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Service plan term: 2 Years|Service plan covered value: $ 250-$300|Change
Price:$39.94+ Free shipping
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on May 29, 2012
I purchased a three year warranty on a laptop using the iphone application two years ago, I payed in full with paypal and took a picture of my receipt and sent it along. I then received an email indicating that my account everything was complete in the event that I needed to warranty my laptop. Two years later, when I need to have some minor things repaired there is no record of my receipt on file. Not a big deal because I kept my receipt and resubmitted it. I shipped off my computer as they requested and waited for a reply. A week and a half later I get an email from Debra Canter telling me I need to pay $250 to repair my computer with no explanation as to why. I called the squaretrade people and was informed that because of a crack on the screen bezel (cheap plastic thing that goes around the screen) my computer must have been dropped and my warranty does not cover accidental damage. The other issues were a battery that wasn't discharging correctly and a sticky key in the keyboard. So I cut my losses and told them to refund my money (approximately half of what I paid) and return my computer. Five days later I still had not received any tracking information so I called to find out if it had been shipped. It had not, I called the next day and was furnished with a tracking number and told that I would have my computer back in two days. They shipped it UPS ground and it was not due for six days, then it could not be delivered because they did not deign to properly copy my address. I will absolutely never give these people another cent.
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on September 1, 2009
Before you buy this here: Note, the coverage offered here at the Amazon website is standard only. The Drop and Spill coverage is sold separately and on Amazon but it is expensive. Call the 1-877-warranty number and speak to a SquareTrade rep directly. I got both the 3 years standard coverage for my $799 laptop and the drop and spill coverage for a total (including tax) of $152. You will note, that most of the five stars is because the laptops were damaged by falls and spills and SquareTrade came through for them, so beware, the coverage offered here is only for normal hardware system failure. This is great coverage if you purchase it with drop and spill and get the deal that SquareTrade will make with you directly.
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on October 14, 2012
Do yourself a HUGE favor and forego this. IF you are buying a computer here or anywhere, such as I did, go to the mfg and buy THEIR extended warranty. There are so many fine print "cracks" to this "Square Trade" that I am fed up. It seems that every time I cantact these people, first it is a dance to get them to be responsive, then I am told that each warranty issue is taken from the price of your computer until you may have a warranty left, but no funds in it to use. So one debates even using this or just putting up with the problem. That makes no sense to me. If one has had that many issues with their computer, then they (the warranty people) SHOULD replace it. They SHOULD ALSO inform people how their so-called "warranty" REALLY works AHEAD OF TIME. Each time you have an issue and they need to honor the warranty, they tick off those charges and costs against the original cost of your computer, until you deplete them up to the cost, then - - like I said and as it was explained to me - - you stil have a warranty for the length of time you purchased, but no funds to use it, so (IMHO) your warranty is all but useless.

To me a warranty is a warranty and they do not deplete the costs until they eat up the amt of your product cost and then you are up a creek. I thought, "great, four years of coverage and no worries" -- not true!

PLEASE, PLEASE just call the mfg of your computer and get their extended warranty. Save the frustration and headaches, and be good to yourself and your computer. Protect yourself from (IMHO) this kind of chicanery, easy manipulation and, again - - in my opinion, masquerade of a supposedly helpful product. I admit, I was vulnerable to this and now I will try to dissuade anyone from being taken advantage of, such as I feel. We paid a lot of money for this, and I am tired of the dances, fights, fears and "negotiations" when I try to access my "warranty."

If only. . . . .
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on March 28, 2012
I generally research more that the average consumer. I was actually considering a computer through Amazon because of the SquareTrade waranty as this initially appeared to be a cost effective option versus the warranty I usually buy directly from the manufacturer.

I am on my laptop from 5 to 6 hours per day so, usually, just after 2 years they develop 'issues'.

It turns out that there are numerous acknowledgements at the on the failings of coverage with the SquareTrade warranty.

SquareTrade Coporate even responded to these comments and indicated maintenance, such as 'manufacturer's suggested maintenance', including having the fans professionally cleaned every year, was required maintenance for the warranty to be honored.

This is patently rediculous for the average computer owner in that it would require an outside service vendor at a high hourly rate to accomplish this on top of the expense of the warranty.

There is such a difference in the comments at Amazon and the that I question whether the comments on the SquareTrade waranty at Amazon are manufactured.

Despite being a rabid Amazon fan I have decided to get my warranty directly from HP as I have in the past. The door-to-door service covers everything and is amazingly fast. There have never been any exclusions. It is a more expensive warranty but the service work has exceeded my expectations on every issue.
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on February 14, 2012
YES it was HASSLE FREE, but only for shipping part. Was given a shipping label and shipped my item out for repair.
They called me like 2 days after they got it, and I confirmed with the guy on phone that the item was received the day before they called me right.
He disagreed and asked me to hold on, then, he continued and said the technician has already looked at it.
They came out with a conclusion that I had dropped my item and caused the damage to the screen, but hey I did not even drop it!
What a joke and I waste 40 bucks for this. I was going to buy another warranty from them last week but I feel relieved that I did not.
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on February 2, 2012
Squaretrade claims they sent a check for me which never arrived. I called the first time and waited on hold and spoke with a representative for way too long. I waited almost three weeks for a check ,which on my second call i was told it was never even processed after I was assured it would be! So after five weeks of having put my claim in I still have not received a check. While I was on the phone earlier today they made no concessions to fix my dilemma only telling me that I would have to wait another five days for processing and then an additional ten days to ship! When I told them how disappointed I was and spoke with a manager he suggested I go out of my way to make a PayPal account which is very insulting after all the inconvenience. In the end the manager had to ask to call me back in an hour. So I am definitely very disappointed that they could not rush me a check or even make me feel like a valued customer. Apple has now come out with a warranty that rivals this so called "convenient" warranty. What Squaretrade doesn't tell you is that you have to do all the foot work yourself, acquiring the phone through apple, having to go to the ups store and spending ALOT of time on the phone. So really don't even waste your time, keep it in house and use apple at least they know how to do business.
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on May 18, 2011
The DVD drive in the SquareTrade warranted computer fried and locked up the machine. As I needed to use the computer, I disconnected the old one and purchased a new one while filing a claim. Because of this the claim was turned down. I have the old drive that I could have sent them had they requested it, but they simply turned down the claim. I canceled this policy and all others with SquareTrade. Look elsewhere for extended warranties. You get what you pay for.

After writing this and multiple other reviews around the net (e.g. epinions), I was informed that the person handling my claim was no longer with them. They accepted my dead DVD drive, made good, and reimbursed me. I still have zero policies with them.
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on March 7, 2013
My laptop has been in repair for a month and counting. Every time I call they tell me they will find out what is going on with my repair and call me back. Squaretrade has not ever called me back and my laptop is still being repaired. A new motherboard took three weeks to get there and now I am being told that it won't pass their testing process that takes 2-4 days to run. I am normally a huge fan of repair plans but Squaretrade has just been giving me the run around and I would not recommend them.
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on August 14, 2009
I bought a laptop off of eBay. It was supposed to be a couple months old. But I had trouble after the first 2 weeks. And it died on me after just a couple of months. But thanks to square trade warranty was there for me. They stood behind the warranty 110%. I got my purchase price back with in a week and that included the shipping time to ship it back, which they paid for. ***** Five stars all the way.
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on April 18, 2010
I bought a warranty for my new laptop computer. However, when my laptop's - supposedly it's mother board - went out Square Trade would not fix my laptop. They said it would cost them more money than my retail price of $700 for my laptop. So now I am stuck with a dead laptop and I had paid for a four year warranty which is no good. I bought my laptop and warranty through Ecost and even Ecost wasn't able to help me. SquareTrade has a hidden policy about the amount of money they are willing to spend on a laptop and if they think it will be over the price they have the right to refuse the warranty! Now I have to buy a new laptop and I will not use Ecost or SquareTrade ever again. Be smart and do not rely on SquareTrade for your warranty. This just happened to me in April 2010.
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