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Service plan term: 4 Years|Service plan covered value: $ 175-$200|Change
Price:$37.99+ Free shipping
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on August 28, 2012
I have SquareTrade warranties on all of my electronics.I purchase it everytime I place an order on Amazon.I've only had to use it one time so far but I am very pleased with the outcome.The screen on the netbook I purchased for my wife went blank and had no display.I shipped it to the manufacturer because it was still under their warranty.They declined to repair it for free because they said it was the users fault.I wasn't really surprised but it still made me mad.They would only repair it if I paid them to do so.I finally decided to have them repair it thinking how useless their warranty turned out to be.I decided to call SquareTrade because I put in a claim with them on this first but they told me because it was still under the manufacturers warranty I would have to ship it to them.SquareTrade was very helpful though with sending in the claim.They gave me instructions on what to do and where to send it and phone numbers to call.SquareTrade also told me if for some reason the Manufacturer would not cover the repair to contact them and they might be able to do something about it.I'm glad I did because they told me to fax them the repair bill from the manufacturer and they would reimburse me and they did.Thanks SquareTrade.
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on August 7, 2012
I purchased this extended warranty 17 mos. ago, when I also purchased an HP printer here on, because my last printer died when it was only 2 weeks out of its traditional warranty. This new printer only lasted 5 mos after its factory warranty expired before dying. As soon as I realized I had done all I could to try and get my printer running again, I filed a claim on Friday with Square Trade and got a response on late Sunday, early Monday that my claim had been approved, and I was then asked how did I want to be reimbursed so I could get another printer. I chose the gift card and got a surprise 5% bonus from Square Trade for choosing that method, and have been told that I should have the gift card by email on Wednesday or Thursday, according to Square Trade. So I am thrilled with how quickly and nicely everything has been handled. Square Trade was fast, efficient and didn't waste my time!

I really did not know what to expect from this warranty. I was almost anticipating the claim to be dragged out and leaving me without a printer when I desperately needed one, with them playing games until I just gave up and walked away...but none of that ever happened! It seems like this company really treats their clients well, and responds quickly to claims. The 5% bonus for using the Amazon gift card was a real surprise, and since I got my previous printer on sale, the extra 5% is helping me get a better printer than before. I found a Brother all in one printer (fax/copy/scan) with an automatic document feeder and a $30 instant rebate, or an Epson all in one printer (fax/copy/scan) also with an automatic document feeder and double sided printing. With the bonus, I will only have to pay $5 out of pocket for the Brother, or $20 out of pocket for the Epson. It'll be a tough choice, but if that is the only tough thing to come up in this whole experience, I consider myself very, very lucky.

I fully intend to buy Square Trade warranties regularly from now on! They are amazing and their people on the phone are very nice and extremely helpful.

Thanks to for making these warranties available when I buy items from them.
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on February 21, 2013
I recently bought a AT&T telephone with a one year warranty. At that time I also purchased a Square Trade 2 year protection plan. If something goes wrong with the telephone during the first year it is covered by AT&T - not by Square Trade. Square Trade's warranty only applies during the second year - extending the warranty by ONE year - not two.
The Square Trade warranty, to me, is a ONE year warranty extension and should be described by Square Trade and as such.
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on November 2, 2013
My company bought this to cover a printer purchased, and when the printer was defective, this company said they only cover personal/residential items...not company purchases. Read the fine print I guess. The one good thing is that they immediately offered to refund in full the money spent on the protection plan.
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on November 23, 2012
Bought the 2 year extended warrentee for a tower fan I purchsed off of Fan broke down after 1.5 years. Called square trade for a replacement. Fast, simple and great customer service in getting a replacement. I have purchased two additional square trade warrentees since. Worth the money.
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on December 9, 2012
when i purchased my old hp printers years ago, i got a warranty. it covered replacement. so after a year, it broke and i got another one in the mail. now, after that hp printer bit the dust, i purchased an epson artisan printer. i purchased the extra SquareTrade 3-Year Office Warranty as a back up to the one year epson warranty. the square trade customer service explained the program. it is a 3 year warranty, everything is covered, during the first year of the epson, epson charges you for returning the scanner/ printer as well as postage and handling. square trade covers it. that sold me on purchasing the next SquareTrade 3-Year Office Warranty for my new epson photo scanner. i hope i never have to use any warranty, but in this day and age, nothing lasts forever. (at least its is covered for 3 years...about the same time for a new one as my printer/scanner history goes...)
amazon delivery was outstanding and the SquareTrade 3-Year Office Warranty is less than the epson factory warranty.

great buy...
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on July 29, 2014
I bought a Brother multi-funcition center and purchased this protection plan along with it. OH how worthless it is. If you view my review on Brother, you'll see that I am having issues with that product. Then I remember I had purchased Square Trade Protection, so I try to file a claim through them. However, much to my surprise, this "2 year protection plan" actually DOES NOT mean 2 years.

Brother already has a warranty policy up to 1 year. So during that time, Square Trade says that all my claims are not covered by them but through Brother. Then when my Brother warranty runs out, I will have a year with Square Trade.So I bought an additional 2 year warranty that is actually only 1 year and does not kick in until March 2015.

Completely useless protection plan when I actually needed it. What a scam. You got me good Square got me good.
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on March 31, 2014
They should send you clear instructions how to make it work so that someone like me, who is a complete novice newbie, would know that after a short time it expires and won't protect @#$%S I lost a really good camera AND this protection plan. They weren't helpful...was that on purpose so that you could just collect free money?
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on December 28, 2013
· Purchased a protection plan for my printer via Amazon on October 26, 2013.
· Printer promptly shipped and received.
· Nothing received from SquareTrade. My order history, however, says Shipped.
· Contacted SquareTrade in writing approximately one month later. What should I expect to receive, I asked.
· Checked my Spam folder for anything from this vendor. Nothing.
· No reply as of today, December 28, 2013. Imagine if I need to file a claim someday.
· These are the facts. Draw your own conclusions.
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on June 26, 2014
First, as for their website, it appears thorough. Do not expect your grandparents to enjoy registering a product and sending the receipt to SquareTrade. As I have helped many elders/seniors, this thought consumed me as I spent over an hour registering 3 items I bought warranties for. I admit I did double-check everything because I had already experienced their staff on the telephone. I suggest any of you do the same.

That brings me to the second point I will make. The phone. You will get some very haphazard talk-over-you-no-problemo representative on the phone. (2/2 for me) When you want brevity and experience, you will end up going into great detail and they still don't seem to get it. Then after the call ends, you get an email. Expect this email to be NOT RIGHT (2/2 for me) and seemingly intentionally vague. Not total copypasta but basically copypasta. For example, this was a follow-up email directly to me from which didn't provide clarity/specificity.

Thank you for contacting SquareTrade.

As per our conversation this is to confirm that you have a SquareTrade warranty on the item that you purchased at Amazon.

For further concerns and queries you can also reply to this email or call 1-877-WARRANTY (1-877-927-7268) US & Canada only, 24/7.

So from that I guess you are supposed to "just know" what they meant because it's your issue right? Can you tell by the above email that I had an item damaged in delivery and that I was exchanging my warranty for a higher tier since the replacement for my damaged item was more expensive? Of course you can't.

I can't know for sure if they use a contracted customer service company for the telephone side of their business, but I SURELY WON'T CALL TO ASK THEM.

All that being said... I asked on the phone, and I asked in an email, for item-per-item email confirmation that my warranties lined up with their corresponding items to remove any possible future confusion. (since one exchange had several issues) I also said if they don't yet know about the items they are covering prior to registration, please email me and tell me. This is because Amazon splits the invoices. Being that this is the first time I have dealt with SquareTrade warranties on Amazon, I did not know if item information is automatically sent to SquareTrade when you complete your purchase. WELL. IT IS NOT. They have no specific info on what you bought until you create a profile (yes, another password) on and register each item to each warranty. Then send your receipt. Also have your serial #'s handy for some items but not others. Confusing as he11 if you have many items on an invoice and the warranties are all on another invoice... you have to mentally note or jot down which items you bought warranties for. For me, no problem ok. I use browser tabs. I can cut/paste without error. I can easily print-tabs-to-pdf. I can merge pdf files very very easily. This is why I say... tech-challenged, beware of a big hassle. They are set up on their website to click the mailto: link and it opens your windows associated mail program right? But if you use web based email, you will open an unconfigured windows mail right? That's why I say you should be adept at cut/paste if you have multiple items to register at the same time. If you mess up, and sure it's easy because everybody makes mistakes, and you have to contact them at any time... pull your hair out first - then call. That's the efficiency you can expect.

To their credit, my refund went through for the cancelled warranty. Also I was correctly billed for the replacement warranty. Do double-check this with your bank. My confidence with them is ZERO right now. As long as my devices don't malfunction I'm content.

Lastly, a couple of devices I purchased on this moving-to-a-new-place shopping spree offered Assurant 360 warranties. So I do have a couple of them too. What did I have to do? Nothing. Zero. Email came .. sir...

Your Amazon order number:
Your Assurant 360° contract number:
Your purchase: 2YR Hm Theater Protect Plan
Total price of plan:
Deductible amount: $.00
Coverage start date*:
Coverage end date:

To file a claim or get more information, call us toll-free at 1-866-761-7379. We are available Monday-Friday, 8AM-8PM CST.

Thanks again for your purchase!
Assurant Solutions

If these two companies ever have a checkbox to choose from which warranty company do you want to deal with, guess who.

I can not recommend this company to deal with ever based on the people I spoke to on the phone. Their website gave no errors so kudos to their IT dept. If your device breaks and you don't have to talk to anybody, you are good to go. Likely though... phone conversation will ensue... there goes your hair again.

I will post this on each of the 3 warranties I purchased, so this is my way of saying good job copypasta inc. I will give 2 stars which means "I don't like it" and will update and downgrade to 1 star "I hate it" if I ever have a device break and they don't immediately provide remedy before I pull out my last hair.

EDIT: immediately downgrade to 1 star, "I hate it". I went to preview this feedback and upon reading the first 1 star review shown, I can tell already. I hate it. I won't return it but watch out if you try to screw me over and send me a box with no tracking number or w/e. Attorney # in my pocket. I have no problem spending time and effort correcting crooked business practices. You other 1 star rating people, I BELIEVE YOU.
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