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Service plan term: 3 Years|Service plan covered value: $100-$125|Change
Price:$16.94+ Free shipping
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on October 15, 2012
My understanding of additional warranty coverage is usually extended coverage, whereby the warranty protection begins after the manufacturer's warranty. I acknowledge that SquareTrade's warranty is not referred to as extended, but runs concurrently with the manufacturer's warranty, beginning with the date of purchase. SquareTrade states that the manufacturer's warranty supersedes, or is primary to, SquareTrade's warranty, meaning that SquareTrade's warranty is useless until the end of the manufacturer's warranty. So if you purchased a SquareTrade 3 year warranty for a product that had a 3 year manufacturer's warranty, you would never have the opportunity to use the SquareTrade warranty, and end up eating the cost of the ST warranty. I suppose if the manufacturer only had a two year warranty, you could buy what would amount to a year of additional coverage by buying the 3 year ST warranty. In other words, this additional warranty coverage borders on a scam, especially if the ST warranty approximates the length of the manufacturer's warranty. At least Service Net is a true extended warranty, since it does not start until the end of the manufacturer's warranty. I'm writing this review because I was considering the 3 year ST warranty for a $700 monitor which had it's own 3 year warranty. Had I not read the terms of the warranty thoroughly, I would have assumed it was a true extended warranty, and be out almost $80.
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on September 1, 2012
This extended warranty doesn't even extent the warranty of a lot of products that have a three year warranty. And all the hassle free features or product refunds they advertise only apply AFTER your original warranty expires, if you have your original warranty you have to RMA it. This means for an item with a three year warranty this added warranty is utterly useless.
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on April 8, 2013
The process of registering the warrantee on my WD External Hard Drive has been complicated and not worth the trouble. I paid for the warrantee, it is shown at Square Trade as I called their "help" line (the agent spoke very poor English and was hard to understand and absolutely NO help) and now I have to forward proof of purchase from Amazon to Square Trade. I am unsure if the forwarded email went through and will probably FAX the requested information (if I can figure out what THAT is) just to make sure my warrantee is activated. TOTALLY not worth all this trouble.

Just as I thought,forwarding the Amazon Order confirmation failed with Square Trade. The idiot who answered the "help" line did not explain the process properly and now I have to create a PDF and a cover sheet to FAX proof of purchase for a warrantee that cost less the $8.00. Lord only knows how complicated a claim will be if I should ever need it. This company is already looking like a sham to me.
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on March 25, 2013
I don't see the reason for this company to sell warranty's other then to make what I would assume is a 95% profit margin. Almost everything warrantied already comes with a warranty that is as long as what they offer to the consumer. They take your warranty, with your receipt and return it to the manufacture for you so they are playing a (not needed) middle man for you. Even worse is that it starts FROM the date of purchase so it does not extend the manufacture's warranty in any way past expiring. I was going to purchase this warranty with a laptop hard drive I am buying but thankfully I read what it "covers" and considering the hard drive comes with a 3 year manufacture warranty and this "extended warranty" is only a 2 year I would be literally giving this company money for no reason. Again, a complete waste of money because it starts from the date purchased NOT when the manufacture warranty runs out like any respectable warranty would.
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on December 20, 2012
I purchased Square Trade warranties with all the Kindles I bought last year at Christmas and was well pleased with the company, so when I had the chance to purchase a Square Trade warranty for a Christmas gift this year, I didn't hesitate. Well - last year the warranty arrived shortly after the Kindle - certainly within several days of ordering. So, when I didn't receive the warranty this time, I was concerned. I called Amazon first and they gave me a number to call. I called that number and, even though it was Square Trade, I was given another number to call. After three calls I eventually reached someone that said they could help. That's the first red flag. The second red flag came when we began discussing specifics. First, unlike the Kindle, Square Trade didn't have any idea what kind of hard drive, model, etc. They began the conversation by asking what kind of hard drive it was and what was the serial number. I explained that I had no intention of opening the drive to get the serial number because it is a gift. In other words, they had no idea what they were offering the warranty for other than and external drive. That's bad execution on Amazon's part. If they produce a pop-up offering a warranty, then there ought to be closer integration of what is being purchased. It seemed all Square Trade received is that someone with a specific email address had purchased a warranty for a hard drive within a specific price range. That leads me to the next red flag. Although the product specifically states "free shipping", Square Trade has no intention of shipping you anything! You don't get a written warranty to hold in your hands, or give as part of a gift for the item you purchased. They don't even have your mailing address.

Now - in all fairness - every time I've dealt with Square Trade on a warranty issue, they have come through. That was on the Kindle though, which is fully supported by Amazon and Square Trade. I have a very uneasy feeling about the warranty that I purchased for both a hard drive and a camera. It also concerns me that Square Trade no longer covers the warranty protection for Kindles. I wonder if they backed out or if Amazon dropped them. I cannot recommend this product because of the reasons explained above. If you are purchasing a product and expect to get a written warranty, perhaps you might want to check brick and mortar stores like Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart before you take your chances with this one.

I'm highly disappointed because I relied on my previous experience with Square Trade. As they say in the stock market - past behavior is no guarantee of future performance.
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on January 21, 2016
Misleading. I bought it for my Kindle, with assumption that "Accidental Damage from Handling" (ADH) was part of the deal. I never would have purchased had I known that I was only buying an extra year of coverage for manufacturing defects. I would have taken the risk that, if there was a defect with my Kindle, said defect would present itself within a year.

The product page on Amazon does NOT expressly state that ADH is not covered -- this is only stated in a PDF of terms and conditions only available in the linked PDF. This is a 4,077-word contract crammed into 2 pages. The exclusion of ADH is mentioned in the middle of the first column of the second page (see photo attached).

Of course, the Amazon product page doesn't expressly say that accidental damage IS covered. If you, as I did, miss the link to the Standard Terms and Conditions, you might, as I did, go to the SquarePage website to check it out. You might, as I did, click on the top of the page describing its coverage of "Tablets/E-Readers." Note that the first feature it lists is that the policy covers drops and spills. You might, as I did, read that and conclude, as I did, that you'd be covered you if you accidentally drop or spill something on your stupid Kindle.

Now I've busted the thing, and I realize I've been played for a fool. Well played, SquareTrade. Well played.
review image review image review image
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on June 1, 2013
I bought a Razer mouse, and when it stopped working, I tried to get a replacement through SquareTrade. However, it told me my product was still covered by Razer, to which I sent them an email, and lo and behold, it's not covered my Razer anymore. So now I've got a mouse that Amazon or Razer can't replace, and the warranty I bought for it, doesn't work. There was no accidental damage to the mouse, the tracking laser is twitching, and that's covered by the warranty through you guys, except, apparently it's really not.

Nice going guys, I'll be avoiding your products like the plague now.
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on October 12, 2013
I was offered the warranty on a manufacturers refurbished NetGear router and it WAS a deciding factor in my purchase. When I tried to set up the warranty, I was told it was invalid on a refurbished item. .......and why was it offered in the first place?????? I'm not happy!
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on December 8, 2013
When to register my product, they said Amazon did not provide them the details of my order. I emailed the order receipt and that does not seem to be good enough. They want you to register on their website, I attempted to do this the first time but my item was not on the drop down selection. I tried to explain my product and model was not listed and no where to enter the alternate was to email receipt... I still don't have my product registered and they don't get it. Hmm makes me wonder and concerned how they would support a problem with the product.
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on October 18, 2012
I have purchased many warranties for products, yet in the past few years, I have found Square Trade Warranties to be the least expensive and the most expansive in their coverage. I purchased one for my MacBookPro 13"in 2009 for 3 years of coverage, because it covered damage from liquids. Sure enough, I spilled water all over the keyboard two summers ago. Apple Protection nor my property insurance company covered for damage caused by liquid spills. Square Trade stepped up and handled my issue (which would have cost me close to $800 if Apple took care of it) without hassle and with great speed. I always buy Square Trade for big electronic items that are subject to possible failure or everyday-use damage -- and spoiling something on a laptop is very easy!
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