers 100% in place. Maybe the hardest is placing the cover (not really that much), I already dropped the phone a few times and it does his duty.

Bottom line. If you want your phone protected against drops WITHOUT changing the look and style of it, give this case a shot, you're not going to regret it.
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on April 17, 2014
Really nice looking case. Also ordered a Otterbox after previously using on my other 2 smartphones. Was otterly sick of the same old design. Don't get me wrong, otterbox cases do what they are suppose to, it's just they are butt ugly.

My s5 looks way sleeker in this case. Never heard of a spiegen before this but they made a compelling case (pun intended) for this case with the that design. On top, it feels it's doing what it should, protect the phone.

This case for the person who wants equal style/protection. Def recommend buying for any new s5 owner. Brings up the semi ugly style of the phone to appear great! Dimples away
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on May 19, 2014
What immediately struck me was two things; the case was really easy to put on and it has a great fit/finish and comes across as a top-tier case. So many times cheap cell phone cases are just that... cheap. But this one has a premium feel and finish to it.

I got the dark blue one... it is really dark blue. My wife thought they accidentally sent the all-black one until I showed her in some good lighting that it was, in fact, dark blue.

The chrome buttons are nice. Transfer the feel very well with no additional play. It isn't too hard to get the cover off if you need to change SIM or SD cards.

Only complaint is that, even though I don't have huge man-fingers, there isn't sufficient recess around the charge connector. And since the GS5 has a sealed charge connector, it is sometime really tough to get in there to get a finger nail under the edge to open that little cover. Other than that... no complaints!
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on June 14, 2015
I've read all the reviews about this case and it seems people have had two problems;
1) the color coating wears off and
2) the thin piece by the charging port broke off.

After having this case for 4 months I can report back that I am not experiencing the color wearing problem. My case is dark in color and it appears to be color throughout. I have nicked it in one location and there isn't a different color visible under the coating.

However, I did experience the thin piece near the charging port break off. I was aware of the problem from the reviews, but I assumed it was because people were removing their case frequently which does require you twist the case a bit. I very rarely take mine off so I thought it would be fine. Unfortunately, no. Even without taking the case on and off the piece broke after about 3 months.

To be fair, the case still functions with that piece missing, but there are now rough edges now that tend to catch on fabric as I pull it out of my pocket. Also, it leaves a thin piece of the rubber portion of the case now unsupported, so I expect it won't be long before that part breaks too. At that point I'll be in the market for a new case.
review image review image
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on July 23, 2014
I love this case. It's sleek, very good looking, and fits very well. It also works. Our cat decided to knock the phone off the counter the other day. I saw it fall, and hit right on the corner of the phone from the side. This is a hard impact for any phone, and there was no issue with mine thankfully. The case, despite it's slim design, offers a lot of protection. (You can tell by the design as soon as you see it in person.)

The best part of this case, though, is the sleekness of it. My wife has an Otterbox Defender on her phone, and it makes the already big S5 almost unmanageable. It is hard to hold, very bulky, sticks in pockets/purses, and is hard to remove if you want/need to for any reason. Not to mention, it's clearly in a case, which messes up the sleek looks.

This case, however, looks like it's not even there. I've had several friends ask why I didn't have a case on my phone. The design just works. It's not bulky or heavy, it's not intrusive, and it's fairly easy to remove if needed.

The only thing that might be an issue for some people is that the case doesn't have much anti-slip properties to it. It's not much more grippy than the phone itself (but it is a little). For me, this isn't an issue, but for others, it may be. If you want to throw this on your dash, for instance, a sudden stop will send it sliding. (Assuming you don't have some other kind of non-skid pad or dash surface.)

I've already recommended this case to all my friends and will continue to do so. It's great.
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on April 15, 2014
I've had many phones phones and three galaxy phones. This is my favorite case because of its simplicity and the accuracy of build design. It's as thin as it can be while providing good protection, including a decent lip around the screen. It's comfortable in the hand and I find it nicer to hold than an un-cased phone. I like the buttons while they feel a little loose in the holes I understand they do need room to move. Yes the USB port is hard to open but it is anyway and that's the price you pay for a waterproof phone. If you bite your nails then good luck opening it without a tool. I believe Spigen made the opening as big as they could without encapsulating the mic along with it. It is what it is. Things I'd like to see is a metal band instead of plastic... maybe anodized aluminum? The option to buy the band separately so you could change colors would be great. Also real metal buttons would be pretty cool. This would increase the price considerably however I think people would pay the extra money to get these things. I would. The headphone jack opening is huge so they really nailed it there. The best way to put your case on the S5 is to assemble it first, then just pop your phone in one end then the two remaining corners. It was pretty easy that way. Great case well worth 20 bucks.
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