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on January 14, 2012
BACKGROUND - My original order arrived in perfect condition. However, more than 1/2 of the mounting silicone was solidified in the tube. I followed the mounting instructions as well as I could, but it fell down after I had mounted it with the sticky pads and what I could get out of the tube. I really wanted to use the product because I knew it would work and that it was exactly what I wanted. However, at the time, they did not include a customer support phone number so I could request a replacement mounting kit.
I ended up returning the product and wrote a 4 star review - noting simply that their supplier sent some faulty silicone tubes and suggesting that they should include a customer service phone number so they could send me a $0.50 mounting kit, rather than having to return a $50 mirror. Within 2 hours of writing my review, on a Saturday morning, I received a note from the company's president noting that they had just started inserting a customer service phone number in their new packaging.
REVISED REVIEW - Since I received my new mirror, I have had no problems. It is easy to hang and I really like the clarity of the mirror while showering. It provides an excellent shower shaving experience. You need to fill up a small reservoir behind the mirror with water from the shower (which is what keeps it from fogging) but it is easy to fill, re-hang and dump after your shower. This is the first no-fog mirror I have used that I can recommend 100% and think it is a great addition to my shower. I also have to complement ToiletTree for their quick response to my issue. I am impressed how well they responded to my concern as well as how well they stand by their products.
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on November 24, 2011
PRO: This shower mirror is OK - not "just barely OK" but a "nice" ok. It seems to be decently put together, and was easily installed (with clear instructions & needed supplies). How it will hold up as a mirror remains to be seen, as I just recently received it. It certainly functions as advertised and, given the simple principles upon which it works, should continue to do so. Tried letting it fog up with no water in the container, then filled it with the requisite warm water and it defogged rapidly, within just several seconds. The included squeegee slips readily into the molded holder.

CONS: [1]The mirror is, frankly, dis-oriented by 90 degrees - it would be a whole lot more useful if the top to bottom dimension was the larger one - i.e., most people I know have faces that are longer than they are wide yet this mirror is oriented (and can't be changed) with the larger dimension going side to side. [2]The re-mounting once filled with water is adequate but you're doing it blindly since the mounting slot is on the back so it's a bit awkward. [3]The two-levels LED lighting only works, out of the box, on one intensity and is overall kinda useless - if you shower & shave in a pitch black room it'd likely be somewhat useful but in a regular shower with some ambient light it's useless and I certainly wouldn't pay the extra $20 for the light. [4] It'd also be better to have a hanging razor holder on the side of the attached bottom shelf, as it's rather awkward to fit and retrieve a razor from the shelf as is, squeezing in between the mirror's bottom edge and the squeegee holder; a molded holder at either end of the shelf would be better. [5]It's nowhere near as nice as the several mirrors I've had with a magnifying option (but then again, they had the stupid plumbing connection that corrodes and made them dysfunctional).

All in all a decent mirror, worth the lower price ($30 without LED), that'll do nicely until something better comes along. (And way better made than the totally junk ShowerTek model whose plastic plumbing connection broke while first being installed.)
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on October 11, 2012
This is a good product and before people start bashing my review, please understand that 1) I will not respond to idiotic trollish comments and 2) These are called "reviews" for a reason and i am entitled to my opinion and judgment.

That being said, this is a great product. Works flawlessly, great build quality, great packaging and from my research, a great customer service department. I have used this mirror for a few weeks now and have taken a star each for the following 2 reasons:

1) The LED lights do not really work or enhance anything. Reminds me of a "light up" license place bracket that you see on cars, gives it a cosmetic appeal but no real benefits. I wish the designers had tested it out on consumers as the LED lights would have worked better if they were focused out instead of focused in towards the mirror. All the lights do is give the mirror somewhat of a "Halo" effect.

2) Charging almost $50.00 for adding a few LED lights (that do not help) that cost pennies and a slightly larger surface area is absurd.

I do not have the time or patience to return this and order a non LED mirror.

All in all, i would definitely go with the non LED version of this product as it works as advertised and is a great product. Just avoid this LED version.



So 6 months down the line, this $50.00 mirror definitely does stay fog free as advertised BUT:

1 - One of the LED light has failed
2 - The locking mechanism that positions the mirror assembly cannot hold the weight and hence keeps on slipping to a tilted position.

Is there a lifetime warranty on this thing?


EDIT 12/2/13

Even though the product was out of its warranty period, the company reached out to me and mailed me a brand new mirror without any hassle or payment. This alone deserves 5 stars. Only time will tell how long this replacement will last but the build seems solid and the hinge problem has been fixed.

Thank You Steve for following up with your customers. A good product with great customer service is what the market lags and your company is definitely on the better end of the spectrum.

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on October 27, 2012
I was excited to find this and hear some positive reviews. I found customer service very good initially when the tube of silicone was hardened. They sent it right out, nice attitude on the phone. Once I had hooked the support to the wall and filled the resevoir with water it didn't fog. And here it is the thing that makes this product a total pass. Once filled with water it weighs more, and the engineers designed for no extra weight. So the adjustable angle bracket which would work empty, now flops toward the ground and unless you want to shave your toe hairs is completely useless. I am handy with fixes but since it is only light plastic I am not about to use wood shims etc. to fix it, because the whole design is so lightweight.
I don't see how some reviews didn't go into this issue more, but with the upper end model that I bought it is a total failure and a no buy. Sorry. Return time.
Oh yes one more bit of info. When I called them about this, i got no answer all day long. Left a message, no answer. Customer service fell off.

Update: They did contact me when they saw my review and were very helpful.They sent a new stronger biting piece and lo and behold the mirror is now adjustable and stays where you set it. Now I can say this product is great. Thanks
I change my review to 4 stars

Update Jan 2013 Mirror works very nice. I find it even simpler to let the mirror warm up while I shower and shave at the end. I just take the mirror off, squeegy it, don't bother filling it with water, and shave . The mirror doesn't fog and I save wear and tear on the hardware, and save time. Works just as well as filling and emptying the resevoir everytime. Have fun.
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on January 19, 2012
Despite my initial's not as much of a pain loading it up with water as I thought it would be. The benefit of being able to spend longer in the hot shower since I can shave more diligently (no need to hurry to beat the fog) outweighs the 20 seconds it takes to load it up!


Update 2012-11-21: Had to update my review. ToiletTree's customer service is unbelievable! Among the top I've encountered. I called a few days ago due to experiencing the "drooping mirror" from the previous design and, without missing a beat, the nice gal I talked to (she sounded like she was in the states and calling from next door) said they've since redesigned that piece and would send out the updated part, free of charge.

Fast forward to this morning (a few days later). Since my mirror is going to be useful again, I thought I'd change out the batteries since they were near death (LED lights were very dim). After my shower, I took the mirror over to my sink and, using a quarter, turned the two sealing screws to their respective "unlock" pictures. The top of the battery compartment opened just fine but the bottom, despite the sealing screw indicating it was unlocked, would not budge. I peaked inside of the top to see how the locking mechanism worked and was very confident all was in order and it was likely just a little stuck due to not having been opened for awhile. Sliding the screw along the seam between the door and battery compartment, I applied a little pressure to get it unstuck. To my surprise, the door finally popped open but when I turned the door over, I could see that the locking mechanism was still locked to the plastic piece it recessed into...and that piece had broken away from inside the battery compartment housing! :( Upon further investigation, I could see that the plastic piece that was supposed to turn to lock the door, was indeed stuck and the metal screw that attached it to the outside sealing screw just spun when the sealing screw turned -- I was never getting that door off. Even after tightening the metal screw, I couldn't get the two separated.

So now, I had a part on the way to make my mirror useful again, but a broken battery door that rendered the LED system useless due to now being unsealable. How's that for irony? :) This morning, I was actually very confident that ToiletTree customer service would make things right, just from the painless interaction I had with them concerning the pivoting bracket a few days ago....and I wasn't disappointed. After explaining my situation to the gal on the phone (including the part that is on its way), she asked if replacing the battery compartment door would fix the issue. I indicated that, unfortunately, it would not, since the piece the bottom locking mechanism was supposed to lock to came detached from the inside battery compartment housing. I offered to send her a few pictures since (as you can see from above), it's not the easiest thing to convey over the phone. She said, "Oh no, no, that won't be necessary. What we'll do is send you out a new mirror. I'll expedite the shipment so you get it as soon as possible."

Now THAT's what I call customer service and a company that stands behind their product. I have no doubt in my mind that if the screw failure is not an isolated incident, that, just like with the pivot bracket, ToiletTree will make things right. Despite having the two issues I have, I have no reservations about recommending this product as well as the company.

Update 2012-11-26: The replacement arrived. I opened the box and all had arrived as promised. *sigh* But I'm experiencing the exact same issue as before. Turning the bottom screw to unlock does indeed unlock that lock on the battery compartment door but turning the top screw (felt rather tight) to unlock does not unlock the bottom screw lock. Having been through this once and eventually getting the door off, I know that any pressure I use to successfully dislodge the door will result in another broken unit. *sigh* One more call to customer service tomorrow. Such a great idea. I haven't seen any other complaints when searching "screw" through the reviews and if it weren't such an easy action to take (i.e. turn screw to unlock symbol), I'd think there was something I was doing wrong. Will update after customer service call.

Update 2012-11-27: Talked to Kelly at customer service. She indicated that the screw issue was not normal let alone getting another unit and having it occur right out of the box. To ToiltTree's credit, she's sending another unit out and test the door herself before sending. She is also sending prepaid postage to have me send the other two units back so they can take a look. Here's hoping that this is just a freak occurrence. With an idiot-proof design of "turn the arrow to the unlock symbol", I'm hoping that this is the case.

I continue to be impressed with how ToiletTree customer service handles themselves, how the company backs their product, and how they value a customer's time and inconvenience. A++. I will update after new unit arrives.

Update 2012-11-30: The new unit arrived. Little did I know, I'd open it to find a very nice, hand-written letter mentioning the postage-paid return sticker as well as a few sentences directing me to the fogless travel mirror they included to make up for the problems I've had so far. The unit seems like one I would expect to receive. The door screws are not overly tight (the issue I believe the other two suffered from but don't seem loose enough to cause seal issues.

I will certainly update this review again if I have any issues but I don't really expect to. ToiletTree has a great product and they have an equally great customer service to back it up. I don't recall ever receiving this level of care from any other company...and there ARE a handful of good ones out there.

The door was already taken off, as Kelly had indicated she would do as a matter of testing it. I placed the batteries in the compartment, screwed the door back on and put the mirror on the mount in the shower and am back to using the best fogless mirror around.

Thank you Kelly and thank you for making it right ToiletTree! I would most certainly buy this product as a gift for any of my friends.

TL;DR - ToiletTree's customer service is a class act, though the 2nd product still has an issue.
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on December 30, 2015
My fiancé loves this mirror. I got the first one back in 2011 and it lasted till yesterday, thanks to me. While I was cleaning the shower I moved it enough where it felt and broke the plastic in a corner. I felt bad so I just bought him another one. Here are pictures of the old one from 4 years ago and the new one. The mirror is dirty on the old one but every now and then I would clean it smoothly with tooth paste and a dryer sheet and it would be back to normal. He shaves in the shower with warm water and it never fogs for him. Just make sure you pour the water as shown in the instructions and you'll be good to go.
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on November 25, 2013
The consept of this product is good... the design is BAD..
the LED lights DO NOT shine on your face .... they shine from behind the frame... very indirect lighting
you can not shave by the light from this product
suggest they redisgn to have the LED lights shine directly on the user
product was returned and AMAZON refunded my purchase.
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on May 2, 2012
Update 3
The company sent the replacement after my 2nd update and it has worked brilliantly. After a rough start, we're now happy customers.

Update 2
Well it's been a couple of weeks and no sign of the promised replacement mirror. I'm giving up hope that the company will resolve the problem as promised. We're back to 1 star for poor follow-up and failure to resolve a problem with mirror quality.

Review Update
Within minutes of posting the review below, I received a comment from the company. They are standing behind the product and sending a replacement unit. I am very pleased with their customer service and quick response. Had the customer service email been provided with the mirror I would have contacted them directly instead of commenting here....never like to reduce a good company's score is moving up from a 1 to a 4.

Original review
We remodeled our MB and spent extra on a nice fog less mirror. We installed according to instructions and let sit the required 24 hours before attaching the mirror to the brace. Within 10 minutes the unit fell to the tile floor and the cheap plastic brace broke in the area where the mirror attaches. It is now useless. I purchased this well before the remodel was completed and didn't install until just two days ago. Too late for a return.
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on March 11, 2016
I have been tirelessly looking for a shower mirror that actually doesn’t fog up, doesn’t require drilling in my shower tile, has sufficient surface area and is aesthetically appealing. Well, when I came across this one, I finally found a perfect fit!

Let me break it down on why the ToiletTree Deluxe Shower Mirror is a great buy (based on my experience with other mirrors):

Doesn’t Fog:
All mirrors intended for the shower claim they don’t fog but news flash, many of them do! You can spend a ridiculous amount on special mirrors with elaborate coating but this mirror found a simple and very effective solution to this problem. There is a water reservoir in the back of the mirror and all you have to do is fill it with the same temperature water you’re showering with; the mirror easily glides out for removal (to fill it up with water) and it is easy to place back in the base resulting in a no fuss/hassle user experience.

Easy/Mess Free Wall Application:
I realized most mirrors of this size and weight don’t work well with suction cups. I have tried them before and regardless of how well I prep the surface, they always end up falling. There are options that allow you to drill holes in your shower tile but lets face it, for most that is too messy, complicated, and they don’t want to do something that leaves permanent holes and/or damage on the tile. So whats the solution? Silicone glue! ToiletTree includes more than enough silicone glue to apply this mirror safety and securely to your shower wall without it falling off in a few days (or minutes in some cases). I have had my mirror for about 7 months now and it hasn’t even shifted, let alone fall. PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to follow the simple instructions and prep the surface properly. Prep is easy, just use an alcohol wipe (99% alcohol works best) to clean the area you are applying the mirror to and dry it off (preferably with something that doesn’t leave lint behind, I used a microfiber cloth). Be patient and allow the the mirror base to be mounted for the required time before adding the mirror (I believe you leave it applied for 24 hours but as noted, I installed it 7 months ago and don’t remember 100%). The process is simple, easy to follow, and will ensure your mirror last securely for your enjoyment.

Mirror Has Big Surface Area and a Swivel Neck:
When you buy a shower mirror, your intent is for it to simplify your life; you don’t want to hunch over or stand in one isolated position to use the mirror. ToiletTree solves this problem by giving you ample surface area on the mirror to work with as well as an adjustable neck so you can angle it to your preferred position (vertical angle changes not horizontal)—this helps when there are multiple users of different height.

This mirror has a simple modern look to it and it comes in a couple of different color options to fit your space and style. It is something that you’re mounting in your shower and will look at everyday (depending on your shower routine) so besides functionality, it’s nice to enjoy the look of as well. The LEDs have practical application but it also gives it the added “cool” factor which is always nice.

Other Small Touchers That Add Big Value:
There are some additional touches that are worth mentioning that really make this mirror not only a great buy but a great value as well. There are the LEDs that border the mirror, it isn’t going to illuminate a room but it will help highlight hard to see areas. The flat surface under the mirror is a nice touch because it allows you to place your razor, toothbrush, etc there. Finally there is the built-in squeegee that glides out to help clear your mirror of water that splashes on during your shower.

If you are considering a shower mirror, definitely give this one a shot. It is backed by Amazon’s customer service policy and ToilerTree themselves have great customer service that offers support in a very quick manner. I use this mirror daily because I like to shave and brush in the shower as well. In fact, I recently learned that the ideal atmosphere for shaving is in a steamy atmosphere because it opens up your pours and allows for a smooth, pain free shave; so it’s not only more convenient, its better for you too!
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on June 26, 2012
I purchased this product and I first thought it was great, the mirror never foged and worked well in the shower. The adhesive that came with the product did not hold the mirror to the shower for much more then a week. So I purchased a locktite construction adhesive from Lowe's that finally kept the bracket from falling and almost breaking the mirror. So again I am happy with my purchase but then, about a month later the swivel that allows you to change the mirror angle stopped holding the mirror up at all and now the mirror points down to the shower drain at all times rendering the product useless. I would NOT recommend you purchase this item unless you are prepared to buy a different kind of adhesive than the one included and then risking the bracket failing a short period after!!!


I sent an email to toilet tree products and within seconds I received a reply saying that the bracket has a faulty pivot piece and they are sending me a new one. Great customer service at least!!!
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