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VINE VOICEon October 4, 2008
As the packaging suggests, this collection includes every issue of Star Trek comic books ever published on a single DVD-ROM. From the classic DC Comic releases to the more obscure fare such as the nearly forgotten Star Trek comic/record sets from the seventies (included here under "Bonus Material"). It's all here - even the annuals, movie adaptations, and mini-series events.

In the unlikely event a user is unfamiliar with the Star Trek universe, there's even a helpful "Bios" section which briefly explains the role of each major crewmember. In addition, there is a four-page summation of Star Trek history as well. Neither are particularly detailed, but they're a welcome bonus for a collection already brimming at the seams with material.

The comics are read through Abobe Acrobat (which is included) and the interface is quite efficient and user-friendly. To begin with, you simply click which of the five publishers you want and you're brought to an organized listing of the works they published. Once you select the group of issues you want, you'll be taken to a table displaying all the covers and issues numbers (see user images for my example of this). Simply select one and begin reading!

Of special note is how complete these comics are - all the original advertisements are intact as well as the "Letters to the Editor" sections. The ads are always interesting, especially the older ones. I believe every comic book since the beginning of mankind has an ad that promises you an instant muscled physique for only a few dollars. The Letters sections typically have insightful comments from the readers as well as often amusing rants and technical nitpicking as only Trekkies can do!

Naturally, reading from a computer screen is less than ideal. Nothing can match a hard copy, especially where comic books are concerned. Of course, the comics are fully printable, though I shudder to think how much ink and paper just a few dozen of these would require!

As far as quality is concerned, the older issues do not make as fine a scan as the newer ones. Typically the ones from the mid-eighties and older are more difficult to read, as the ink is slightly hazy and blurry in places. They're still fully readable, just not as crisp and clear as the issues from the late-eighties onward are.

One last note, the promotional material prior to the release of this indicated that the newspaper comic strip material would be included as well. Due to a variety of rights issues, they were not able to include these. Still, with over 500 issues here, it's possible even the most ardent Star Trek fan will require months and months to sift through all this material!

This is an incredible value and a very fun disc to have. The comics are perfect for a brief study break or a lazy Sunday marathon reading session. I can honestly say my purchase was worth every penny, and that's a rare thing these days!

(A note about the packaging: the disc is housed in a standard dvd case and comes shipped in a cardboard sleeve. The sleeve contains a listing of all the issues as well as a brief distillation of the "Classic Issues" included in the DVD-ROM. I think it's a good idea to cut these out of the sleeve and place them within the dvd case - as I said, always nice to have a hard copy!)
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VINE VOICEon December 14, 2008
I'm not a comic book fan for the most part. I didn't grow up with them and so, never got into the mania. That said, I'm a huge Star Trek fan, so when the Complete Comic Book Collection came out, I picked it up eagerly.

Star Trek: The Complete Comic Book Collection, published by GIT Corp., is a compilation of Star Trek comic books condensed onto a PC/MAC compatible DVD. It contains almost all the comic books published under the Star Trek license between 1967 and 2002 from five different comic book houses (Gold Key, Marvel, DC, Wildstorm & Malibu). This includes the full runs of the Gold Key comics, the TOS post movie comics, TNG, DS9 and Voyager runs as well as the various miniseries over the years.

It does not include the latest comic series that have been published in the past couple years. Still, that ends up being around 500 comic books or more, including the entire run of a good number of monthly series. That's quite the bounty indeed.

The comics are presented in high quality scans of the actual comic books themselves in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (Adobe Acrobat is included on the disc). The entire collection is organized fairly clearly by publisher and series, with PDF files serving as menus to open the various comics. The entire comic books are included, including covers, ads and letters to the editor pages. The images are fairly high resolution and printable as well.

GIT Corp has done a fine job with this collection. For the most part, all of the scans are high quality images. They didn't use the original proofs, instead scanning actual comic books to make the collection. For that reason, occasionally you'll come across a page that has been ripped, or find that the pages have yellowed. I suppose it adds a bit to the experience.

I'm somewhat amazed that they got together all of the licenses to put this out. I was fascinated to read the old original Gold Key comics from the late 60's and early 70's. One could tell that the writers didn't watch the show, as for years, rocket flames sprayed out of the ship's nacelles and the ship's interior bore little resemblance to the real thing.

There are only a few minor complaints a person might have about this collection. Pages are presented in a two page spread format rather than a single page spread. It would have been nice to have the pages separately for viewing as even on larger monitors, two pages at once makes the print small and hard to make out.

Also, some of the graphic novels were clearly scanned in bound format rather than from a book that was taken apart. The glare on the middle of the two page scans makes this obvious. I suspect that the scans were done very quickly and imperfections sneaked in as a result.

Overall, I highly recommend this collection to fans and collectors. Before this collection, the only way to see all of these comics was to hunt comic book stores and spend loads of money. That's fine for the avid comic book collector, but what about the rest of us? Few star Trek fans would ever see most of these comics. Now, they're available all in one place for a relatively cheap price. That really can't be beat.

Bottom Line: Highly recommended.
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on January 6, 2011
First with the good. The product, as advertised, has every "official" Star Trek comic book in PDF format. One can view each comic book and see it as it was originally published, including the advertisements contained. Every PDF page shows 2 pages from the comic book side to side.

Now the bad. The resolution of the comic books is far from optimal. The reason for this is probably that the publisher needed to get the full collection on to one DVD instead of 2. If only the publisher would have put them on 2 DVDs instead of 1. For only a slightly higher cost it would have permitted a much higher resolution standard to be achieved.
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on August 31, 2011
I originally tried reading these on a normal laptop/computer screen. I didn't find it very enjoyable and didn't read them. Then, I purchased an iPad 2 and the following apps: Goodreader (PDF viewer and more) and Dropbox (cloud based file system software). With the iPad and Goodreader, it's very enjoyable to read these. I simply drag and drop the folders (containing the comics) from the disk into my Dropbox folder on my computer. I then import the folders directly into Goodreader which synchs perfectly with Dropbox on my iPad 2. Another cool thing about Goodreader is that it gets rid of the watermarked "copy protection" that is smack in the middle of each page. Great value and enjoyment if you're an old school Star Trek fan and own an iPad.
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on October 21, 2008
This is really an impressive collection. I remember reading some of the Gold Key comics as a kid and when I saw this I had to check it out. With over 500 comic books to read you can spend many long hours reading the comics in this collection, or print out any pages that you find particularly captivating.

I like some of the flaws in the early Gold Key comics with fire coming out of the Enterprise nacelles, or seeing the Enterprise skimming over the treetops of some planet, or better yet the complete annihilation of an entire planet of diverse intelligent plants-talk about ignoring the prime directive.

In any event the entire collection is well worth it, great stories, great artwork, all for about 8 cents a comic. If you enjoy Star Trek this should hold you over until the next movie.
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on November 14, 2008
I have been on a lifelong search through comic stores across the country for Star Trek comic books. Never to purchase, as that would burn a decent hole into my already empty pocket, but simply to glance through the pages and read the stories in a manner so much more different than what I was used to. Comics are fun to read, and they offer a unique vision of a story and its characters. Imagine my surprise when I learned there was a compilation DVD in the works for the Star Trek comic series!

I have glanced through a good chunk of the comics included in this set, and am pleased as punch to see these stories again. Some of my favorites included the Mirror Universe Saga, the Tabukan Syndrome, the parallel universe Borg invasion, and of course Peter David's "Who Killed Captain Kirk?" I also enjoyed being able to finally read Shatner's comic adaptation of "The Ashes of Eden," which I missed out on when it fell out of publication.

However, I have noticed several errors in the scanning process used to produce this set. Some of the comic pages will have half or so of the image tinted a solid color, and some will be cut off completely. Fortunately, the vast majority were scanned correctly, but there are enough that weren't to make the experience somewhat annoying. Nevertheless, I am still glad to finally have these stories available to me whenever I want. If you are a serious Star Trek fan, then these are a must-have.
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on December 6, 2012
The idea and the content is great. The execution on the other hand not as much. The great: You get 500 Star Trek comics for $15-$17, Awesome right? This DVD is poorly implemented. The software included is outdated if not incompatible so if you want to use the PDF files alone. The way the file names are set up every single PDF document you may see is abbreviated so the Comic that you're looking for you won't know what the world it is until you open it to see the front and back cover. Other thing the description of this product states it is compatible with linux now keep in mind Linux does support PDF documents out of the box. The problem is the software that's included. Adobe Reader 7 is outdated we are not in 7 anymore since Linux does support PDF natively Adobe reader is unnecessary plus it's windows only. Once you open a PDF document you will notice that each comic is set up with two pages as one page. And on every page will also noticed there is a watermark on every page. As I said before it's a great idea I love the fact to having every Star Trek comic available but the execution is just not there. It is poor, it's almost as if I did this myself in my basement and put them on the DVD and sold this myself.
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on February 20, 2011
I've read most of the reviews here regarding the shoddy packaging, the unpopular choice of scanning the pages 2-up, and the general mediocre quality of the scans themselves ... and yes, they're valid points. But, seriously, don't let this discourage you. To carry around the totality of Star Trek's 40+ year run in comic books for $7 bucks!? (Well, except for the Star Trek/X-Men crossovers, but that may actually be a blessing...) How can anyone give this less than four stars? We're talking about 500+ issues here, gang, some of which (if you can even find them) go for a lot more than $7 per issue. There are some great stories in here, some laughably bad stories in here, but it's ALL here. I've spent probably four or five hours revisiting some of my favorite issues from my childhood, and I haven't even scratched the surface of this collection yet. This is the best bang for my entertainment buck I've seen in years!
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on January 27, 2013
My collection is complete. And with the way the DVD was set-up, as a collection of files instead of an unique presentation of comics, I am able to transfer the books to my e-reader and take them with me. If it had been a custom program it could have increased the ease of using and accessing the comics. It could have included more Star Trek themed imagery, navigation, etc, but I would not be as happy as I am now if they had done that.
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on January 20, 2011
OK. Let me start by explaining that I have been in the scanning and printing business for well over 7 years and I have personally scanned or imaged over several million images or pages of text. OK now that's out on to the product.

I feel that the overall content is very good, covers all the issues out there and is all in one place. This contains a lot of great stories some may have missed or you could be just getting started in comics and you chose this genre / group. So lots of value for your buck. Lots of great stories, great content and variety.

Now for the bad news. The biggest gripe I have is the scanning. Starting with scanning the comics leaving the pages connected. To further explain, anyone who has read a comic always focus on the one page unless it is a large landscape action or establishing shot. So to my surprise when I open the first comic and see two pages of comics side by side. At first I thought it was fluke then moved down to the second page of the pdf, yes all comics are in secure pdf with only the option to view and print, this was actually page 2 and 3 of the comic again attached at the comic seem. You could even see the staple hump. I thought huh, this must be how they processed the DC comics and I went on and everyone one I opened was two page up, until I came to the bonus folder and in that had a folder named Peter Pan. These were the only scans that were single page up. I know and have used several scanning applications and even copy machines have a function called BOOK SEPARATION where it creates two pages or images at a predetermined area. This would have made the collection SO much better.

1. It would have allowed the user better printing options if they wanted to do so and are currently allowed to do so.
2. When actually viewing the comic it would have offered the reader the option to fit width of page and then you wouldn't have to screw with zooming and panning. I found you have to PAN AND PAN like mad on a small screen and the idea of reading on a Netbook (my main PC) or Ebook reader like a Nook which was my original idea is totally out.
3. This would have given the reader the option to view 1 page, 2 page or whatever up on the screen.

TPB (larger paperback books around 100 pages) should have been sacrificed and the spines cut to allow a true flat scanning of the page. They did not opt for this so pages throughout the book will have a shadow in the crease just as if you have ever made a copy of a book at the library.

Next issue. Although not a complete deal breaker is the naming convention. Now first off I am glad they didn't do something stupid like keep it to 8 character DOS limit. But if you are not familiar with the Star Trek universe you may have an issue with finding what you want to read. Lots of acronyms like ST_NG, DS9, TPB, TOS and etc. They do a decent job putting the comics into a logical hierarchy so you can find publisher, series or type. The actual names of the files could be more descriptive and less cryptic. UV001.pdf if you didn't know means Untold Voyages Volume 1.

And just as an FYI if you attempt to print you will automatically apply a water mark in the shape of the common Star Trek insignia.

Disc contains close to 590 Pdf files to give lots of reading, however the size on disc is about 6.3gb so be sure you have lots of space to dedicate.
I will attempt to upload a example sample but I don't know it will be allowed.
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