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on September 5, 2010
We bought this game for our son's 10th birthday--not knowing what to expect, but the entire family (including our eight year old daughter) really enjoyed it. The concept is incredibly simple. Pick a card, place it on your (supplied) head band so that everyone except you can see it and begin asking questions as to what you are. "Am I an animal?" "Am I a food?" etc. Once you get an affirmative answer, your questions get more granular "Am I a fruit?" "Am I a dessert?" etc. Of course you are free to ask any question aside from "What am I?" The game comes with a sand-glass timer, and if you are unable to guess what you are before time runs out, on your next turn you can either get a new card (and lose a point) or continue guessing what you are. All in all, a very fun game for everyone in the family!
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VINE VOICEon November 18, 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The premise of this game is to guess what picture is over your head. The picture is visible to everyone else but you. In a way, this game reminds me of something called "Indian Poker", where everyone but you sees your card.

Anyway, the idea behind this game is good, it's like a 20 questions, where you ask questions and people can say "yes/no". The availability of the picture makes it so that a whole group can participate, versus one-on-one.

However, here's where the hangups go. The timer is for 45 seconds. Consider that the average question takes about 5-10 seconds between asking and answering, we're talking about 5-10 questions before time's up. We tried a house rule of flipping the timer an extra time (for a total of a minute and a half), but we still can't figure out the item in time! I think the issue has to do with the timer, it messes with your head, and the questions you ask become scattered. Perhaps if we had a new house rule and had a limited number of questions instead of relying on a set time, the game may work. This may be especially useful when you have a diverse number of ages (young kids versus teens and adults).

Also, there aren't that many cards. I suppose we can create our own cards, but for this size game, you would think that the manufacturer would bother to give you a few more. I'd see a cranium game, and they'd throw in about 300-500 examples. For this game? Not even 100.

Based on the number of stars for other reviewers, I'm guessing that I'm in the minority, but I just can't love this game. Again, great concept, but hard to play.

Overall, okay game. Could have easily been a 4 or 5 star game if they thought it through, gave game variations (like number of guesses), and gave more cards.

UPDATE - 06/22/11
So, it's been over half a year since we've received this item, and I must admit, the kids and wife still play it once in a while. So while I don't love this game, it's still considered a keeper!
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VINE VOICEon January 25, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I sort of can't believe that this is an actual game in a box. My family has been playing this game for decades -- we call it 'Tapehead' (we tape the handwritten cards to our head). Tapehead is an excellent game.

This is a bit of a dumbed down version. It gives you the headband, it gives you the cards, it gives you sample questions, etc. I brought it to my family for Christmas and the consensus at the end of the week was that it was a bit too elemental and limiting (not very many cards) for teens and up to enjoy for long, but the 10 and under set really loved it and appreciated the ease of not having to come up with a word themselves.

I saw people questioning the timer/rules. FWIW, we disregarded the timer completely and just used 'Tapehead' rules: When it's your turn you keep asking questions until you get a 'no'. Once you get a 'no' answer the next player gets to ask questions. Winner is first to guess their card but we play til everyone has guessed their card.

BOTTOM LINE: Definitely fun, but after a few days anyone over 12 may prefer to make their own cards up. This is a hit with the elementary-school aged kids though.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My kids are a little younger than the age range (8+) for this game, but we had a good time with it. I know they will grow into it. It is actually quite educational. I homeschool and my oldest daughter just turned 7. There are cards with sample questions that can help you get started with thinking about what questions you should ask. One of the keys to becoming a good writer in school is learning how to describe things and use adjectives. This game is great for developing this skill, because children have to ask questions about what they are--and that takes thinking and creativity! When we played, I did give a few clues and we didn't do it according to the timer. We simply played for fun--no winners or losers.

We played by giving everyone a headband and their own card. Then we took turns, but rather than going against the timer. I let them ask questions until they figured it out. If they got stuck, I gave them little clues. I also helped remind them what they had learned from their questions. Both of these are mental note taking skills being modeled and practiced while playing this game! Honestly, if you happen to homeschool and need a break during the day, this would be a great game. The objects on the cards seem very simply and seem like they'd be very easy to guess, but it takes more thinking than you'd expect to figure out what the card on your head is!
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on October 4, 2010
This game is Great Fun! We had a fund raiser for our cheerleaders and had some down time of about 2 hours. The girls ages (14-18) went to the local store and came back with this game and started playing. It was so much fun to watch and laugh along with them, so much so that the adults had to get in on the game. We had 12 people playing with only everyother person with a banz on his/her head. They paired off and asked the questions only to their partner. After someone won they switched banz to their partner. None of us wanted to quit playing. Young or old this is alot of fun! We even stopped on the way home and bought the game for our own family. Can't wait to play it with everyone when we get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now all we need is another set of cards to add to the game.
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VINE VOICEon November 11, 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I don't know exactly what the recommended age is for this game because the picture on the product page says 6+, the product description says 8+ and the box we received through Vine says 7+. The cards in our game also have a solid white background and only English titles, unlike the Amazon pictures. The actual "hedbanz" work pretty well. They adjust easily and hold the cards in place. One issue though is that all the parts are loose in the box. The cards will end up in a jumble each time you put it away.

The biggest problem I had though was the ambiguous instructions, which explicitly state that "you can ask any question except `who am I?'" This seems pretty clear, but all of the "sample questions" are yes/no. Did the makers intend to limit the question type? Shouldn't this be in the rules?

I tried out the game with my kids (ages 4 and 7) and they had a little fun with it for about a half hour a week ago. They haven't wanted to get in out again even when I suggested it. This is not a bad game, but we have better ones.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Let's start this review with 1st impressions. The box and graphics are pretty cheesy/low-end looking. Retail price of this game listed on is $34.95. If this were in a retail store and you saw it at that price, you'd still be seeing it there for the next thirty years! This game lover would not have looked at this game if priced over $10.

Okay, now we're opening the box. Everything is just scattered throughout the box, no inner box organization of the cards, banz, etc. We're not improving much on my first impression...have just dropped the price point to $8 as the max I would pay for the game. There aren't even 70 cards in the deck which means there isn't much longevity to this game either (although as you read, our family of four adults wasn't able to guess any of our identities without getting clues so a deck could last us a lifetime if we only worked on questions!)

Now we have the pieces out. The banz are nicely made for what they are and they fit all of our heads from my small one to my husband's huge one (a first!) and they aren't uncomfortable at all. We're laughing at how ridiculous we look already. We each have a card in our banz and have started the game. After two rounds of frustration and no one guessing their card, we toss the useless timer which adds nothing to the game. Our primary entertainment is our ADD future daughter-in-law who can't remember her own questions for more than a couple of seconds. My son, who is thoroughly bored already has taken to acting out everyone's card but his own. We are all ROFLOL at this point.

We make my son leave as he simply cannot refrain from enthusiastically acting out his charade version of the game. We want to give this game a fair shot! We try very hard, but it just doesn't happen. We lose my husband in round four after no one has guessed their card yet. DIL and I hang in another couple of rounds before we give up and grab Farkle.

Summary, we have SO many fun and engaging board, card and video games that I honestly can't see this ever being used in our home. At the price listed on amazon it would never have entered our home. I am going to give this to a friend with three small children and will update review once they play with it. I have a feeling 1st-4th graders will enjoy it a lot.

Note: This is basically as fun as what we normally have done with putting something on a sticky note or index card taped to our back and guessing in the same fashion. Waaaaaay cheaper, more fun, and the cards are certainly more creative.
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VINE VOICEon November 18, 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
When I first got the Hedbanz game to try out for our family, I was not sure what to expect. Our family has a hard time finding games that we all like to play, the most recent hilariously fun game we like being Lunch Munch.

Hedbanz is a simple game which can be played by the whole family ages 7 and up. It involves the players each putting on a plastic head band and then putting a card on the band so that everyone else can see it except them.

The play goes that you turn a sand timer over and you have until it runs out to ask as many questions as you want to about the item you are supposed to be such as "Am I an animal? Am I a food? Do I move?" etc.

Then if you can not guess what you are, play moves to the next player, and they repeat the procedure. Once someone guesses what they are, then they take a new card and continue to guess until the timer runs out and they put a chip in the bank. If they give up at any time and do not want to guess any more, they have to take a chip and a new card is dealt them next time.

The game comes with enough for up to 6 players.

My family really had a lot of fun with this game. I was a bit frustrated at times, because I was tired and impatient when we played it, but once I calmed down and was patient, I enjoyed it more. I say that because if you have someone like me in the family, you might run into some tension for a while.

This game is simple and silly and fun, gets everyone laughing and talking, which is what makes it a good game to play in a group.

This would even be fun to play with adults at a party to break the ice depending on the group, of course.
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on November 3, 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Hedbanz is a modern twist to the popular, no-accessory travel game 20 Questions, but with a time limit instead of a question limit. It's also more difficult because players have to retain the information they've learned about their own mystery words while answering the other players' questions during their turns!

To win, a player must guess a minimum of three words, based on asking questions that can be replied to with "yes" or "no." If a person gives up on one of the cards, s/he must add on to his or her number of words guessed to win. The speed of the game and the fact that each player has to guess one word after the other makes it challenging to keep all of the clues straight!

Though there are 74 cards total, six of the cards are identical suggestion cards with lists of questions players can ask, so there are really only 68 word cards. The game calls for up to three cards per person per game, and potentially more than that if players keep giving up on their turns. Depending upon the number of players, it's possible to go through the deck of cards after only several games (we went through all of them within a few weeks). If they remember the cards, those who play the game a lot may eventually be at an advantage over other players.

The stiff plastic headbands are uncomfortable, so instead of using them on our heads, we keep them snapped into their circular shapes and use them as stands placed in front of us. The cards can be seen through if a room is too bright, so it helps to place a question suggestion card (there are enough for each player to have one) behind the card in play in the headband, with the questions facing the player, and the word card facing out. In this way, it's easy for each player to see a list of sample questions, while the other players see the card in play.

Here are a couple of rules we changed:

We ask the questions not to individual people going around the table, but to the group as a whole. That way, it's less likely to receive incorrect responses. Some of the questions may be a bit difficult for players to answer, and this helps lessen inaccurate replies and also results in quicker responses to questions. (For example, I was told that a mushroom is a vegetable!)

Also, I recommend giving a piece of paper to anyone who has a difficult time playing the game. It can be used to jot down notes and sketches and help with memory recall as play progresses.

Hedbanz is lots of fun, educational, and challenging, but a 68-word card deck is too small for this type of game. Don't be afraid to tweak the game a bit in order to play--it's worth it!
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VINE VOICEon November 29, 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It is hard to find a game that my entire family can sit down with and enjoy. Either game is aimed at the younger members or our family, or it is better for the older members. Usually the grown ups have to give in to the kids. But now we have Hedbanz and we all have a great time playing it.

The rules are simple: ask questions of the other players until you guess "what you are". Older players will tend to ask better questions, but younger players will have much sillier questions and answers that can really throw the adults off track!

Of course, it is hard not to be silly when you have a card strapped to your forehead by a bright blue plastic band. We all had a blast! Sometimes it pays to be only 7 ask simple questions that lead you right to the answer. At other times, an adult can get themselves way off track. It was a ton of fun and this is our new game night favorite.

We do have one complaint though: it only comes with 75 cards. You'll probably only go through 20 or so cards in a 4 person game, but this still means that you will start seeing the same cards after your 3rd game. No such a big problem for kids, but if you have 2 adults playing the games could start to get repetitive after a while.

Overall, I highly recommend this game for a family or group with a broad age range. Everyone will have fun and can play at their own skill level.
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