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I've had this tent for about 10 days now, and I've been shooting my watches for Invicta....I must say that the light is very very flattering when using this tent. Positioning of the lights is very important, and while the tent softens the still have work to do to get a great image. I have the 48 inch tent, and it's very very large...large enough to put small children in and shoot them. The fabric is top quality, and the sweeps/backdrops it comes with are nice velvet pieces. They do need to be ironed and can handle a good amount of heat on the non-Velvet side so I do recommend you iron on that side flattens out pretty easily with steam. I've uploaded 2 images of my watches so you can see the quality of the light given by this tent. Folding it was pretty easy once you do it the first time (ten minutes) it's very fast the next time. If needed you can always go on YOUTUBE and check some videos on how to fold a tent... Feel free to ask any the reviews here are not very helpful. Thanks, Sylvester Potter Photography
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on May 11, 2014
The actual size of this cube is 46x46. First of all once you pop this open and steam out the wrinkles you won't ever want to fold it up again. Steaming out the wrinkles every time you unfold this product is not what you want to spend two hours doing each use. Instead steam it out once, like i did, and to store it flat just pull the panels to each other. So keep the 46x46 inch panels erect, and pull the sides in so your unit is 46x46 and a depth of like 4 inches. (do not twist and fold the panels into the quarter size to go back into its storage bag). So now you have all 4 panels flat to each other and can store the unit behind a door or under your shoot table. BUT now you want to keep it clean as the material is a beautiful white, i bought a vinyl tarp 6'x10' and when folded in 1/2 it is 5'x6' (a roomy storage sleeve) which is plenty of tarp to put the flattened "cube" inside and fold edges to keep dust and dirt out. They do sell smaller tarps if you prefer a 4'x8' tarp folded is a "perfect 4'x4' storage sleeve" for your flatened cube. Tarps sell at $3-8 bucks. Be sure and buy only a white or a silver tarp, as you do not want color rubbing onto your cube.
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on July 19, 2013
I am glad I got this size for the objects I shoot. I'm using flash from both sides and on top in my initial experiments and it seems to be providing a soft even coverage that looks good for my tests. I basically just got this but I like it already.

Things to note: It felt clumsy to fold back up the first time. It is helpful if you understand the folding of a "5 in 1" reflector.
I may be able to post a video in the future, showing how I do it for those who are having trouble.

The backgrounds are nice and they fold into squares so you may need to steamm or iron the wrinkles out. I am thinking about just tossing one into the dryer for about 10 minutes to see if that might help but I will contact the manufacturer for advice on that before I do. I like the velvety feel they have on the shooting side.

I stand 5' 11" and was able to sit inside this with headroom so pets, children or maybe even headshots will be possible? I would be careful as the fabric doesn't feel cheap but that kind of abuse , I'm sure, is not it's intended use.

I use it mostly for lighting highly reflective items or shiny objects where cutting glare is important. It has performed very well at this.
I use cheap yung nuo speedlites 560's and they are perfect for this. I will update as I continue testing and trying new techniques.

The front, with a slit opening for sticking your camera through , is a very nice touch.
The worst part , as others have already pointed out, is the instructions on folding. Just be patient and practice the motion once you get it. Don't try and force it as it might rip and make you think it's the product when actually, it's just lack of proper instructions.
I didn't need to turn to youtube for instruction but I'm sure there is something helpful there. If not, I will try and fill that void.

Good luck and enjoy!
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on May 13, 2016
Nice, but the first thing that I noticed when I unpackaged it was some rust stains on the fabric near the steel frame. On further inspection, there is rust running down the middle of one side of the steel frame in that area (and possibly elsewhere). The product description plainly says stainless steel spring frame, which cannot be true because stainless steel does not rust to this extent. Apparently also the product was stored in a moist environment at some point, which doesn't inspire confidence.

That said, I will probably keep this because the it seems pretty functional and I really like the nylon velour fabric. In spite of the rust, it costs less than I'm charging for one of the product photos that I'm using it for, so that is a good value.

The seller should update the listing to reflect that the frame is merely steel (or spring steel, if that's the case).
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on April 11, 2015
The light tent itself is a great product- does exactly what it's supposed to do. What the sellers of this light tent doesn't tell you that it's impossible to fold, and will burn up your precious time (and that of your client's, if you didn't test this out first) trying to fold the damn thing into it's "carrying case." That defeats the entire purpose of being a "portable" equipment.

Returning this after one test shot and a hour of wasted time twisting and turning the product into its case.
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on March 9, 2010
I am so glad I didn't get a smaller tent. I shoot textiles and some can be quite small. Even so, I don't regret getting a larger tent. There's room to set up items without knocking into the sides and disturbing the setting. But the initial set up of the tent was surprising. It popped out of the case like that scene from The Dick VanDyke Show when Laura opens the closet door and the inflatable boat pops open. It was a bit of a shock and nearly took out one of my lights. So a word to the wise: hang onto an edge when opening it up or it will go flying! (Even so, it will try to go flying!) The backdrop cloth did have a lot of fold creases but after a few days of hanging, that got better. A steamer works better than an iron to get those creases out. Love the fact it came with 4 different backdrop colors. The light is wonderfully even. I highly recommend this tent.
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on March 7, 2015
The product itself is OK, but a serious weakness is a complete LACK OF INSTRUCTIONS packed with the product, including a lack of user instructions at the Square Perfect website (unless it's there and I failed to find it).

I've used numerous spring-based, folding light reflectors and light modifiers over a period of 3 decades... However, this tent has FOUR spring hoops that not only have to be collapsed in a precise (but unspecified) sequence, they also have to be opened in a particular sequence. It took me half an hour to figure out how to open the tent. I have NO CLUE how to fold it up. Now I have this massive four-foot cube ballooned out in the middle of the room, squatting like a big white elephant. I tried without success for a half-hour to collapse it. I was constantly concerned I'd break the springs or rip the fabric if I made a forceful but wrong move.

PLEASE, Square Perfect, create a very clear, simple, 1-2-3 set of instructions on exactly how to open and how to collapse this otherwise attractive product. I scanned the "user manuals" section of the website and the product page for this item, but did not see instructions for the product in either place.

Regarding construction: All I've done is open it, once. Stress on the fabric has already caused a few small tears to develop at critical points; I hope the tears don't run. Also, the shooting slit is fixed and vertical span is limited - suggest the shooting slit be expanded vertically, and made adjustable, such as by zipper or velcro.

SUN Mar 8, 2015: Thank you Bill Neil for the comment to watch the upbeat and spirited video:

I studied the video, and after several battles, succeeded in folding the tent. The video is great, but it uses a much smaller tent for the demonstration. Due to the sheer size of the 48" tent, I was unable to duplicate the moves as shown in the video. I had to use a couch to "hold" one of the corners while I used both hands on an opposing corner to start the necessary twist. It ended up more of a wrestling match than a set of graceful movements.

Now I understand that even if you know what moves need to be made, considerable strength will be required to fold the 48" tent. Also, I had to try various corners of the "half-folded" form until I found a set of corners that were amenable to the fold.

It all takes time and is an awkward, clumsy struggle. I would have to rehearse and mark specific corners before I would consider entering a situation where I had to appear capable in folding the tent, since the numerous fails quickly degenerate into a comedy act, which isn't in keeping with a professional profile in front of a paying client, especially one who is paying by the hour...
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on March 4, 2015
Great light box! I went with the 48" and even though I know what 48" looks like it's still surprised me at just how big this sucker really is! It takes up a big chunk of floor space in the office when unfolded - something to keep in mind if you're short on space. Of course you can just fold it up and put it back in the bag when you're not using it which is great but folding it up is actually kind of a trick that I've yet to really master. I've done it once but the last time I opened it up to take pictures I notice I've just left it open! I guess I'd rather make room for it in the office opened up then deal with figuring out how to fold it up again! But aside from that it really does seem to be perfect for what we needed, it diffuses light just like we wanted and the size is big enough that you can literally get inside it to position your product just where you want it.
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on November 1, 2014
Really nice tent for the price. I had to iron out the backdrop cause it had so many wrinkles. But I guess that's unavoidable with a collapsing tent! It's great cause I can use my smaller box inside of it and then take it out to photograph larger items. Defiantly measure the sizes in your space before purchasing it will probably be bigger then expected if you are estimating. Also collapsing it is just a matter learning. Pay close attention when you open it. And immediately collapse it a few times so you know how it works.
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on March 25, 2013
I bought one of the larger tents and to me, it seems the material is too thick and opaque. I placed 500 watt tungsten lamps on each side and the interior was "way" too dark to shoot. Had to eventually use a bounce flash within the cube to get the couple of shots needed. I have a smaller 24" cube from somewhere else and its a very light, thin white nylon that allows light in easily. In fact, I can illuminate that with a couple desk lamps and 100 watt bulbs.
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