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4.0 out of 5 stars Be sneaky, in a somewhat guided tour
Thief is the fourth Thief game and a reboot of the original series. Thief has dedicated fans that have spanned a decade and a half because the original wasn't just a fantastic game, it defined a whole genre of games. This reboot attempts to take the heart of the game and then spawn a new and fantastic world from it.

Overall, it's been achieved. But here's my...
Published 6 months ago by Benjamin Archambault

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2.0 out of 5 stars All the Fun removed
Have been playing this now on / off for over a week, it just seems all the fun has been taken out of it.
For a modern game produced by the same group as Deux Ex this is a huge let down.
This game was presented as an open game play environment, well its not, almost completely scripted
just totally boring game play, hey you can not even jump unless your at a...
Published 6 months ago by F. Crew

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41 of 46 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Be sneaky, in a somewhat guided tour, February 25, 2014
This review is from: Thief [Online Game Code] (Software Download)
Thief is the fourth Thief game and a reboot of the original series. Thief has dedicated fans that have spanned a decade and a half because the original wasn't just a fantastic game, it defined a whole genre of games. This reboot attempts to take the heart of the game and then spawn a new and fantastic world from it.

Overall, it's been achieved. But here's my breakdown:


Garret (the protagonist) has very limited mobility. He operates like a normal human. He can't fall great distances, he has no spectacular strength. But he does land light on his feet. And it is with those skills that you must observe guards or anyone else who might sound an alarm and make your way past them -- often stealing their purse on your way.

Unlike previous Thief games, you're not very fast and you can't jump unless you're in a spot where you're allowed (which are not marked, but almost every place that makes sense to jump, you can). Instead of relying on speed to get away, the game strongly wants you, as the player, to sneak past your enemies (or knock them out or kill them). If an enemy sees you, you may have a few quick moments to attempt to hide (similar to the game Amnesia in many ways -- hide in a closet if you can or behind something where they won't find you).

You are also armed with gadgets to help you on your way. Using your arsenal, you can knock out or kill people and lights. You can even drop a rope, though the areas where rope drops are allowed are fairly rare.

Most of the game is played in a wide open area as a portal to levels. This small little open world also has areas you can't get into without certain tools (such as a wrench to open sewer grates or a wire cutter to get through a fence). You can rob the guards, find loot and access side-quests from this area. If you access a side-quest, a previously inert feature will allow interaction (for instance, you'll be able to open a window and sneak into a building that was previously inaccessible).

These optional missions provide you with more money and a better understanding of the factions in the world.

Speed control and rumble add a lot to the game, so I recommend playing it with an XBOX 360 Controller plugged into your USB port.


Thief was optimized for AMD cards. My nVidia 650Ti card handles the graphics nicely, and double buffering (capping frame rats at 30fps) keeps the game running very smoothly from easy-to-render to very-open-difficult-to render areas.

Nonetheless, what I see is gorgeous. As a thief, you'll want to look in every nook and cranny. And every nook and cranny looks great, even on the lowest graphical settings. Everything has a hand-crafted feel to it. You'll see many duplicated objects (especially paintings), but their placement in the world just works, making the overall feeling of the world a place that has actually been lived in.

Characters look like people, though somehow just a shade comic-book-like in proportions. But everything works together, so the characters are still very enjoyable to look at.

The sounds in the game are, for the most part, spectacular. I play with 5.1 surround and I can hear exactly where everyone is. Environmental effects on the sounds cue you as to what type of environment that they are in, so you can hear when they enter a marble room versus a small cozy bedroom versus a wide open dining hall.

During the more open-world parts of the game, you can stand outside of windows and listen to rumors which provide useful clues as to the on-goings and mysteries with the city.

Level Design and Loading:
Overall, I'm in love with the level design. It feels a lot like Batman: Arkham City/Asylum in its build. However, sometimes game play trumps what makes sense in the world. And I would prefer the two to blend together.

A few examples of this would be: Some doors to homes don't have locks on some of the doors that lead outside, while other doors do. And there are ventilation areas that just don't make sense (except to move Garret from one place to another).

Nonetheless, I'm in love with the level design because they've built a world where you feel like you're sneaking through real homes and businesses and snatching up what you need.

As you move from location to location, the game loads more content. This can cause hiccups if your video RAM or on-board RAM can't handle your settings. I had to turn down the texture detail on my machine to remove any traces of stutter during on-the-fly loading.

Although the levels are designed well, they are still a guided tour. You cannot stack crates and get on top of a bookshelf. You cannot get into a wagon and hide. You cannot jump over a small box and hide in the pile of debris on the side of the street, even though you'd badly like to. In fact, you can't get anywhere unless the designers specifically allowed you to get there. This makes a bit of a more linear game. That said, there are so many options that are available to you, that I was able to forgive the lack of total freedom.

I am a Thief veteran, so I decided to start up on the most difficult setting. So far, I've been pleased with the difficulty. Early reviews indicated that enemies could not see Garret when they should, but that has not been my experience at all. If I'm out of the shadows, someone's going to see me if they look my direction.

If you have played some of the later Splinter Cell games (Conviction or Blacklist), then I can assure you that it works similar to those. When an enemy can see you, a small gauge shows up. If it fills up, then you are seen. So if someone sees you out of the corner of their eye, you can still dart into shadow and the enemy will just assume their eyes were playing tricks on them.

So far, I'm quite satisfied.

Is This Game For You?
If you enjoyed the first Thief game, then you may want to give this a shot just to experience it. But it is not the first Thief. Amazon sells Thief and it's a great game that still plays just fine today (after you reassign controls on your keyboard -- WASD was not very popular back then).

If you played and enjoyed Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction or Blacklist or Tomb Raider, then you'll feel at home with this game. Also, if you want to have a great experience of sneaking around as a Thief in a low-magic fantasy steampunkish (more steam, less punk) setting, then do yourself a favor and pick it up.


The game is not perfect. You do not have free reign to do as you please as much as previous Thief games and without a very good computer system, you'll likely have some stutter periodically. But I'm have a great time playing it. I feel truly sneaky when I pull off a great heist. And given Garret's limitations, the feeling is even greater. I just have a sneaking suspicion that the developers knew the exact path I'd take for most of my sneaking, which mildly diminishes my sense of accomplishment.

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27 of 32 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars All the Fun removed, March 12, 2014
This review is from: Thief [Online Game Code] (Software Download)
Have been playing this now on / off for over a week, it just seems all the fun has been taken out of it.
For a modern game produced by the same group as Deux Ex this is a huge let down.
This game was presented as an open game play environment, well its not, almost completely scripted
just totally boring game play, hey you can not even jump unless your at a scripted point.
If you have played any other Thief games this comes off as a poor effort and actually back peddles many
of the enjoyable things Thief games are about.
Truly wished I would have passed on this as it is not only a waste of time but money as well
Wait for a huge price cut and even then maybe pass.
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4.0 out of 5 stars After day one - a Thief 3 fan's review - PC version, March 11, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Thief [Online Game Code] (Software Download)
So for anyone that cares I took some time to write something of a (longish) preliminary review after day 1 of "Thief4". Overall I would say the game is better than I expected. We are not blown away but after a rough start we *are* enjoying it now. Any real thief fans should get it and check it out. Be prepared to be quite disappointed and hate it a lot during the tutorial. The game does get more enjoyable though, and more "Thief3-like" as time goes on. It helps once you figure the game out, configure the game to your tastes/skill level, and get used to certain changes.

Firstly I recommend setting Master difficulty and disabling the "focus" mode immediately which is essentially a lame immersion-breaking cheat/help mode you should only ever use if you are very stuck, imo. Master difficulty has not seemed too hard, we were happy that we got caught and failed/died sometimes. These are reasons why we hated it at first :

1 .There's too many help-features that make stuff too easy to find and break immersion, such as aggro-icons and health-bars.
2. Lockpicking feels lamer/is way too easy
3. The Shinies shine too fast and are too distracting/obvious
4. The new voice-actor isnt as good as Steven Russell sounds more generic like most video game tough-guys).
5. Garret looks a little too girly/wussy now (kindof elf-ish) and is too "fancied-up".
6. They trivialized some of the game-play that was better when it was more tactical/difficult (like blackjacking is now just a single-key takedown, and archery seems dumbed-down)
7. The keybinding interface and menu system in general is pretty basic and bad (e.g. you can't bind like shift-f or cntrl-anything).
8. You can't jump whenever you want (which nearly made my head explode at first), only where it makes sense
9. The game won't let you fall off of beams easily and kill yourself which feels lame.
10. During the tutorial you end up having to following this annoying emo thief-girl around who seems to be your student of sorts that just makes you want to slap her every time she says anything. First of all, Garrett works alone! Secondly, she's just annoying.
11. Almost forgot - the first person cam is so wobbly when looting things, at first it was making me a little nauseous.
12. the guard dialogue lacks the amusing personality they had in t3

That's the worst of it and you get hit with every bit of it during the tutorial, so it leaves you reeling a bit. The Thief 3 tutorial definitely was a lot better/smoother more immersive and more fun. That said, things get a lot better in Chapter 1 after you've suffered through the tutorial. Here is how the above "gripe - list" gets addressed as the game goes on (these numbers correspond to the complaints above):

1. The game is very good about providing a lot of options for disabling HUD-hinty type of stuff to make the game harder and increase immersion. However I recommend leaving everything on at first (except focus mode) until you learn the game. We turned everything off at first and it was making the tutorial even more annoying as we couldn't figure out how to do certain things. As time went on we have disabled health-bars and aggro-idicators as well. I expect we'll turn more off as we get better with the game.
2. You run into locks that are much harder than the tutorial in Ch1.
3. You get over the quick shining rate (and you can disable it entirely if you really want to)
4. The new voice actor will never be as good, but you start to notice that he does put some style into it, and he is starting to grow on me more.
5. Garret's new look still bothers me, but it's a minor complaint.
6. I can accept some of the dumbed-down game-play one as part of main-streaming the game to more modern standards.
7. The keybinding interface's basicness still annoys me, but you learn to work with it.
8. The lack of jumping is somewhat countered by a new move: swooping, which is a short slide move, akin to Mega Man X
9. You find later there are places you can fall and get hurt/die accidentally, so it's not all on rails.
10. The annoying chick doesn't persist into Chapter 1 and is gone (thank god), at least for now.
11. You get used to the wobbly looting pretty quick.
12. Some of the guard dialogue is amusing but in a more boring/crass way. I still miss the t3 gaurds, i miss benny. I miss "taffer" (now they curse for real instead, it's kinda generic and lame).

There are other positive points:

- obviously the graphics etc are modern and much better, yet the retain the "feel" of The City from t3.
- they did a really good job, I think, on making the first person animations well done and immersive
- i'm somewhat impressed with just how much HUD/help-mode stuff they allow you to disable. In fact they let you take it too far, imo, if you want and you can choose to make the game too hard this way.
- the AI is improved, at least for visual discovery on Master mode. The guards were better at catching us in iffy visual situations from pretty far off. so far they are pretty dumb on sound but I expect they will become more keen.
- the movies are solidly well done and entertaining, and the storyline is good enough and interesting so far.
- I have been enjoying the new slide move
- I also enjoy the new ability to grab bottles etc and toss them as a distraction, I think this is a nice addition that is fun, somewhat realistic and actually adds to immersion.
- I enjoy the new first-person angle movies quite a bit.
- jury is still out on the new melee combat moves (dodging etc). Fighting in thief is not my play style.

and one more negative:

The game feels less sand-boxy and more mmo-like in terms of finding special items now seem to be mostly discovered via side-quests your dealer gives you, and not items you find by listening to towns-folk and guards.
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1.0 out of 5 stars The only thief review that needs to be read, March 10, 2014
This review is from: Thief [Online Game Code] (Software Download)
Please read this review if your a games developer, especially if you worked on this game. I am about to state the only review you need to read about this game and why it's fared so poorly. I am not about to flame you, I actually want you to succeed in future for your own and our benefit. (you want to make money, we want DECENT games!)

Reasons why this game has failed and completely sucks and is worse than it's predecessors:

1) Button bashing "E" to lift windows and planks etc (or button bashing period) is NOT an edgy, skillful or dramatic/suspenseful part of game design, it's actually quite irritating. You do not see people talk about how they wished there was more button bashing in games because it is just lazy and poor programming and is plain boring. How can you possibly make a game, with all this new technology and all your development resources, WORSE than a game that came out fifteen years ago on a modest budget? How is it even possible? Do you not feel ashamed? Because you really should.

2) You removed the ability for people to jump when they want to. Why? Does it make it easy for the 10 year olds - if so, why add all the porn to the game? If you're old enough to be watching boobies then you should be old enough to complete simple tasks... Or is it just too inconvenient for the linear plot? Wouldn't want anybody accidentally exploring, would we?

3) At the end of thief 3, Garrett became a keeper. In this game what happened to the keepers? He enters an old keeper compound and mentions nothing of it, same with the hammerite cathedral - almost nothing in there correlates to the rich history in the previous thief games. Does he now have amnesia? Is it all forgotten? If you wanted to make a new game in a new direction, then make a new damned game! Don't ride the name of a classic such as thief, make a new game with a new theme and call it something more appropriate - like "the man who opens dressers" or "The collector".

4) Why does a thief who's main way of living is to steal in order to fence stolen items to pay the bills, collect jewels and paintings? I really doubt Garrett appreciates fine art or cares about having a collection of useless trinkets lest he become as bad as those from which he stole. What is the point in having a collection if he can be caught at any moment? We don't need achievements to feel accomplished or to have our hands held all of the way with parts of the landscape that become "highlighted" when they are interact able. At least make that loot sellable; speaking of loot - since when has an ink bottle become loot? Why is all the loot the same everytime? Spent so much time on graphics, lighting and sound that you forgot about using a little imagination and creativity?

5) The old thief games lets you explore, you can plot your own way in, pick which rooms you do or do not wish to enter. This game is linear - you are forced to go the way which you are told to go, that is very boring and UN-immersive. Indeed you can't even fire a rope arrow at any piece of wood and climb to get to places. You have to climb at developer approved places, which is horrible because it removes using the terrain and building structures to your advantage.

6) You turned thief into an action/fps type game - all of a sudden Garrett is a super hero with focus (magic) abilities and he wants to save the world and the girl - all completely over-done, un-imaginative, copy and pasted crap from all the other action/fps games! He is a damned thief! A villain! He will help if it helps himself, but now he has a girlfriend he wants to rescue? Completely lame and shameful. You had something nice here and you turned it into something generic and crap.

7) BOOM HEADSHOTS! Yes! What this game really needed was headshots. Fine, headshots should be an instant kill. But I think the only reason you added this feature is to appease all those dude-bro FPS gamers that want yet another generic "woah lol" feel to a game they probably won't play and enjoy and isn't your target audience.

8) Sorry but Assasin's creed already exists. Thief existed before it, in fact. Personally I find the original thief games far more thrilling. So stop making this game into something it isn't and shouldn't be.

9) I can't believe you added a "boss". Yes, a boss...complete with almost invulnerability - the thief-taker general. Seriously. Think about it. Before you made this game, you should have all been instructed to at least play the previous games to have an idea of what you are going to do in this one. We don't need end-bosses, it's not that kind of game. He shouldn't be getting caught by him all the time because he's a master thief. If the trickster (you "developers" probably don't know about him) can not see Garrett and the trickster is a god, then why can the thief taker general? And why is his health points all buffed up? Is he super human? Is this world of warcraft and we need to tank him? Why the hell does he shoot fire arrows all the time? And yes, predictably you can finish him...yup, just like mortal combat. You guys really screwed up this game to the point of you hated what you had to work with so you decided to go your own way with it. You should do, but again - don't use the thief name. I doubt this game would have sold many copies if you didn't ride the bandwagon I guess.

10) Techno music. This is a sneaky stealth game, generic, boring techno music when you've been caught doesn't add to the feeling of the game, it adds to your failure as a games developer. The music in theif should be sinister and creepy, like the original thief games you've tried to imitate so poorly.

11) Achievements. Enough said.

12) A talent tree? Really? Why not just add XP and level up system too? Oh, that's right - you were going to until the fans protested. The whole productions should have been protested had we known how much you'd mess things up.

13) The game is so linear you might as well have removed all of the movement keys (why did you stop at jumping? the rest is on rails so why not go all the way?) The only part of this game where you can actually do as you please is in the city...but we don't play thief games to peruse the streets.

14) Running away from a burning bridge and other things that stop you from back-tracking. Again, this is thief, you should have the option to go grab the things you missed before exiting the area.

15) The plot is ridiculous, incoherent and full of plot holes so large you can fit the entire population of burricks into it and still have room to spare. Save the girl...who's inside your head? and teleports you to random places that umm...we don't know where. Why steal those boring ideas from other boring games.

16) A big annoying sound effect when you die and he looks at his hands for 3 seconds and it doesn't give you a chance to quick load once the pointless sequence has started. In fact the person that did all the music in this game probably thought he was creating the soundtrack for a generic FPS game. Fire him/her and get someone with talent who understands the game.

17) The light gem. It actually looks worse than the 15 year old original did. It's just a white/black ying/yang ball.

18) You removed an immerse system that let you plan your thieving activities and replaced it with a mini-map...awwww! Just like in counterstrike! Yey! It was much more immersive when he had a map that was basically a poor, hand-made one and you had to kind of make a best guess at things. You used to have a compass to navigate with - that was enough. But then, console gamers might get all confused, right? Same with the documents you collect. The system for looting scrolls and being able to re-read them was nice the way it was, now it's just like checking e-mails in game. Are you monumentally stupid? Or do you just not understand the whole conceptual idea behind the game? This game is an insult to the original developers and ideas. You know they actually spent time, going around Europe, taking pictures and creating the buildings from them. It's called research. You did none. The graphics is about all that makes me awe at this game, oh and looking through keyholes was an excellent idea too, so it's not all bad.

19) Navigational arrows, highlights above guards heads to show they are "alert". If you made the AI better, you wouldn't need to have alert signals above their heads. Do you think the Nazi's in world war 2 had little eye symbols above them to show the great escapees how "alert" they were? No. Point is - you took away the realism from the game. It feels lifeless and...uh...checkpoints? Sigh. Being sneaky and paying attention to your surroundings is yet another aspect of the thief series that you screwed up. Why not just add a GPS system to track guards too? Opps, giving you ideas for a sequel - my bad.

20) Blackjacking is now a fully automated "action" sequence. Taking the gaming out of the game. Why don't you just create a movie if you don't want people to actually interact with the game in any way?

21) You pandered to the lowest common denominator and dumbed down the game so much that all the jar-heads with simple minds could play it. You didn't need to. You could have just made it like the previous 3 games and been a huge success, but no, you just pander to the majority instead of continuing a unique game. A sad and lost opportunity if you ask me.

22) Garrett how the fans know him is a stealthy thief and doesn't get caught up in high speed chases and climb clumsily up drainpipes making a hell of a noise.

23) Picking locks is terrible and designed for control pads. The thief 3 lock picking system was far superior and controller friendly.

24) Blackjacking guards is now all a scripted event - simply stand close (not even behind) the guard and yes, you guessed it, press "E". Ya know? Because it's waaaay to difficult to time it perfectly and sneak up to them stealthy like a thief.

25) Guards have boring and predictable conversations with each other. Voice acting is good but what they had to say was awfully written and boring, it's like Chinese that has been translated sometimes too. We miss guard "Benny" and all the dumb stuff they used to say.

26) Story - I wrote a story much better when I was 12 years old writing a short for my school teacher. The storyline in this game was probably written by one of the game designers little (8-10 year old) girl/boy so they can make a claim to fame and to make daddy proud or whatever. Cute, but costly and an embarrassment. Probably one of the worst stories ever written for any game/movie ever.
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3.0 out of 5 stars A reasonably entertaining game, but fails to capture the magic of the originals, June 24, 2014
A. Whitehead "Werthead" (Colchester, Essex United Kingdom) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Thief [Online Game Code] (Software Download)
Thief is a reboot and revival of the classic Thief Trilogy of video games: The Dark Project (1998), The Metal Age (2002) and Deadly Shadows (2004). These games were hugely influential in their introduction of stealth elements to video games, with importance placed not on combat and killing enemies but on the player sneaking past foes and 'ghosting' through levels to complete objectives with the enemy not even being away of their presence. The SF roleplaying game Deus Ex (2000) also followed a similar strategy, though gave players more tools to choose stealth, combat or other options as they wished.

When Eidos Montreal released Deus Ex: Human Revolution in 2011, they received praise for managing the difficult feat of making a game that honoured its predecessor's freeform choices and design whilst also making the title more accessible and approachable to modern gamers. Hopes were high that they could manage a similar balancing act with Thief. It is questionable if they have succeeded.

The newest incarnation of Thief is superficially similar to its forebears. You have a large hub area in the City where you can buy supplies, carry out opportunistic robberies or undertake minor side-quests for different employers. There is also a storyline that you can dip into and out of at will. Garrett is not very good at combat (although he does receive upgrades as the game progresses and can hold his own more effectively later on), so stealth is the order of the day. Hiding in shadows, moving quietly and making use of both the environment and tools such as rope arrows are all essential to avoid tedious fights which will usually end with Garrett's death. The game puts a large amount of importance on light, with enemies only being able to spot you motionless in well-lit areas. Water arrows can be used to extinguish torches and Garrett has a special 'swooping' move which can be used to move rapidly through lit areas whilst only briefly confusing guards, rather than fully alerting them to your presence.

All of this is theoretically good stuff, and the game is at its best in tense moments where you have infiltrated the heart of a dangerous location and one wrong move can spell disaster. However, it also feels stage-managed. Unlike the previous titles, you can only use rope arrows on specific beams of wood, which makes no sense. The game also discourages you from using certain lit routes by making the light sources indestructible gas lamps (which inexplicably can't be smashed by any of the tools at your disposal, including explosives) or oil lamps instead of torches. Exactly how oil lamps in the City work when they have no external controls of any kind is something the game leaves a mystery. The game then goes a step further into hand-holding by allowing you to jump and climb walls in certain contextual circumstances, usually by sign-painting climbable walls in white paint or sticking very large and obvious grills on them. Thief seems to delight in giving you an array of options and toys to play with and then arbitrarily places restrictions on how and when you can use them.

There's still usually a variety of different ways of accomplishing each task, but these boil down into two or three approaches per mission that everyone will experience. The original Thief trilogy was more of a simulation, which let you run riot with the tools and abilities in the game in large, sandbox-like levels, with dozens of viable approaches for each situation at hand. The new Thief never comes close to replicating that experience. Sequels should expand and improve upon their forebears, so for this game to be more limited than what came before is disappointing.

Even worse for Thief was the release of Dishonored in late 2012. A homage and love letter to the Thief series (amongst others), Dishonored featured a mix of stealth, combat and magic in a weirdpunk world that felt more like the original Thief games than the official reboot does. Dishonored did place more emphasis on magic and combat, but it was also extremely atmospheric with a well-designed world, a reasonably well-written (if not particularly original) storyline and a well-defined supporting cast of characters. Thief, on the other hand, features a wafer-thin backdrop, a badly-written and corny storyline and a largely forgettable cast of cliches. If you haven't played or are not interested in playing Dishonored, such a comparison may be meaningless, but between the two games Thief stands as the weaker.

None of this is to say that Thief is a terrible game. As the first title in a new franchise it would have gotten a much more favourable reception, and there is much to enjoy about it. The game is decently long: doing all the side-quests will take it well over 20 hours, and successfully 'ghosting' some of the trickier missions gives a real sense of achievement. There are a couple of missions, most notably the excursion to the lunatic asylum, which are chillingly atmospheric and well-designed. And, as superficial as they are, the game systems are intermittently effective at creating the illusion of being a master thief. It never really lasts very long, however, and in the endgame Thief loses whatever grasp it had on being a stealth title and turns into a linear action adventure with you dodging explosions, defeating your enemies in a series of boss fights and completing the game in the exact one way the designers want you to, to get a tediously predictable cliffhanger ending. I should probably also mention the mutant enemies who have super senses and can't be disabled with a takedown, which are a woeful game design decision.

Thief (***) is an enjoyable stealth game that fails to live up to the titles that came before it and is distinctly less accomplished than the similar Dishonored but, when taken on its own merits, is entertaining enough to merit a play-through. But the title falls way short of its potential.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Good game but pricey, lag-y, and error-prone., June 11, 2014
This review is from: Thief [Online Game Code] (Software Download)
I have been wanting this game for a long time but when I finally got my hands on it I had mixed feelings.


-Great graphics
-Easy to use controls
-Relatively open world
-Love the fact that Garrett is wearing what looks like a corset!

-I’m a thief who can only jump if I’m by a ledge
-Erin is a really annoying and unlikable character
-Floating desk items in The Bank Heist
-Smuggler’s Maps unfinished?
-Often have to go through special windows or cramped/boxed corridors to get to other parts of city. Gets repetitive.
-Mannish women
-Spinning watchman in clock tower square
-I wish there was a way to knock out opponents from a distance, like in the game ‘Dishonored’.
-Can’t tell if I killed someone or just knocked them out. Want to go without kills…but no way to be sure. Will feel bad if I killed the maid.
-In-game map closes when entering a new area
-Speeches repeat themselves mid-speech
-At one point, a speech was repeating over and over and over again while I was in the area. If I hear about the ‘sweetest dock frock ever’ one more time…
-Expensive-looking collectibles…and I can’t make any money off of them!!
-Constant lagging
-Cut scenes get heavy lag, too
-Bodies stuck in the air…and they can be walked through!
-Would be nice if I could access the map without having to scroll down to it in the F1 menu. If I could just click on it directly, that’d be good. Or maybe if it were the first option instead?
-Would be nice if I could exit out of all actions the same way…like with the right mouse button. But focus can only be existed by hitting the F button again.
-Inexplicably go from Erin kneeling in front of Garrett inside a ship to suddenly hanging off the edge outside. HUH??
-Even after game was completed, some gated locations remained closed. Is this a tease or did I miss a way to open them?

In summary, the game suffers from lagging and game errors. A little tweaking here and there in the game with controls and such would also make it more enjoyable. A good game, but it’s frustrating that it requires such a good gaming computer and still has these issues. And its price is too high for a game with these problems.
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5.0 out of 5 stars DEFINITELY Worth $15, June 16, 2014
greg (nowhere for too long) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Thief [Online Game Code] (Software Download)
I was iffy on grabbing this not because I didn't think it be worth the $15 its on sale for but because I wasn't sure I would like the gameplay... as I have little or no patience for games that require stealth. I am happy to say that the game offers a massive amount of customization that allows you to really approach the game any way you like. If you enjoy testing your meddle and getting into shadow play I would say you are in for a masterpiece. I on the other hand was able to adjust some in game settings and approach it from a fast paced, more violent perspective. The atmosphere, characters, writing and controls will suck you right in instantly. As something of a jaded gamer who finds that he can probably write and create stories better than most games that are released I am definitely pleased with what I'm seeing so far. I am really getting into the Thief character and his story and find that I am not repulsed by it at all, like I am with so many other games that seem to do that to me. I can't say that the game is worth $60 bucks but its obvious that the people who made this game did a meticulous job in all aspects and I would *definitely* say its worth $30 in today's game sales environment. If you can pick it up for $20 or less its a no brainer. Definitely *not* a game where you should wait for it to be $7.49 or $4.99.. you should support these developers so they will continue to bring us the quality entertainment we deserve.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Great graphics, but expected more. Much more., April 18, 2014
This review is from: Thief [Online Game Code] (Software Download)
The graphics are really nice. But, I've played all of the other Thief games and was expecting something very different.
I was expecting more unique loot, beyond just candle sticks, forks, and pens. Why even bother with those things?
I was expecting more secret passageways and hidden rooms. At one point in the game, we get to break into a house of an architect who loves secret passage ways and hidden rooms. Well, in the game, it's singular.. A hidden room and a hidden passage way. Not multiple like in previous games where an area could have five or six of them.

The main city area is also a bit hard to navigate since everything looks almost the same in a pretty but dark sort of way. I mean, really, we couldn't have had at least one area of town be built out of stone, or had a red light district or something just to make it a bit easier to get around?

Some of the best Thief elements were also minimized. Sure, you could use rope arrows or water arrows, but they were more of an after thought. In past Thief games, water arrows were much more important.

The game was also very tight. By tight, I mean the levels and areas seemed on the small side. No massive grand rooms or views. It was just tight.

So it is an okay game. It could have been a great game though.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Thief Xbox one playthrough, March 4, 2014
This review is from: Thief [Online Game Code] (Software Download)
I have thief for xbox one and PC. I can't get PC to work, but I have played through most of the Xbox one game; The combat system needs a bit of work, yes you're a thief, but I would have liked more combat options if I came to it. You have a lot of good hiding places, and the story itself is very nice, but the Forsaken chapter has to be one of the most scariest ones I have every played through period. (Spoilers) Especially when doors open and shut by themselves. Now, I will say that Garret is detached from the situation at hand. I can enjoy it, it fits who he is, and overall it's a nice story. I will say that hiding is your best bet through out the game and staying hidden. Overall the game is decent, I would play through it several times (Like I have been doing) And even though it's a first person game? I do enjoy it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A fantastic homage to the originals, and a new experience for the new generations!, February 25, 2014
This review is from: Thief [Online Game Code] (Software Download)
My experience has been nothing short of an adrenaline rush so far. The graphics are gorgeous, setting is a modern day version of the original. I am a hardcore original Thief/Thief The Metal Age Fan. Gave a harsh review to Deadly Shadows. This game feels like home. Those five words capture the game so well.

In my opinion this is the best stealth game of the last few years. Dishonored accomplished a new type of game. It had a Steampunk-type Victorian theme, but otherwise was hardly memorable. Thief just does it. On master difficulty or custom difficulty you can really challenge yourself. Besides the challenge, the mood is unparallelled in current games. With all of the genres being defined already in gaming, a sequel is sometimes great. This is one of those times.

Where else can you use water arrows to shoot at lights, snuff out candles, and not bother killing anyone in a mission and feel rewarded for being a skillful player? Where else can you get the feel of a gothic Victorian city that antagonizes you to steal because of the deplorable conditions of the area? The sound really creates the mood just as the original EAX experience did. The weird cult elements are present that have a thin line between a fantasy game and reality. Even though Garret's voice is new, his voice acting is fantastic and really draws you into the world of the "City".

Are there any other stealth games coming out soon that fit this mood? If you own a PS4 and want Metal Gear 5...that may be your only other shot at stealth this year. Sure, they announced a port of the Deus Ex mobile game for pc...hardly a AAA full title though.

A bad sequel would have changed to modern times, disregarded the nature of the original completely, lacked in graphics polish, and not given the fans anything they wanted. While paying homage to the original game Thief manages to accomplish all of these things. As a hardcore fan of the originals I also can't imagine how cool this game will be for someone that's new to the series. No matter what you tell most younger gamers or some older gamers, they won't go back and try a game from the late 90's or early 2000's. They are used to today's modern graphics and mechanics. Quake might still feel like a warm cup of soup when we're sick, but it feels like a lame experience for those that grew up on Borderlands, Halo, Gears of War, and "next-gen" games.

The people that are hating on this game may have a personal reason for doing so. Maybe it didn't strike their mood. Maybe they were expecting something different. It's completely understandable to want to feel it like the first time every part of life! For me, sitting with surround sound headphones and an awesome PC is a great experience with the new Thief.

Games are meant to entertain us. If they don't do that job, they should be still be reviewed fairly. This is one of those times that I wish two editors existed to give multiple opinions on every site. The media is lazy and quick to point fingers. It's their job to meet deadlines. Fair and Balanced reviews (unlike Fox News, MSNBC, IGN, etc.) rarely exist outside of the gaming communities. Perfect scores are regularly given to the billion dollar studios for lack of innovation and an extremely addictive multiplayer game. The Last of Us won nearly every award for Game of the Year last year. I can barely sit through the load times on single player let alone multiplayer. The story was great, but it's in a saturated genre and culture that's obsessed with the Walking Dead and zombies right now. Hell, my community college has a course on "The History of the Zombie Apocalypse".

To anyone that's on the fence about buying this game before a sale, you have to play something before judging it. I don't blame you for being reserved about paying 50-60 bucks for a game in this economy. Some must pick and choose, others have money to throw around. Waiting for a sale is always fine, but the weather sucks on the East Cold and it's cold dammit! Maybe rent it from Gamefly if you have that. Watching a video on Youtube never gives you control of a game. The feel of games and interaction is highly overlooked. You need to experience something first hand. Someone might miss a game that they could fall in love with. Devil May Cry looked stupid to me, but there is something about duel-wielding pistols and rapidly hitting buttons that satisfies my demons.

Hope this helps somebody or entertains another.

Bravo Square Enix. I thank you for a proper PC version as well. Slightly choppy at some points on a tricked out system, but I know patches and new video drivers will fix. Also: Garret's new voice actor is superb, and his companion Erin is well done. The only thing I might miss is the drunken guards singing, "Buh bahhhh, buh buh bahhhhhhh, buhh bahhh, HEY! I taught I heard sumfin!"
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