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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Updated Review - Amazon Register has been discontinued so Square is now the default choice.

Updated Review as of January 2016 - Amazon Register is being Discontinued as of Feb 1, 2016 and no longer accepting new clients making Square the default choice.

Original Review
First I will review Square itself and then compare Square versus the new Amazon Register which is the version of this same type of device, app and system.

What you are buying in this package...
1. Square device - card reader that plugs into your phone. You will still need to download the app and set up an account.
2. $10 credit via an enclosed redemption code supplied in the documents
3.A nice little Square sticker showing that you can take all major credit cards (nice touch for small biz owners)

What it is...this small device has three parts. The first is this small device that is roughly 1x1 inch and plugs into your phone in order to allow users to swipe a credit card. There is also an app and website services that go along with the device to allow reports, custom tracking of orders and other nifty features. This device is available for free on the website however, by purchasing here you actually get a small credit.

$10 rebate - As of this writing (8/19/14) the $10 rebate is still available and comes in the form of a redemption code entered into the appropriate online form. Contrary to other reviews, the website is still functional and fully available meaning that Square is basically paying you to try their service.

Combined, the device plus application and other services basically allow almost anyone to receive payment via credit card. Unlike traditional credit card services there are no monthly fees, only a per usage fee of 2.75 percent at the time of payment. No monthly maintenance, nothing.

I've used Square for about 9 months and really like it...until now. It's recently seemed a bit buggy and in fact, opted to obtain a new device as recent one seemed to have 'gone bad'. When I went to search for it, I realized had just come out with a similar service and device called a Register. So, I also purchased that device for the sake of comparison.

The Amazon Register
Although Square is probably the most popular and first to market (maybe not first but currently the most used here in the USA), Amazon is a lot bigger and sure to put some serious pressure on Square. First, for those who might have an account set up with Amazon, using Register is so much more simple as you are already half done. Next, Amazon is providing a special discount promotion of just 1.75 percent until 2016 - and as of this writing, they are also including a $10 credit when purchasing essentially matching Square's current purchase promotion....while 1% might not sound like a lot, it's about what most people are making on their savings returns! Seriously though, Register works very similar to Square, the devices look very similar and set-up is even easier if you are already affiliated with Amazon sales. Last but certainly not least, Amazon has multiple methods of contacting customer support when needed and similar to their phone/fire and other "on demand" live help, service is what really sets the new Amazon product/service and app apart from Square.

Overall, both are excellent choices for small business owners, flea or farmers market vendors, craft show sales and so much more. Convenient and cost effective!
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on January 30, 2014
Square is holding our funds and crippling our business. After several months of transactions with no problems, Square suddenly decided it needed more information before it could send our latest transactions to our bank account. I supplied Square with all the information it requested. The next day, I received the same \"high risk\" email so many others have with no explanation as to why. Square is holding over $20,000 dollars for 180 days! Do not use Square!
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on March 7, 2013
A boon for small businesses, but can be a bit tricky to swipe. I bought the "holder" (I have Galaxy S3 & the Ipad holder is proper size) which holds the square steady, but must remove the phone case to assure a good connection. Also purchased the little carrying case so can toss in my purse and easily find & retrieve. The special pen is nice to have for clients to sign the transaction on screen. Tips can be added by preset percentages and an email receipt is easily sent.
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on February 11, 2014
I applied for a Square Card Reader, and received the Square in the mail shortly afterwards. I own a small business and was happy that I would be able to provide this payment option to my customers. I completed a Discover Card transaction with a customer using the Square Card Reader, and expected to wait two days for the funds to be released to my business account, as the information on indicated. Oh yeah, that's another thing to point out...YOU CAN NEVER SPEAK WITH A LIVE REPRESENTATIVE FROM can only send emails and check for [false] information on their website. After about three days, the funds were not released to my account, so I sent an email to Square and inquired about my funds, I received an email stating that it would be another two days before my funds were released. After having to do this two more times (send an email to Square, then Square sending an email back stating it would take two more days to release the funds), I received a final email saying my account was "high risk" and my funds would be held for NINETY DAYS before being released to my account. HOW IS THIS LEGAL?!?! Furthermore, when I applied for the Square Card Reader, why didn't they deny my account at that time? And just for the record, I do not have any issues with my account (no overdrafts or any other "high risk") activity. Now I have applied for a PayPal Square account, spoken to an actual live representative at PayPal, and have received an approval for my account, all in a matter of minutes. DO NOT USE SQUARE.COM, USE PAYPAL SQUARE INSTEAD!!!!!!!!!!!
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on September 23, 2014
Buyer beware! Square can completely screw you, if you do any transactions over $4,000. You can give them all your info, bank statements, drivers license and have a 800 credit score, and still be denied. They say they are trying to protect you, but with in the end they just want to cover there own asses, and have no respect with their customers. Plus you have an issue, tuff luck. They do not accept any calls, email only. I sell comics, and they can sell from $1 up to and not limitied to $100,000+, so I was fine up until I sold two books for over $15,000. They said no, and told me to refund the transaction. And this wasn't determined until 2days after they approved transaction. So I had to track down one of my best clients and ask him to return the books, and see if he would like to do under another transaction. Granted the buyer was extremely understanding about the problem, but this was just bad business. Say no to square, unless you are never going to do more than $100 transactions...........
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on October 14, 2014
Worst steaming pile of horse crap ever. Joke of a company. They don't have any phone numbers for customer service, and even if you find one the representative won't be able to help you. They literally stole 1000$ from me. I charged 1000$ in payments and then they froze my account and didn't deposit the funds into my bank account. Save yourself the frustration and heartache. You've been warned.
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on August 6, 2015
Our hospital gift shop account was also abruptly cancelled by square for "pattern of suspicious activity?" that was likely just us testing the product. But I do not know for sure, because they will not tell me what happened. They cancelled us without so much as an email. I emailed them time and again, with no response. In the meantime, I spent 4 days scouring the web site for trouble shooting ideas, rebooting my computer, deleting and re-installing apps, emailing them over and over again. Trying to call, but getting no where on the phone. It was absolutely impossible to get help. I had our IT dept looking at it too. So we spun our wheels and wasted 4 days before I finally found out why the reader wasn't reading. When I tried to make a case for myself, they simply emailed me that their "decision was final" and they "could not discuss the specifics" Absolutely NO satisfaction! I was furious with them. We will be using a Pay Pal reader.
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on March 29, 2016
DO NOT RECOMMEND! We read the reviews a lot before purchasing and unfortunately we still did it. I regret it!

We have been back and forth with customer service and the dispute team and it has not be helpful. Our company is suffering because of the Square's lack of communication and actions. It took about 4 days to be contacted by the Square after seeing a withdraw of $5,745.66 on our account from the Square. You cannot get a hold of customer service without a code and I could not find my code anywhere. I called several times a day and emailed at least 5 times and was still not contacted by anyone.

We are a small family owned business who had a stubborn customer who made a dispute, but it did not take long for them to realize they were wrong and cancel the dispute. They made our account negative a few times and tried multiple times to take out the money. The dispute was canceled by our customer and the Square still took out the $5,745.66 from our account. The Square should have canceled the debit immediately but instead debited our account 3 days after the dispute was canceled.

This has taken up a lot of our time and we cannot conduct business without that money. We are a small business and something like this puts us in a bind. We have vendors to pay and projects to start and we can't run smoothly because of the Square.

I am very disappointed and will be looking for a replacement for the Square. I will not be recommending the Square to anyone and I will be reviewing on every page I can find to stop people from getting the Square. We just started our business and the Square has made this nothing but difficult.
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on April 27, 2016
Save yourself from Square. If I could give it 0 stars I would.

I am a roofer and normally do not accept credit cards but this time to help a young couple that needed zero interest.

I make my first charge no problem.
On my second charge I receive notifications soliciting me to verify my account. I try to do so but the system is very un-friendly and you'll have more luck getting to talk to the president as supposed Square costumer support.
It's all done via emails.
I finally get to submit all my documents including very private bank statements but whatever...I need my money.
Two weeks pass by and still no money.
Of course I can't call anyone without getting a verification code so I go through the hussle and get one only to find out that it does't work....oh well back to the email deal.
I e-mailed the same Alex asking him for clarification only to get a reply with no phone numbers, no email signatures nothing professional but a link that says : "plz verify your account". Now I am fuming.
I go back to their un-friendly system and provide all the documents again including my Tax number and suppliers invoices.
I mean if someone wanted to steal my identity they could have pic niced on mine cause now all my information including bank statements are going to this site that doesn't even have costumer support.
They are still keeping me hostage with my $5500. Is this normal? Run as far and as fast as you can and go with PayPal forget those guys.
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on May 17, 2016
Oh boy, I don't think I've ever been so mad at a product before. I got this after so many people recommended it to me to sell a few crafty items to people who use cards vs other payment options. I was super thrilled to find it on Amazon and bought it immediately. I used it Sunday for two transactions and two Monday for two transactions. Today I got that lovely email saying my account has been deactivated for suspicious use. I can't get a hold of an actual human being so I am not sure if those funds are being held or not.

This was an epic disappointment and I have no idea how I am going to fix all this considering their utter lack of customer service skills WHAT SO EVER.
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