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on July 31, 2001
These episodes are two of the best of the original or any series. In Elaan, not only is Kirk at his best when it comes to dealing with a "moody" female but it has one of the greatest space battle scenes. In Paradise, the Kirk love story will touch you as will some really great Scotty lines like "That Vulcan won't be satisfied till these panels are a puddle of lead". It doesn't get better than this.
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on November 26, 2002
Volume 29 of The Star Trek DVD Series features two of the show's early episodes from it's haphazard third and final season.
Although it is not necessarily a terrible episode of Star Trek, to be honest I have never been to fond of ELAAN OF TROYIUS. The story is rather weak as is the totally unconvincing love story between Kirk and Elaan The Dohlman Of Elaas. The story basically has Kirk and the crew trying to get the two planets (who have been at war for many years) Troyius and Elaas to be at peace with one another by wedding the royal members. However of course the ship turns into a battelfield between Elaan and Petri the Troyan negotiator. Elaan and her guards act completely barbaric and Krik tries to teach her some disipline. Of course Kirk falls in love with Elaan after he touches her tears and they make him her love slave. It's pretty far fetched if you ask me and thats why this episode suffers. The love story is simply not realistic and in the end Kirk acts if he lost true love to the Troyan leader. Uhh? he was seduced and became a tool! There was no love! I'm sorry but I just think this episode was just downright lame besides Elaan isn't that attractive in my opinion. Still this episode is worth one view, you never know you may like it?
There is a good scene with The Klingon battle cruiser but other then that this episode is a dud to me.
On the otherhand THE PARADISE SYNDROME is one of the third seasons finest episodes. Kirk and the crew beam down to a planet that is being threatened by a collision by an asteroid. They find Natives American inhabitants as well as a strange Alien Obelisk. Kirk accidently gets trapped inside the Obelisk and triggers a device that gives him amnesia. Found by the natives Kirk states he is Kurok (from his damaged memory) and the natives believe he is a god from the Obelisk. He seems to settle in fine with the natives as he becomes the new tribe medicine chief and marries the priestess Miramanee. Meanwhile on the Enterprise Spock and the crew attempt to figure out how to stop the asteroid from colliding with the planet. This episode was extremely well written and the casting was superb. Some nice acting scenes between McCoy and Spock, and Kirk and Miramanee make THE PARADISE SYNDROME one of the best episodes from Star Trek's final season. The ending has a nice tragic effect to it as well. Superb!
Overall Volume 29 has some good and some bad in my opinion but it's all classic Trek so it is worth getting regardless. Besides PARADISE SYNDROME is a lcassic Star Trek episode that is well made especiallt for the third seasons stabdards. Recommended.
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on July 14, 2001
In "Elaan" we get our first look at the dreaded Klingon D-7 battle cruiser...complete with disruptor fire! It's so cool it's frozen! In "Paradise".....a "Star Trek" version of "Pocohontas"...maybe it should have been called "Trekohontas" : ) Seriously now, "The Paradise Syndrome" contains the best music in the 3rd season.
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on January 9, 2007
After having to endure a number of volumes of average at best episodes, we finally get a volume that is worthy of keeping if you are picking and choosing which ones to add to your library. Both episodes involve Capt Kirk and his short-lived love interests and yet both storylines and the acting that accompanies them are among the top 5 episodes of Season 3. In the first episode, we learn about self-sacrifice and how a princess has to learn to suppress her own desires and to give up her true love for the sake of the lives of many others. Overall a very good episode with nice twists and moments of excitement interspersed with the main love theme.

The second episode is similar to the first in that Capt Kirk gets the girl yet again and yet the emotional impact is greater as with the fine acting even from Shatner makes for a very convincing portrayal of a man blissfully ignorant albeit temporarily of his responsibilities and is allowed to fall in love and to enjoy married life. This is also one of the better directed episodes of all Trekdom and the opening shot of a beautiful forest and nature scene is one of the more enduring memories that I have of Classic Trek. This is again another very good episode with interesting subplots in this case a rogue asteroid that keeps the rest of the crew busy while the main theme of Kirk finding his true love runs its course.

Overall, two very good episodes that rank among best ever episodes of classic Trek. Recommended.
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on August 2, 2014
I am a big fan of the original Star Trek and watching these 2 episodes is always a big thrill for me. Sure the sets of the original series were simple but you don't see that. You believe you are watching a series where people are in space. Elaan of Troyius and The Paradise Syndrome are fun to watch because of the great chemistry all the actors had with each other.
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on March 11, 2005
Elaan of Troyius

Operating in the Tellun Star System under Top Secret orders the Starship Enterprise must transport Elann, Dohlman of the planet Elas to the planet Troyius. She is to be wed to the ruler of the Troyius in the desperate attempt to stop the long running war in the Tellun Star System between Elas and Troyius. Petri, ambassador to the Troyian ruler is aboard the Enterprise to indoctrinate Elaan in Troyian culture and courtesies for the impending nuptials. The Enterprise's mission was to make sure that Petri and the party from Elas made it to Troyius without incident. Failure on the Federation's part to ensure that the joining was successful would result in not only continued war within the system but also would be catastrophic for Federation planning with the Klingon Empire claiming jurisdiction over the Tellun Star System. Arriving at the planet Elas the Enterprise beams up the Dohlman and her party. The Elasians who are from a very long and proud warrior tradition don't deal with their Federation hosts very well. Kirk orders the Enterprise to proceed on impulse power to Troyius allowing Petri time to complete his mission. Elaan and the impressive guard detail she has with her are less than receptive at the crew's attempt to make the voyage smooth and make the stay onboard the ship for her and her party comfortable. She's a spoiled, arrogant child in a woman's body and demeans everybody she comes into contact with. Ambassador Petri tries to complete his mission and finds out that the "job" is tougher that he thought it would be. On the bridge Mr. Spock's sensors pick up what appears to be a "sensor ghost" a reading which is discovered to be a Klingon Warship pacing the Enterprise.

A desperate and frustrated Petri takes some advice given to him by Captain Kirk and tries a different stronger approach with the difficult Dohlman. This advice proves to have dangerous consequences as Elaan who isn't too receptive to Petri's new found strategy stabs him and leaves him for dead. Petri, recovering in sickbay from Elann's attack has a few stern words for Kirk, sharing his dissatisfaction with the captain's advice. The ambassador shares information with Christine Chapel about the biochemical affect that the tears of Elasian women have on males. Any man who is touched by the tears of an Elasian woman will have their heart enslaved forever. Petri who has told Kirk that he will not continue dealing with him or Elann forces the Enterprise Captain to assume the ambassador's mission. Kirk doesn't take anything from Elann and gives the spoiled Dohlman of Elas a lesson in table manners she won't soon forget!

The Klingon ship continues pacing the Enterprise raising the stakes of the mission. Kirk attempts to contact the vessel to learn of the Klingon Captain's intentions to no avail. Kryton, one of Elaan's guards sneaks down to the engineering section, eliminating Engineer Watson and effectively sabotaging the Enterprise's warp drive. Kirk attempting to administer his lesson on courtesy is given a firsthand demonstration on the affect of an Elasian woman's tears. Kirk is exposed to the alien tears and finds his judgment impaired along with the difficulties his new found feelings for Elaan create. Kryton sends a signal out from the engineering section to the Klingon ship. Kryton is captured and avoids having to talk by killing himself with a phaser weapon he wrestles away from one of the security guards. Kirk has Scotty check all of his systems to determine which one fell victim to Kryton's tampering.

The Klingon ship makes its move against the Enterprise revealing the result of Kryton's sabotage. The Elasian guard, who assisted the Klingons out of outrage and jealousy over the wedding, rigged the anti-matter pods to blow up once the ship went to warp drive. The Enterprise's reduced capability and Kirk's feelings for Elaan made the situation even more difficult than already was. The Klingons take advantage of the Enterprise's depleted condition conducting attacks on the ship reducing her shield power. Sulu's expert hand with the helm is not as effective due to the ships reduced power and sluggish response time. Kirk and Spock discover the necklace Elaan is wearing to be made out of dilithium crystals thereby revealing the Klingons true interest in the Tellan Star System. Spock and Scotty make the crude crystals work in the Enterprise's dilithium chamber allowing the Enterprise to regain full power and cripple the attacking Klingon ship with a barrage of photon torpedoes. The damaged Klingon Ship moves off and the Enterprise resumes its course for Troyius. In orbit around Troyius Kirk solemnly sees off Elaan's party as they beam down to the wedding ceremony. Kirk was long under the spell of the Enterprise before Elaan had infected him.

Kirk and Elaan's interactions make this story entertaining. The Enterprise/Klingon warship combat action at the end makes this episode a fun romp!
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on August 6, 2002
My only problem is that with today's technology, noone from Paramount is going to go back to all of the previous Klingon episodes and digitally insert the Klingon Battle cruiser (like in Errand of Mercy, Friday's Child, A Private Little War, etc.). They've re-done all the Star Wars movies, why? Because the way they look now is what they originally wanted to do, but didn't have the technology back in the 70's.
Paramount has already altered the sound effects on the Star Trek DVD's (I have them all), I don't think re-releasing all the Klingon episodes before Elaan of Troyius with digital footage of the Klingon Battle Cruiser would be a big deal...
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on November 26, 2015
Star trek great series. Buy the complete set unless you are like me filling in a partial set.
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on February 23, 2015
No problem transaction of pro-packed item as described> 5 stars *****
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on January 7, 2015
all is great
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