Customer Reviews: Splash Tunes - Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Portable Shower Speaker by FRESHeTECH
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on February 13, 2014
I figured out how to turn the shower speaker off and figured i'd share this info with you all
since there appears to be no other instructional aide online specifically for this speaker.

I have had this for months now and absolutely love it.
However people make quick assumptions and rate this speaker poorly because they claim
there was no way to turn the speaker off. When really they simply have not figured out how to turn the device off.
Granted the instructions are limited and there was NO guide on how to turn the device off,
it is actually very simple and this is how you do it.

Step 1- When you are finished using the speaker leave it on, do not push pause.
Go to the device that is transmitting the audio and stop the audio from playing.

Step 2- When the music has stopped playing, go into your transmitting devices blue tooth settings
disconnect the device from blue tooth and turn blue tooth off.

Step 3- Once you have disconnected the device from blue tooth and turned off blue tooth,
you will notice if you look carefully, there is a blue light blinking on the speaker. This indicates the device is
searching for a transmitting blue tooth accessible device. Push and hold the power button on the speaker.
You will hear a sound, like its powering up. This is actually the sound of the speaker trying to pair to another device.
If you press AND HOLD the power button for approximately 6 seconds it will make a powering down sound
and also you will notice it will flash red for a second, then no light will blink.

Step 4-Go to the fridge grab yourself a refreshing beverage and celebrate the fact
that you just mastered the machine in your bathroom.

I hope this is easy enough to follow and for the people that already own the speaker hopefully these instructions
will turn your shower time into a pretty sweet experience.
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on August 7, 2013
I was using my iphone in my lifeproof case to listen to music in the shower, but needless to say the volume and acoustics were lacking. This lil thing is GREAT for playing music from my iphone while its charging in the other room, while still allowing me to skip songs and control the volume from inside the shower. I'm happy with sound quality, volume and battery life. The suction cups actually work well, too. I haven't had the nerve to answer any calls in the shower I can't speak on that function :) My only suggestion is that is should let me record my singing in the shower to my voice memos...maybe.
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on October 29, 2013
I have to admit when I ordered this thing I expected it to be a complete piece of junk, but it works surprisingly well!

+ Sound is surprisingly loud
+ Suction cup sticks really well, at least to my smooth tile
+ Battery lasts a LONG time! I've had this in my shower for almost a month and use it daily and I still haven't had to recharge it.
+ Controls work very well
+ You can actually take calls with it. I hadn't intended to, but I've gotten calls and ended up taking them in the shower (with the water off) and no one has complained about echo. Bizarre!

- Looks pretty goofy
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on May 10, 2014
I bought this device about 3 months ago and charged it the day i got it. I then placed it in my shower and paired it with my android device. It was very easy to do. I've used it about 5 times a week for about 10-15 minutes for the past 3 months and i have yet to charge the battery. The sound quality is not bad, it's as good as you can expect from a device this small. It's able to get louder than most would want or need. I haven't had a single issue with it and it works as advertised. I would definitely recommend this item if you like music in the shower.
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on February 11, 2014
If you pull it out of the box and try it OUT of the shower you would probably think it is a piece of Junk..
But you aren't going to use the damn thing OUT of the shower are you??

SO put the damn thing IN the damn shower and put the speaker in the middle ( both horizontally AND vertically ) of the wall that is in front of you when you shower. That will give you the best DEPTH when it comes to sound and it also will not blast your ears out with the higher Frequencies ( which it does often if it is at ear height ) and it will let the lower frequencies resonate in a balanced manner throughout the shower.

It has a SEPARATE volume control from your BlueTooth Source ( phone, computer, etc ) so you if you want some volume control don't turn the speaker all the way up then use your phone as the volume control. Turn your phone up most of the way and use the speaker's volume control while in the shower.

If your phone has an equalizer, turn the mid-level high frequencies down a tad.. The damn thing blasts this certain ear piercing tone sometimes in that range.

Don't drop it in the water... It might be waterproof but that doesn't mean the speaker can't be affected for a short time.

HOLD the power button to both turn on and turn off the device. While turning off it will beep once then it will beep in different fashion. After that second beep it will actually be off.

HOLD the left and right buttons to turn the volume up and down. It can not fast forward nor rewind songs.. Only next song last song.

The thing is awesome. I love it...
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on February 6, 2014
I ordered one of these in December for a birthday in Feb, (have to remember not to do that because of this reason right here) then I ordered a 2nd one just last week as I thought I would give one to each of my nephews. Both were fulfilled by Amazon so Amazon prime eligible, however the original seller was different on both orders. It turns out the first one I ordered Amazon fulfilled the order thru the seller 'YouthPower'. This one was a fake, the packaging was different, there isn't the logo printing on the speaker, the buttons are harder to read,the whole speaker itself feels lighter and it wouldn't even turn on after charging.
The newest one I ordered Amazon fulfilled the order thru seller 'On The House' which I see does list themselves as a licensed seller for FreshETech Splash Shower speaker. It has the logo printed on the speaker, easier to read and press buttons and best of all it works!
I just wanted to make people be aware of this since there is no way of knowing any of it from the product page. The image shown displays the logo printed on the speaker, and yet that's not what I received. Of course I'm way past return time since I purchased early and then it wasn't opened for 2 months so that's on me and I guess I had a false sense of security that Amazon would check that they weren't selling or fulfilling any fake products to begin with.
The working speaker does everything it's supposed to do and others have stated everything already. Best tip-tdo adjust the volume you hold down the Rewind(turn down) or Fast Forward(turn up) button.
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on August 25, 2014
This is a great little device for what I wanted to do: listen to music and audiobooks in the shower.

However the directions are quite lacking. You can easily change the volume and turn the device on and off.

To turn the device off, simply press and hold the power button until it plays a pretty clear descending jingle and the lights turn off. Always turn it off and your battery will last months!

To change the volume, press and hold the "skip forward" or "skip backward" arrow to turn the volume up or down respectively. I always do this with music playing as it does not give any feedback other than a beep when it reaches the max setting. My set of instructions did not include this direction, I figured it out by accident.

So for those like me who thought their unit was too quiet sometimes give this a shot! I always had my phone set to max volume and could barely hear it sometimes, but now it's extremely loud at max settings.

Call answering is ok, but the mic doesn't filter out any background noise, so if you have to answer be prepared to turn the water off.
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on January 16, 2014
I hesitated to order this based on some of the reviews saying it is a knock off. I don't know if it is a knock off or not but it works like a champ. It hasn't fallen off the wall in my bathroom yet. (A real accomplishment for a suction cup in my bathroom!) It connects to my phone when I leave it in the dining room where as with the last Bluetooth speaker I had it had to be parked above the kitchen sink so that it was within two feet of the speaker on the shower wall if I didn't want my phone in the bathroom with me while I showered. The sound is better. It lights up when you press the power button and it makes chirping noises. I've learned that to turn it off you must depress the power button until you hear the downward series of chirps rather than just the quick chirp that leaves the device on if you press and release the power button to quickly. I love the way you can skip a song or go back to replay one when you get near the end of it. I leave my phone set to random when playing music to get a wide variety. As for using the phone feature I don't want to talk to people while showering so I put the phone in airplane mode before turning the Bluetooth on for my shower. I would happily buy more of these for my friends. If it dies in the future I will update this review to reflect that but for now I love this thing!

Added note: I've read several reviews stating that this thing doesn't have any way to control the volume. I don't know about theirs but mine certainly can control the volume. I make sure that my blue-tooth volume on my phone is set to full blast to start with and then by pressing the arrows that point to the left on the left hand side and holding that button down I can easily turn it down to what I like in my tiled 3 by 3 foot shower. It's plenty loud even for quiet classical pieces this way. If it gets turned down to low for a certain musical track I can long press the arrows that point to the right on the right hand side and turn the power up. Short presses of these same buttons go back to the previous song or forward to the next song.
review image review image
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Inexpensive, waterproof, Bluetooth and works with my iPhone 5S - has everything I was looking for. I was actually expecting this this shower speaker to be cheaply constructed, but I was impressed when I opened the box. I ordered the hot pink and it is bright!

The suction cup is quite large and it holds well on our glass walls in the shower. Pairing was quite easy. It took a while for my iPhone to find it but it did not require a key or password. While listening to my iTunes, the music comes out loud and clear. No fuzziness or muffled sounds. You can fast skip forward or go back tracks and you actually use the same buttons to increase or decrease the volume. This is where it loses a star. Sometimes instead of fast forwarding to the next track, the music starts blaring. I forget to just tap down to skip, and hold down to increase volume. Wish it had separate volume buttons. Other than that, I love this lil' fellow.

I can't comment on how well the phone works in the shower because I just can't get myself to answer a call while taking a shower. I can imagine it now..."Hey Zulma what are you doing?"......."Ummmmm scrubbing my......" - no thanks. I did test it outside the shower and the mic picked up my voice clearly and I could hear the caller perfectly fine.

My teenage kids love it, I love it, but the only downfall is we spend more time in the shower now.
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on February 27, 2014
I received this speaker yesterday. It is exactly as pictured. For the price, I was not expecting great quality sound. I just wanted something that would allow me to stream music wirelessly from my phone (Android) into my shower. It does that. It does that very well. What I did not expect was good bass. My expectations on that are correct. There is no bass to speak of. There is no adjustment to make it any better. (I didn't expect there would be). But again, for the money, twenty-five bucks, I didn't expect good bass.

The speaker came with a VERY small instruction book and a USB charging cable. As soon as I unpacked it, I plugged it in to make sure it was fully charged before I started to use it. I followed the instructions to charge it and in less than one minute after I plugged it in it was fully charge - so I guess it comes charged from the factory.

A WORD OF WARNING HERE: When I went to remove the charging cable from the speaker, I inadvertently grabbed the charging port cover along with the cable and pulled. Of course the charging cable came out, but I also ripped off the port cover! So be VERY careful when you remove the cable so you don't rip the cover off!! I can still fit the cover back on the port, but it is no longer tethered to the device. The tethering is an incredibly tiny thin piece of rubber. It's not really surprising it came off so easily.

Using the provided directions, I paired the device with my phone in under 30 seconds.

REMEMBER: As mentioned in the included instructions, to turn this unit on/off, you must HOLD the power button down for 6-8 seconds. It will make a series of low to high "blooping" sounds as it turns on, and those same "blooping" sounds as it turns off but in reverse - high to low. You should turn the speaker off anytime it is not in use. Otherwise, the battery will wear out because it is always broadcasting itself trying to find a Bluetooth device to pair to.

I first streamed some music after I paired it in my kitchen. It worked just as suspected. After pairing, I didn't even have to do anything else to my Android phone to start the music playing. I simply hit the Play/Pause button on the speaker, and the phone automatically fired up the Music app and started playing the playlist I had last been playing. I could then pause, skip back and skip forward to different songs on my playlist using the corresponding buttons on the speaker by giving them a quick press.

A WORD ABOUT VOLUME: In other reviews I've read, some people have complained about the volume being too soft with no way to adjust it. They are simply not setting it up correctly. FIRST: After you start to stream music to the speaker, use the volume control on your Phone (or whatever device you've paired with) all the way up (or almost all the way). SECOND: While there are no dedicated volume controls on the speaker, you can use the Skip Back & Skip Forward buttons to control the volume. Instead of pressing and releasing them quickly (as you do to skip songs), you need to HOLD the button down. It is not the best way to do this, but it does work. Just press and hold either the Back button (for volume down) or Next button (for volume up) until the speaker is at the volume you want. It gets VERY loud! Plenty loud to be heard over the running shower water. I did use it in the shower this morning, so I know it gets loud enough. I didn't have it anywhere near it's loudest and it was perfect.

I have not taken a call with this, or used any other music app (like Pandora) besides the standard music app yet. So I can't comment on those functions. Perhaps I will try Pandora tomorrow morning and update my review then.

Overall, I would recommend this to people as long as they are not expecting great sound. Again, for the money, it's a quick and cheap way to get music into your shower.

*** UPDATE 3/14/2014: I've been using this speaker daily since 2/27/2014. I make sure to turn it off as soon as I am done streaming music to save battery. I have not had to charge it again yet! Still having taken a phone call with it, but I did find out if you press the phone button (when there is not a call coming in), it will start a phone call with your last dialed number. (Or at least, this is the behavior on my Android phone).

*** UPDATE 3/27/2014: The unit has now fallen off the wall a couple times and suffered no visible or operational damage. I also have yet to have to charge it for the 2nd time. I'm amazed that I've given it almost daily use for a month now and not had to recharge it. Loving this little thing!
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