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on January 3, 2012
If installed properly this mount is rock solid and will not budge at all. The following is the best way to mount it. Keep the leaf spring in and clamp the mount down in and then hammer the original pin through the hole after drilling out the threads in the mount (not the gun). If you do not keep the leaf spring in, it will wobble and be horribly loose. That bit is rather crucial in the stability of the mount. I grabbed a drill bit the same size as the pin and coated it oil and then drilled out the mount thread. Simple as that. If you have any questions about it in more detail feel free to comment and I will answer asap.
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on September 19, 2012
It works, and it works great. As others have mentioned, it does NOT come with mounting instructions, but they are not needed. The reviews here on Amazon were superb for helping wrt installation of this scope mount onto a Mosin Nagant (almost better than the Nagant forums!). Mine is on a 1946 M44 Russian carbine with bayonet. The AIM scope mount does come with three allen wrenches. First, learn about your weapon (there's a TON out there about the Nagant). Here's a bit more detail for installing this mount CORRECTLY and with MINIMUM DRILLING/METALWORK: Punch the pin out of the rear sight pivot on the rifle, and remove the rear sight leaf. Leave the rear sight leaf SPRING (the FLAT, horizontal, metal piece) on the rifle. Take the thin mounting screw out of the scope mount you just bought. Drill out the hole in the scope mount that the screw was in (needs a 1/8" drill bit). Throw away the screw (and nut). Use the smallest allen wrench to loosen the hold-screws on the SIDE of the scope mount. Fully remove the FRONT-most set screw from the scope mount, using the largest allen wrench. File down the "pointed end" of that screw to "near-flat" using a normal metal file, and re-insert the screw into the front hole on the scope mount. Set the scope mount on top of the rifle's rear sight mount. It will NOT line up when you first place it there, and it will NOT line up with simple hand pressure! Use a C-clamp to compress the scope mount into position on the rear sight mount (use some rags or something to protect the rifle and the new scope mount where the c-clamp engages each). It WILL line up FULLY with a c-clamp! Tighten the c-clamp against the heavy pressure from the rear sight spring until the drilled-hole in the scope mount aligns with the rear sight mount's side holes (where you punched the pin out). This will take some torque! There is NO NEED to drill additional holes in either the scope mount or (heaven forbid!) the rifle! Once aligned, gently tap the pin back into the now-aligned holes, to hold the scope mount in the rear sight mount. (Right here, you can almost be done; the thing is in there rock-solid just from the spring pressure.) Loosen the c-clamp and move it aft a bit (~ two inches), towards the rear of the rifle, and tighten the clamp again to get "parallel alignment" with the barrel. Tighen down the front set screw on the scope mount (the one you filed down). Tighten the hold-screw on the side of the front set screw. Remove the C-clamp. For grins, go ahead and snug down the aft two set screws on the mount, and then the hold screws on the sides; regardless of what you do with those, this scope mount is NOT moving! It is held firmly in place, almost with just the pin and spring, without screws! Don't be dissuaded; for $9 this is GREAT, AND you do not need to make any "irreversible, permanent" changes/drillings into your relic weapon. You can always reverse the process and put your iron rear sight back on. Buy this with confidence. Also, concur with need for LER scope and a good ring set. Try these, they work great with this rifle/mount combination to get the proper eye relief (8-10") without breaking the bank:

Leapers Accushot 1-Pc Offset Mount w/1 Rings, Weaver/Picatinny Mount

NcStar 2-7X32E Red Illuminated Pistol and Long Eye Relief/Ring/Blue Lens

Enjoy your weapon!

UPDATE: Took this to the range. Worked perfectly. No problems with recoil; the mount held solid, scope was zeroed, everything went fine. Did not need loctite either! Buy and install this with confidence. Works like a charm. NOTE: you don't need the Leapers Offset mount. The offset would actually put the scope over the extraction port and possibly damage your scope when extracting the shells (as well, my Nagant is a straight bolt, so I could not open/close the bolt with the scope set back far). The mount rings that came with the NcStar scope worked fine. Save the few bucks there.
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on July 10, 2012
How To Properly Install This One: Aim Sports M44/Mosin Nagant 91/30 Scope Mount (Short)

I guess it takes a little Physics to figure this one out.

I purchased a pair of Nagant 91/30 rifles manufactured in 1939(Hex) and 1942(round) respectively and set about to mount a scope prior to converting them to sniper rifles.

I decided to try this AIM short mount so as not to have to drill and tap the receiver. The material is so tough that Drilling and tapping these weapons REQUIRES solid carbide tooling.

All the set screws come to points... and The first thing you need to do is REPLACE the front set screw with a Cup-type screw instead of one that comes to a point on the bottom.

In a pinch, you can simply grind or file the point off of the existing set screw. This is IMPORTANT because that screw presses down on the front wall of the sight mount, which is rather thin and may be deformed by the original screw. ( You may want to take a flat riffler file and remove a bit from the top of this front wall and flatten it out ). Also, the folks at AIM really need to move that set screw hole about 0.050" toward the rear of the rail.... that would place the screw directly over the center of the bearing wall.

After removing the Rear Iron Sight Ramp by tapping out the front retaining pin, you will want to remove and FLIP-OVER the simple bent-leaf spring so that the "hump" is in the middle and facing UP. This is also IMPORTANT because it alters the position of the FULCRUM which then redistributes the force triangle and stabilizes the open end of the rail.

You will also want to run a drill through the threaded hole at the front of the rail and throw away the included mounting screw. Make sure the drill is the same diameter as the original PIN that held the iron sights in place.

Place the barrel in a vise or use a screw-clamp to compress the new rail against the inverted spring until the drilled mounting hole lines up with the holes in the "Ears" of the sight mount.

Tap the ORIGINAL PIN back in to hold the rail in position and then tighten the Front Set Screw until the rail is LEVEL.

Tighten the remaining TWO set screws to set the rail in its final position.

You will find that this general approach works for ALL of the following Nagant rails and provides a Rock-Solid Installation on ALL the 91/30 and M44 variants.

ATI Mosin Nagant Scope Mount with Bolt Handle

Mosin Nagant Weaver Rail Type Scout Rifle Scope Mount For 91/30 M38 M44 M39

UTG Mosin Nagant Tri-Rail Mount

Mosin Nagant M44 M91/30 M39 M38 Rifle Scope Mount Short NEW

Best regards,

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on October 10, 2007
This is a great little setup for putting an accessory on a Mosin-Nagant rifle with little or no gunsmithing. However, the purchaser should remember that if you're planning on putting a scope on the rifle with this kit, it will have to be a long eye relief scope, which can cost up to over 4 times what you paid for the rifle! It would be much easier to purchase a bent bolt kit and put a scope on that way. If you're thinking a Red Dot sight or another sight system, this is the perfect choice for you.
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on November 15, 2013
I can't believe how good this mount is for the price! I'm familiar with Nagants and how to remove the rear sight so I had no problems installing it. I didn't use the long screw that came with it. Instead I found two shorter screws that would screw into the mount and put one on each side. I have another mount on my British Enfield that came that way and I grew a liking to that design. It's a good mount. My rifle has this strange un-explainable disorder of only shooting straight with the bayonet extended..Haha yeah I know crazy right? It's true, and according to some things I've read I'm not alone there. Solution? Well it's a pain to use the rifle with the bayo extended all so I cut the thing off and..the actual spike that is. As far as the rifle knows the bayo is extended. I got off track here with the review for the mount. Buy the mount. (See pictures..The rifle on the table)
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on January 24, 2011
Not sure why this has so many bad reviews but I'm 100% happy with my mount. Mine did not have directions, and i'm sure my 4yr old could have figured it out. It does take a little work to get it set up correct but at this price you really can't complain. A local gun smith wanted $125 in labor to drill and tap the receiver and weld the turn down bolt that comes with other mounts.

As with all mounts that replace the rear leaf sight you must have a long eye relief scope(LER). For mine i chose the Crosman CenterPoint Adventure Class 2-7x32mm riflescope with dual illuminated reticle. My range is only 200 yards and i have no problems hitting a 8 in steel plate.

Since i had a few more inches before i would hit the scope with the bolt i replace the rings with these Leapers Accushot 1-Pc Offset Mount w/1 Rings, Weaver/Picatinny Mount. This put the scope in the perfect position for me. It does require me to load with out the use of stripper clips.

Seeing as this will be the only mount i plan to use, at least for now, i used blue loc-tite on all the screws. After 100 shots i've had not one mm of movement, which i measured using a digital caliper :)

This a a basic mount for the basic shooter. If your looking for something that's cheap and works perfect this is it. If your trying to hit a quarter at 500 yards then you wouldn't be looking at this anyway.
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on January 23, 2014
This worked out very well on my nagant, as another reviewer posted, leaving the left spring in was a great idea. However I did find it quicker and easier to just use the small bolt that came with it rather than drilling it out and using the original pin. It would probably look more aesthetically pleasing however I didnt see the need on my particular rifle. I would suggest (once its set how you like it) to red loctite the screws in place.

I have put probably close to 100 rounds down my nagant with this mount and a red dot scope and have had no problems what so ever. As other reviewers have posted the recoil is causing the bolt to come free and then snap, all I can say is RED LOCTITE THE CRAP OUT OF IT (not literally but you get the idea lol), it will save you from the headache later down the road. LOCTITE 37421 271 Red Heavy Duty Threadlocker - 6 ml Tube
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on March 24, 2013
I was a bit skeptical reading some of the reviews on this, but I was trying to find an inexpensive mounting system so I gave this a shot.

It worked perfectly, and is extremely solid.

A bit of advice, leave the spring in the rear site when you instal this guy. It creates the tension needed to keep this thing secure. Once in place, tighten down the locking screws to remove any kind of wiggle. If you remove the spring, i dont think it will stay secure.

I put 40 rounds down range with a scope mounted to this, and everything stayed in place.

If youre looking for a mounting system that is quick, easy, and less than the cost of the rifle itself, I highly recommend this.
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on March 11, 2015
Solid scope mount. I was first curious how it would remain solid to the weapon but after adjusting the screws the mount is rock solid. I made a mistake installing though. The mount includes a small screw and nut to replace the pin which holds in the rear sight. I forgot about the screw/nut and hammered the pin back in. The pin went in but chewed its way through the mount as the hole is slightly smaller. Even though that is not the way to install it, I believe it is a stronger connection that route.

Keep in mind, Mosin's aren't exactly set up to take a scope mount on the top. This isn't the mounts fault but anything you place on this mount puts it extremely high on the weapon. I also installed an Archagnel stock on my Mosin. I have the cheek risker adjusted very high to have a good sight picture and it is almost uncomfortable. We'll see next time I take it out though.
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on February 23, 2016
First, let's be clear about this product needing to be fit to your particular Mosin: it needs fitting and adjustment. I had to grind down the front step of mount for it to sit flush enough to insert the crossmount screw that goes through the pin holes. Additionally, as you read in other reviews, the front leveling screw which comes from the factory with a pointed end should be ground flat. It tightens against the front of the sight base and the point will mar the sight base if not flattened. When those two things are accomplished (grind the front step to fit, and grind flat the front leveling screw) then everything else is a piece of cake. There's no instructions because none are needed. Make sure you, AT THE VERY LEAST, use blue Loctite or an equivalent thread locker or this thing will shake loose from Mosin recoil. I mounted a red dot scope onto this product and after 130 rounds it's still holding tight. If this cost any more than what it does, then the stars would go down, but I gave 4 stars because at this price it's a good deal.
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