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on January 11, 2007
In 1981 I saw Adam and the Ants for the first time. Adam Ant rocked my small town world then and 25 years later his music still has the power to do the same. This is a fascinating story of a brilliantly creative talent whose struggle with mental illness did not stop him from producing some of the best music of his time. The story is riveting from its portrayal of the very early days of the brief punk era that passed almost unnoticed here in the states through the rise that made him a darling of the MTV generation of the 80's. This is a man who has faced and conquered many demons. His music was my solice through many dark times of my own, I wish him a future full of only bright things. This story is a must for any Ant Fan.
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on September 27, 2006
This book is a very rare and interesting look into the mind of a true pop icon, Adam Ant. Even in his heyday of the 1980's, Adam was a quiet man that did many interviews but never spoke in great detail of his true feelings or personal views on his life. It was never his true nature to expose himself on a personal level to the public at that time. Adam wanted his image and music to do all the talking for him. For Adam, to write this book now and also record the audio book himself is extremely rare. For the fans, This is the first real chance to understand a very complex man. Brave and bold was his image back then but now Adam is willing to put words to his life and experiences for the first time. In the 1980's, Adam hid behind the native American war-paint and fancy dress costumes. Since then, He has been marked with horrible rumors of mental illness in the press and a lot of bad moments. In the book, he answers all those questions and sets the record straight. I believe that's why he wrote the book, to tell HIS story and not the press to it for him anymore. In 1993, Adam finished his first album in many years with, Wonderful. The title track song and video did get a lot of airplay in the states and England. For awhile, it seemed Adam was back on track and doing well. The record, as good as it was, just didn't make a big splash. Adam never got over this and sank deep into a deep depression. As a life long fan, It was hard for me and all the true fans to read all the terrible news stories to come. Adam Ant goes into a local London pub and pulls out a fake gun on those making fun of him, locked up in mental hospital for treatment. Adam Ant hits neighbours house with rocks, again gets sent to hospital. I spent the day with Adam back in 1984 on the "Strip" tour of the USA. I can't say I knew him well but the Adam I talked to was very smart and very together. Adam was not crazy or out of touch with reality at all. He did not have the wild and crazy backstage life going on at all. Adam was dating Jamie Lee Curtis at that time, but I got the impression he never lived or liked the out of control Rock n Roll life-style anyway. Even though he was 30 or 31 at the time, most of the fans at the show were not even old enough to drive. In the book Adam does talk about his relationships with Jamie and many others. I'm sure he will record again, and I hope he does. God bless you Adam and I hope you are doing well. Stay strong and all will be well for you. For the fans, buy this book, you will not regret it. But most of all...always stay fans forever because your "Antpeople" After all right?!!
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on April 15, 2008
The first time I saw Adam was on a TV program. I didn't even hear his name, all I saw was this guy wearing a white stripe across his face, and he was singing. I didn't catch the song or even how it sounded. But that is how his LOOK affected me. That was 1981 and I am still a fan of Antmusic. I knew he was thinking about writing a book back in the 80's because he said he wrote in journals. Any Antfan; and you know WHO you are, will enjoy this book. He starts from his beginning and goes to his widespread troubles. This book is a must have if you are a true fan. You will love it, promise!
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I read this book at least 20 times and loved every bit of it. The only flaw is the black and white photos in the book are all available free online in the Adam Ant fan forums or on You Tube fan videos. No biggie.

Even if you never were a big Adam Ant fan - if you are interested in 1970's punk music and love 1980's pop music, you will enjoy this book. Stand and Deliver: The Autobiography [Paperback]

Fuggedabout that ridiculous price quoted of $124.00. I bought my copy from Amazon for about $13 plus shipping - worth every penny. It is easy to purchase at a low price.

Buy the PAPERBACK edition -it has one extra chapter than more expensive hardbound version. The author writes an addendum "follow up" chapter for the Best Seller paperback, which was issued after the hard cover was published.

It is a fascinating book not just for punk-pop-rock music history, but because Adam Ant is a person who was diagnosed with Bipolar illness when he was 20. That was back in the Stone Age in 1974 when very little was understood about mental illness. If you are interested in Mental Health advocacy issues or have a loved one or friend who is Bipolar it will be a fascinating book. The book does not dwell excessively on this issue - several sections in the book deal with how his mental illness drastically affected his life and career. How he dealt with mental illness successfully and at times quite unsuccessfully, is one of the most compelling elements in his autobiography. The book is a wonderful way to educate oneself about the issues that people with this condition deal with. The manner in which he describes his mental illness has no self pity, no remorse and is well written. He is brutally honest in his apologies to his family and friends who he states he may have alienated when he was a "Human Train Wreck" totally out of control with his mental illness.

It is a testament to the human spirit he has survived with such grace and style. Although he had one suicide attempt and several close calls with other episodes of suicidal ideation, it is a tremendous testament to his emotional stability how hard he has tried his entire life to come to grips with his disease. There are many Adam Ant You Tube interviews where he cogently discusses how societal stigma, shame and cultural ignorance about mental illness makes it so much harder for people grappling with these issues. Adam Ant is an intellectual, a deep thinker, but without one whit of pretension in his manner. From a hard-scrabble, rough and tumble working class background - this bloke is 100% salt of the earth.

I admire him tremendously because his entire life he avoided drugs, alcohol and doesn't smoke cigarretes. Many male members of his family were wretched, sloppy mean drunkards. As a child and as a young man in his 20's working in the punk rock scene - he decided early on to be a "straight edge" and wholesome in his lifestyle choices. He lost friends to drug overdoses while a young man in the punk rock scene. His family of origin was cursed with chronic alcoholism. Pretty cool, he is a lifelong "straight edge" type of guy.

There is some material in the book which is heart wrenching. His savage, cruel, physically violent alcoholic father was arrested for pedophile conduct when Adam Ant was the biggest, hottest pop star in the UK. From 1980 to 1983 he was bigger than Justin Bieber and the Beatles combined in the UK pop culture.

The tabloids made life utter hell for him, wringing every sordid detail in the media for over one year about his pedophile father's criminal case. He had not any contact with his father in years, and certainly was blameless and had zero guilt in the child molestation crime. Yet the UK trash tabloids were wretched. Adam Ant dealt with this family tragedy with dignity and composure. He is definitely a class act. The book is very poignant in his treatment of how he writes about his relationship with his monster of a father. When his father finally dies in the gutter - alone, friendless - having burned all his bridges, the death of his dad as a completely broken man - after serving a prison term for molesting a young boy, Adam Ant finally finds peace of mind and comes to terms with felony child abuse issues he suffered as a boy and teen. He completely forgives his father - and acknolwedges that his dad had a sadistic, brute of an alcoholic father who brutalized him - marking him for life. But face it - Adam had a crappy violent father and still worked hard to turn his life around. So having a crap childhood is no excuse to beat your own kids, right? It is all about MAKING CHOICES. This is what the heart of Adam's book is about. Adam is a devoted father to a lovely 14 year old daughter. During the 5 years he took off and could not work because he was working on stablizing his mental health issues - he was a full time "House Dad" and bonded closely with his child. Despite having little positive experiences in his own childhood - he managed to turn things around and be a great dad.

His father was also guilty of felony domestic violence against Adam's mother and the passages where he writes about his childhood is quite moving. His mum seems to be a very good and decent lady. Adam is close to his mum and there are many sweet, endearing passages in the book when he writes about his mum. Adam's childhood wasn't completely tragic.

He writes with great affection about his two grandmothers and his maternal grandfather who gave him much love and affection. A fascinating detail about his genealogy is his full blooded Romany gypsy maternal grandfather and grandma. He dearly loved his Romany gypsy grandparents and the fond and tender manner he writes about them is endearing. Adam writes about his Romany gypsy family background in a fascinating manner - avoiding cliche's most people assume with gypsy life.

Just a hunch - but I think Adam Ant's phenomenal flamboyance, feral, ferocious, phosphorescent flash, glamourous signature cachet in his fashion sense, his incredible talent for wearing cosmetics/makeup both on the street in daylight - and his incredible stage makeup with his striking flair for fashion design, surely must come from the genetic legacy of Romany gypsy blood and Bipolar illness. Adam Ant is the ONLY straight, heterosexual man I can think of who can wear loads of makeup and still look incredibly virile, manly and bloke-ish.

Ya gotta check out You Tube videos to see what I mean, jellybean. This is a bloke who was born in the gutter in grinding poverty, didn't have indoor plumbing until he was 10 years old, shared an outhouse with 12 other families in the same tenement, he grew up in a London slum govt housing project - he worked his way out of the gutter and is incredibly gifted with sartorial graces in terms of his fashion sensibilities. I think the bloke is Beau Brummel incarnate.

Check out the You Tube rock video "Room at the Top" "Goody Two Shoes" "Vive le Rock" "Antmusic" "Kings of the Wild Frontier" "Dog Eat Dog" "Adam Ant Live in Japan 1981" (almost one hour live concert - and it will knock your panties off - check out the VERY LAST song - "Physical") Case closed!

He is a classically trained graphic designer and was awarded a prestigious full ride scholarship to the finest art college in the UK. He dropped out of art university in his 3rd year - due to a blinding, furious vision that he was destined to be a punk musician. This William Blake style estatic epiphany vision was precipated by a failed suicide attempt and psychiatric inpatient hospitalization. Well, the guy has a dramatic life - what can I say?

The book never stoops to maudlin sentimentality or self pity when he writes in detail about a stint in foster care during his childhood. His parents were divorced at that point (mum kicked the rotten husband out of the house when Adam was 7 - Thank God) His mum had to have a major operation and a long convalesence in the hospital. His drunkard father was not fit to care for his son. None of Adam's relatives were willing or able to take him in while his mother was hospitalized for a lengthy in-patient stay. Adam had no place to go but foster care - and it was made much more traumatic due to his developing a serious health problem of his own, during the same time frame his mum was convalescing as an inpatient. The manner in which he writes about his foster care is at times heartbreaking - but he is such a gifted storyteller he also manages to infuse some humour and fascinating bits of info about the various kids he met in foster care. He has a very level head on his shoulders and realized even at the very worst of his foster care stint - that unlike all the other kids, he actually DID have relatives who loved him - and he knew he'd eventually released back to his mum.

Adam Ant is a phenomenal performing artist and the book is well written, considering he is not a professional writer. He is a song writer, musician, singer, actor and somehow those aesthetic sensibilities lends itself well in how he composed his book. The pacing, phrasing and shading of how the book is written is almost "musical" in it's ability to keep you enthralled with the "hook" - just as a songwriter would compose a melody "hook" in a song lyric. It is a very easy read. He loves to ENTERTAIN people and this book will defininetly entertain you!

I read it on ONE DAY. Yup, it is true. The freebie from Amazon's link to "look inside" the book is sort of ho-hum - it's just info about his rotten childhood. If you do a Google search for Online Daily Mail and then do a search on Adam Ant within their website there is a HUGE juicy excerpt from his autobiography that gives you a better idea what the book is like.

The book has a wealth of background info about all the famous, fascinating artists and entertainers he has befriended and worked with. He has either worked with or befriend nearly everyone in show biz from the 1970's to 2012. Not at all "name dropping" but instead he weaves in very interesting accounts of how he came to know many talented folks in the entertainment industry. Adam has genuine humility - he never brags about the glamorous and glittering celebreties he knows. He writes in a matter of fact manner - and spends just as much care and attention when he writes about ordinary, working class folks who are his friends.

Well, YES, there is a LOT of details her writes about his love life, his sex life - well the bloke is Lord Sexitude, His Holy Hotness, Mr. Sex on a Stick and he is rampantly heterosexual. Well, he writes about sex a LOT. A whole lot.

What can I say but that this is a book with erotic footnotes of such magnitude - he is just a Love Machine. This bloke managed to turn sex into an artform. Nope, I'm not kidding. He calls it "puresex" and I must admit the sections where he discusses with great seriousness his personal philosphy of "puresex" made all my lady bits and naughty bits tingle just as if little fishies were swimming in my tummy!

Absolutely NOT in any way is he a playboy.

He is not a "seducer" of women - but a man who women find irresistable and he's just highly charged in the amour department.

I do believe he is quite sensitive to feminist issues. When he writes about the sexism of rock music industry, clearly he has empathy and respect for women. He cites the Punk Music social phenomena as being totally misunderstood due to tabloid media sensationalizing the issue. Adam posits Punk Music social phenomena took women musicians SERIOUSLY for the first time. Women played a major role in punk music bands. Adam has utmost respect and admiration for Jordan - a visionary young woman who adopted a leadership position in the UK punk movement. She was his muse, mentor and first band manager and NOPE he never slept with her. Like I said - he is a true feminist and a gentleman. He knows how to have platonic friendships with women. Jordan is a fascinating character and Google her or You Tube her, she is in every documentary about punk music on You Tube - she's FASCINATING. The world's most famous shop assistant. Jordan worked at Sex and Seditionairies fashion retail store - owned by Vivienne Westwood and Malcom McClaren.

He is 57 years old, in 2012 and still looks amazingly handsome. 57 years old and he looks like a kid! No mystery why women have been all over him like white on rice his entire life!

Considering all the hard knocks he's had in his life - he looks incredibly fit, alluring and loads of Sexitude. Doesn't look like he had his face pumped full of Botox. He has aged naturally and gracefully.Stand and Deliver: The Autobiography [Paperback]

Rading about his horrendous childhood I was amazed how he overcame such an atrocious background and became a fairly stable self-made man (all things considered - with his childhood background he could have wound up in prison or the gutter.) He had very severe mental illness and he is quite open and candid about his many nervous breakdowns - but the very best part is how he pulled his life back together. Literally, it was akin to Lazarus "coming back from the dead". After a particularly painful and publicly embarrassing nervous breakdown he was forcibly committed (sectioned) by the UK govt. and was locked up against his will in a mental hospital for almost 7 months. His career was in total ruins, the UK trash tabloids turned him into a laughing stock. Written off as a ludicrous "has-been" his life appeared quite bleak. Upon his release from the psychiatric inpatient clinic his life was in ruins - he had other hospitalizations over a period of years - and he need quite a lot of treatment in order to properly deal with his mental illness. Some of his hijinks and antics when he was full blown manic and hypo-manic curdled my girdle - he has quite a tale to tell!

From 1980 to 1983 he had 15 Top Ten Hits on the charts, he was the biggest star in the UK phenomenally famous, rich, wicked sexy - on top of the world. By 1997 his career wound up on the dung heap of "Celebrity Train Wrecks." Truly amazing back around 2010 - after a 10 year absence from performing live on stage and no music released either as single or
albums - living in a modest one bedroom apt. having been forced to sell his lavish country home vacation retreat mansion - nearly broke - lost his marbles - in the loony bin - he worked his way back, got himself back into tip-top condition and he is now performing again in the UK, Europe and has a North American tour planned for fall of 2012. He has a new band and they are smokin' rockin' solid musicians.

He stated writing this book was an excellent form of therapy (plus he had an expensive divorce, child support payments and wanted to be a gentleman and give his ex-wife a decent financial settlement - so he was under TREMENDOUS pressure to earn money by writing this book) His mental illness forced him to take five years off from working - his pop-rock music career had dried up by the mid-1990's - he quit Hollywood and went back to London quite upset since although he was cast in 24 TV & film roles - they were primarily "B movie" scripts - and he did not want to continue in that mode. OK I AM definitely biased - I love him to bits - but he actually was a talented actor - but the scripts he was given were not worth his little finger (except "Tales From the Crypt" "The Equalizer" "Northern Exposure" most of his acting roles were in works which were not memorable (NOT HIS FAULT - weak scripts) But he did work with many brilliant actors and his time spent in the film TV industry is a fascinating section of the book. He knows everyone in show biz from Liza Minelli to Robert De Niro and Michael Jackson.

Although he made millions in a highly successful and lucrative career as a songwriter, musician, actor, singer -due to a variety of reasons - he went through most of his considerable fortune. Finding himself in his mid-fifties and having to re-invent himself in middle age - dealing with major mental illness - this was a considerable challenge. Having not much money left from his fortune compounded his difficulties.

I highly recommend this book - not just because I have been a fan of his work since the mid-1970's but because he has crafted a well written book that is highly entertaining. Granted, there is a LOT of the book devoted to his sex life - but he writes in a well bred manner, and there is nothing vulgar, smutty or prurient in the details of his many adventures with women. After all, let us be fair - he is a gorgeous, charming, university educated, cultured, dead-sexy rock-pop star - so it goes with the territory that the bloke is Mr. Sex on Legs. I don't hold it against him that so much of the book is about his sex life. Don't know whether or not he has a "sexual addiction" per se - I don't care - it is HIS business. At least he is honest about it and is not a hypocrite.

I cannot stand trashy "kiss and tell" celebrity books where men boast and brag about their sexual contests. The worst celebrity autobiography I read was Geraldo Rivera, Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis autogiographies - IMHO sexist junk in their cavalier attitude towards women they bedded. They were coarse and vulgar, bragging about their "conquests" of
women - writing about women as though they were hunks of meat. This is NOT how Adam Ant writes about his love live. Yup, he's a rock star who had plenty of one night stands while touring on five continents with his band - but he genuinely appears to respect women. All the bloke needs to do is blink and birds flock to him like bees to the honey-hive. He stated in an interview he slept with approximately 1,000 women. Not boasting - and he did not bring up the subject - it was the interviewer who kept needling him for "details".

O.K. I guess you figured it out - I am a hard core, unabashed Ant Wench. Long live that Terrible Termite - The Lord of AntMusic - the indefatiguable, indominitable Adam Ant!The Origins of Punk Fashion: Vivienne Westwood Another great book written by a good friend of Adam Ant is this extraordinary book on punk fashion. When Adam Ant was a whippersnapper in his early to mid-20's he was a seminal leader in the punk movement social phenomena. There is LOTS of bits about his friendship with the somewhat slithery, back-stabbing embezzler, fabulist, charlatan, music promoter, Malcom McClaren. McClaren was a business partner-husband with Vivienne Westwood and there is quite a bit about them in Adam's autobiography

Yikes! Do you even need to buy the book after this marathon, epic tome I wrote?

Yep, Buy this book - you won't regret doing so!

If you don't like it - then email me via Amazon and give me a sound thrashing. I can take my lumps. If you buy the book, based on my epic tome review - and do not like the
book - then give me a slagging and don't sugar coat it.

Ant Fans will buy it without this review - what I hope to accomplish in the hour it took to write this, is to bring some NEW recruits into the domain of Ant Land.

For over 30 years the Lord of the Ants has brought international concert audiences to frenzy, hysteria, eupohric bliss - it is holy sacred "puresex" which is his true aim while performing - to seduce the audience, to amuse while simultaneously terrifying the audience, to entertain, educate, elucidate, mesmerize the audience, to make your hair stand on it's end and to walk out of the concert hall with an unforgettable lifetime peak experience.

OK enough already.

I am done. Stick a fork in me I am done.
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on August 27, 2012
I was interested by the mixed reviews for this book and it deserves them. A book like this is always going to be manipulative because it is an image that is being sold, and here we are being sold Adam Ant. Also, it is the autobiographer's right to decide how to present himself - any autobiography should be treated as part fiction because we all lie to ourselves and everyone else due to guilt, shame, ego, etc. Or we simply enjoy dressing things up. This book both gives less and more away than I would have expected. The thing I found hardest was the narcissism that accompanies this author's bipolar disorder. Having grown up with mental illness in the family, I know that the symptoms are what you live with, as much as the cause. The author is extremely narcissistic to the point of not really being able to empathise with anyone around him. Other people only exist in relation to him - we all do it in our lives to a certain extent, but here it is extreme. You don't get a clear view of anyone, as they either served their purpose or they didn't in his life - that's it really. I don't like how he calls using women "self medication" or "puresex" - he may chat with them first, but he uses them to cope with his manic phases, and it can't be glammed up. As another reviewer writes, he accepts his illness only to a certain point, as his manic/depressed episodes are always caused by external factors, not by himself. Of course, the episodes are triggered by outside stress, but he is responsible for whether he takes his medication or not. The medication does have nasty side effects, especially for someone who relies on their mania for creativity, but if you don't take your meds, that means you're not prepared to get yourself healthy enough (i.e. without psychotic breaks) to live with other people. I believe taking yourself off the meds until the next collapse/meltdown is quite normal in such cases, as you want to believe you can do without. That is probably why the book is worth reading because the most genuine thing that comes across is the fear - the fear of being on the meds, the fear of being off them, and the fear of failure or of being forgotten.

Adam Ant was my hero when I was 10 - "Kings of the Wild Frontier" was my first album ever (and I'm old enough for it to have been a record). I think I shall hang on to that image of the snarling yet pouting androgynous warrior in THAT jacket.
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on January 5, 2008
Adam Ant -- best known for his outlandish costumes and a string of clever and energetic music videos -- does not spare us the nastier details of his life. He was brought up in poverty and lived in fear of his drunken, violent father. Later on he started to suffer the signs of bipolar depression and the last few chapters are dominated by his symptoms and suffering and the pain he caused to friends and family. Unfortunately, he almost glosses over his musical career, which is the reason I bought this book. He runs off the titles of the songs and how he recorded the videos and how much they cost yet tells us very little about why and how he wrote the songs. Call me a bluff old traditionalist, as Edmund Blackadder would say, but I'd expect the autobiography of a talented high-profile artist to contain at least some idea as to where his inspiration came from.
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on June 28, 2010
"Stand and Deliver" is impressive in the sense that Stuart Goddard was able to step up and give us some of the gritty details about his personal life. We get to explore everything from his childhood up until his current state of being. What I like about this book is Adam's ability to entertain the reader with his stories involving other famous celebrities, but what hinders the book is his lack of insight involving his actual body of work. I was hoping to get the inside scoop on what inspired songs like Apollo 9 or The Human Beings, but instead I was given the impression that Adam Ant didn't really care about his work as much as he did about being famous... In fact, it would seem like his professional life was secondary to his personal life and his personal affairs in this book. If you like Adam Ant, then you'll like the book, but it won't compel you I'm afraid.
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on November 16, 2010
I've admired Adam's creativity since the first time I saw him. I was in my favorite record shop in Chicago - the lengendary Wax Trax! early one Saturday morning & they were showing the first American appearance of Adam & the Ants on American Bandstand - the white stripe across his face - the costume - I was hooked & bought everything on vinyl they had.

After seeing the band perform several times - I had the pleasure of meeting him. He was quiet - a bit shy - but very nice.

His autobiography was a bit depressing. I remember the early days of punk & can relate to a lot of the book. My heart broke for him for the troubles he's endured after the heady days of the New Romantic movement. I wish him peace.
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on January 16, 2012
A very interesting and sometimes sad history of one of the most enigmatic pop stars of the early 80s and 90s.

As well as his childhood and his rise to fame and the comedown afterwards, he talks about punk at it's peak in London in the 70s. What is also fascinating is that he talks frankly of his depression and manic episodes and the truth behind some of his relationships and sexual exploits.

This is a very well written book, honest and truthful. I rather think that this book helped Adam defeat some of his demons and the added epilogue which is an addition to the paperback version not in the hardback is a lovely touch, where he talks about the book signings and his ongoing road to recovery.

Before I read this book, I thought he was a good musician and I liked his music and only knew what had been written about him. After reading this book I find that now not only do I now love his music, I admire and respect this man.

Well worth a read if you have any interest in music.
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on October 4, 2013
Stand and Deliver: The Autobiography by Adam Ant is one of the best biographies I’ve ever read. Adam is so honest and forthright about his life that you feel like he’s in the room talking to you as if you were his closest friend. He doesn’t gloss over any aspect of his life, and I admire his candidness about his mental illness. I’ve suffered with depression during my life, and discussing it with others can be difficult and embarrassing. It’s hard to explain something that you yourself don’t really understand. Adam has not only dealt with his problems on a personal level, he has opened up to the world, hoping others in his position will recognize their symptoms and seek the help which will afford them a better life. And for those who think the life of a musician is all glamour and excitement, Adam will disabuse you of that notion. He writes about what it really takes to establish, promote, accomplish, maintain, lose, and regain stardom. It requires constant attention, physical stamina, creativity, self-confidence, long hours, and people who keep you grounded. The rewards can be wonderful, but they are hard-earned.

I’ve loved Adam and the Ants since they first hit the music scene. Their music was exciting, energetic, youthful, artistic, and just plain fun. I still listen to their music on a regular basis, and am thrilled Adam is back. Adam’s videos still rank as the best I’ve seen, each a mini-movie with a plot, lush costumes, lavish sets, and great music. Adam also created such great characters with his music, and the live performances were incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the behind-the-scenes look at his various albums and how the accompanying videos were created. He's very frank about his personal and professional relationships, and it was interesting to read about who he met and was involved with, especially Marco, a fantastic guitarist.

And, I will always be dazzled by that white stripe across his face.
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