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on July 5, 2006
if you liked Californication this is in the same vein. beautiful melodies.
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on August 8, 2006
yo no soy muy fan del rock pero este cd es muy bueno hasta los rhcp dijeron que lo mejor que hanecho el nvo sinlge tell me baby esta muy suave vale la pena comprarlo digan no a la pirateria
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on May 24, 2006
The best Chili Peppers albums were Blood Sugar Sex Magik and Californication. Some people like the earliest stuff, but the earlier stuff didn't have the musicianship which really shined through on Blood Sugar Sex Magic.

The next album, One Hot Minute, was a joke for the most part going along with Dave Navarro who is another joke! The Chili Peppers said themselves he was more interested in being a rock star than producing good music, which suprises us all because since he has become the epitome of selling his tattoos and image as the ultimate rock star when he doesn't even compare to John or many others on guitar(basically he is a joke musician like Tommy Lee).

Anyways, I just wanted to say that others who try and compare this to anything before BSSM should just stop. The earlier stuff was completely different, and since californication this band took a different turn musically.

In my opinion Californication was the epitome of this "new sound" the Chili Peppers have brought with the next releases By the Way and Stadium Arcadium.

So what do I think of Stadium Arcadium? It's good because it's the Chili Peppers, but it's definitely not a classic album like they want to sell you. Dani California is a catchy song, but a catchy song is different then a classic. BSSM and Californication had classic songs with different and great musicianship. The Chili's are just trying their best but their sound has definitely lost what they had with BSSM.

Chili's are still Chili's, which means they are one of the classic bands of all-time. At the same time it's kind of sickening when people post all this bullcrap about how this is a classic and how people who liked earlier stuff can't understand this new stuff. Everyone can understand the "new sound", but it's different Chili Peppers and the earlier sound(BSSM) was better in my opinion(which is unbiased for the most part). John was playing more inventive guitar, the songs had more room, weird and classic songs were abundant(Sir Psycho Sexy, Breaking the Girl, Funky Monks, Apache Rose Peacock). You don't find stuff like this on the newer albums. People say John's guitar has come to the forefront now. Just listen to BSSM and find out what John's guitar should be doing. That album was completely inventive and amazing. One of the greatest albums by any band of all time.

People who say this album has sounds and shades of earlier Chili's, they are basically lying for reasons which I don't know. This doesn't sound like early Chili's. I can dig if you like the new sound, but don't say this stuff sounds like the old stuff because it doesn't. The old fans need to know the truth and so do the new fans. Buy this album because you like the newer sound and you want something better then By the Way. Also buy it because you love the Chili Peppers because they are one of the best bands around.
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on May 16, 2006
So the much hyped and anticipated new Chillis album is here. After months of teasing everyone with how good this double album is gonna be the verdict is in. Anthony and the boys have delivered their ultimate masterpiece.
In fact, i've never heard Anthony, Flea, John and Chad in better form.
Stadium Arcadium features a lot of sounds from their past two albums (By the Way, Californication) and a lot of funk grooves that can be found in their earlier albums (Blood Sugar Sex Magic, Mothers' Milk).

"Dani California" is a fitting opener for the album, followed by the sing-a-long Snow (Hey Oh), the funky "Charlie" and the slow pop of "Stadium Arcadium". "Hump De Bump", "She's Only 18" & "Slow Cheetah" keep up a slow-mid tempo until the thumping "Torture Me", the smooth pop of "Strip My Mind", "Especially in Michigan" and "Cmon Girl" take you back to the Californication days. "Warlocks" is a fine funk song and "Wet Sand" and "Hey" are great examples of the maturity of that Anthony and the boys have grown to become. The latter in particular because it has a bit of a jazz taste to it.

The second disc, entitled "Mars" is probably the heavier of the two. Like "Jupiter" the CD starts off strongly with the pop/rock of "Desecration Smile". John Frusciantes' backup vocals are particulary special in this one. "Tell Me Baby" is another mid tempo song before the much publicised "Hard to Concentrate" which is of course, a song Anthony wrote for his mate and RHCP's bassist Flea right before he got married. The hand clapping Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh's of "21st Century" make this track the standout for mine, a pure stadium tune. "She Looks to Me" & "Readymade" are another 2 very good mid tempo songs before the very Pink Floyd-esque ballad "If". "Animal Bar" "So Much I" & "Storm in a Teacup" are sounds directly from the 'ol days of funk/rock/rap/reggae before we get to the very experimental 'We Believe". "Turn It Again" is definitley the flagship rock song of the opus, and with good cause, it's great. And Frusciante's guitar playing is spine tingling. The last track "Death of a Martian" has Keidis try a little Henry Rollins spoken word to it. Although most of it is jibberish you do realise it's the chillis after all.

In summary this is the best album this year so far, and it's going to take an extroadinary effort to relinquish Stadium Arcadium off that title for mine. I have owned this for dead on 2 weeks and it's still in my CD player, in my car, on my PC and more importantly, in my head. Don't believe the detractors that this is overblown and most are fillers. This album would NOT have been better as a one disc. If that was the case a lot of the gems may not have seen the light of day.

And we would have been poorer for it.

Good on you boys, you delivered.
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on May 29, 2006
here's my favourites in order,

(from one being best)

1. Storm In A Teacup

2. Snow ((Hey Oh))

3. Stadium Arcadium

4. Torture Me

5. She's Only 18

6. Hump De Bump

7. Slow Cheetah

8. Tell Me Baby

9. Desecration Smile (Underated)

10. Wet Sand

11. Charlie

12. Dani California

13. Death Of A Martian

14. Turn It Again (could become famous)

15. 21st Century (i just know this is going to be a hit!!!)

16. Animal Bar (this is my bros favourite)

17. Make You Feel Better

18. Readymade

19. Especially In Michigan

20. C'mon Girl

21. We Believe

22. She Looks To Me

23. So Much I

24. Warlocks

25. Strip My Mind

26. Hey

27. If

28. Hard To Concentrate (Boring!!!)

This album rocks, only Hard To Concentrate is the boring song it, I mean "If" is like way better than it, maybe two times better than it.
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on July 25, 2006
This album is worth 5 stars! and deserves to be, all thoughs giving this a 1 star are insane, don't you have ears?

This is there best album and if noone agrees with me, then i'll have to expect the fact that I am the only one right, my fellow poeple who have given this 5 stars, we need to bring this average score up.

Peace out.
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on July 26, 2006
I love the red hot chili peppers! I havent listened to the second cd yet but the first one is good. If youre a fan, I would get it
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on May 16, 2006
Bye The Way was an interesting mix of tunes to say the least. The first track was by far the best as far as classic Peppers goes as it was funky and Rhythmic. The rest of the cd was basically straight ahead rock tunes. The cd was good, but not what I expected from these guys.

Stadium Arcadium is a again a growing process for this band. It seems to be a little more funkier than Bye The Way, but it is not Mothers Milk or Blood Sugar Sex Magik. I guess the best way to describe is think Californication meets Bye The Way with a little bit of One Hot Minute tossed in but played a lot less aggressively. Let's face it, these guys have grown up and so has their music. Stadium Arcadium is a solid rock cd with lots of very good songs with some old style Peppers funk thrown in for good measure. Some people will hate the fact that these guys have calmed down somewhat and others will have grown with the band and enjoy what they hear. Most bands can't continue to simply churn out the same stuff year after year. Some bands have had success with that formula. AC/DC and Pantera come to mind, but for the most part, people and their out look on life change and so will their music eventually. Is it a good or bad thing?, well that depends on how you react to it. I think this release is one of their best in a few years and I'm happy to say that the Peppers are still strong and thriving after all these years.

Stadium Arcadium is a very solid cd and well worth the price of admission.
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on May 4, 2007
Your kidding me, right? I thought I would never NOT like the Peppers music, but I'm there! Has Anthony been taking voice lessons in a room with scented candles, an area rug and herbal tea? They need to visit that house that they recorded BSSM in or go back Under the Bridge. I am not inducing past habits so please don't attack me. It's a euphemism folks. It's almost sitting in the doctor's office' music. What happened to Flea's bass? Did he suffer 'Kirk Hammett'ism? I actually heard the entire cd from my brother who's also dissapointed in wasting 14 bucks. Let's Resurrect Hilal! Keep John, he's still a great guitarist but they need that fire under their tails again. They can keep this crap!



S T A N D U P!
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on June 24, 2006
Well I remember 3 months before it came out I was really excited. I bought the Dani California single off iTunes for some reason, well it was good but I usually hold off. The album came out and it was hard to listen to at first, and I don't exactly know why. Maybe because it was 28 new songs, all that material is something to take in. I have taken all the songs in at this point and I truly believe that the RHCP earn a 5 star review. This album goes WAY past their single, even if the song was supposedly ripped off (Tom Petty - Mary Jane's Last Dance). I don't even care if they ripped it off or not, Petty needs the money and the Chilis dont. Oh well..

In total I have listened to both discs about 5 times. It never really gets old, and it's also a lot more mellow then the Chilis were in the BSSM days. By The Way was an obvious indicator that they were mellowing down, the reason being age perhaps. During BSSM with Give It Away and Suck My Kiss they were young guys, but after all their hardships and time in the business they are possibly growing tired, and older. I don't think that we will see BSSM days anymore, but I'm thankful they can produce this, being mellow or not.

Thanks RHCP.
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