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Service plan term: 3 YearsService plan covered value: $ 350-$400Change
Price:$102.79+ Free shipping
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on July 16, 2012
5 stars for SquareTrade, 0 stars for Amazon's fulfillment of the order = 3 stars.

While the warranty and SquareTrade has an excellent reputation, I won't be buying such items through Amazon again. Amazon pairs the warranty with a tablet which they say usually (no guarantee) ships in 1-2 months, charges me for the warranty now, doesn't charge for the related electronic item until it eventually ships. Amazon pushes responsibility off on SquareTrade even though they know the two items are paired together. Why would I want to pay for a warranty, (Amazon charged me now and has my money) regardless of when it is activated, on an item that Amazon can't even guarantee availability and shipment. Had to contact Squaretrade to get a refund on the warranty. Odd, the refund will come through Amazon. They will handle the money but not take responsibility for the logistics and coordination.

If you're going to buy a SquareTrade warranty on an electronic item purchased through Amazon, wait until Amazon delivers the device then buy the warranty directly from SquareTrade. The fact that Amazon can't / won't manage the pairing of two related items, defined as "Ship at the same time" then Amazon needs to fix their procurement and logistics system.

I'll give Amazon a reasonable amount of time to try and deliver the tablet. In the meantime, I'm heading to BBuy, J&R, B&H...
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12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on August 27, 2012
New ASUS TF700T-B1-GR 10.1 is not listed on the registration page, and when trying to manually add it in by selecting "other" under "Make", it would not accept the model name nor the Asus name. Had to choose "SKIP" this step, but then how do they know what the warranty applies to? Not very smooth...
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15 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on March 22, 2012
Had to send the tablet because it stopped working. I got a call about the about the coverage and asked if a new date would be established since I had to send back the item. I waas told yes and to call with the new date which I did. I was forst told I could not do it then James said it was done. I asked for a revised warranty sheet which I was told would be sent. I AM STILL WAITING. I hope that when I use them I get better customer service.
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38 of 46 people found the following review helpful
on June 12, 2013
I am not a big believer on third party warranties. But at the cost of Square Trade for my Android Tablet, I figured, "what the eh?" I purchased the accidental coverage even though I am a stickler on taking care of electronic equipment. The Android falls out of the case at work on to the concrete. The screen is shattered. I remember the warranty, I call and explain the situation. AND I AM READY, my son is a lawyer and a phone call away. I relay the accident and am about to explain about"my son the lawyer". The gentleman said no problem, we will email you an UPS sticker and send it in.
He explained when the tablet was received, they would send a check or a Amazon voucher army choice. THEY LIED......THE NEXT DAY I RECEIVED A EMAIL WITH THE AMAZON GIFT CARD NUMBER.
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27 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on April 22, 2013
I purchased this warranty on a cheap, sub-$100 Coby tablet so that I didn't have to worry about anything if it broke. No dealing with a Chinese manufacturer, no standing at the post office, shipping the tablet, getting insurance, sending payment, waiting for a reply, anything. That is what it's about, isn't it?

The manufacturer's warranty was 90-day labor, 1-year parts. Well after the 90-day window, the tablet broke and would only sporadically turn on.

When I filed an online claim, the SquareTrade site immediately rejected it, saying the tablet was covered under the manufacturer warranty. That is bunk. While I possibly could have invoked the Coby warranty, it would have cost (a) shipping the tablet to Coby, at least $10, (b) $15 in the form of a MONEY ORDER (not even a check), and (c) any "labor" that Coby decided to charge, if any.

All in, invoking the manufacturer warranty would have cost me about $30 right off the bat, more than the squaretrade warranty was to begin with. So, I decided to use the SquareTrade warranty anyway. The website offered no option to continue with my claim, so I had to call the company and speak to a call center rep.

When I called, I said I wished to invoke the SquareTrade warranty. The rep insisted I send documentation from the manufacturer saying why their warranty claim was rejected. I explained that I chose not to use the manufacturer warranty because of the cost, and the rep repeatedly berated me saying I needed to send documentation.

I indicated that according to the SquareTrade warranty terms on brand new items, which this was, coverage starts at the item PURCHASE DATE (emphasis mine). This is according to both Amazon and SquareTrade. You do NOT have to wait for a manufacturer's warranty to lapse or for the manufacturer to reject a claim, but the rep acted like I had to spend the additional money to try the manufacturer warranty.

I continued to escalate the issue until he finally "allowed" me to invoke the warranty I purchased. After interminable hold and a lot of frustration, it finally went through. One final time before he hung up, he berated me again telling me that next time, I need documentation. That is not on the contract; the only clause says that if the manufacturer REJECTS the claim "because they consider your item purchased from an unauthorized retailer," that SquareTrade would cover you.

If indeed SquareTrade insists that you must spend $20 for the warranty, then $30 more to invoke the manufacturer's warranty, plus the wait time, before they consider your claim on an $80 tablet, then the warranty completely, utterly useless. Would they have preferred that I smash the screen before I call so that I didn't have to deal with this? What nonsense.

For an $80 tablet, the $20 warranty may have economically paid off, but did not do so in time or frustration. Save your money.
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17 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on August 26, 2012
If you are considering a warranty for your iPad look no further! I had purchased the iPad warranty for the great protection a comfort of my investment not being ruined. I had my iPad for about sixteen months with no issues then it happened. Leaving a family members house the iPad slipped onto the concrete out front, ugh! Well right away I thought good thing I purchased the insurance. I have to say squaretrade made me feel so good the whole process. They emailed me a prepaid label to put my iPad to send to the repair depot. They let me know when UPS scanned the box showing the iPad was on its way. They let me know when it was received by the repair depot. Every step of the way squaretrade let me know what was happening. In the end of the process I was given back the full purchase price of the iPad and purchased the newest version! Now how can I not be happy with that. Squaretrade is top notch. when you call them a person answers the phone and is very understanding and helpful,thanks Peter!
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33 of 40 people found the following review helpful
on October 19, 2012
I WILL NEVER EVER BUY A WARRANTY FROM THEM AGAIN. This was literally the worst experience I have ever had with a company. At first everything was going great I cracked my Ipad screen and filed the claim the same day sent it off two days later and was really happy with how things were going. Everything was speedy and fast. Then once I got it back the issues began. The screen would randomly stall or random buttons would push but it was very intermittent and not a very big problem, so I let it go. Then all of a sudden the bottom section of the screen stopped working. I really just thought it would start working in a couple days and it was only the very bottom row of icons anyways so I left it alone. About a week after that the screen started going berserk, it was as if someone was continually tapping on the screen. So I call them since this was obviously an issue with the repair that was done and the lady I spoke with barely spoke English and was incredibly rude to me. When I asked to talk to a supervisor I was told there wasn't one there, as it was Sunday so she told me that a supervisor would call me back the next day. When I asked her when or if I could expect it at a certain time she told me it was whenever they got to it and left it at that. So I ended that call and waited the next day for a call from a supervisor which never happened. At this point I really didn't care anymore and just wanted my ipad to be usable again. However, I never received any email confirming the claim that was filed for me or a shipping label like I received the first time. I waited a week and after still receiving nothing I called again this time I got a guy and he told me that my claim had been "accidentally" closed. After how rude the first lady was to me I have serious doubts that this was an accident. So he told me I would be getting the shipping box in a couple days. So I received the box and packed up my Ipad and sent it off the next day. Not sure exactly what the date was but it was somewhere around the 1st of October I think a little bit before. The shipping box was directly to United Camera which I assume does the repairs for Squaretrade. I got an email on Oct. 8, that my device was received and was being repaired. This included an order number and a link to check the status. The repair time is supposed to be 3-5 days. 11 days go by and I hear nothing. Then today I get an email from Squaretrade saying they JUST received my device. 3 WEEKS AFTER I SENT IT AND ALMOST 2 AFTER I GOT AN EMAIL FROM THIS OTHER COMPANY. So I call them for the third time and I talked to a guy who gave me basically no information and all he could say was that he didn't know when it would be shipped back to me. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE. EVER. So thank you Squaretrade for your "excellent" service.
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16 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on February 21, 2012
I've bought a bunch of SquareTrade warranties for my item, in the hopes that I'd never need their services. Unfortunately, my iPad took a spill and needed a new screen. The support was great, I had uploaded my receipt on the day I bought it, so they approved my repair fast.

Sent it in, and it came back really quick. I was happy until I unpacked it and noticed that the repair was really amateur. I could have done it myself with better results. The back of the iPad was not aligned correctly, glue and epoxy ruined the glass at the edges, and the screen was not as slick or fingerprint proof as the original was.

I uploaded a few pictures of the repair, hopefully you guys will take a look. I wanted to give them 2 stars for the quick turnaround, but I can't stand to look at it anymore. I am back to using my aging iPad 1.

EDIT: 3/16/12: After getting in touch with someone at Squaretrade, they agreed the repair job was "unacceptable" and actually questioned the people involved in repairing it. I did NOT expect that kind of response from them. They did resolve the matter promptly, and I've updated my rating to reflect that. I had originally given them one star, but changed it to 4 for the customer service. I thought about giving them a 3, but seriously, the customer service was not only friendly, but funny as hell. I was glad that the customer rep I spoke to, could find humor in the whole ordeal. (In a good way. The rep seemed really down to earth.)
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on July 9, 2015
I purchased a 3 year SquareTrade warranty with accident protection on Amazon with my Asus Transformer tablet. I had read pretty good reviews on them at the time (about 3 years ago). I've since purchase a SquareTrade warranty on several other items. I never had to use the protection, until recently, when my tablet started acting very flaky (mainly wifi issues, but a few other issues as well including flaky GPS). Let's face it, a tablet without wifi is basically a brick, with a screen. Now I'm starting to wonder if the bulk of the review here are because this protection "seems like" a good deal, or if SquareTrade's service has gone downhill, while their shady tactics have gone up. Here's my HORRIBLE experience with them...

After I started experienced issues with wifi intermittently not working (even the blue icon would show, but wouldn't get any internet connectivity for quite a while at times), I soon realized the issues weren't going away. I made absolutely sure that it had nothing to do with my wifi in the house. I have several other devices on wifi including a laptop, 2 TV's, a repeater, etc., and all of them worked fine...including the TV that was about 6 feet away from where the tablet was primarily used. On 6/16/15, I went to the SquareTrade web site, and even though I had uploaded my receipt after I purchased the warranty (since they encourage customers to do that so they don't have to worry about keeping it for later if needed), the web site said it was on file...but on another screen said I needed to upload it . Luckily, I still had it. I probably shouldn't taken this as a bad sign of the days ahead...but I still had faith.

I filed my claim, and 2 days later I received an e-mail:

"I am sorry to hear about the issue with your item, I know it is frustrating when our electronic devices do not work correctly.

It sounds like there may be a glitch in the firmware and to resolve the problem you are facing kindly follow the troubleshooting provided below:"

...then a YouTube video was linked.

I quickly found out that this was NOT "troubleshooting" for a "glitch"...the video walked you through doing a factory reset on the device, and of course losing everything on it at that point. The factory reset didn't help the problem at all, and now I couldn't even register my Gmail account since I had no working wifi connection. So I replied telling the rep what happened, and that I was a bit annoyed since his "troubleshooting" for the specific issue/fix he spoke of was nothing of the kind.

On 6/19/15, I received an e-mail asking me to ship my tablet and power supply using the shipping label provided. I shipped it in, hoping their fast repair time as advertised held true. Several days later, I received my tablet the EXACT same state as I shipped it in...with the same wifi issues, and a work order in the box that said "reseated covers". What the heck is that supposed to even mean? What "covers"? At this point, I was even more annoyed with this process, so I called and asked to speak to a manager. I spoke to the manager, and told her how urgent my need for this device was at the time and that I had waited several days now only to have nothing done (she claimed they didn't find the issue, so they just shipped it back). She said she could send me to a local repair shop to get it repaired, and get reimbursed for the repair costs by sending my receipts in in reply to the e-mail she was sending me. She also said that if they deemed it unrepairable, that SquareTrade would refund the ~$385 I originally paid for the device.

I waited for the e-mail, and all I got was an e-mail that said, "Your claim is approved! Next, we'll be sending you:
• The part(s) needed to get your TV up and running". TV? This is a tablet, and I've never purchased a SquareTrade warranty for a TV. The e-mail also had a claim number on it that matched nothing of mine. The rep asked me to forward her the e-mail, which I did, then put me on hold for a while. When she came back, she told me that their system was messed up ("clearly", I thought!). She sent me another e-mail with a reference number and the addresses and phone numbers of 3 local repair places (but no names of the places, as I later noticed). She said to reply to this e-mail with repair receipts, or something deeming the item unrepairable for a full refund if that was the case.

I called the first place on the list a few times over the next few days, left voicemails, but got no return calls. Over the weekend, the tablet went off (on it's own), and would no longer turn on. On Monday, I decided to just drive to the first address on the list. After driving around aimlessly for a while, I realized the place didn't even exist. It didn't help that I had no name of the place to look for on a sign, but I figured out based on the address that it didn't exist. So I called the second place on the list, and went there. When I got there, they looked at the tablet, couldn't get it to turn on, but also looked up replacement parts...and found out that the wifi, among most other parts on this tablet, was not replacement on this model. When I told them of my endless drive, they told me that place I showed them had gone out of business quite a while that's why I couldn't find it. The tech at the repair place said even if the device does turn on, wifi is unreplaceable on this model, so the device is unfixable. She wrote this up on my work order, I went home, and I scanned/e-mailed the work order in reply to the e-mail from SquareTrade, as they requested.

Three days went by, and I heard nothing back from SquareTrade. All I could think was, "Is this ever going to get resolved?" So I called them again tonight, and this thing took a whole new horrible twist. Now, they're telling me that I only had a 2 year warranty, and that it expired last year. Yep, about 1 year ago. Yet for some reason, the web site allowed me to file the claim? And for some reason, everyone I've talked to so far just...didn't notice that? Yeah right lol. While I was on hold waiting for them to come back to me, I went to the web site, thinking I might see a status change...and I sure did. They had altered the dates to make it look like I had a 2 year warranty instead of a 3 year warranty (luckily I have proof/screenshots of all of this, along with my original receipts showing that I paid for a 3 year warranty, and the date that I purchased it, along with my original contract).

After that, more time being put on hold, more switching things around on their end, it seemed endless, and like they were determined to do anything possible to get out of paying this claim and making things right. I will try to update this if/when something positive happens here, but at this point, it looks very unlikely. Needless to say, I will never purchase a SquareTrade warranty again at this point, and I will be getting refunds for the few that I purchased recently (hopefully that won't be the hassle that this was), and my prior referrals will change to negative referrals.

I'm attaching screenshots of the original e-mail confirmation of this warranty showing the date purchased/sent, the last 4 of the policy #, and that it's a tablet warranty, as well as a screenshot of the warranty as it shows today, AFTER they made changes to the dates...showing the date purchased, the last 4 of the plan ID that I left visible which matches the e-mail, the coverage start date (which makes the date purchased not even make any sense).
review image review image
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16 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on February 7, 2012
There are no other product coverage plans that offer such hassle free and affordable coverage. This is a policy that is well worth it, from a company that keeps its promises. I have used them for years, through to cover my Amazon and other purchases. One time I did need to collect on a coverage policy, and I received a replacement product that was BETTER than the one that had stopped working. That exchange was made without any cost to me! I have no reservations in giving SQUARE TRADE WARRANTEEs my highest recommendation. They're GREAT!
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