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on November 14, 1999
I thought this game was great. It really shined in one player mode. After you beat the game for the first time there are more challenges and when you get all medals new characters and a harder difficulty appear. I felt it was a little lacking in multi-player mode but was still fun to play with friends. I highly reccomend this game for any true Starfox fan or a Nintendo lover in general.
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The game that brought us the rumble pack.
I can't really say the pack brought a whole new element to the game play.
It sort of did but the pack itself was so heave it made the already awkward N64 controller that much more difficult to control.
I usually, all these years later just play the game without it.

That said.
I love Star Fox 64.
Fun and VERY challenging game play.
Especially if you're going after those medals on every mission.
The game can branch in different directions depending on what actions you take during certain courses.
Beautiful graphics for its time.
Creative and difficult boss battles.
The characters themselves are a tad annoying.
Falco being my main annoyance.

Other than that, another top rate Nintendo game for a system that belongs in front of everyone's tv.
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on November 16, 1999
Star Fox 64 is a pretty good game. It's more of a shooter game instead of a fighter game. Because you go head-to-head to Andross's(the bad guy) forces on must of the missions.The draw back of this game is that you can not save it,so the game is pretty hard.
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on November 6, 2013
Not sure bout rumble pack as i didnt get the option in my game, but this is one of the best games made. Its flight sim, tank sim, and sub sim. Multiple stories that shape difficulty, multiple game play and multiplayer, with secret third person shooter. Tons of stuff to do with awesome levels such as ID4 alike, or train saving, so many bosses and secrets. Tons of story, not bad grphx and training for controls. All in all, the most you can get out of it for the money. Definitely buy this game, oh, and lots of replay.
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on February 9, 2005
I know a lot about this game so lets get started. First of all, the voice acting is great (exept slippy's) game is easy and the stoyline is great. Also for first time gamers there are two androsses, one is fake (he will be the robot one) and the other is real (he will be the big brain). Now to get to the real andross in corneria you have to follow falco and he will take you to a second route to a different boss. Then you have to go to all of the hard planets, its been a long time since i played this so i don't know thier names. After corneria yo go to bills planet, help him battle then go to the red one, then the space one (not the sattelite) it will be the one where slippy gets smacked all the way to the planet that looks like saturn. Then you go there but it will take you to the satelite planet. So you to the red planet then the other blue planet that looks like corneria and you will meet katt there. When you get done beating that submarine dude then you go the the aquarius planet( i think thats what its named) and you will be in a submarine, when you beat the clamb boss then go to the planet that has the ships like an armada, beat that level and you go to venom exept you take a different route to go to the real andross, when you take this route you will be at a battle site where you will meet star wolf and his buddies with new ships (that have shields no fair) but you can beat them but shooting them crazy where they'll crash into somthing like the four pillars, then fox will go to the real andross, beat him and ther will be a huge explosion and fox has to follow his dad the way out (who is alive but wants everyone exept fox to think he is dead) anyway, you have to follow fox's dad out, he will show you the ways to take also make sure you boost to keep up because you will loose him. Now, i have beaten this game about 12 or 13 times, it is very fun, i love this game and its a classic; but now i have a ps2 and i still miss playing this game, also there is a starfox armada coming out so i am going to get a gamcube to get it, it comes out sooner at blockbuster. Anyway as you know all starfox games is only on nintendo 64 or gc(gamecube). Also there is a multiplayer but to you guys out there here isn't a multiplayer campain mode, that might be in starfox assult. The only things you can unlock is armor for you and your teams ships (makes the damage less effective), the difficulty which is intermediate (beat it on that level) also on intermediate starfox is wearing glasses like his dad and there is unlimited ammo (for the bombs). I know this because i unlocked those things by beating the game, you have to get a medal on each planet, then you will unlock the good stuff. So if your into 3d action adventure, get this game. Also the assult is the end of the starfox series, if its not i'll fill you in. Also on the assult they have andross, somehow he came back, why can't they have a new more powerful enemy like andross's brother or something, they just stick with andross, but he's fun anyway. So thats it, i'll fill you in on what i know.
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on November 15, 1999
Anyone who played Starfox (or Starwing in Europe ) on the SNES can know what to expect here as it's pretty much the same game abeit with a few new features and much improved graphics. Rather than change the classic gameplay of the original, they've left it mostly intact and jazzed it up with brand new enimies, bosses and an new 'all range mode'. This allows you, on certain levels, to fly 360 degrees anywhere within a set area and is a big improvment on the first game which confined you to flying straight ahead every level. Even though most of the game does follow this linear approach, the wider variety of enemies on offer and the new 360 degree mode make sure that the single player game never becomes as repetative as the it was on the original. Combined with the much better graphics and sounds and the bonus features hidden throughout the game, this makes the single player game one of the best on the N64. Where the game really falls flat however, is in the new multiplayer mode. Originally intended as a feature in the abandoned Starfox 2 on the SNES, this finally saw the light of the day on the N64 version but is far too limited and and just goes to show that Starfox was never intended as a multiplayer game. Even when you get the tank as an additional multiplayer vehicle, you'll get bored of playing it really quickly, especially when you consider how many better multiplayer games there are on the N64. This is a real shame as with a little more time and effort, the multiplayer mode could have been classic and ultimately, it's what lets this otherwise superb game down.
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on February 9, 2014
this game is the iconic and dare i say best game of the n 64 era. it was the first to have rumble pack and is why i play fps inverted. good voice acting and music. a must have for collectors and enthusiasts.
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I may not be as young as some of the players that wrote reviews here, but I played the original StarFox for SNES as a kid. At the time, the "FX" chip was marketing hype for some new 3D technology. Nonetheless, it has become a classic at my home. My dad was hooked on StarFox since the beginning!

I bought some old N64 games and a N64 system about 2 years ago and starFox 64 was one of the games. Naturally, I'm hooked. The graphics are fairly pre-21st century but its a very natural progression for StarFox SNES.

Thd 3D graphics are colorful and saturated. There is also voice acting and some interesting levels.

I missed the original "Twin Blaster" and "Wing Damage" voice effects. The new music also sounds rather corny, as are the villains.
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on July 9, 2006
In the peaceful system of Lylat, chaos emerges. The evil Andross has declared war upon the planet and its citizens and there's only one team to stop him: Star Fox. Made up of Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Slippy Toad, and Peppy Hare, these mercenaries mean business. Throughout their escapade to destroy Andross, they will go to many planets such as Corneria, Fichina, and Zoness, and they will meet up with the evil Star Wolf.

That is the premise of the hit game Star Fox 64 for Nintendo 64. It is a pretty short game despite the wonderful story, but the story does make up for it's length. The multiplayer is a bit cold, with only two stages to play on, but with 4 people, it can bring tons of fun. The sound in this game is wonderful, if you don't include the voice-overs, although, Slippy's voice was the only one that was bad. The laser fire sounds as "sci-fi" as you would want it to.

Through a few androids and evil monkeys, I recommend that anyone with a Nintendo 64 should get this game. Peppy would say one thing here. "Do a barrel roll!" Oh wait, that's not it....
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on July 15, 2011
Almost a year after the Nintendo 64 made its debut to the world, Nintendo started to gain steam in rolling out new games. Starfox 64 was released in 1997 and was the sequel to the popular SNES game, Starfox. One of the first games to tote the much liked Rumble Pack support, it was an instant hit and sold millions of copies. It was and still is a great game to play to this day.

You control Fox McCloud, leader of his flight squad which includes 3 other characters (many of you know already who they are.) All of you are out to stop Andross (the main villain from the first game) from taking over the world again so you travel across different planets, each with its own theme and challenges. Shoot everything in sight to get points, fly through colored hoops (to refill your energy, extend your energy meter & restock weapons), collect bombs that destroy everything on the screen and defeat the boss in each planet to move on until you face off against Andross himself. Grab up to 3 friends and play the multi player modes to shoot it out against each other with its own options to tweak before each match starts.

The PROS: Nintendo did a great job when it came to making Starfox 64. From the intro to the digitized voices of the main characters to the story and overall presentation, you feel like you are Fox sitting in the cockpit and shooting at all the enemies. The graphics are sharp for a game in 1997 while the music is catchy and moody so it's great to hear it during your gaming experience. The sound effects are on point and the digitized voices are exactly how you expect all the characters to sound like. Starfox 64's controls are perfect; every button is used and it won't take long to get used to how it works. As an added treat, plug in your Rumble Pack and you get force feedback for just about anything you do and when you take enemy fire (or run into objects.) Playing through it won't take you long but if you meet certain conditions, you can take alternate paths and visit other planets and face against alternate/different bosses altogether, thereby extending the game.

The CONS: A few issues pop up that prevented me from giving it a 5 star rating but they are rather small and doesn't ruin the overall experience. The game won't save your progress until you beat Andross on his home planet and even at that, it only saves your overall score and how many lives you have. So if you have to quit the game, you'll have to start from the beginning all over again the next time you play. The game's difficulty spikes up on certain planets while it plummets on others so you may have to replay certain planets until you memorize it completely. The multi player modes aren't really anything special so you won't play this with your friends for long periods of time unlike other games like Goldeneye 007 or Perfect Dark.

Starfox 64 remains as one of the best games in the series and players come back to it and play through it again. It looks and plays great; lots of planets to play through and decent multi player modes make this game an excellent choice to pick up and play on the Nintendo 64. If you can't seem to find it or don't want to pay what people are asking for, you can download this title for the Wii on the Virtual Console service for $10 (1,000 points.) I highly recommend it so if you haven't played it yet, there is no reason for you to not try it out.
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