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on January 24, 2011
This Nike+ kit works with your ipod nano, 3rd Gen and above. If you've got an ipod touch, it has its own receiver built in, so you don't need the whole kit, just the sensor- which is cheaper ($19).

This is not a 'pedometer'. It doesn't count your steps. It uses a much more accurate way to measure pace and distance- which is based on the inverse relationship between foot ground time and speed. If you're a 'normal' person, it may be pretty accurate right out of the box, but you can run a measured distance at your normal pace and calibrate the unit. When running at my 'regular' pace, I've found it to be remarkably accurate- hitting mile markers to within a few steps (which is more accurate than my Garmin GPS). However, the calculated relationship breaks down if you run up/down steeper hills, so that will throw it off. Also, if you significantly change your pace, it will come up a little short or long, but still generally within a few percent. Hey- nothing is perfect. Even my Garmin GPS gets 150ft off sometimes.

One of the best parts about it is that your run info gets uploaded to the Nike web site which provides zippy colorful graphs and plots, and lots of motivational tools, training plans, group challenges and such. All free!

There's no cheaper, better way to keep track of your running mileage. Kudos to Nike on this one. Oh- Nike sneakers have a built in spot for the sensor. But, if you don't run in Nike's, not a problem. You'll need to buy a little pouch that holds in on your shoe laces. Plenty choices available here on Amazon. I like the Switcheasy one myself.
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on January 3, 2011
I recently purchased the entire nike plus system. It was great and easy to use, but once I loaded my first run onto the nike website from my phone an ad for a new nike app popped up. For around 2 dollars you can get a the NIke+ GPS app, that will do away with having to buy Nike specific shoes or even the little sensor. This is great because not only do you not need to buy all the extras but you don't have to change your brand of shoes, which is a huge issue for most serious runners. I ran with both for a while and the Nike+ GPS app is far more accurate and does not require a calibration run. Hopefully this helps you avoid buying the extras.
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on March 25, 2011
I had high hopes for this product as I am an avid long-distance runner. The setup and integration with ITunes, etc. are great. It is easy to put it all together to go out for a run. I ran one run without calibrating it and ended up having it undermeasure by about 10% (It measured 9.0 for a 9.7 mile run). I then calibrated it on my next run and it worked well that day. The next run, however, it was off again about 10%. So the next run I calibrated it again and it worked okay for that day. The next run... You get the picture. I don't know why it won't work for me, but I am really frustrated and wish I wouldn't have purchased this product. The idea and ease of use are terrific, but if it can't measure my runs with accuracy--this is a no go.
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on February 24, 2011
I've been using the Nike + sensor since mid-September. I have Nike Pegasus shoes that are designed with a pocket to hold the chip and an ipod nano 5th gen. I've logged just over 100 miles with it on the Nike website. This thing motivates me to keep moving so I can log more miles.

I love how many options it gives you. You can set it for a 5k workout on shuffle or a specific playlist or a specific song (I use Personal Running Trainer mp3's, also on amazon). When you select a specific distance or time, it gives you periodic updates "1 kilometer completed" "halfway point" and those are nice. If you do a basic workout, you get no automatic updates, but if you push the center button on your ipod it will update you on your time, distance and pace.

Then at the end of your workout, it tells you your time, distance, average pace, and calories burned. If you beat your best time for a mile, or go further or longer than you have in the past, a famous athlete's voice comes on and congratulates you. It's great to hear Tiger Woods congratulate you on your fastest mile.

On the Nike website, it logs all of your runs, and posts your runs to facebook if you want it to. I compete in challenges with my friends for "who can run the fastest 5k" or "who can log the most miles in February" and you can set your own personal goals as well, and you get medals when you achieve them.

As for accuracy, if you change your stride, due to changing surfaces, you can recalibrate the sensor at the end of the workout if needed. If you run on a track, and you know you did 3 miles, but the sensor is off by a little bit, just tell it what you really did, and the website will log what you told it to, and now it's recalibrated for next time. I've heard of some people buying multiple chips for walking, one for running, and one for racing, but I've found that it's usually really close. When you calibrate on its own, as opposed to the end of a workout, it does not keep track of those distances for that time you spent calibrating. I currently have mine calibrated to the treadmill, and I might have to recalibrate it when I start running outside again, but I don't know.

I have friends that have other brand shoes, and they bought the separate holder to hold the chip on their laces, and they like it just fine, so you don't need Nike shoes to use this.
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on November 26, 2011
I love the integration of this device, but there are bugs that leave me grinding my teeth when I use it. It allows me to track my pace and heart while also listening to my favorite recorded music, podcasts or radio stations, all in a tiny package on my wrist. I use it with a 6th generation iPod Nano mounted on a watchband, which is great because it is light, doesn't shake around and it allows me to keep the earphone cable out of my way by running it up my sleeve. The voice updates on pace and distance at the push of the power button are very convenient. However, I wish the those messages would pause the content playing so I don't lose a sentence or two of my podcast. Worst of all, though, I don't get reliable pace data. I can be running at an even 8:00min/mile pace, push the button and hear it report that to me, then push the button again a minute later and have it tell me I'm running at 40:00min/mile. And then there are more minor variations that leave me wondering if it was or was not accurate. Also there's the weird milestones it announces for achieving new thresholds, which recently went from telling me I'd run another 250 miles every time I ran to telling me I've run another 500 kilometers every time I run. Lastly, if I take off my shoes and start running barefoot with the heart rate monitor still on it declares my workout over and done - yet another indication that the design just isn't fully baked.
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on August 10, 2012
Why would you create a product that runs on a battery and not provide an option to recharge or replace the battery. Nike/Apple were probably thinking there will be a new model out by the time the battery runs out, so you'd buy that. But why should I be forced to buy the new model, if the old one works just fine for my needs?

Otherwise, while it works, its great.
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on September 23, 2012
I only wore it a total of 8 times for a 40 minute run/walk each time.

The directions said not to wear it all the time or it would wear down the battery so I kept it on my desk and only put it in the special pocket I purchased with it when I would walk. My ninth time trying to use would not sync up with my phone. I looked online for batteries and the cost was $20 to get a battery and have someone install it and I read it would look like crap after the install due to the need to use that rate I might as well by another but if I only get 8 runs out of it, no thank you.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 2, 2011
Although the title says "iPod", I got it because it works with the iPhone4 (which my fiance has). I bought this primarily for her as a gift because she started running recently and was using some app on her iPhone to track her running. The app itself was just OK and she wanted a better solution, especially since the shoes she recently purchased stated they supported Nike+ on the box.

This book comes with the sensor and the iPod attachment and a very descriptive manual on how to get it going. But lo and behold, it's built into the iPhone4, which I think is an EXCELLENT plus. All you do is drop this sensor into your shoe, walk around and bam, my fiance's iPhone4 suddenly had the app and settings available to her.

I'm really impressed with the app and so is my fiance, the primary user. It tracks her work outs and even though she's running on the treadmill in this winter period, it still has the ability to recalibrate for accuracy.

On top of that, the sync to Nike's webpage helps her keep track and get all kinds of information on her past workouts on and off her phone.

Highly recommended for runners.
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on June 29, 2012
I used the device for 3 days after receiving the item. At first it's simple to get started but it would start having connection problem after a while. The connection between the sensor and iphone/ipod has always been intermittent. A few times when it worked at the gym, I would lost the connection during work out. It's frustrating to have to reconnect and reset all the time.

The product design is flawed. There's no indicator to tell the user whether you are in sleep/active mode. I have spend alot of time trying to resolve the issue but no luck. It's very unstable and unreliable.
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on July 1, 2011
Inconsistent manufacturing. I just bought my third set (the sensor is as expensive most places as the whole kit). The second set I bought, the sensor attachment never worked right, but the pod was fine, so I just use my old attachment. I just received my replacement for that one and I can't tell if the sensor attachment works yet, but the pod is pretty much dead. Ran 4.3-4.5 miles this morning; it recorded .4 miles. Same result using the old attachment with the new pod. Can't calibrate it either because it only picks up 1 step out of 10. Already tossed the packaging (dumb of me), so it's $20 down the toilet.

Also, the newest itunes or the website update make is so that you have to constantly log in to the nikeplus website or it won't upload your runs. So if you run 7 times, but you're not logged into nikeplus when you plug your ipod into the computer, those runs will not get uploaded and the next time you are logged in, it will only upload the very latest run. This product gets worse every year.

This is a great system. Its easy to use and the website features are pretty awesome. It tends to under-count a little though (about 10%), as some other reviewers have pointed out. I don't mind as much because I just use it as an approximation anyway. I've been using mine for a year now, or a little over, doing about 20 miles per week and my sensor is just starting to screw up a little more. Right on time I suppose. I don't have the sneakers, just the little pouch on my shoe. I don't know if the software is contained on the sensor or on my ipod nano, but the past month or two, whenever I run more than 5 miles (really about 5.5), one of the voices comes on and tells me "Congratulations! You've just completed another 500 kilometers!" which is obviously not true. Kind of amusing, but maybe a little annoying. I'm buying my second sensor now and I definitely recommend this system for people who want an easy way to approximate their distance, speed and calories, and to keep track of the data (some of the graphic representations on the website are AMAZING - line graphs of your speed for each run, for instance).
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