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on December 24, 2003
First, books 1 and 3 should really be part 1 of the Dominion War, and books 2 and 4, part 2 (or vice-versa) since there is no overlap between the two whatsoever. I agree that it was a little questionable of Picard to let Ro off so easily and 'welcome' her back, but it is understandable given the context of the Dominion War and the Federation losing thus far. Crusher and Troi are virtually ignored. Riker is his typical self, macking on a woman. Data kicks ass alone, though I wish more of his inner thoughts were explored. Geordi is good, but Ro and Picard and Sam Lavelle steal the show. Grof's character is well written and evokes an emotional response. Picard is his usual brilliant self and Ro evokes the same strong character as on the series. The cover of the books (all four) are rather misleading (esp. the 4th), but I don't agree that books 1 and 3 are lacking when viewed in the context of the Dominion War. Books 2 and 4 are where the gusto is, where we see some of the Federation Fleet attack some of the Dominion fleet. Books 1 and 3 are the small scale level of undercover ops about what has to be done to save the quadrant. Both series (1&3, 2&4) are essential turning points in the War, and I'm very glad to see that Picard was his usual brilliant self saving the entire Quadrant... yet again. If either Sisko or Picard had failed, while the other succeeded, it would all be for nought, which makes this 4 part series somewhat intertwined. Personally I prefered books 1&3 to 2&4 since 2&4 were for the most part taken straight from the TV show. My only complaint, why does the Enterprise drop shields to fire her quantum torpedoes? Answer: she doesn't, or at least she shouldn't!
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on August 3, 2003
As one of the first novels by John Vornholt, I really enjoyed the start of this adventure. This is the first review I will write after completing this book, but will come back and revise it after I have completed the series.
I was overjoyed to see the return of some of my favorite minor characters. The return of Sam Lavelle and Taurik from the Next Generation Episode "Lower Decks" as prisoners of war fighting for their lives and their freedom. We also see Ro Laren return to the Federation to continue on with the good fight.
The development of Data and Riker in this novel showed unexpected twists and turns. The loneliness of duty and the personal losses people suffer during tragic times played a wonderful but somber reprieve from the action filled development of Picard and Ro.
Going back after the completion of the Next Generation movies, the finale of Deep Space Nine, and the re-launch of the Deep Space Nine novels, I question where the development of characters should be. The expansion of the Ro character in this story arc has been well done but I reserve how well the transition from the end of this arc to the beginning of Avatar by S.D. Perry. To read my final say on the matter, jump over to the review of the final novel in this arc.
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on March 13, 2001
I read this book mainly to see the Enterprise crew get involved in the grand Dominion War plot line from Deep Space 9 (My favorite Trek show). I was hoping for large scale starship combat and front line hand-to-hand duels, and phaser battles with Jem Hadar. I got very little of that. True there were some nice action scenes of what I wanted, but they were very brief and did not come that often. I wanted to see the Enterprise in combat, which it is in the beginning but it spend the latter half of the book at a starbase getting repairs. Also there is some action with Data, but come the latter half of the book he to is left to sit on the side lines The scenes the author chooses to concentrate on are interesting at times, but they also tend to drag. The espionage mission with Ro, Picard, and Geordi could have been speeded up a bit. The scenes focusing on the minor characters are probably the weakest and unfourtunately they are the majority of the book. The author really doesn't make us care enough about the crew of prisoners assinged to the anti-matter tanker. I think they were not strong enough characters to be focused on that much. So there is enough action in Behind Enemy Lines to keep me interested in the rest of the books in The Dominion War series. but I hope they are better than the first book in the series.
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on December 23, 2015
The story concept had somuch potential but the execution is severely lacking. This book feels like it was a single book that was stretched to fill 4. There is so much filler, there are even long scenes that have no real impact on the story. Breaking up the crew of the Enterprise and then only giving one group (Picard and Ro) anything to do making the rest of the characters unecessary to the story line.

I knew I was in for trouble when I noticed each chapter was 20 pages and scenes were cut in the middle to bridge two chapters. It is as if the writer thinks a chapter has to be exactly 20 pages, no more, no less. So, what you get is a oddly fractured and jumpy story.
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on June 8, 2014
If you have ever wondered where the crew of the Next Generation were during the dominion war then this is the place to start. Some old characters make a reappearance and overall this is a great Star Trek story. I have seen some reviews saying that characters seem a bit off but if anything I felt they were spot on but a little different with it being wartime and up until this point the war was not going well for the Federation. Captain Picard goes on an under cover mission that is just as important as what was going on at Deep Space Nine and the Defiant. If either Captain Sisko or Picard lost then all hope for the Federation would be lost!
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on August 13, 2000
While watching Deep Space Nine I always wondered if the Enterprise had any missions against the Dominion. Afterall, this is the flagship of the Federation were talking about. Books 1 and 3 focus on the Enterprise crew, and they are probably the best the series has to offer. The plot is excellent and John Vornholt does a fantastic job with all the characters. Its good to see Ro Laren playing a part in the novel. She was always a fascinating character in the series that the writers should've concentrated more on. After reading books 1 and 3, I wished Paramount used this storyline for the last Star Trek film. Instead, we got the usual garbage on screen. In any case, if your a fan of Star Trek, especially the Next Generation, then you will love this novel.
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on January 16, 1999
John Vornholt has an interesting way of pointing the reader from different points of views at a broad spectrum of story lines. It captures the essence of the Star Trek series with plenty of suspense and plot twists. I highly recommend this book for any TNG fan who likes the unexpected. If you have not followed up on the Dominion War episodes in the t.v. series, this book provides a good introduction of the relationship between the Jem`Hadar, Cardassians, and the Founders. The details and background info of this association in Behind Enemy Lines is consistent with the rest of the Star Trek series. As a final word, the overall storytelling is fresh and intelligent. Don't pass this one up.
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on January 21, 2009
This was a great book! It is great to see how the Dominion War affected the crew of the Enterprise. Ever since the Enterprise-E was in service there has only been 3 movies of the new starship, and countless novels. I am a Voyager fan, so I thought it was important to read what was also going on in the Alpha Quadrant at this time (when Voyager was lost at sea), and how people back at home were handling things. I think though the Dominion Conflict is better served through the eyes of Captain Sisko and DS9, than Picard and the Enterprise. But this was another great book that played well into the Dominion conflict! I didn't enjoy "Tales of the Dominion War" as much as I did these 4 books.
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on June 11, 2000
I liked how John Vornholt brought back Sam Lavelle, Taurik, and most especially Ro Laren, being a fan of her. The story moved very smoothly, and like the new character, Enrak Grof, an unjoined Trill. If you're tired the same old Dominion war battles, then you should read this book and enjoy!
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on February 9, 1999
John Vornholt is and always will be one of the best TNG writers and he proved it too me with this book... The book is full of action, adventure and mystery. I don't know how many times I wanted too flip forward a couple pages just too ease the tension... but as a good and law obeying reader....I always menaged too restrain myself ...and let me tell you that that was no easy task. The story is very interesting and you have too congratulate John V. on it...not everybody could have thought of anything like it.... man I sure envy John on his imagination. If you expect this will be one of does Enterprise beats them all-book... Ooo how wrong you can be.... at a matter of a fact Enterprise in this book is nothing more then a by stander... the whole story is evolving around the latest junk on the market.... Small and wrecked vessel called Orb Of Peace.... It is a story that takes us far behind the badlands and right into enemy's territory where an artificial wormhole is being made... A worm hole that could mean the end of the war and the end of the federation as we know it... So what will they do.... Is there anything too be done... is the situation for Federation hopeless... Well that is for me too know and for you too find out..... BY THE WAY DON'T YOU THINK AMAZON SHOULD POST PARTS OF BOOKS ON INTERNET SO PEOPLE DON'T BUY BLINDLY... YOU KNOW A CHAPTER OR TWO...WELL ANY WAYS IT SEEMS LIKE A GOOD IDEA SO I WANTED TOO MENCION IT!
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