Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 7 Seasons 1994

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Season 3
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1. The Search Part 1 TV-PG CC

Hoping to avert an invasion, Sisko takes his officers into the Gamma Quadrant to find the leaders of the Dominion

Avery Brooks, Rene Auberjonois
46 minutes
Original air date:
September 26, 1994

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The Search Part 1

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Season 3

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Genres Science Fiction, Drama, Adventure, Action
Director Kim Friedman
Starring Avery Brooks, Rene Auberjonois
Supporting actors Alexander Siddig, Terry Farrell, Cirroc Lofton, Colm Meaney, Armin Shimerman, Nana Visitor, Salome Jens, Martha Hackett, John Fleck, Ken Marshall
Season year 1995
Network Syndication
Producers Ira Steven Behr, Rick Berman, Robert Della Santina, René Echevarria, Peter Lauritson, David Livingston, Ronald D. Moore, Steve Oster, Michael Piller
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This episode is worth watching just for that alone.
Captain Sisko and his crew head into the Gamma Quadrant look for the founders of the Dominion.
My favorite Trek series and one of the better seasons.

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45 of 46 people found the following review helpful By K. Wyatt on July 28, 2003
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
DS9's third season proved to be quite a pivotal season and a great buildup to the following seasons. Throughout the course of the season, several questions were answered and several new ones were introduced, leading up to an instrumental and somewhat ominous season finale in which a Founder tells Odo "you're too late, we're everywhere." That one sentence made for a long summer at that time, leaving fans in throes of anticipation for the fourth season. Important developments of the third season were the addition of the Defiant, additional back stories on the Dominion and its makeup, to include finding out who Odo's people are and the series taking on a more "serialized" tone.
I highly recommend this DVD set, the two previous seasons and the remaining four seasons, to any and all fans of Star Trek, especially those who didn't quite give DS9 a chance in its beginning because you will find that DS9 represents some of the best Star Trek to date.
Standout episodes of the season: (They all stand out, but space is limited)
The Search Parts I & II - As a grand conclusion to season two's "The Jem'Hadar" and setting up season three through seven in the "epic" of Deep Space Nine, these two episodes are extraordinary. It is from this point you know as a viewer that DS9 has a sense of purpose. Here we find out where Odo comes from and the terrible truth that revelation brings about.
The House of Quark - In this hilarious Quark episode, by a twist of fate, he becomes the head of a Klingon house. Robert O'Reilly makes a return as Gowron, Chancellor of the Klingon Empire. This is another brilliant Ferengi/humor episode.
Equilibrium - In this extremely compelling and captivating episode, Jadzia begins having hallucinations for no apparent reason.
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37 of 39 people found the following review helpful By Adam Dukovich on February 28, 2003
Format: DVD
The third season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was a pivotal one in the series. The groundwork for the series was finally laid, and the show finally moved from a TNG-picaresque storytelling style to a true story arc, when we finally get the first taste of the storytelling that would make Deep Space Nine a truly great show.
The season begins with The Search, which formally introduces the Dominion, a powerful empire led by 'changelings' with anymosity for the 'solids'. The episode also features the Starship Defiant being introduced to the station, thus altering the dynamic of the series drastically, and some reticent fans who didn't like the idea of a show about a space station finally jumped on board. There are exciting action episodes, such as Defiant and Civil Defense, a time travel adventure in Past Tense with gentle social commentary, and an astonishingly good Garak two-parter (Improbable Cause, The Die is Cast). Life Support features the departure of Kira's love interest with dignity and honor, and Explorers is the kind of warm character-based story that the show could never make enough of. Also highlights include a trip back Through the Looking Glass and the genuinely suspenseful The Adversary, which has Sisko promoted to Captain, continues the storyline of shapeshifters infiltrating Alpha Quadrant civilizations, and the drama of Odo killing one of his own.
Once again, the acting and character development are exemplary. Sisko becomes interested in Bajoran history, which indicates a possible growing comfort with his unwanted role as the planet's spiritual leader. Jeffery Combs is indespensable as both the antipathetic Brunt and the ingratiating, pleasant Weyoun, the Dominion's mouthpiece.
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16 of 18 people found the following review helpful By Wayne Klein HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on June 7, 2003
Format: DVD
Season 3 of DS9 is where things got really intesesting.During the first season and part of season two all the key pieces for the ensuing conflict that would continue throughout the course of the series. Like B5's Shadow War, the Dominion-Federation War, would be center stage during season 3. Sisko finally gets a ship that can hold its own against many of the Jem Hadar spacecraft. The Defiant is an "overpowered, overgunned craft" that providesa a way for Sisko and company to meet, greet and defeat(as well as be defeated)oncoming advesaries.
In the opening two part episode, Sisko and his crew take the Defiant into Dominion space in an attempt to discover who and where the Founders are. Unfortunately, the Defiant is taken down too easily to make the episode credible. Still, it does provide a unique glimpse into the ideal presented by Founders and the reality of their civilization as they try and seduce Odo to join them.
"Defiant" also provides an opportunity for NextGen actor Jonathan Frakes to appear on DS9. As Riker, he charms Kira into giving him a tour of the Defiant in order to steal it. Written by NextGen writer Ronald Moore and directed by Cliff Bole, it's an interesting and intense episode well acted by Frakes.
The episodes "Second Skin","The Abandoned" and highly acclaimed two parter "Past Tense" (a transporter accident hurls Sisko and company across time and space to Earth during a conflict in the year 2024. A key figure of the past Gabriel Bell attempts to help Sisko and Bashir during a fight. Bell is killed prematurely thus altering history and forcing Sisko to take the man's identity to ensure the continuity of his world.
"Life Support" provides a serious look at the ethics of artifical life support.
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