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Service plan term: 3 years|Service plan covered value: $175-$200|Change
Price:$50.43+ Free shipping
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on November 27, 2011
Based on prices, I thought Square trade was an exceptional deal.However,I was on the phone with the Square trade representative, and found out a little known fact through much questioning.It is a consumable warranty.Which means,when you have a warranty repair done through Square trade, they deduct the price of the repair off the price you paid for the warranted item.Once you reach the value of the item you purchased, your warranty expires immediately.This means if you purchased a $200.00 tablet that needed a warranty repair, and it cost Square trade $100.00 to repair it, they will now deduct that off the price you will get in the future under a total loss - they will only pay you $100.00 left over from the value of the tablet.Another scenario,If you had one,two or more warranty repairs anytime during the warranty period that totals the $200.00(the price you paid for the item initially)you are no longer covered for the remaining time of your warranty - your coverage has been consumed/expired, because you reached the value of the item you bought.I was wondering why the prices were so cheap, now I know!
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on December 3, 2010
My story is short and sweet. I recently bought a Kindle 3G+wifi and I loved it! But I read some reviews on amazon saying the screen was fragile, I also read on some Kindle forums about people who had accidentally sat on their Kindle but had a warranty with Squaretrade.

So I made myself a cover, and just to be safe I got myself an extended warranty from Suaretrade to cover anything bad that might happen.

Well I am an absolute klutz, and didn't have the cover on one day with the Kindle in my pocket... and as I'm moving around in my chair I hear a popping sound. It was the Kindle's screen breaking. So I checked with Amazon first, and was pretty sure their warranty wouldn't cover the screen accidentally breaking (sure enough it didn't). So I filed my claim with Squaretrade, they sent me a shipping label and I shipped it to them in the same box it had come in.

After some problems with UPS they received it and pretty soon they reimbursed me for the Kindle, and since I took it in the form of an Amazon gift card they even threw in an extra 5%, enough to get a Kindle book!

and besides that they were very friendly on the phone, they picked up the phone very promptly and I wasn't left on hold (having dealt with a few banks lately, I could tell you a thing or two about waiting on hold to talk to a live person!). They were patient with me and answered all my questions. They seemed to really value and appreciate my business.

I am exceptionally happy with their service and I recommend a squaretrade warranty if you are in the market for an extended warranty, or are a big klutz like me and you break things!
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on March 7, 2011
Really good deal, but some basic facts aren't on the main page that should be.

This was the recommended warranty to go with the new printer we were going to buy. It had the ADH (accident damage and handling) coverage. I really don't mind spending a little extra for additional coverage so I put it on my wish list with the printer for when we would purchase them. I read through the entire web page and was satisfied with what I saw. I also read through the non-ADH version which had the exact same details. Now my wife was a little anxious to get the new printer and bought it before I made a final decision. Which I'm actually very glad she did, because she forgot to buy the warranty to go with it. I wasn't sure if the warranty had to be purchased with the item in order for it to take effect.

So we called the number listed (just as a side note, customer service was very helpful and easy to get a hold of) and found out that the ADH coverage doesn't cover printers! No where on either page does it specify this. The only place this is located is the fine print of their Terms and Conditions pdf. A warranty should not be offered on a product that it can't cover. This may be Amazon's fault for random recommendations, but I don't know for sure. To my knowledge, recommendations are based off what other people have purchased together. And these shouldn't be purchased together.

Another note that we found out from Square Trade is that you don't have to purchase the warranty until 90 days from the time you purchase the item to attach the warranty to it. It only tells you that the warranty will start after the MSP manufacturer's warranty wears out, if refurbished, or if new with MSP, the day you purchased the item (typically 90 days), or if used or with non-MSP manufacturer's warranty, it will start on the 61st day after the item purchase. So you could have your product for a while before you decide to buy the warranty.

So my suggestion to all those looking at buying this warranty, go ahead and buy it. It's a great deal. But wait until you have the item you bought in your possession and it is fully functional/put together. Square Trade offers a full refund if canceled within 30 days from the day of receipt. So if you bought an item and the warranty at the same time, and the sender takes any longer than that 30 days, then you're out $20-40 if the item is garbage and you want to return it. The fine print clearly states they "don't cover items that are dead on arrival or that fail within the first 60 days." That's pretty legitimate. That fault should be with the sender. It does also say in the fine print, "If You purchased ADH coverage on a Product that turns out not to be an MSP product, ADH coverage will be declined and You will receive a refund for this coverage." I can't say for sure about this one because my wife didn't take this route. So just to be on the safe side, I would wait until you know you've got a good product to insure. Then buy.
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on April 23, 2014
My husband and I purchased this warranty based on customer reviews when we purchased our 55" Samsung TV. The first claim was filed in November 2013, the tv just stopped working one day. They set up a repair, the guy came to fix it and it worked again. Then there was a panel issue, we called again mid March 2014. The approved the claim and we received an e-mail and call from the TV repair place, asking for a picture and video of the issue. Once we submitted this, we get a call back from them saying, "well this a panel issue, and we're going to recommend to square trade that they issue a replacement tv, because ordering to repair this is over $700, you may as well just get a new TV". Fine, a couple of days later I hear nothing from anyone, I call Square Trade a week later and come to find out that they decided to repair our TV rather than replace it. The cost for a new panel came out to OVER $700. Fine, the 2 guys from the local TV repair place came out to replace the panel, they were very nice, no complaints there. They put the TV back together. My husband and I mount the TV back on the wall and now the screen is CONSTANTLY shaking.

I call Square Trade AGAIN to file ANOTHER claim because this was not happening before. So the first call, the rep. tells me that we've exhausted our warranty and there is NOTHING they can do for us. He said he would talk to his manager and call me back. I received no call back. A couple of days later, I call AGAIN and now they are saying that they're going to repair it. I don't hear anything back yet AGAIN, but we hear from the TV repair place asking for a video of the issue. So we send the video of the new issue and now we don't hear anything back from anybody. I call Squaretrade yet AGAIN and now I'm being told that this is not a Squaretrade claim, it's an NSA claim, when I ask what is NSA, they just put me on hold to transfer me. Then I'm on the phone with NSA, who tell me they don't handle any warranty issue, they just supervise the local repair places. Even THEY refuse to tell me what NSA stands for. So the woman on the phone tells me that she will contact the TV repair place and they will call me back. Yet AGAIN I hear nothing from anyone. So I call Squaretrade yet AGAIN and I'm told that they need to speak to a manager who gets in after 3pm, and a manager will call me back. Nothing, I make another call the next day, and AGAIN I get told that the manager gets in after 3pm and I will receive a call from the manager. AGAIN nothing, I call again and this time the rep was very apologetic and tells me that he is putting in a request for us to get a check, so that we can replace our TV, he just needs his manager to approve it and the manager doesn't get there until 3pm. I FINALLY get a call back from a "manager" around 6pm, he tells me that I'm going to be receiving a check for the amount of $765 and some change, he said the cost is determined by the amount of what it would cost to repair the TV and the current value of the TV. He said I will be receiving an e-mail with an affidavit that I need to sign, which confirmed the amount and that this would resolve all matters for this tv. FINE.

I never received the e-mail, so I called AGAIN this morning to find out...the first time my call just gets disconnected (I'm calling from a land line by the way, so it's not that I lost signal. Then I get through AGAIN, I speak to an "Ed Bran" who has the THICKEST Indian accent, he couldn't even pronounce his name properly. I go through the ENTIRE situation again, and who would of thought, there is NO log of the conversation I had with any supposed manager and no notes of us getting a check. He puts me on hold to check with his manager, who apparently WAS there. In total I was probably on hold for over 35 minutes with check in's every now and then. EVENTUALLY he not only found the log that I 'did' speak to someone last night, but no record of an affidavit that needed to be signed. Not only that, but now the amount went from $765 to $750 (by the way, I forgot, when we called initially after the panel got changed, they said if they pay us out, it would be $850).

Finally about 45 minutes later, this "Ed Bran" finally says that they're issuing me a check for $750 and I should receive it in 7-10 business days. I requested that they send me a confirmation e-mail because I was no longer interested in doing ANY business with them. I made sure that I received the e-mail before he got off the phone with me, so that I wouldn't be going through this again tomorrow.

So in closing, if I could give it ZERO stars I would. We bought our first TV from Sears with a Sears warranty, they are MUCH better than Square Trade, we are just going to have to go back.
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on August 31, 2010
*3* year warranty for mechanical failures, malfunctions AND accident protection at $40? It cannot get any better than this!

I almost bought the store warranty instead of Squaretrade's because I did not know they existed!
In April, I purchased an "Apple Ipod 8gb Touch" to give to my little sister for her birthday. When I was at the biggest electronics store here where I live(Best Buy), I was hesitant to buy this because I know my sister to be careless and risky at times. I nearly bought the $50 2-year store warranty UNTIL my younger brother happened to call me to tell me something. Well I told him of my whereabouts and my business and it was at that moment that I learned about Squaretrade. He informed me NOT to buy the store warranty and educated me about Squaretrade. He had a good experience with Squaretrade for his Xbox. I purchased the warranty directly from [...] and paid with Paypal.

Ok, I have already had to use the warranty. I was right about my sister being careless in this sitution. Last month, there was a drink spilled on the darn thing and now the oh-so popular item is useless! When I contacted them, Squaretrade emailed me the free return shipping label and I sent the worthless thing back. Within 5 days I had a reimbursement of the Ipod in my Paypal account. Good to sister went and bought another brand of mp3 player.
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on March 10, 2012
I bought a warranty from Square Trade 2 years ago for my Kindle. Filed a claim recently and was quickly approved. I chose the 'payment via Amazon gift card' and.... never got it. I have made 5 calls and have received 5 different answers as to why I haven't received it, from 'its Amazon's fault, to we just push this button and it sends it to you it must be your email address rejecting it, to the last one which was, we see in the logs that the gift card was never actually sent to you.' My last call in garnered the response that 'my problem' has been elevated and passed to the supervisor, you will either receive the gift card or a phone call today.... And now that was yesterday, their office is closed for the weekend and I am one day further from getting a satisfactory resolution. My assessment? Nothing square about this warranty, it is looking pretty crooked to me.
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on October 11, 2014
Square Trade is terrible. I did not purchase through Amazon but I did purchase it. I sent my laptop in for screen repairs. It went well. Then I realized a few of my keys no longer worked on my keyboard. We sent the laptop back. We got an email telling us "fixed on its way back to you" We get the box and guess what? Not our laptop! Contacted Square Trade they sent us a label to send that laptop back which we did. No one can tell us where our laptop is or if it is coming back. When we try to call they tell us because it is a Saturday they can't find out any details. Shouldn't details like my laptop missing be in the notes? Maybe a shipped back date? Found? Still missing? Stolen by a band of gypsies? In the lost city of R'lyeh being used by Cthulhu himself? Anything! They have been zero help through this. I would not recommend their service. Buyer beware.This started all in August with the first claim. Now here it is Oct 11th I have no information and no laptop. I have filed a BBB claim on Oct 1st. The response was on Oct 2nd they were looking into it and would be calling me. Again Oct 11th no phone calls. What a joke. I am not sure at what point I can claim this as theft but it is pretty much that. Square trade if you are reading your reviews (which I don't think you are) please contact me. I should not be difficult to find in your system but then again you can't even find details about my laptop so maybe just check the BBB.
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on February 16, 2013
Canon PowerShot A2300 IS 16.0 MP Digital Camera and added optional warranty.
I actually loved the option - first time I saw this on amazon. First reaction: That's why I love Amazon! May be I can use this service on all my future purchases?!" Provider;s website offers warranties for all electronics products bought on any website - I thought I may use this website for all my future purchases and store all my warranties on their website in one place. Before making the commitment I decided I would test how they would react to a claim on the item I already purchased (the camera). Nothing was wrong with the camera I just to "test-drive" how the claim actually works. I filled out the answers to questions and stated that the camera would not turn on for unknown reason. That's what happened to one of the GPS's we bought last year. To my surprise the answer was denial of coverage! So I am certainly not going to use them and send an email to Amazon about credibility of this company's offerings. I made a screenshot of their response but does not look like I can attach it to the review.
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on July 21, 2010
I have purchased the extra insurance on several other items in the past. On my cell it was $4.00 per month with ATT and with Square Trade I got 3 years for less then what it cost with ATT. I did the same with a camera I purchased and it worked out the same.
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on May 14, 2013
I have the 3 year ADH bought with my laptop from eBay. So for those who are not aware on how the plan works, it basically only covers up to the cost of the product. So if you buy a DSLR camera for $500 and you send it in to service, SquareTrade can and will overcharge you for that repair. So let's say that they charge you $250 for that repair, then the next time if the camera is sent for repair again, it will only cover up to $250. Anything higher than that amount SquareTrade will just send you a check for $250. This plan is great for those who are accident-proned but in terms of cost, it is not cost effective because there is a limit.

My experience with this is that my laptop fell and it no longer charges. So I sent it in and got it back in one piece with a repair note indicating that they replaced the ac/dc jack cable. Okay....So being the detail freak that I am I called ST and asked them what was the remaining balance on my coverage. The rep was somewhat taken back, I mean that is not normal question you would ask considering that they may think you're trying to profit from it. So he tells me that I have about $400 left. (for the sake of privacy, I am not going to specifically refer to my amount but you get the idea) My max coverage was 600. So...replacing the ac/dc jack cable cost $200? That is highway robbery if you ask me. I work with computers and have a decent amount of knowledge on repair cost. I mean luckily I bought the computer from eBay and the SquareTrade came with it as a plus without me paying any additional money. But still, $200 to replace a cable? That is crazy.

So for those considering to get SquareTrade, just be warned that for each repair service that you sent out ST will probably charge you an exorbitant amount of money just to reduce your coverage amount.
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