Customer Reviews: Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine
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So far, so good. I was a little upset that there weren't any video reviews for this product, (youtube, from the company itself etc.) so I promised myself that I'd make a video demonstration for others to judge.
The basic stuff you need to know: There are 12 levels of resistance (I was using resistance level 8).
The computer tells you how many complete rows you have performed, time performed, calories burned or you can scan through all three (My computer didn't work when it first arrived, but after a solid punch it woke up and started working). The resistance is nice. You'll get a good workout with this inexpensive machine. Storage is convenient, but don't be fooled, 35 pounds is heavy to move around from room to room. Keep the machine close to where you plan on using it. Finally, the footstraps were a major complaint. My complaint about the footstraps is that it doesn't hold your feet securely against the footrests. The clicking noise you hear in the video (at the end of each rep) is my heel clicking against the footrest. The footrest issue is not as bad as others have made it seem (in my opinion), although strapping the footstraps on properly isn't an easy task.
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on May 25, 2009
I've used this machine for 45 min every other day for a year and a half. It is this only exercise that I do and I have seen remarkable results. I am 30 years old and I have lost thirty pounds of fat and have turned an average body type in an athletic one. My back and shoulders have especially benefited. Those are the results you can expect from using this low impact, compact, easy to use and actually pretty fun piece of exercise equipment - all form the comfort of your living room.

As for the machine itself: Pros:
It is sturdy - I am 6'2" and 190lbs (started at 220lbs) and have never had a problem with stability.

I like the free rowing arms (as opposed to a bar like I've seen at gyms), gives the feel of a real row boat and also allows for exercising different parts of arms and back.

Quick results - and probably quicker if I made some changes to my diet.


Calorie counter sucks butt. Infact the computer in its entirety isn't all that great. Keeps time and number of strokes accurately though.

Pretty squeaky. Always has been.

Bottom line:

If your looking for a machine to get the job done and you don't need a lot bells and whistles - get this machine.

45min = 1000 rows average
3 x week = 3000 rows a week
1.5 years = 234,000 rows in total and this machine is still going with no maintenance.
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on January 17, 2015
Great machine for the price. I too had the problem with my shoes slipping out of the foot straps. The back rim isn't tall enough. However, for about $1 you can mod the peddles for a quick fix. I cut a 4" PVC end cap in half and bolted them to the peddles as shown in the attached photo. Works great and fits my big shoes.
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on December 20, 2006


a. Real rowing (oar-like) action, rather than just pulling on a single T-bar.

b. Comfortable even with tall people (I'm 6'1').

c. Adjustable rowing tension.

d. A very sturdy, rigid, and well-built frame.

e. Easy to assemble.

f. Takes little room to use.

g. Very low cost (one hundred twenty dollars).


a. The seat is not well padded.

b. The unit creaks and squeaks a bit until it is warmed-up.

c. No instructions explaining how to actually row properly. (I found some great videos and info on the Web, however, that instruct as to how to use rowing machines).

You simply cannot beat this Stamina Body Trac Rowing Machine at this very low cost -- it is an amazing deal!
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on March 3, 2010
I am a 62 year old male with type II diabetes. I have been having a problem with my blood sugar levels. I am allegic to the medications that I was given and I don't like taking pills anyway. I stay on a diet but that is not enough. I need to have a demanding cardio workout. I have been going to the local county park to walk but I must walk for an hour and half non-stop to make somekind of improvement in my glucose levels. Walking is great but its time consuming and I'm tired of having to deal with people's dogs, cyclists, and rainy weather.
I decided to purchase the Body Trac Glider 1050 in hopes that it would help with my diabetes. I have limited finances so I really hoped that I made a good choice.
The Body Trac Glider 1050 arrived yesterday afternoon. It was quite easy to assemble and, even in our small home, I will be able to store it.
Let's cut to the chase. This product is GREAT!! I used it twice yesterday afternoon for a total of 17 minutes. I checked my glucose much later and found it was down just as low as if I had walked for a hour and a half. What's more, you get a whole body, low impact workout with the Glider 1050. I like the meter - I can easily see how long I have be working out.
I used the Body Trac Glider 1050 for about 5 minutes last night. This morning my glucose is lower that it has ever been in the morning. I also must mention that I stay on a diet as I want to lose weight also.
This machine is well made, well worth the money, and is my life saver!!
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on December 15, 2012
Overall, I really like the rower. Years ago, I had a Precor rower that was much more expensive and really was more limited than the Stamina rower. But, like many reviewers here at Amazon, I also had an issue with my feet falling off the pedals. I liked the solution of one reviewer, Johnny-X, who drilled holes in the pedals at the base and put a U-bolt through to keep your heels from slipping off. But, I also wanted to be able to use the rower in my stocking feet, so the U-bolt was not an option. As I was at Lowe's looking for a sturdy, but flexible material to attach to the pedals, I found some Vinyl siding samples in the lumber section. I grabbed a few and saw that they'd fit the pedals well. I attached them with rivets, but you could use small screws and nuts. The photos are in the gallery. My only other modification was to remove the cheesy graphics which really made the unit look better, in my opinion. Overall, I'd strongly recommend this rower.
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on September 11, 2006
I bought this machine after quite a bit of research into various rowing machines. I am not a rower. My goal is to lose weight and get a good aerobic exerciser. I did not care too much whether the machine approximated actual rowing. I was looking for a rower that was smooth and challenging. This one fills the ticket for a VERY REASONABLE price. (Most rowers are $500 and up.)


The Trac Glider comes in pieces that you have to assemble. Be careful that you don't lose any parts, because I did not get any extra screws or pieces in my package. The machine is fairly simple to put together. It only took about 15 minutes.

The Machine

I noticed immediately that the materials for the rower are pretty solid. However, I found the plastic for the monitor to be pretty flimsy but serving their purpose. Another quality issue is the nylon and velcro foot straps that may break over time. My feet slip into the foot stirrups easily but if the straps aren't tight they can and do slip out occasionally. The monitor conveniently measures time, estimated calories, and number of rows. You can set it to scan through this information while you are rowing so that you don't have to stop to change what is shown. The monitor also cuts on and off automatically, saving power.

The rower was not silent. When I first got it, it squeeked fiercely. But a few squirts of WD40 and the annoying noise was taken care of. The pistons hiss and the seat rolls back and forth making a sound similar to what a skateboard makes.

The seat is cushioned. This is very important for anyone wanting to row for long aerobic workouts. The row arms move nicely...similar to an outrigger but not quite the same movement.

I am six feet tall and immensely pleased that I chose the Body Trac Glider because it has a longer track than most rowers. I am able to extend my legs fully with each row and my arms can go through a full range of motion with this machine.


The arms fold underneath the track and the machine stands on its 'head' for storage. I live in a small condominium and need that space. The design is quite effective. The monitor is not touching the ground as it appears to be in the picture. The T-style ends make a 3 point stand when tilted up.

On the whole, I don't think anyone could find a better rowing machine than this anywhere near this price. It provides an effective workout and is made of sturdy material. This is a five star machine. I considered 4 stars only because I wish the monitor was made of better materials. --But, I would have bought this even if it didn't have any monitor.
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on May 14, 2009
Just received mine and put it together. First off, like a lot of other reviews, mine also was missing screws needed for assembly.

The other problem is that the pedals are absolute junk. I can't keep my feet in them (size 9 1/2 shoes), so the machine is really unusable. Also, one of the velcro straps ripped at the seam in the first 3 minutes of me trying to work out.

If the pedals weren't so terrible, I think it would be a nice machine. As it is, I'm going to try and rig something up to hold my feet on.

I've come up with a solution to the pedal problem. I drilled two holes in each pedal and attached a U-bolt. Now my feet stay in all the time and the machine works very well! I have posted pictures of my solution online in case anybody else is having this problem:
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on April 17, 2006
I have had this rower for a week now and it has been working great. The first rower I bought (a different brand of rower) broke down after 15 min of use, but the Stamina Body Glider is well built and very easy to use. The instruction booklet is very clear. It only took a few minutes to put the machine together.

The amount of resistance is adjustable and the machine is very quiet. The only noise you hear is from the shock absorber type device which provides the resistance. It looks and feels like a more expensive piece of equipment, but provides the same type of workout that those higher priced models provide. Relatively lightweight, the Stamina Body Glider comes in at around 35lbs. The light weight makes it easy to move the machine around. I am thoroughly satisfied with this machine so far and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a rower.
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on November 19, 2010
After reading all the reviews, I was really uneasy about ordering this machine. Originally I ordered a different machine that had better reviews and was almost $100 more, but I got an "out of stock" e-mail that explained that they had no idea when that machine would be back in stock, so the canceled my order. I hesitated ordering this machine, but couldn't find any better deals anywhere else, so reluctantly placed my order. The good reviews that were available gave me hope that just maybe this would be a good machine. 2 days after I ordered, the machine showed up at my door. A whole week before the estimated delivery date. I was surprised at how light the package was. I easily got it into my house with no problems. The machine was very easy to assemble. I have built lots of things in my life and this one was the easiest by far. I had it together in 10 min. no problem. The machine is very sturdy and was put together very well. I've put together other machines that were extremely inferior to this one. I had no problems with the seat, nothing was bent it slid right on like a hot knife would go through butter. All the parts and pieces were there and everything fit where it was supposed to perfectly. I am 5'4" tall and I had read the review from the woman of that height saying what a hard time she had, so I was expecting trouble when I sat down to start rowing. Not one problem. The machine is quiet, runs smooth, never felt any excessive strain anywhere in my body. It never squeaked at all. The resistance was excellent, and never lost resistance for me. I got a great work out on it. I didn't experience any leaking oil and the seat is quite comfy for me. My feet never slid out of the foot holds and I have a size 8 foot and was not wearing shoes, just my socks. It is very easy for me to move from one spot to another, and very easy to store when I am not using it. I find it a very delightful and fun way to work out. The time went right by and before I knew it, 30 min. had passed. I bought this machine just to have a fun way to workout and improve my health. I personally like rowing boats so this is perfect exercise for me. I am not expecting to go to the olympics or anything with this. I suppose if you were seriously training for something like that, this machine wouldn't be the one you'd choose, but if you are looking for a fun full body way to work out in a small amount of time, in my opinion, this machine is perfect. With some standard up keep and maintenance, I am sure this machine will last quite awhile. I am very happy with my machine.
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