Squier by Fender BulletStrat w/Trem, Arctic White
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66 of 69 people found the following review helpful
on August 9, 2010
Back in the 1960 through the 1970s, I was part of a band and played a number of guitars, but mostly a Fender Mustang which I loved, in large part because the scalloped cuts in the body, one at the back top (when holding the guitar) and another on the top edge of body where the picking arm rests. These two modifications to the body of the Mustang made it fantastically comfortable to play.

When I saw these cuts on the Squier Strat, it was like a dream come true. My only reservation was the price - super low, it seemed.

But I'd heard good things about it and made the purchase. Best guitar I have ever played. Simply amazing and now all my other guitars pretty much sit unused.

It comes with the nut set up for smaller gauge strings - which is great for me as I like light strings so I can easily bend notes. The neck reinforcement bar did need some adjustment to straighten the neck a tad, which then allowed lowering the bridge section for each string. Once that was done, the action was nice and low and fast. (And for those who are a bit hesitant to tackle these adjustments, there's plenty of info on the web telling how to do this on a Strat; it isn't as daunting as it seems - in fact this was my first time to set up a guitar, having previously had this done before buying one.)

I had thought I might have trouble keeping the strings in tune with the whammy bar (I did with the Mustang which tended to have other strings go out of tune when you tuned one). Not so. It holds its tuning very well. And while I rarely use the whammy bar, it is nice to have it there for those rare occasions when I need to drop the pitch on a chord (I generally "pull" the strings to raise chords).

The humbucker ahead of the bridge is a nice touch; having the two single-pole classic pickups might enable a player to get feedback effects and such if he were into that (the Ebow perhaps makes such things pointless these days). With the five-way switch, there is a nice variety of sounds available.

The finish on the instrument is deep and perfect. The pick guard comes with a protective plastic coat - once I realized that and removed it I was pleasantly surprised how nice that looked as well. One beautiful instrument.

I played for a time professionally, and have to say this guitar is as good or better than what we were using back in the 60s and 70s. While it's priced like a beginner's guitar, I certainly wouldn't think twice about taking it out on the stage were my skills what they were 40 years ago (alas, they are not - but perhaps this new guitar will encourage me to get back in form).

I'd give this guitar 8 stars if I could. A big fat five as it is.

And it would be a bargain at twice the price. If you're like me and have always wanted a Fender Strat but couldn't afford one, this Squier version of the classic is just the ticket. It would be a bargain at twice the price. At $119 (at the time I bought mine) it is a steal.

Try it, you'll like it.
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on October 28, 2011
I love guitars and own 3 Taylor Acoustics and one Fender American Standard Stratocaster. Now my American Standard Strat is a guitar I would never part with. I picked it up over 20 years ago and it's the only guitar I have not traded or sold. So just yesterday...Guitar Center was having a Grand Opening sale in my neck of the woods and advertised this Fender Squier Stratocaster Bullet for $89.95. In my mind I'm thinking I would never waste my money on a "cheap" guitar but when I saw a sunburst one sitting on a guitar stand I picked it up and found it to be a pretty solid instrument! What caught my eye was how beautiful the finish was and I've always wanted a sunburst in a strat but was not willing to shell out over a grand for one just yet. Now having seen this "cheap" Strat sitting there I was intrigued! Now on a grand opening evening at the Guitar Center these babies went quickly and of course they ran out of the sunburst pretty quickly but there was this "display" one. Now I made the mistake of setting it back down on the stand for a moment and lo and behold someone else snatched it up so I pretty much resigned myself to not picking one up that evening.....Of course I could have grabbed a PINK one...they had plenty of those in boxes but pink doesn't really do anything for me..The next day though I decided to get one of my acoustics tuned up and restrung since they were offering these services free for the grand opening and while I was there waiting for my guitar I saw the sunburst Strat hanging on the wall...YES the bullet for $89.95 and it was beckoning me! I quickly sauntered over there and pulled it off the wall and asked a salesperson if I could "plug it" in! After spending a few moments jamming on it I came to the quick conclusion that this was a fantastic deal for $89.95!! So it wasn't an American Standard....so the materials weren't top grade...but it looked fantastic and played fantastic! So I dropped all my "elitist" meanderings and decided to plunk down my "eating out" money for this beautiful gem! Well after having spent many hours with it today and reading some of the reviews on amazon about it I decided to offer my thoughts and I hope this helps any of you who may be interested in this guitar! Now I could well afford the "real deal" but you know what? THis guitar is a bonafide bargain! And not only that...it looks great & plays great! So drop all your snobbiness guitar people and pick one of these up as a GIFT for a friend and just an extra guitar to have around...for the money it's a steal! Take it from me...a guy who has been buying and selling guitars for years and a regular at Guitar Center and any mom & pop guitar shop in the Houston area...In these tough economic times it's about getting the best BANG for your buck! With that said....this guitar is very pleasant to the eye...doesn't look or feel cheap...plays well and is just $100!! So if you're on a budget BUY it..if you're not BUY it!! Either way you're getting a bargain!
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on February 5, 2012
I bought this a month ago, and let me tell you, I don't regret anything. I honestly don't know how they are selling this for only $120, and to be exact, I only paid $119.00 with free 2-day shipping. It arrived quickly. It doesn't come with any accessories besides the tremolo arm (whammy bar) and tools for adjusting the truss rod and a wrench for adjusting the screws on the saddles for string height.

The finish on this thing is beautiful. The neck feels great, and I've heard some complaints about the frets being too sharp, which might be true for some of these, but I didn't have that problem. I didn't need to set the action or anything, though the intonation was wonky -- an easy thing to fix. Even if you ordered a USA Strat, you might have to set it up a little bit since guitars tend to get dinked up in the box during transit, so they often won't be in the same setup as they were in the factory conditions. The sound you can get out of this thing is just incredible. The only real upgrade I would suggest would be some locking tuners of your choice, but of course, the tuners are always the one part that is cheapest made on guitars in this price range, so if you do that, you're pretty much good to go. It stays in tune even when you use the trem arm for a bit.

The finish was flawless save for one small little area on the side of the lower horn; it's so tiny that you literally have to try to see it to notice it being there. The neck has a nice little coat of polyurethane on it, so no fancy vintage tint gloss or anything, but it still feels smooth enough to be really comfortable to play. The pickguard is a simple 1-ply one, which used to be an issue back in the 50's since they were prone to bowing, but due to modern better plastics being used, it's not an issue with today's guitars.

The pickups aren't any $100 Texas Specials or anything, but they still sound full and warm. You can get the same classic Strat tones as intended with the stock pickups. You can expect the typical 60-cycle hum which is synonymous with most single coils when playing in an area with fluorescent lighting and monitors of some sort, but the middle pickup is reverse-wound/reverse-polarity so when you switch to pickup switch positions 2 and 4, you get a hum-canceling effect.

I don't care if you're a beginner or someone who's been playing for decades, this is one damn good axe. Like I said, my mind is blown that such a fine-quality instrument is priced like this. Pick this up for your friend, your spouse, your dad, your kid, doesn't matter, this is top quality here. Squier has been stepping their game up in recent times. Even their "low-end" axes are beast.
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on March 17, 2014
I want to make it very clear this is not a negative review. I love this guitar. I have it slung over me as I type this and I play it pretty much daily. But let's not kid ourselves into thinking this is a "good" guitar. It is exceptionally average. It is absolutely playable. But corners are cut and that's okay, because this is a hundred and twenty American.

For the meager price paid (considering it's a musical instrument) you're getting a heck of a deal, and this or the Affinity Telecaster would be excellent starting instruments to learn on, or good modding platforms. I got mine when Guitar Center had their most recent Labor Day sale, in the sunburst, but the daphne blue and arctic white (more light banana pudding than white) look stellar.

I said corners are cut, but where? Well the wood grain is plain and subdued. The strings are cheap. The tuners are somehow both loose and tight at the same time. Mine does stay in tune, but I don't have the tremolo system set up. The neck and headstock are pale and unfinished. This means the color is lacking but the smooth neck I prefer over lacquered ones that feel kind of sticky. Your input jack will get a bit loose from time to time.

Everything else is pretty solid. The tone is decent, but it's nothing that's going to make you fall out of your chair. The old adage of determining guitar sound goes: player, then amp, then guitar; so don't worry about that too much. If you're wondering if you should buy this, the answer is probably yes. I've enjoyed learning on mine and I'm not afraid of it getting knocked around. If anything I look forward to some scuffs and nicks from use. That's not something you can do with a vintage American Strat.

At the same time, I'm not even finished with my first year of playing and am already looking to something a little nicer and more fitting with what I feel comfortable with. That second part is something that only comes with practice, so it would be prudent to start with something cheap and use it to learn what you need in a guitar. Personally I'm looking toward a Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar as a second guitar. But this Bullet will always be my first, and I'll always love what it's given me, even if it has definite shortcomings.

In summation, it's a cheap guitar, but it's also a cheap guitar. Start your musical journey here, and then spend the proper three to five hundred on something you can be proud to play. Or stick with it for good and prove how much beauty you can squeeze out of something so cheap.
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on April 6, 2013
Got this guitar for my birthday, and i must say, i really, REALLY love it. Whammy bar gets in the way sometimes, but its not a big problem. I would reccomend this to a friend.
review image review image review image review image
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on January 16, 2012
I have one of the early models (without the trem) this really helps the sound & the tuning IMHO, the sustain & volume of
the guitar when not plugged-in is twice as loud as my MIM strat.
With a very light fret dressing this is one of the best necks I've played in years.

Now the down side, for $120 don't expect a stage ready guitar, for a beginner it's fine right out of the box if you stick with it have a local shop set it up for you, it's worth the money honest.

The 2 main things that must be upgraded are the pickups & the tuners, once you upgrade those it's like night and day when plugged-in it screams & stays in tune no matter how hard I play it. I got a used set of Squire "Standard Strat" series pickups (Alnico 5) they sound as good as a regular American Strat& a decent set of Fender copy tuners for $40 you have to be a bit handy to do this work but it's not brain surgery. Some extra shielding helps to cut down on the hum
& noise. (also an easy fix)

Now it sounds as good if not better than my MIM strat even with the thinner & much lighter body, personally I find it
more comfortable to wear for long sets & if you have small to medium sized hands you will find the narrower neck enables you do much more, have you ever noticed the hands of the truly great players like Hendrix, SRV, Jeff Beck etc are huge & make a regular Strat look like a toy :) well the rest of us are stuck with the hands we got.

Anyway it's true you get what you pay for but with a little work these babies are NOT TOYS they are real instruments.
Kudos to Fender & Squire for making a starter guitar that is not total junk.

Good luck and I hope this helps somebody.
PS. Get one with a solid color, the bodies are often made from 2 or more pieces of wood and if you get the sunburst
you can clearly see the joints, just an esthetic thing but worth mentioning.
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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on December 6, 2010
Bought this for a cheap carry along/practice guitar. Received the guitar quickly. Packaging was great and after a quick inspection everything was tight and the neck was perfectly straight (something I was concerned about). Had some initial difficulties with the guitar strap I purchased but no other issues. Having played it for 2-3 hours a day since receiving it I haven't noticed any issues or the guitar going out of tune quickly. As mentioned in another review some parts (like the tuners) are not high end but for the money you simply can't beat it for what I needed it for. Once I've played around with it for a while longer I'm going modify it some and replace the cheaper parts with better options (there are a ton of tips available on the internet specific to this guitar).

Only down side is that guitar is no where near the blue color in the picture. It is more of a minty/sea foam green than a baby (daphne) blue. I didn't want black or red and had I been able to see the guitar before hand I probably would have gone with the arctic white. Still happy with the purchase though.
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on December 9, 2010
Got this when it was $99.
This is a great guitar for beginner or expert.
It's sold and well built.
The sound from it is great.
You can spend more for a guitar but why? This does just about everything thing you could want a guitar to do.
If you have kids that want to start playing or if you want to learn, this is the guitar for you.
I would also recommend Intelli IMT-900 Chromatic Clip-on Tuner. It does not use sound it uses the vibrations of the strings to tune your guitar. So if you are in a noisy room, cheep amp, etc.. it will not effect the tuning.

Hope this helps
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18 of 22 people found the following review helpful
I bought one of these for my girlfriend's son for Xmas a couple years ago. After getting it home and doing a set-up on it, I was so blown away by what a great deal it is, that I've since bought two more Bullets for myself, a surf-green one and a cream-white one.

On some Bullets the fret ends can be a little sharp and need to be sanded or filed down. And all Bullets will need a set-up (adjust the truss rod, set the action, etc). But after that, for a little more than $100, you will have a very good guitar in your hands. If you don't believe me, you can watch videos on youtube that I have posted of me playing stock, unmodified Bullets. Other people have posted videos as well. Just do a youtube search for Squier Bullet.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
I wanted a good quality guitar for a cheaper price can't get any better than Fender, so when I saw they had a cheaper version in Squirer I jumped at the chance to purchase.....GREAT buy its worth the money and the best part about it....I love the feel and the sounds, good decent strings and quality product all worth my money every dime of it I'd recommend in intermediate player or even a beginner that has at least a good yr under their belt playing to purchase this baby she is a beauty and a joy to play....hope you get all the joy out of the product as I did.Squier by Fender BulletStrat HSS w/Trem, Brown Sunburst
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