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HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICEon February 15, 2011
Just when I was starting to enjoy the annual offerings from Ghost House Underground, as opposed to those offered by say the After Dark Horrorfest, it looks like the films released under said banner are dwindling. This year's edition is only offering two films so far (Stag Night along with Psych 9) which is disappointing, but thankfully, Stag Night isn't half bad. A bachelor party goes from good night to nightmare when the groom to be (Kip Pardue), his troublemaker brother (Breckin Meyer), a stripper (Vinessa Shaw), and some others all run afoul of a crew of underground cannibals when they accidentally get off mid-stop on the subway. What follows is the usual brand of chasing around with blood flowing aplenty, and for what it is, Stag Night surprisingly works. The acting isn't bad, the bloody bits are satisfying, and there's even a bit of genuine surprises as well. Still, it isn't perfect, but Stag Night offers no more and no less than what it is, which is a not half bad horror/slasher flick that delivers most of what horror fans look for in the first place.
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After a bachelor bash, four guys and two exotic dancers find themselves trapped deep in the NY subway system. Oh no, they're not alone, as a tribe of hideous, Rob Zombie look-alikes is hunting them! STAG NIGHT is a decent subterranean thriller w/ just enough tension and mayhem. The characters (machete fodder) are like-able, and the story is basic, underground horror 101. Would make an excellent triple feature w/ CREEP and END OF THE LINE!...
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on February 17, 2011
I just got this today and popped it in.
What I got was a great Slasher movie about Four guys ,Two of them brothers and Two exotic dancers coming home from a Stag party on a NYC Subway train.It gears up after Breckin Meyer's character gets maced by Vinessa Shaw's character for being a complete jerk and they have to get off the train because of the mace.

Problem being it's the last train for hours and they end up getting stuck in the NYC subway so they have to venture into the tunnels.What they encounter are people that have lived in those tunnels for years maybe decades, some much more evolved than others. They run into four cannibalistic Neanderthal looking sub humans that roam the tunnels looking for victims to eat and oh they they also share bits and pieces with the wild dogs that they have housed in their humble abode that looks like a human butcher shop,but not at all clean or tidy.This is when the real fun begins.

Kip Pardue,Breken Myer,Scott Atkins,Carl Geary and Vinessa Shaw are all excellent in their roles,the casting was very well done.If Vinessa looks familiar it's because she played the oldest daughter in the Hills Have Eyes remake. Stag Night is heavy on the gore which is always a plus, the lighting was well done and you could actually see what was going on most of the time.

It's brutal and fast paced,not at all a hurry up and wait to get hacked up feel to it,I want to watch it again already.
There are some endearing moments as well so it isn't without any sentiment or meaning.

I usually don't care either way but viewing this I decided that I actually did like being endeared to a couple of these characters this gave it all the more impact.There are some really good fight scenes and a couple of surprising moments that lent to the flavor of the film..If I have one complaint and the only reason I held back a star and gave it 4 instead of 5 was the ending.I want to just pretend that I didn't see the last Ten seconds,BUT I did.I still give it 2 thumbs way up.Just think Creep meets Wrong Turn.
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on August 28, 2013

I have liked all the "Ghost House Underground" films for the most part but I think this one is among the best. I have watched this one more than the others thus far and each time I find it enjoyable. The best and quickest way to describe this film is that it is "Wrong Turn" in the subway. All the cannibals and kills you would hope for in this kind of flick. Also a "Stag Night " is a bachelor party.

Four friends are out for a night on the town doing the whole bachelor party thing. One of these guys will be getting married soon so his friends and brother are taking him out. They meet up with some ladies and head into the subway. Once there something seems wrong since no train is coming. So they hike down the tunnel only to witness the murder of a police officer. Sited they make a run for it and the killers are hunting them down one by one in the tunnels.

I really enjoyed this movie although it is nothing new really, we have had the cannibal and tunnel movies before [here's looking at you C.H.U.D.]. But the kills are cool and there is some suspense to be had, loved watching some friends that came to Austin watch this. Those ladies are easy to scare [love it]. This film was written and directed by Peter A. Dowling who most might know as a writer on the Jodie Foster flick "Flightplan". There were missteps and logic issues in the script [see that opening scene] but over I liked it. As for the direction I liked his style and felt it made the film seem a little more realistic.

The acting here was good and I think Breckin Meyer needed a role and film like this since he is usually casted as the nice guy. Speaking of that I will add that some people may be turned off by the lack of wanting to care for the characters they may feel. There isn't much to root for here except maybe one person. Still over all I had a good time with this flick and it is one of those movies that is better to watch with friends or something.
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VINE VOICEon October 26, 2012
"Stag Night" doesn't off up a whole lot of surprises for genre fans. The basic format of the film is take the movie "Wrong Turn" and set it in the subway tunnels instead of the woods.

A group of friends out celebrating a bachelor party find themselves stranded in the subway tunnels under NYC with a couple girls they meet on the train. Unfortuantely for them, they share the tunnels with a homicidal cannibal clan of homeless people. The movie is chock full of horror flick cliches; the honest and honorable groom-to-be, and jackass best friend who causes the group more trouble than he's worth, the slut, the tough girl, and hapless guy who plays phone videos of his young kid, and the horny guy.

So if you are looking for something original, "Stag Night" isn't for you. We get the same stock characters that have milked since Michael Myers first appeared in 1978. I will say that the acting is a notch above the usual B-Movie grade, Breckin Meyer in particular plays the "jerk" very well.

The reason "Stag Night" really loses points for me is that the director doesn't seem interested in showing us the gory parts of his film. When someone has the unfortunate experience of meeting one of the cannibal homeless, the film suddenly gets all jerky, and "Cloverfield-ish". The director swoops and scans over the scene as if he's suddenly developed a horrible case of Parkinson's Disease. This choice is jarring to say the least.

I don't really recommend "Stag Night" for a purchase as there are so many other genre flicks that cover the same ground, but do a much better job of keeping the view engaged.
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on January 14, 2012
Stag Night isn't one of the more appealing slashers out there because of a few annoying problems. First of all, the storytelling aspect is abominable. It's so cliched that it's not even remotely interesting. A group of young men meet a couple girls on a subway train and one of the guys in particular tries to hit on the brunette, but gets turned down by a shot of mace directly in the face.

From here, both the men and women get off the train in the middle of nowhere and find themselves surrounded by a gated fence. Of course it's late at night, so they search for help. Well apparently the blonde doesn't have a problem hitting on the one guy from the group that she finds attractive, so a quick kissing and sexual scene happens next. To me this is totally dumb from a storyline and rational point of view.

While walking around, the other guy continues to criticize the brunette because of the mace shot earlier... and he does so in the most horrendous and immature way imaginable. It was a childish way of putting someone down, and the brunette was basically acting the same way by responding with the same insults. Bad writing.

The biggest problem I have is with the actual slashing segments. They consist of camera shots darting around from many different angles which means the viewers will struggle to witness and feel the suspense and excitement as it occurs. That's something I've always disliked in horror movies, and it feels cheap. We want to *see* the murders as they happen, not struggle to search for them thanks to tricky camera angles making everything a blur.

The monsters are basically overgrown, scruffy bums who have experience swinging around enormous sharp blades. They lurk deep in the darkness of the subway and remain there until a fresh set of victims become a part of their twisted game. Not bad, but nothing compelling about them either. I do like how a monster/bum would alert the other ones- by banging the train tracks with a steel pipe and the sound would vibrate and extend throughout the subway. Fairly original.

The segment with a guy lying on the subway tracks and getting attacked by vicious dogs (while the monsters stood around and watched) was total trash. He was screaming at the top of his lungs at the drainage hole above, but the people would continue walking down the street completely unaware of his presence. What makes this part so bad is how the music feels totally out of place, like this is the most tragic circumstance of all-time. Yeah right!

I can't recommend Stag Night, even though the fighting scene at the end is pretty memorable. It's just too bland with a few problems, so it misses the recommendation mark.
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on May 4, 2011
A very entertaining thriller that is marred by a surprisingly poor transfer to blu ray. Since most of the action takes place in a dark subway tunnel, there are many pixelated scenes that do not appear to be of blu ray quality (or VHS quality) for that matter. Some scenes are fine- others great- but this discs inconsistencies in quality are too hard to ignore. Good movie though, it's like "Wrong Turn" in a subway tunnel.
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on February 24, 2013
Cannibalistic, machete wielding, homeless men, living in the NYC subway system, where they raise families, keep farm animals, and can tap into electricity and cable tv. Yes, this movie is THAT bad! I don't mind a gorefest, but this movie wasn't even scary. There was zero character development, as they spend all of about 10 minutes on a background story. It's just a bad movie, basically just a chase through the subway tunnels. We all know what's going to happen! What a waste of time!
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STAG NIGHT is a creepy journey into the tunnels of underground NY. Refreshingly, the victims aren't sex-starved teens, but twenty-somethings.
The cast, led by Kip Pardue, Vinissa Shaw and Breckin Meyer, are quite good and the direction captures their underworld battlefield. It's gruesome but not overly so. While not a classic, it's a notch above most cookie-cutter flicks.
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on March 2, 2014
Director Peter Dowling's obvious influences are John Carpenter and Walter Hill. If you like Carpenter's Escape From NY and Hill's The Warriors, you'll definitely like this movie but both of those earlier films are written all over this one--which I mean as a compliment.
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