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on September 25, 2014
So I wasn't going to write a review but I was in an auto collision yesterday. My phone was in this case on the center console. I got t-boned on the passenger side. My side wall air bags deployed and I was pushed across a couple lanes of traffic. After the accident I could not find my phone. It wasn't by my feet or in the back or next to my seat. I later found my phone had gone through the closed passenger side window and I found it in the street about 10 feet behind my car, face down. My phone was completely functional without a scratch or crack. The case has a couple small scuffs on it. Oh, I'm ok too! But I had to come back and vouch for this phone case!!
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on April 11, 2014
The case fits the phone very well and seems like it will protect the phone well. I was very impressed when I received an email from the manufacturer. They stated they had updated the design of the internal layer and that I would be receiving a new one soon. I never expected that level of service and support for such a relatively inexpensive phone case. I'm very pleased with this purchase and would strongly recommend it!
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on April 13, 2014
Purchased the Gunmetal Grey option.

Coming from the SGS3 one thing I was surprised when I first took out the SGS5 is the back cover is not a glossy plastic finish but a faux leather like on the Galaxy Note 3 which grips amazingly in my hand.

I don't know if say the dotted pattern and the solid color version has a difference in grip, but putting on this case though reduces the grip of the phone with it's outer plastic shell which I think can become an issue with more accidental drops than without using the case. Even holding the phone with the glass to my palm grips better than the outer plastic shell.

Spigen, if you are reading our reviews. Will there be grippy version of the outer shell? An example is the Incipio DualPro cases where the hard outer shell is rubberized but the downside to that case is the silicone layer which on my SGS3, made removing and putting the phone in my pants pocket harder than it should.

-Rigid TPU inner layer that doesn't attract lint and dust like silicone versions.
-Lips and raised feet on the front and rear of the case.
-Fits tight around the phone.

-Flush buttons makes it harder to find and press without looking. This can be fixed eventually with spending more time with the phone and case.
-Plastic outer shell makes the phone more slippery than just the phone alone! This is will probably be the factor for people who are looking for a case. The faux leather cover Samsung has is amazing. It would be great to have this reproduced for the hard outer shell or just have some rubberized layer coated on top.

Other notes:
For the early purchasers I was greeted by an email from Spigen with a revised inner TPU that they will be sending out for free to help improve access to the USB 3.0 cover.

"Our dedicated production team has made some small adjustments to the Galaxy S5 Tough Armor TPU (the rubber-like body with the amazing air-cushion technology) to better fit your needs and convenience. We have improved the data port for easier access. Your new TPU body of the case will be shipped separately.

This is going to make this great case even greater!"

UPDATE April 19, 2014. 4 star adjusted

Upon browsing and not getting a straight answer from asking the Speigen Amazon reps. I was able to find out the Smooth Black version is the one I want and probably the one everyone wants to get. It does in fact have a rubberized "SF" soft feel coating that makes the outer hard sell not slippery at all compared to at least the Gunmetal Grey color. I'll be submitting a picture comparing the two outer shells with some reflection of daylight to the user submitted photos.
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on November 10, 2014
The case appears to be very sturdy and strong and should easily protect from corner and back side impacts. The fit is excellent! The only negatives are that it makes the phone just big enough that it now won't fit in the breast pocket of my uniform jacket (no big deal). The other negative is that I have a feeling that using the biometrics (finger print) option on the phone will wear out thin piece of material (see picture-red circle) at the bottom of the case. Because the fit is so good, I don't think that if that part breaks that it will affect the fit of the case to the phone nor the ability of the case to retain the phone. With some practice you barely touch the case when using the biometrics. I would still buy the case and wish I had one on my old Galaxy.
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on October 15, 2015

If you're looking for a well manufactured case that can take a serious beating and protect your phone, Spigen Tough Armour is the answer.

Yesterday, I left my S5 (with this case) on the trunk of my car before a commute home and it fell off on the freeway doing 75+. First of all, I'm astonished that I was even able to find the phone, I have to thank Norton 360 Antivirus software for that. I figured that if I even found the phone that it was going to be pretty badly damaged but I could at least send the thing in for replacement under my protection plan.

Thanks to Spigen Tough Armor, there is no need to file a claim. The case itself took quite a beating but did not break or fail even while tumbling down asphalt at 75 mph (pictured). The phone itself was not damaged at all... let me repeat that, the phone fell off my car going 75 mph and tumbled down the highway and WAS NOT DAMAGED AT ALL. Thanks to this case, I was able to locate and recover my phone on the side of the highway like nothing ever happened.

You've got yourself a lifetime customer right here Spigen. Well done!
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on June 17, 2014
When I got my new Samsung S5 at the retailer's store, rather than pick a case from their limited selection, I opted to spend a bit more time searching online, and I came across the Spigen line. I love the Tough Armor Case. It's protective without being bulky. It's easy to take off and put back on as well. I have accidentally dropped my phone from kitchen counter height several times onto hardwood flooring and the case absorbed the impact with just one or two small bounces. The slim profile allows me to slip the phone in and out of the little pocket inside my handbag with ease. A lot of other brand's cases have those huge rubber corner bumpers that are so big that the phone would not fit into that same pocket. The case is easy to wipe clean of grease and fingerprints with a soft damp cloth.
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on July 21, 2014
This case is amazing! My dad got me this case and I am very impressed! The case features a two-piece construction with the colored outer piece which is a hard plastic shell and a TPU rubber inner case. The rubber is pretty hard and a bit stiff which will wear in with time. The edges of the rubber case are a bit rough but it gives the case a good grip. The openings for the IR blaster, mics, charging port, and auxiliary jacks are nice and open so there is no interference with mic quality, auxiliary jack fit, and ability to flip open the charging port cover. All buttons (Power button and volume rocker) are covered with the TPU rubber so they won't get scuffed. There is a rubber lip on the screen side to prevent the screen getting scratched and it is raised enough to accompany a screen protector. There is 4 rubber risers on the back also to help the case and phone not slide around and to keep the camera and heart rate monitor raised to keep them from getting scratched. The risers also prevent the back of the case from getting scratched. The speaker of the phone has holes cut out for it and sound quality is not hindered. The finger print scanner is also fully accessible and there aren't any problems with it with the case on the phone. The rubber around the heart rate monitor is also chamfered so your finger fits into it closely and comfortably. The angled design is not only aesthetically pleasing but it is also very comfortable to hold and it provides grip. All in all this is a very good looking case this is very thin, considering its level of protection for your phone, and is very cheap yet high in quality. This case is a must have!
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on April 22, 2014
I received this today in the mail. Great looking case. I picked up the Gun Metal colored case. I upgraded from an GS3 with the armor series from Otterbox. I have used Otterbox since my very first Galaxy Vibrant and have been happy, only downside was the price. Between my wife and I we have tried the Commuter, Defender, Armor series. The Armor series was the last I had for the SG3 and my wife basically laughed at its size. I decided to give Spigen a chance and Im glad I did!

The buttons are a LOT easier to press compared to an Otterbox. I also had no trouble using the heart rate scanner after putting the case on. Comparing this to an Otterbox I would say its in between the Commuter case and the Defender series. Its tougher then the commuter but maybe not as much cushion of the Defender. As far as aesthetics though its a great looking case. I think it looks better then an Otterbox imo. Its very well constructed and does fit exactly.

The PRICE is nice. I always wondered why Otterbox cases were so spendy.

If I could change anything I might make the lip of the case go out a little further from the face to give it just a tad more protection from a face plant, but that's about it. Great quality case for the price. Highly recommended.
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on December 11, 2014
Love this case. 110% worth the money. Just enough rubber above the screen to protect against the screen breaking when dropped flat on its face. Nice slender, tight fit on the phone, not making the phone too big for a men's jean pocket. I bought this one and the Otterbox Symmetry case to compare - the Otterbox is the ugliest case i've ever seen for the S5, and double the price. This one also features small dimples on the corners so it raises the phone off the surface so you can hear the rear speaker easily. I even bought the Spigen for my buddy's iPhone 5S, for a "no reason" gift, because i loved it so much for my S5. Sorry about the pictures, they would have been better if i had another S5 to take the pictures with instead of a junk iPhone.
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on July 21, 2014
Note: I did find a good slim case that I like a lot. You might want to check this one out if you don't like bulky cases: S5 Slim Indestructible Black Case.

This is a pretty tough case indeed. I'm often in the field for my job and can tell you this is durable and keeps your phone safe, even in some rough conditions. If it didn't LOOK bulky, I think it would be absolutely perfect. Don't get me wrong, it isn't too much onto the phone. It's simply the design that gives it the illusion that it's large. That may be your thing, though.

If you complain about the colors, I guess I can see that - I like to keep it simple and am very satisfied with what options are available for this specific case. They aren't messing around with frou frou! Ha.
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