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Splatterhouse - Xbox 360
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on November 23, 2010
Okay enough with the "not for kids? really? comments" Yes you'd think with the ESRB M rating that would be obvious but people still buy these games for kids all the time. Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Borderlands, Mortal Kombat... all of them rated M for Mature and all of them flooded with kids that sound like 12 year olds. So yeah I feel it valid to still say not for kids.

First off this game is in absolutely ZERO ways for children... blood, gore, violence, language and nudity. Seriously the opening movie is detailed in a way I've never seen in a videogame. Main character wakes up in pool of his own blood, tries to get up and his guts spill all over the floor, not a gush of blood... his guts. Instead of finding little trinkets or packages hidden around you find pieces of nude pictures of the main character's girlfriend that get pieced together in the "collectibles" section of the menu.

I'm writing this game as a fan (not die hard) of the Splatterhouse franchise since I grew up with it. I was going to wait off until this game came down in price but I found out that it would have the original 3 splatterhouse games unlockable and that warranted a release day purchase for myself. Basically the game plays about as expected... take a classic side scroller beat 'em up and convert it into a 3rd person 3D brawler without changing the overall plot very much (guy searches haunted mansion full of beasts and other vicious looking monster type enemies to save girl). Appeal to the mature audiences by cranking up the gore and blood to cover the floor and walls (and screen), then just for good measure make the collectible items in the game torn up nude pictures of the large breasted blonde female character love interest of the game scattered about the levels.

Overall story is written by comic writer Gordon Rennie (Judge Dredd) and has a all metal soundtrack: Lamb of God, Mastadon, Five Finger Death Punch, and more.

Splatterhouse is what you'd expect... pretty much a summer horror action flick in the form of a game. It's not an artsy game in the slightest and appeals to everything that people try to deny liking. At worst it's a monument to the lack of creativity in the game market & at it's best it's a guilty pleasure for nostalgic gamers. But hey, I like it so far ;)
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on November 26, 2010
I have been following this game since Bottle Rocket was still tinkering with it, and I have to say, I think the wait was worth it.

Controls: 3.5/5, my two biggest problems are a problematic camera and I cannot seem to just block without rolling around. I am a twitch individual though, so the latter of these issues can probably be forgiven.
Story: 4.5/5, it's a B-movie turned into a video game. Mindless gore, violence, and nudity everywhere, and they never take themselves that seriously. It's wonderful.
Graphics: 4/5, I have seen better graphics, but they never promised to break the mold. I like the damage effects as you lose health though.
Sound: 4/5, a pleasant mix of death metal and orchestral music do a good job at setting the pace for brawling, boss battling, and platforming, as needed.

+ Hyperviolent, not enough games revel in this like they should. It's almost impossible to take seriously, except there is a lot of pretty graphic violence. I'd be impressed if you couldn't tell that from the box though.
+ Great voice acting from Jim Cummings as the Terror Mask. You may know him better ask Darkwing Duck. YES.
+ Original three Splatterhouse games can be unlocked. I think very few people will be buying this without having played the originals, so this is a huge plus for them.

- Long loading times when you die.
- Quick time events that restart boss battles if failed. I don't know if all bosses have this, but the first one did and it was supremely irksome.
- Aforementioned control issues, but I may get better at the game.

Final thoughts
I am enjoying this game thoroughly. There is a point in the first level where you get your arm ripped off, and proceed to beat enemies to death with it. That pretty much sets the pace for the game. That being said, I will not be turning to this game for deep, introspective musings about the state of the world. Unless that state involves monsters.

Overall, 4/5.
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on November 30, 2011
A title that seemed one of the big dogs at E3 when it was announced but then flew right under the market. I completely forgot about this game until I heard about it being on sale and picked it up for a modest $8. For $60 bucks, I could see myself being a little disappointed, but for $40 and below its one hell of a bargain.

The storyline is involving, and really draws you in. As you learn more about the estate and the people involved, you begin to see cut scenes from your past that slowly piece together why exactly you are in the situation you are in. Lots of collectibles and unlockables, so it gives you reason to replay the campaign. In addition to these, as you slaughter countless enemies, you rack up BLOOD points which you use to learn new skills and enhance your abilities. If a portion of the story is giving you an increasingly hard time (and trust me, there are sections that are extremely difficult) you can always grind a couple levels before and rank up your skill so the harder portion is easier to beat. (Have yet to do this myself but I know the option is available.)

What shocked me most is how well the story is told. In addition to the survival horror elements the gameplay provides, the eerie atmosphere perpetuated by the environment keeps you on your toes, while the narration of the Terror Mask relaxes with you with temporary comedic relief. Its an experience in itself how the game constantly sways your mood through the proper use of comedy, horror, and drama that the story seamlessly blends.

If you are looking for a complex and intricate experience, you are looking at the wrong title. If you want a couple months of fun and some good laughs, don't hesitate to pick this up, for the price its at now, its unbeatable.

Did I mention you can also unlock the previous 3 splatterhouse games? Yeah, they're there too.
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on November 7, 2011
When i heard a while back that namco had remade splatterhouse for the 360 i knew i had to have it! I was always a big fan of part 2 and especially part 3 on the genesis years ago, and i couldnt believe how low key they kept this great remake. Its bloody gory violent adult beat em up fun fest! Loved how some of the levels reverted to its 2d roots out of no where, really added nostalgia that only a older gamer who played the first versions wouldve recognized. The naked picture fragments of his girl were an awesome addition, as well as the fact that the three original titles were unlockable to play thro the story mode, that was especially awesome to me since i never owned a sega master system and never had the joy of playing the original installment of this series. I reccomend this game strongly to any fan of the original series, and to any fan of bloodsport beat em up games, its very exiting challenging and interesting. Great job Namco!
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on June 26, 2012
If you're looking to buy Splatterhouse, either for the nostalgia associated with the 16-bit originals or because you like seeing a burly dude rip zombies in half, expect a fun ride. What you should not expect is a genre-changing masterpiece of highbrow art. This game is the equivalent of watching B-grade slasher flicks while drinking cheap beer - it's as fun and obnoxious as it is crude and shameless.

The story has the substance of cotton candy, and that's what makes it so entertaining: you're a college dweeb (in a Mastodon shirt, heck yeah!) who dons a mask (similar to one worn by Crystal Lake's infamous one man abattoir) to both save his life and help him save his girlfriend from a Lovecraft-inspired madman and his gang of nasties. In the process, you become a lumbering beef-puppet that the mask (a sentient wise-apple voiced by the inimitable Jim Cummings) uses to enact its own revenge.

You punch, grind, slash, and disembowel (literally, ick) your way through the dusty halls of a mansion, post-apocalyptic city streets (complete with a broken Statue of Liberty, you maniacs!), twisted carnival attractions, and temple dungeons in your quest to spill as much blood as possible to not only save your best girl, but to also upgrade your skills. The more blood that gushes, the more powerful you become. And oh, how the blood gushes.

As fun as it is to forcibly rend the heads from your opponents and huck them at other opponents, it can sadly grow tedious. There is very little diversity in the monsters you fight, and palate swaps are abound. You'll also only be able to watch the same cut-scene where you tear the arms off of a zombie clown while gore covers the screen before your eyes glaze over. There are some neat features, such as your body visibly taking damage as your health wears down (you can even lose an arm and then use it as a weapon!) and your sneakers squeaking when you end a sprint.

To avoid too much of the same thing, the game has moments of 2D that make you wistful for the games of yore. On the subject of 2D games, all three of the original Splatterhouse games are available as in-game rewards. As if that isn't enough, you can unlock smutty pictures of your girlfriend by finding their pieces scattered in easy- and not-so-easy-to-find areas throughout the game. Hooray for 3D-rendered boobies!

The game is really short, but in contrast has unreasonably long load times. Even installing the game doesn't cut down the loading, which in some cases was long enough for me to take a pee break and still have to wait. There's little replay value aside from finding missed collectibles and hunting achievements, and the arena-style mini-game is really only worth playing if you're a completionist.

All in all, Splatterhouse is campy fun and is more than worth worth the bargain-bin price. Ask yourself how many games let you smash a 2x4 over the head of a slimy monster oozing questionable fluids and have chainsaw duels with meat monsters. Just this one, so click the "Buy Now" button and have fun!
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on April 3, 2012
Splatterhouse is one of those games you just can't expect too much from. It is average by pretty much every scale. It has entertainment value, but it's undermined by some nasty flaws.

A major issue is the loading times... the amount of time you spend waiting on this game to do something is ridiculous. Nothing kills the gaming mood more than having to waiting on a game for longer than you should.

The graphics are unfortunately pretty dated for the most part... which is a shame since the main cut scenes look amazing. The graphics in the gameplay are, like the rest of the game, just very average. And the way it is put together, with the wonky camera angles, occasionally it is practically unplayable, since you barely have any idea what is going on... it's frustrating, and often made me want to stop playing.

The story is fairly thin and without surprises, and also without a particularly interesting villain. However, the dialogue from the Mask is often funny in its own sick way. The voice acting is pretty decent as well.

A positive is that the controls are pretty easy to get the hang of, and you can do some pretty cool combos. However, occasionally the controls will become a little fidgety and unresponsive.

All that being said, you can not deny the degree of satisfaction that comes with tearing demons limb from limb, slicing and dicing, pulling out kidneys and eyeballs and just generally causing mayhem. In that regard it definitely lives up to its name.

The campaign isn't too long... you could knock it out in a few hours if you tried. In the end, it's basically as long as it needed to be. Any longer and it could easily have started to feel a lot more tedious, as there isn't really a great deal of variety in gameplay.

All in all, if you're looking for a game to keep you occupied for a day or two, you could do far worse than this. However, you could also do far better. I suppose a lot of it comes down to how much you enjoy mindless gore.
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on August 28, 2012
Many of the old gamers remember the Arcade/Turbo Grafix 16 version of the game. Fast Forward many years later, here comes the Modern day version of a classic. I believe this game is a remake of the previous.

First off, let me say this game is as the title says. Avoid this game for the wee tikes. The game is action packed horror. Bashing & smashing monster mutations along the way while trying to find the fate of your girl friend. A little trite, but classic.

THE GOOD: Story line is pretty solid. I love the relationship between the mask and it's host. It's entertainment. The power-ups & skill improvement make some brutal thrashing-combos. The boss fights are interesting as well as creative.

THE BAD: The only thing that I questioned was the controlling. On the XBOX 360, I found it a little "delayed" at times. I came out victorious, so the controlling issue was forgiving.

This game isn't for everyone, so if you're a huge fan of the horror/gore genre, then the game is right up your alley. What makes this game even better is that when you accomplish certain goals in the game, you can unlock the original three classic games. They really did this title justice, and then some. Since this game has been out for a while, the price makes this title worth while!

Play this game, & unleash hell. One things for sure: never a dull moment for this title..
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on May 23, 2013
Splatterhouse is a game that fans of horror movies will love with a little bit of patience. It has a few flaws, but still manages to be one of the most memorable games I've ever played.

The story, setting, music and characters are awesome. The voice acting is outstanding, and it's just a blast to witness unfold.

The controls and game play are good. This is not the type of brawler that just lets you win. Each enemy has a different strategy and like the old Splatterhouse games, you have to fight them right, or face serious repercussions. Your life bar goes down fast, and can go away before you know it, and that may turn some people off. It's not an unfair challenge, it just takes some time to understand.

Don't listen to the critics from so-called "PROFESSIONAL" sites like IGN, Gamespot and so-forth that have been PROVEN to take bribes for higher review scores. This game rules, and is totally worth the small amount of money it goes for now.

I totally reccomend Splatterhouse to horror movie fans, especially if you like movies like "The Evil Dead."
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on November 20, 2012
In this 21st century remake of the Splatterhouse series, this video game combines various story elements from the three original 1980s video games and presents a storyline occurring in the year 2010. For this story, Rick and Jennifer - instead of entering by accident the West Manor like in the first game - are instead invited to the manor as Doctor West, an eminent teacher at the Arkham University, invites Jennifer to do an interview with him for the school paper. As Rick follows her, both for a following date and as a bodyguard, we see their date turn from a simple academic business to a diabolical nightmare composed of twelve levels, whose designs were haunting and corresponded to the tension I found in the original games.

Of the storyline, I liked how the game's makers interspersed several flashbacks in the storyline. To me, this strategy allows us to dive straight into the characters' nightmare, and forces us to venture through the game if we want to understand how Rick got to wear the Terror Mask. Not only that, finding the complete photos of Jennifer in the game, along with doing the levels on various difficulty levels, allows us to find out how the Manor was built, but also how Rick and Jennifer's relationship went over the years.

Of the voice actors, I loved Josh Keaton, Richard Doyle, and Shanelle Gray's excellent performances. But I loved and adored the twisted interactions between the Mask and Rick. And for that I am glad that the game makers cast Jim Cummings (DarkWing Duck) as the Mask. Good work from the writer Gordon Rennie, and to Howard Drossin, whose soundtrack was the perfect companion to this gory horror game.

As for the gameplay, it is set in a 3D environment, but it also offers level sections presented in side-scrolling camera angles. This was fun to do as it reminded me of the original games, which you can play if you want to see the complete storyline from the trilogy. Personally, I think it is agood thing they put the original games in this remake for I heard that there won't be any sequels to this 2010 remake since Splatterhouse didn't do enough sales to allow a sequel. This is sad for the game ends on a cliffhanger just like in the Evil Dead movies that Sam Raimi did.

Maybe what didn't help to the game's reception were the long loading times between levels, the difficulty to manipulate the camera, and the very sensible or unresponsive controls if you wanted to do certain moves. Not only that, maybe newcomers and some players didn't respond well to the game's goriness. Personally, I don't mind if a game is violent, as long as the game or movie offers an well-written story and is not an excuse for gratuitous acts of violence or sexuality and to display weak and stupid characters, which I found in the movie series Crank. But for those of you that have never heard of Splatterhouse, be aware that the game is no Disneyland. It is a gory game made for a very mature audience with a strong stomach.

In the end, this game is a wonderful tribute to a classic whose images I remember seeing in my Batman comic books made in the eighties, and which intrigued me as I saw a haunted mansion turning into a Lovecraft monstrosity.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
This game is gory as hell, over the top with the violence, blood and guts, and boy is it fun! The game itself is pretty awesome and relatively unique. Tons of cussing and adult themed content make this an adolescent fantasy come true! Cheesy gaming done very well that makes for a fun experience!
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