Customer Reviews: Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians: Contact Your Invisible Helpers
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on August 17, 2002
i enjoyed this book tremendously. i read it straight thru..
Webster explains a lot about Angels (especially the Archangels) and spirit guides. He goes into the differences between Angelic helpers and spirit guides and gives meditation exercises to help put you into contact with both. There is one particular ritual in the book for invoking all 4 Archangels that was absolutely wonderful! It was my first experience in working with the Archangels and i definately felt their presence. It was a pure blessing.
i have read many books on Angels and Spirit Guides and do highly reccommend this one, but if you are a beginner, it may be best to read another book first or familiarize yourself (research) the Archangels first.........
Definately a welcomed source to the Angel section of my library..
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on January 23, 2001
"Basically, we are magnets who attract to ourselves whatever we think about," Richard Webster writes in his latest book, Spirit Guides & Guardian Angels: Contact Your Invisible Helpers. The good news is that we have helpers waiting to assist us in attracting abundance, radiance, and happiness to our lives. Webster says that "we all have a veritable army of special beings who are working all the time to help us achieve our goals and become successful." His book is a guide to recognizing and welcoming those special beings into our lives.
Webster traces the history of angels and spirit guides from antiquity forward, citing several references to angels in the Bible. He explains that, although angels can appear in human form if they want to, "they are not the souls of people who have died, unlike spirit guides, who are "people who have passed over into the next life."
The book is filled with specific tips on how to contact your invisible helpers. He also details what you should say and do once you've made contact. It is possible to contact "mischievous" spirits, and he recommends asking if the spirit you've contacted is from God before listening to it.
Webster emphasizes that learning to listen to and heed the small voice inside is of primary importance.
He provides guidelines for starting a "psychic circle," whereby a group of people interested in spiritual growth can practice contacting spirit guides.
Webster lectures and conducts workshops internationally in addition to writing magazine columns and more than 35 books. Readers searching for spiritual help will find Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians invaluable.
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on October 27, 1998
Having had an intense interest in angels and spirit guides, and having done considerable work with them over the past 5 years, I eagerly picked up Webster's book. Sad to say, I couldn't even finish his section on the angel guardians - it was so poorly written and lacking in substance. The subject is not one which lends itself to a "Cliff Notes" treatment - the reader would be better served by picking up Silver Raven Wolf's "Angels - Companions in Magic," from which Webster quotes in his own book! Ms. Raven Wolf is a true angelologist and her working knowledge of angels is second to none. Webster's treatment of the subject of spirit guides fares no better. He begins this section with an abidged history of the spiritualist movement in the 19th century. Webster focuses on the events surrounding the notorious Fox sisters of New York, but conveniently omits one very crucial fact about them: they recanted their so-called spirit guides and admitted to creating a hoax from the beginning! It is appalling that an author would so manipulate facts to bolster his theories and present them as gospel truth. Frankly, I found his treatment of seances, spirit contact, and the like to be outright dangerous - Webster apparently has been lucky and has never encountered truly malevolent spirits - READER BEWARE! This is not a parlor game - nor should contact with the spirit world be undertaken with such a capricious manner. I will credit Webster with some nice, easy relaxation techniques - but I would seriously discourage anyone from indulging in past life regressions unless they are firmly grounded in their metaphysical beliefs and have control of their psychic powers. Those wishing to seriously study the phenomena of spirit guides should consult "Spirit Guides" by Iris Belhayes - a much better and safer treatment of the subject. Webster may be an expert on feng shui and other occult subjects, but I could not, with good conscience, recommend this book to any one.
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on June 27, 2011
I was not able to put this book down. This was one of the best purchases I made. I have made changes in my life, my way of thinking and how I look at people and the world. I recommend this book to anyone trying to make a change in their life for the better. I have yet to actually speak with my Spirit Guide but it's very relaxing going through the process of trying. I am going to get more books by Richard Webster!!!
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on July 18, 2014
The author has penned many books on related ”occult” subjects. I found this one ok, but not brilliant. I didn’t get to contact any angels or spirit guides, but I did feel a shift in that I now feel I can and eventually will obtain contact with these, and that is a good start.

The book is divided into two parts, the first on angel guardians and the second on spirit guides. In Part One we are provided with information about the history of angels and about seven Archangels. These are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Sariel and Remiel. I missed Ariel. Metatron is also mentioned. He was originally a human being, Enoch, who was transformed into an angel. The author refers to him as “King of the Angels”. We’re also told about the “Queen of Angels”. The Virgin Mary. This must be the one I know as Mother Mary, but Webster doesn’t mention this appellation.

We are given useful instructions on how to invoke the Archangels.

We’re told that our guardian angels will communicate to us through our thoughts and feelings, our intuition and our dreams. Though I’ve asked many times, I have never seen or heard from my guardian angel in my dreams. I did once in my youth get a sudden knowing of something I had to do, which I did, and this turned out to save my life and that of others too. This was perhaps my guardian angel, though I didn’t know that at the time.

One chapter that I didn’t appreciate was about how to create your guardian angel if you can’t contact it by the other methods mentioned. The author suggested that angels were just thoughtforms and therefore we could create one. This may be so, but I didn’t like the idea. I like to regard the angels as real.

We learn which Archangels correspond to our star signs. Michael rules over Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, Gabriel over Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, Raphael over Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, and Uriel over Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The author gives us four methods by which to call the Archangels to us. He doesn’t suggest that these also are thought forms, but I expect he thinks they are, since they also are angels,

He provides us with a prayer by which we can help heal others. It reads “May the healing power of Jesus Christ descend upon (person’s name) and may the holy angels encompass him (or her)”. This prayer activates Raphael and the other healing angels to come to the person’s aid.

Part One contains several additional interesting chapters, including one on creating an angel altar.

In Part Two of the book we learn about spirit guides, which the author tells us are people who have passed over into the next life. They are here to help and guide us when we ask for advice. We should ask for help only when it is really necessary.

Spirit guides are usually, but not always, deceased relatives. I feel it would be nice to know who these are, and how many we have.

Much information is provided about spiritualism, including about the Fox sisters and the famous medium Daniel Dunglas Home.

A chapter about ways to contact spirit guides contains sections about planchettes and Ouija boards, automatic writing, table-tipping, using a pendulum, etc. In other books we are warned about using Ouija boards for fear of picking up negative spirits. (In my youth a friend did so and couldn’t get rid of it again.) I will try automatic writing again myself.

In automatic writing the pen “moves over the page directed by a power other than the conscious mind of the person holding it”.

I did find this book worth reading, but just not particularly exciting. The author provides various useful exercises and pieces of advice which could help us in our quest for contact with our angel guardians and spirit guides,
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on June 19, 2015
Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians by Richard Webster Is a healing book for those who believe in spirit allies in conjunction with connecting to the higher self and increasing intuition. I do believe and concur with the school of thought that many people (regardless of self-confidence level, perceived intellectual intelligence and/or emotional intelligence) have varied levels of intuition. However, I understand that some people naturally have it from the day they are born while others must strengthen their intuition as you would a physical muscle and with practice. I have heard even heard from well-meaning people (within the new age community) who say that it is not necessary for spiritual evolution to connect with spirit helpers during the course of one’s physical lifetime. However, I intend to still learn about connecting with my heavenly spiritual allies and strengthening my communication for two main reasons; I notice that the more I make a genuine effort to do this then the more my intuition blooms/strengthens. Additionally, with increased spirit ally communication, my connection with my higher self is strengthening and my sense of discernment and awareness of when and/or where to take practical action on certain matters sharpens. With all of this said, the book Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians by Richard Webster contains among the following details;
Unconventional Information relating to ‘Creating Your Guardian Angel” (pages 61-75).
Spirit Guides (pages 149-166)
Your Limitless Guides (such as your practical and creative guides, pages 227-239).
Notes (pages 297-317)-It appears that the author is providing (with obvious good intentions) some references and books both for further information and to show the inspiration sources for his information.
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on November 2, 2010
Maybe for the first time in " new age culture " a great spirit and angel book is here for us. This is an easy guide for your life, life situations and relationships. Find your spirit guides, holy guardian angel and communicate wisely. Your benefits:
1. Banish negative forces.
2. Find your guides.
3. Relieve emotional stress.
4. Find your life purpose.
5. Learn about your past lives...Much more.

Again this is a great book.
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on May 4, 2016
Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians: Contact Your Invisible Helpers by Richard Webster is a thought-provoking book. I especially liked part one, which is about angels. Webster is very knowledgeable on the topic. The author teaches you how to contact your guardian angel and arch angels. I found the information to be extremely useful. The second part on spirit guides had a lot of information on séances and contacting spirits. He also had some good information on contacting spirit guides. Although I was primarily interested in learning about angels, I also found the second half of the book on contacting spirit guides interesting.
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on August 24, 2014
It's a good book a lots of information but it's kinda complicated for me since it's gotta a lot of religion history in it I like something that gets straight to the point about your Angels and spirit guides and loved ones if you are intent on buying this e book get keys to the spirit world first in that book it's much easier to understand how to get a hold of your guides which you need to master to have a better chance at connecting with your guardian angels and loved ones
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on April 28, 2014
Richard Webster is an excellent writer and this book demonstrates that. His exercises and techniques are easy to understand and apply. I highly recommend it.
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