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on May 26, 2011
So I've been working my way through the various energy drinks, trying to find the best. So far, the one that had done the trick for me was 5 Hour Energy Extra Strength. (5-Hour Energy Extra Strength Berry 12 bttls) While it works great with NO crash, it has a major wallet ouch factor. LOL Then I tried Red Rain, which really helps with mental focus and fuzziness when you are drowsy. (Red Rain Energy Shot, Extra Strength, Berry Flavor, 2-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)) They are also priced wonderfully, but they didn't give me as much energy. Both of those do what they are supposed to do, and I give them 5 stars. Then I tried this, because it is supposed to be stronger. Well, it is. But, there's a downside. It does have as much caffeine as 4 cups of coffee, which the others do not. Now, me personally, I never have problems with jitteriness or a crash after coffee. But a lot of people do, and friends and family who tried this for me before I wrote my review, they all reported the same thing. Works great, works fast, but when it wears off, they feel a crash. So in that regard, it has a downside. But for me, a coffee drinker whose having to give up coffee due to ulcers, this didn't upset my stomach and gave me energy VERY fast. Personally, I don't experience crashes after coffee, so really it's going to depend on what you, the buyer, has as far as limitations or whether you handle regular coffee fine. The stuff tastes terrible, but that's because it has no sugar, and no calories either. It has other energy boosting vitamins found in most other energy shots as well. Honestly, this works fastest, and strongest. But there's the caffeine factor. For me, it's a 5 star product, but I wanted to do some honest reviewing here for you guys. So, that's my $.02 on the matter.

Thanks so much for your time folks.
Sincerely, R.A. McDowell
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on July 15, 2011
This product has all the kick of 5 hour energy and there's the equilvalent of 2 shots in every bottle. For the price, it can't be beat. I've read some concerns about 'crashing' later but I personally haven't experienced it. Give it shot! Pun intended...
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on January 30, 2012
These are great! Really. I was starting to lag really bad around noonish-1pm, where coffee just wasn't cutting it. Unable to take a nap, I started researching ANYTHING that would give me ENERGY. I had tried a 5-hour energy before that someone had gave me, and it seemed to work to wake me up. Compared to these, this is a cheaper, but AMAZING, version. Why?

5 hour energy is, noticabley priced higher and 1 bottle is compared to 1.5 cups of coffee.

These are, noticeably priced lower and 1 bottle is compared to 4 cups of coffee.

So, in my eyes, much better deal.

I HAVE NO CLUE WHY THERE ARE WENNIES ON HERE COMPLAINING ABOUT THE TASTE. Really?! waaah. It's really not that bad. I mean, really, it's NOT. I prepared for the worst, put them in the fridge thinking it would be hell. Nah. Not that bad. Started drinking em warm and they taste even better.

I mark my bottles into thirds. Drink 1/3 of my energy bottle durring my lag time. It doesn't get me bouncing off the walls, but gets me up and makes me eyes STAY 100% open.

I try to get by a day every now and then w/o it, so I don't grow too much of a tolerance. But these rock, really they do, and I highly recommend. The will be a cupboard staple.


Interesting side notes: They contain L-tyrosine. Natural energy herbal supplement. L-Tyrosine is often recommended to people who are tired more than normal and to people who are taking 5 htp, an herbal supplement for depression and anxiety. I have taken 5 htp on and off, and had considered buying L-Tyrosine supplements to enhance the effect, but never did. Was happily suprised to find it in these drinks. I also occasionally take Passion Flower. If these side notes interest you, and you want to do more research, heres a link: Nature's Answer Passionflower Standardized, 60-Count. I have reviewed that product, discussing 5 htp and these energy drinks in my review (or you can click on my other reviews and find it in there).
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on December 10, 2011
was very hesitant to purchase due to the comments about the taste. as best i understand, the taste of certain compounds can be perceived very differently and is dependent on individual genotype...most commonly variation manifests in the ability or inability to perceive a certain molecule. so it could be that certain people have the ability to taste something in the beverage that others cannot.

regardless, the taste is very mild to me, not a problem at all. and content-wise this energy shot is more potent than standard 5 hour energy.
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on February 13, 2011
Comparing nutritional content, they are almost identical with a 5hr energy shot, the price is much cheaper as well. I've seen the xtra strength 5hr energy shots cost between 3-4$ a POP! But these? Not only are they about 1'3 cheaper on this site, if you have a Family Dollar or Dollar General store you can buy them for $1.08c each!

One thing I must say that is a downer is the taste. They have zero calories, and typical ingredients found in most energy drinks, so, not too surprisingly, the taste is funny.

I will DEFINATELY order these here repeatedly!
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on October 29, 2011
Ignore some of the 1 star ratings talking about how horrible it is. Obviously, not many people read the label on the shots. It specifically tells you if you want the full 12 hour energy (the max amount of energy you can get from this shot) drink half of the shot and then drink the other half 6 hours later. If most people discovered a bad taste, upset stomach, or jitteriness because they took the whole freakin shot at once then I believe that is your fault for not reading the instructions. Shot works great if used CORRECTLY.
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on January 1, 2012
I recently started taking 5-hour energy and have been pleased with the results, just not the price. Sooo, I figured I'd try some of the alternatives. As many reviews state, Stacker here has basically the same ingredients and same values of 5 hour energy but at a fraction of the cost. So I gave it a shot.

The good: Each bottle is two servings, so you get a lot for your money in comparison. And honestly, it works quite well. I felt great throughout the day. No crashes or anything. Maybe a big flush in the face but that is a side effect.

The bad: FLAVOR. This stuff tastes horrible! I actually was quite fond of the pomegranate 5-hour energy, even found it satisfying. This stuff...well I feel they could have picked a better flavor than citrus. On top of that, it's quite bitter and leaves an aftertaste. Don't try and savor it...chug it quickly and it's not too bad.

So yeah... I was about to rate it 3 stars but I bumped it up to 4. The taste is absolutely horrible, but if you can get around that, it works very well. And we're looking at what about $.50 a serving verses 5-hour Energy's retail $3.00, it's a no brainer. Just keep something handy to wash it down!
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on November 5, 2011
I have been working overnight hospital shifts lately, also working my way through the energy drink market to help me get through it all. I was hoping to use the Utacker Xtra 4x as an emergency pick-me-up but was not impressed. It has to have one of the worst tastes of any drink I've ever come across. I read that on all sorts of other energy shot reviews on Amazon and I think that those people were honestly being a little picky. After all, if it's just a quick shot it doesn't have to taste that good, right? Well- let me just say that this one is leagues apart from the others I've tried in being hands down terrible, almost toxic. Add that on to the jittery rush of caffeine and it's actually a pretty terrible product (for me). With this, I may be awake, but I feel awful after taking it, from the initial taste on to the rush and crash afterwards. I've found it much more effective to just take two of one of the other brands, spaced about 2 hours apart for a more powerful, lasting effect.

This may work for some, but I'll never be ordering this drink again.
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on January 2, 2012
I'm on a monthly order for another energy shot product (a two-ouncer), but sometimes I go through the bottles too fast and order more before the month is over. When I do, I like to try some of the other products out on the market like I did with this one. And while this product works just as well as the others, and you can't beat the price, the taste of this flavor (SINFUL CITRUS) is difficult to get over. Sinful Citrus flavored Stacker is probably the worst tasting energy drink I've ever had. Even a bitter straight shot of liquid caffeine isn't as bad.
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on August 5, 2014
Within a discussion at work one day awhile back about various energy drinks, I had a coworker tell me that these "Stackers" made him turn into a homicidal maniac. Needless to say, I was curious to try them. I would say for me typically I do not feel as i am ever affected by things like caffeine. 5 hour energies HAVE worked for me. I prefer the extra strength versions. Comparing those to these stackers is probably reasonable. These give a slightly more bit of an energy kick. But there have also been times where i took one of these and could take a nap. I think its just my body being alien though.
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