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This is an excellent collection covering Trek lore about the Klingons from "Enterprise" through to "Voyager". It is missing some key episodes for example the episode from "Enterprise" where we find out how the Klingons lost the bumps on their heads for a long period of time (during the original "Star Trek")and since this is a four disc set it could have been filled out with a few more episodes from "Deep Space Nine". While I'm not disappointed in this set it could have included quite a few more episodes including "Day of the Dove" a classic third season episode of The Original Series.

The episodes for this set are as follows:

Enterprise: Broken Bow. Captain Archer and the new crew of Enterprise are charged with returning a Klingon with information that could avert a war. The Sooliban an alien speices involved with a temporal war has been charged with stopping Archer and killing the Klingon.

Star Trek The Original Series: Errand of Mercy.
Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock are trapped on an alien world of pacificist by invading Klingons where they were trying to convince the aliens to join the Federation. Kirk and Spock use terrorist tactics to try and create a revolt among the aliens not knowing that they have their own agenda.

The Trouble with Tribbles: Klingons show up at a space station where the Enterprise is protecting a grain shipment. The Klingons and the Enterprise crew come into conflict on the station while Kirk has to figure out how to best protect the important grain shipment.

ST: THe Next Generation: A Matter of Honor, Sins of the Father, Redemption Part 1 & 2

These four important Next Gen episode provide us with a unique glimpse into the Klingon mind and universe. Commander Riker serves on a Klingon ship as part of an officer exchange program. When the captain of the Pagh suspects that the Enterprise deliberately infected his ship with a corrosive bacteria he decides to attack Enterprise.

"Sins of the Father": Enterprise receives a Klingon exchange officer who claims to be Worf's brother. He tells Worf that their name is about to shamed and that their deceased father is to be labeled a traitor for the massacre at Khitomer. Worf must turn to Captain Picard to be his advocate with the Klingon High Counsel to save his honor.

"Redemption Parts 1 & 2": Two the best Next Gen episodes featuring the Klingons, this two part episode serves as sequels to "Sins of the Father". Worf's family was discommendated by the Klingon High Counsel. When the new emperor Gowron insists on Federation involvement Picard turns him down he refuses to help restore Worf's family name. Civil War breaks out among the Klingons and Worf elects to serve with Gowron and battle the faction trying to take down Gowron.

Deep Space Nine: "The Way of the Warrior","The Sword of Kahless", "Trials and Tribble-ations". Three strong episodes from DS9 the last one is a whimsical visit to "Star Trek: The Original Series" where the crew of the Defiant must travel back in time to stop a Klingon saboteur from changing history in the episode "The Trouble with Tribbles".

Star Trek Voyager: "Barge of the Dead". When Torres is injured in a shuttle accident she finds herself on the Barge of the Dead traveling to Gre'thor or Klingon Hell where the dishonored souls go.

I suspect we'll have the usual assortment of text commentary from Michael and Denise Okuda. I wouldn't expect any audio commentaries on this set however. The package design featuring a prominet picture of Worf is similar to the other fan collectives that have been released. The "Enterprise" episodes are in widescreen, the others are all full screen releases. The image quality will reflect the individual sets these are drawn from as Paramount is using the same transfers as the boxed sets.
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on November 14, 2006
I only wish that the set had two more episodes. The first one is "day of the dove" (TOS) with Kang. There were only three major Klingon episodes in TOS. Two of them are on here" (Errand of Mercy" has Kor, "Trouble with Tribbles" has Koloth.) but not the third one which is "day of the dove".
Because Worf was a main character in TNG and later DS9 there are many Klingon episodes in those series. So there is no way to include them all. With TOS however, just the addition of "day of the dove" would make it seem more complete. There, is another reason it could have been included. All three Klingon captains make an appearance in one DS9 episode mentioned below.

The episode "Blood Oath" from DS 9 could have been included. It has Kor, Koloth AND Kang (all three characters played by the orignal actors) in it. In fact, I think it would have been a better episode to include than "the sword of Kahless". (somehow the episode seems redundant to me. perhaps an inclusion of a "b" story would have made it a better episode"

For the TNG Klingon arc, "Reunion" should have been included. The events that happened here are after "Sins of the Father" and are referred to in Redemption (Worf killing Duras, the first apperance of Gowron, Picard becoming the arbiter etc).

"Barge of the dead" seems like a token episode just to include at least one show from "voyager".

It is a good collection in the sense that it has shows from all the series. I have all of DS9 on DVD. So the ones in the set are repeats for me. (The Q collection, for example, has only one DS9 episode. The rest are TNG and Voyager only...but it is a good collection because it has EVERY Q episode in it. Unless you count the TOS episode "Squire of Gothos"). "The Way of the Warrior" from DS9 gets a text commentary on here, (that isn't included on the DS9 Season 4 set) which I enjoy.

To sum it up. The collection would be more complete with the inclusion of
"Day of the Dove" , "Bload Oath" and "Reunion". It would still fit on four discs.
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on August 5, 2006
The Klingon culture is by far the most interesting one in the ST Universe.The Tribble double play episodes were not needed. What about when Worf went to Boroth? What about when Worf killed Gowron on DS9? What is the fascination with the Tribbles? I bought this collection, and I'm not totally disappointed, but it could have been alot better. Disc 2 defines the collection for me.
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on July 14, 2006
One of the greatest things that TNG did was to transform Klingons from simple evil enemies (in ST) into a highly complex culture that is at a watershed: evolve and become part of the intergalactic community, or simply fall into the old patterns of fighting. These themes are wonderful and deep, played by truly excellent actors and quite spell-binding in their drama. This is the best that I have ever seen on TV.

What is great about this set is that the most important episodes are united in a way that is easy to access. Here, in a quick longitudinal way, the viewer can witness the evolution of the crucial parts of the Klingon evolution from the original series through TNG and other series. Other reviewers have described the specifics of the episodes, so I won't.

In a way, I wish that I had waited before purchasing the entire boxed set of TNG. Not only are all the bum episodes included - at least one in four on each disk - but if you want to follow a story such as that provided by the Klingon plight, you have to play a bunch of disks and each episode is very hard to find. It is extremely cumbersome.

So here, you get ease as well as the cream of the crop of TNG and other series by theme. I wish I had wiated until these sets came out!

Warmly recommended.
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on April 24, 2006
I'm surprised they're leaving out "Heart of Glory" the first encounter of the Klingons by TNG viewers. It's our first chance to see Klingons in a new light and to learn that not only are they impressive warriors, but also that their warrior ways are guided by a strong sense of honor. We also learn that they live life to the fullest (perhaps why they're so fierce) because they believe that once dead, the body is "just an empty shell." Likewise, by leaving out "Soldiers of the Empire" we're missing out on another piece of the Klingon puzzle, as this episode shows not only the Klingon rites of succession, but also their Viking-esque lust for glory in battle. I do believe the collection has some important episodes for we Klingon fans, but it seems to be missing the heart of this race. As for the fan collection vs. yearly collection debate, I side with the fan collection. All of the series have their weak moments, and to pay an outrageous price and only get a few episodes you might enjoy, is similar to the days before iTunes, when we had to buy any record a group put out even if all we wanted were the "cool" songs. Before the fan collection, I was relegated to buying the VHS version of individual episodes. It's hard for a sci-fi fan to live with old technology.
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on May 4, 2006
I agree with what everyone has said so far. This will be a great box set, but it is missing some great Klingon episodes (Soldiers of the Empire for example). I also wish that they had added either:

- Sons and Daughters

- Once More Unto The Breach

- You Are Cordially Invited...

All of which give us a great look at other aspects of Klingon life. I'm really surprised at Soldiers of the Empire not being on the disk set. And having purchased the time-travel set, Trials-and Tribbleations is already on a boxed set, so it seems a little redundant to have it there. It would have been nice to have another better suited episode on the boxed set. But then again, I already own every DVD so I guess it doesn't matter. But, for those who don't -- it would have been nice.
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on August 14, 2006
Doesn't anybody have the other Fan Collectives? And doesn't it bother them that the episode "Trials and Tribble-ations" on this Klingon Collective is ALSO on the Time Travel Collective. Other, better Klingon episodes could have replaced this one!
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VINE VOICEon August 28, 2006
Its a GOOD day to die-Worf

To watch this fan collection, you must keep in mind you wont get all your favorites in a FAN collection. And others have said this fact previously in their reviews and I echo this fact. You also must remember the studio (Paramount) is trying to milk its cash cow (STAR TREK) to death, so know they will be selective..sometime too selective for my tastes

Now in saying that previous statement and fact in the last paragraph, I enjoyed what was here in this DVD Klingon collection. It covered all the Treks with one to two episodes each of live action trek series including Enterprise. The episodes gives TREK fans a taste of Klingon. In also show the diverse ideals of the Klingon nation from Foe to Ally. Also this collection is a great character overview of the warror race.

However for TREK fans NOTE, especially for Tribble fans, It has the classic trek's Trouble with Tribble and the DS9 Salute Trials and Tribble-uations. But it does miss the animated More Tribbles, More Troubles (guess I have to wait until december for all the animated Trek box set!).

For what is here, its great. The DVD masters copies are clean and clear of defects. Notes, there is text comments on a few episodes but no actor commentary.One could hope for this collection that it would include an audio except from the Simon & Schuster audio's Conversational Klingon narrated by the greatest Klingon of all- Michael (Worf) Dorn , however no luck.

There are many missed episodes that they also could have included like Classic Trek's Day of the Dove, well we can hope there is a volume two of Klingon

So Paramount DVD, what's your next fan collection? Vulcans (including Spock)? Scotty? Data? Doctors? Orion Slave girls? The Fan DVD collections have already covered the Borg, Q and Time Travel...we can only hope whats next

Until then Live Long and Prosper

Bennet Pomerantz, AUDIOWORLD
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on August 2, 2006
There are many good Klingon episodes that could have easily been put on this set. Three of my favorites which were left off are:

NEXT GENERATION: "The Emissary" which has the versatile Suzie Plakson playing Federation-Klingon Liaison K'Ehleyr, who is half-human (mother)/half-Klingon (father). She is a love interest from Worf's past. Besides the insight as to what passes for Klingon romance (holo deck combat is a turn on), this is a pivotal episode for Worf, because this encounter produces his son Alexander who will figure in many future episodes. How this could be left out astounds me.

DEEP SPACE 9: "Blood Oath" This episode reunited three Klingons from the original Star Trek series: Kor, Koloth and Kang. These three still spry warriors team up with Dax to exact revenge on an old nemesis who killed the three Klingons first-born as an act of vengeance. The current Dax made the oath in a previous incarnation but still feels bound to it, but that is mainly a device for reintroducing the three Klingons in their updated form.

DEEP SPACE 9: "House of Quark" which is a great contrast between the Ferengi capitalist values and the Klingon warrior values. Quark kills a Klingon by accident. Under Klingon law, if a warrior dies in battle, the victor gets his estate---including his wife. If he dies by accident, the government gets his estate (no honor in being stupid or clumsy). Quark has to take credit for the kill to aid the widow Grilka; but discovers a rival Klingon house has been using economic warfare against the estate. This is not honorable combat, though it is something a Ferengi understands well. At the end, lawyers may get a kick out of how Klingons get a divorce.

Science fiction allows human traits to be taken to an extreme in the form of alien races. The original Star Trek did this with the famous Kirk-Spock-McCoy triangle, where the Captain had to draw on, and integrate, the extremes of logic and emotion shown by his two comrades. The lesson is that anything can be dangerous (or foolish) if taken to extremes, but to be successful, we must be able to draw on many traits and use what is needed at the time.
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on September 13, 2006
This is another collection of really good episodes that deal with Klingons. True, there were some episodes missing from this set and could have been included in the fourth disc, but overall the episodes are really great.

The main problem I had with the collection is that they chose the wrong Enterprise episode to put on here. Instead of Broken Bow, they should have had the episode from season four which expalined why the Klingons ridges are missing from the original series. It would have been a great addition, especially for the fans who have never seen that ENT story arch. It would have also been a great lead up to the TOS episodes.

I have all of the collectives; so I would say that out of the four collectives released so far, this would probably be my third favorite. The best collectives are no question the Borg and Q collections. With the Q collective, it is every episode of Trek he was on. And the Borg collective gives a very good history and understanding of the Borg and every episode in that collection deserves to be there. All of the episodes on the Borg collective were the right ones to pick. This ends up at third because the episodes feel more random and doesn't really flow with the storyline as the Borg or Q collective does. Time Travel is a very good collection, but it is definitely random episodes. With that said, this is still worth getting, but only to fans who don't own the DVDS. Like I said before in the other reviews, if you already have the seasons, then you are just paying for the box.
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