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on August 7, 2012
Made in India.

Leather is thin, light weight, and cheap.

Foot bed offers no real support or orthopedic advantage.

Heel is like plastic.

Leather soles will offer no traction.

Now what is so good about this shoe? Why 5 stars?

There are much better shoes out there. You get what you pay for. If you can afford it, buy a pair of Allen Edmonds Men's Dalton Lace-Up Boot,Alden Men's 9 Eyelet Wing Tip Boot Shell Cordovan Color 8,Wolverine Mens 1000 Mile Boots, or Red Wing Men's 6" Iron Ranger Boot.

What you get here is an inexpensive, comfortable boot that does not require any breaking in. Just oil them, polish them, and wear them. Good Year welt means that you can re-sole after reasonable wear. You can also have a reputable cobbler apply a Vibram Rubber Half Soles Replacement. Yes, this is not the same well built shoe that Stacy Adams put on the market when they were founded in 1875. What you have here is one of the best shoes that you can buy for under $100 USD. This fashionable shoe is really a timeless classic that can be worn with jeans or a suit.
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on August 1, 2012
I was reading a lot reviews about how squeaky theses boots were and that some people even returned them because of it. I just received these boots today and wooo dogie they look sharp. They arrived in a timely fashion if I may add. I did find that they were unnervingly squeaky. So I decided to give em a good lube job. I'm a backcountry ranger / wildland fire fighter and there is something we use for a boot weather protectant called LP. It's a bees wax based leather preservative used to fend off heat, rain, and abrasion. I just massaged the LP into the leather tongue and any place it was in contact with. Worked great! I imagine that any leather polish or conditioner would give the same results. Now I'm really digging these boots.
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on March 25, 2008
To be blunt about it, these are my favorite shoes in the universe. I am on my forth pair. For me, it was love at first sight. They encase the foot in a sleek, elegant line, with a minimum of decorative distraction. Just enough of tasteful elements to make it clear that these are the foot-ware of someone who cares about appearance, yet is no slave to the fleeting whims of fashion. When I slip them on, I rather think of myself entering a black caddy limo. It is not that they are just comfortable, but something about the fit imparts a sense of confidence--a quality of rootedness and elevation at the same time. Perhaps they are power shoes. I have worn them to the opera and church services; and to punk clubs and concerts. In a broad range of activities I have found they fit any occasion. Since I am so attached to this shoe I tend to wear them a lot. My first pair lasted with this heavy use for over a decade. I had the sole and heel replaced until the top leather had cracked so badly I could no longer keep my toes covered. I am of the impression that they used to be made a bit sturdier, because my later pairs didn't seem to weather as well. This may be due, however, to the fact that I've relocated to the Midwest from the West Coast. The harsher weather and street salt erodes the leather. On the other hand, this style ages with dignity. I associate this model with ministers and boho hipsters. The classic construction gives it that timeless appeal. It was these shoes that made me aware of how many people judge a person by their choice of shoes. With these babies, you just can't go wrong. I do have one word of regret. It seems Stacy Adams no longer make the brown and blue version of the Madison. I imagine that they were not selling well enough to maintain the color spectrum of the past. And I miss the unique flair the other colors added.
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on June 8, 2008
These are the best shoes i have worn.They are very light and have good ankle support.They hold up very well to a lot of abuse from mud and water when camping,fishing or work. Very comfortable.I wear them everywhere.They are the only shoes that i wear.
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VINE VOICEon April 20, 2009
I only wear one kind of 'shoe' under my suits and that is a dress boot. The problem is that I give the dressboots I wear a real beating: I wear them for long periods of time and I walk around alot.
Most of the time, when I find a brand or pair I like, I will buy 2 or 3 pairs so I can be set for a year.
The trouble with my last brand was: they stopped making them. Having tried some cheap nice looking boots from Shoebuy I decided to spend a little more, in the 120$ range to get better looking shoes and better quality.

So in come the Stacy Adams... or so I thought.

About the dress boot:
First thing out of the box I noticed the plastic shiny look. It did not look like leather but more like a cheap plastic shoe. However, I assumed that that would wear off when I had them polished.
What I also noted is that the shoes weighed virtually nothing. Not always, but in many cases a sign of lower grade quality.

When I put the shoes on I noticed that the laces, when laced comfortable, are way too short: I could not get them laced all the way up. I also noticed that the 'tongue' would not easily stay in position UNLESS I tightened the laces which would cut off bloodsupply in my ankles and restrict ankle movement... very uncomfortable! and the tongue slipping to the side is EXTREMELY annoying after a while.

Anyways, having worn them for a few weeks I noticed that the soles and leather were already suffering significantly. The shape of the shoe 'caved' in and the shoe started to look awful under a suit. So much so that it became the office joke.

Anyways, my personal opinion is that I have bought better shoes for half the price that lasted much longer and that I CHOSE TO WEAR. These? I ignore them in my closet nowadays. Quality is low to medium grade, aesthetics are so so .. and why the title of this review? Well, the biggest issue is that they squeak loudly. They do not stop squeaking, ever... even after weeks. Never had anything quite as annoying and I consider this money lost.

Why not 1 star instead of 2? Well, they have a very distinct look that I like giving them and extra point. But I would not recommend these to anyone. I'd say spend 40 more and get in the multi-year shoe-league. Or spend less and replace them every 6 months.
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on June 24, 2014
I bought these boots because they are the same kind Ryan Gosling wore in DRIVE. These boots look great in person. The leather appears to breaking in quickly. The moment you lace them up and flex your foot the smooth surface of the boot will have a crease in it. I am guessing this will make them very comfortable soon, as you don't have to work too hard to break them in. The boots are fairly true to size although I'd say maybe a tad narrow. I went size 9 and they were like canoes, and returned them for 8.5, and they were a little snug, but as they are leather they will loosen up. They look pretty cool. The top 4 eyelets are actually hooks that you wrap the laces around instead of poke through. The steel gray color looks great too. Good heel, good sole, they have an interesting edge to them.
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on July 23, 2014
I have owned this boot for little over two weeks now and I have to say It has shaped up nicely. BUT, with that being said there were A LOT of ISSUES to OVER COME AT FIRST LOOK/USE. BUT, ALL WERE SOLVED!!!!!

Ok I'VE read a lot of reviews on how GREAT this boot was to HOW HORRIBLE IT WAS prior to purchase…. Im going to address main issues I seen in the reviews and how they were FIXED or explain reasoning to why people dislike these boots.. As you will read you can see I was very on edge about purchasing these boots……

PRICE: My first gripe was the Price….. 130 ish for a boot like this it better withstand a nuclear bomb…. To be honest it wont, nothing about this boot screams quality of $130.(comfortably $80) BUT that is my only complaint that is not justified by a solution or reasonable cause.

SQUEAKING: THIS BY FAR IS THE WORST COMPLAINT I'VE SEEN IN MOST REVIEWS…… DONT FEAR ITS EASLY FIXED GUARANTEED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most people that buy shoes these days expect a broken in, no hassle look. REMEMBER these are leather shoes/boots!!!!! leather is prone to squeak no matter what. For these boots I've notices the main problem area is tongue of the shoe rubs up against the inner sides of the rest of the shoe. To stop that ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS RUB A LITTLE BIT OF MINK OIL ON THE TOUNGE AND ITS GONE INSTANTLY!!!!! Mink oil water proofs and some-what conditions and moisturizes the leather and above all takes away that squeak EVERYONE complains about and believes to make them a low quality shoe….. Also thing about rubbing the rest of the boot with a little bit of mink oil as well to water proof them slightly

THIN LEATHER: Now, for the price you would think the leather be macho, durable, and tough!!!! Trust me for that price a pair of Corcoran's Jump Boots, you GET ALL OF THAT and THEN SOME. But, those don't fit into every day needs. BUT BEFORE YOU DECIDE AGAINST THESE, look at the style of shoe and time era these are replicated from…. the Late 1800's and early 1900's these were a common style of shoe meant for the everyday kind of person. They were constructed with thin leather and fabric material on the inside…… They are basically reproduction of that style of shoe… so they are suppose to be historically accurate for what they are reproducing. As far as the leather creasing, IT HAPPENS, thin leather does that and eventually thick leather will

PLASTIC SHINE: I AGREE, at first this looked like plastic, and honestly makes it look like a "Cheaper" leather shoe. IT GOES AWAY. JUST BREAK IT IN.!!! Honestly wear and tear of this shoe over the last few weeks has dumbed it down considerably. SO wear takes care of it, also some shoe polish. Sure shoe polish is suppose to make it shine a little but it also has a dubbing effect and more soft shine. IF YOU CANT STAND THE SHINE AND YOU ARE GOING TO DIEEEEE. HERE IS RECOMMENDATION……
DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you could take the finest grit sand paper you can fine, super super super fine, to start out. Lightly sand the entire boot, until the gloss is less visible or at your own choice, gone……but not tearing up any color from the dyed leather…… then take good old black shoe polish, I prefer Kiwi, and then rub it into the boot. This will not only fill the spaces you lightly sanded, it will create more of a matte finish to the boot ones you finish polishing it and give it a more worn look that most people want….. AGAIN DO THAT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!! but for me natural wear and tear has done what I wanted it to do and at the extent I want it too.

LACES TOO SHORT: Ok, this part may get a little harsh. They are not too short, just the modern human is larger and these boots were designed at a much different time era. They are also meant to be worn tighter and form fitting around the ankle. Not a fashion statement, loose open boot, with the laces and shoe able to fall off if you run. Fortunately the laces are fine for me. If they arent for you then buying the correct color laces you need isn't much of a problem.

SIZE: I have to say these FIT TRUE to size. To me a SMIDGE UNDER, but leather stretches and I had no issues. If you are an 8.5 in a dress shoe you are that and the shoe will stretch and conform where it needs to.

COMFORT: They are comfortable but I suggest wearing thicker socks that will go above the height of this boot, during the break in period the upper edge of this boot will annoy your calves and the same goes to the eyelets on your ankle bones, if they irritate the right spot.

LOOSE EYELETS: Mine had no issues, but you should inspect them any how. If they are loose or fall out obviously return them..

THE LOOK: Its fashioned off shoes made back in the late 1800's and early 1900's so if thats the look you want than thats the look your going to get!

BRAND: ….. Its Stacey Adams…. you take that into you own consideration as a plus or a minus……….

So besides the PRICE, I honestly would be comfortable at $80. NOTHING about this shoe/ boot was DETRIMENTAL as some of the 1 star reviews make it seem. I hope this helps you with a decision and any questions and I know this may not apply to every ones needs but proper time was spent to address common issues I read about this boot! ENJOY… only picked 5 stars so that it would be read first in the reviews, I would give this shoe a 3.5 star rating, price is the main defector. Trust me for the price you can get a way better quality dress shoe from DSW on the clearance rack

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on December 9, 2013
These are stylish and comfortable although the materials are not top line, but neither is the price. I have become addicted to Ted Baker boots over the past 5 years but I don't like the $300 price tag so I thought I would try these. The uppers' leather quality and interior lining is not as refined as Ted Baker boots (I have three pair) and they are noisy when you first take them out of the box as noted in other reviews. I rubbed in a healthy portion of Meguiar's leather conditioner (for car seats) and they quieted right down. It also removed the shiny finish which in my opinion is a good thing. The soles and heels feel substantial when walking and for the price I think these are a very good buy.
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on January 20, 2014
Both pairs of Stacy Adams boots I have are totally comfortable--meaning I never even think about taking them off when I get in the front door. I can't say that about any other dress-type shoes I've owned--even more expensive ones.
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on April 28, 2014
Just received these boots and put them on.
The fit is good.
The leather squeak is unacceptable.
I will wear the boots for a few days in the hope the squeaksssss ..........will disappear.

Still squeakswsssss.........I will return.
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