Customer Reviews: Star Trek: Voyager Season 1
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VINE VOICEon March 16, 2004
Star Trek Voyager has taken a lot of flack. 'The Red Headed Step Child' of the Trek family took a lot of shots for being mediocre retreads of other Trek stories which had to resort to some cosmic eye-candy to pull in new viewers. Frankly, I think the series has been given the short end of the stick. The ensemble does a fine job, and its good to see a Trek show visiting 'strange new worlds' once more. Its great to see Jennifer Lien(Time and Again) again, and Bob Picardo's Doctor is especially comical in this first season(Heros & Demons). So aces for the episodes found in this collection. The extras are pretty good, too. The piece on Captain Bujold is nearly worth the price of admission alone.
But speaking of the price... C'mon Paramount ! You've been slowly dropping the price on the Trek boxed sets, but we're not nearly where we should be. ESPECIALLY when there are only 15 episodes in this first 'season' of Voyager. And the packaging is truly horrendous. I'm sure this was someone's idea of a clever novelty, but its just downright awkward and cheap. If you're going to ask us to pay upwards of a hundred bucks, at least give us something worthwhile. So as I say, the material is good, but there should be more to offset the price, and the packaging should rise to the quality of the content !
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on January 15, 2004
Although I have been critical of Voyager in the past, I must confess that it was nothing short of impressive in its first three seasons. The show had so much promise, its huge story arcs and original concept made it a show to watch. The first season had the show proving itself quite nicely, with riveting science fiction and the intense drama of two disparate crews trying to work together. This show certainly had the makings of a champion, and although it certainly didn't fulfill all hopes, it had more than a few good moments.
Voyager's first season put exposition on hold to give us great stories. The approach paid off, as many were hooked on the show from the beginning. One of the show's greatest strengths was combining human drama and science fiction in such a way that the season never got formulaic, and we certainly saw that here. "Caretaker" was a magnificent pilot that nicely set up the show, introduced the crew's principal enemies and some of the tumultuous politics of the Delta Quadrant, and had quite a bit of excitement and suspense. From there, we saw episodes dealing with classic Star Trek motifs like time travel (Time and Again), unusual life forms (The Cloud), and justice (Ex Post Facto, one of the season's best shows). The show also tackled unfamiliar territory, such as genocide (Jetrel, another of the season's best shows) and treason (State of Flux, where Seska defects to the Kazon). All the while we got to know (albeit less than in the second season) the various officers of the ship: Janeway, the stern but optimistic captain (and, in the first year, far from the sanctimonious shrew she became); Paris, the navigator and funnyman (he provided the best comic relief) and his friend Kim, the homesick wet-behind-the-ears recent Academy graduate; Tuvok, the wry Vulcan; the Doctor, a crotchety hologram (and also very amusing); and Neelix and Kes, the pair of aliens along for the ride. The first season did a good job of introducing them, although it wasn't until the second season that they really became more concrete.
The DVD is loaded with extras, probably to compensate for the fact that the set is exorbitantly priced. In any case, it's a must have for a collector or a fan.
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on December 19, 2003
I started watching Star Trek TNG but lost interest after it ended. When Voyager started i was thrilled to finally see a woman captain in the big chair.The story line was unique having them stranded so far from home.I think what ultimately made this the best ST ever was the Crew of Voyager. It was a perfect blend and balance from Tom the prankster to Tuvok the voice of reason. Chakotay the stable rock and foundation to B'Elanna and her fiery temper and the all inquisitive holographic Doc. I have tried to give the new Enterprise a chance but it hasn't grabbed me and i have yet to see the depth in these characters as in Voyager. I'm relieved that it's finally coming out on DVD and hope to see ST. Voyager The Movie soon!!!!!
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on November 25, 2003
Note: This is more of a commentary on the show than on the upcoming DVD. But I hope it will help you in your decision to purchase Season One of Star Trek Voyager.
As of this date, I have only seen the packaging for the Voyager DVDs. I'm not sure how the material is being presented. But rest assured, Star Trek: Voyager's debut on DVD has been a long time in coming. Many Trek fans have criticized Voyager for being aimless, the stories lifeless, the cast unlikable, too much Borg here, too little of this there. The fact is, not everyone is going to enjoy what Voyager was offering. Not everyone enjoyed Deep Space Nine (although it's a brilliant series), and not everyone is currently appreciating Enterprise for what it is. As for myself, I happen to disagree with all of the negative criticisms. In my opinion, I believe Voyager to be one of the strongest series, next to Deep Space Nine, in the entire Trek canon. Every show has weak stories - not every show has a cast with an incredible chemistry. Not every show has a story arch that persists for 7 solid years. Not every show puts a woman in a commanding, leading role and manages to succeed as a character/captain, where others have faltered. Voyager does all of this, and more. It takes Roddenberry's vision of exploration and makes it the central focus. In essence, this is Lost in Space, with a Starfleet crew.
For 7 exhilarating seasons, we join two crews (Starfleet and Maquis) who are unnervingly forced to work together as one, as they truly go where no one has gone before. Thrown 70 thousand light years across the galaxy into the Delta quadrant, it's up to the intrepid crew of the highly advanced, intrepid-class starship Voyager to work together and confront a slew of new alien races, civilizations, and intricate conflicts in order to safely return home. It's not always smooth sailing, and if you think you know how they make it back to Earth, think twice. The number of riveting, edge-of-your-seat two-parters are plentiful and serve as captivating examples of how *great* Trek stories should be told. It's truly a story of change. The characters grow and develop into people you'll swear you know inside and out, and by the end of the show, you'll feel as if you made a `trek' across the Delta quadrant yourself.
The spectrum of Star Trek: Voyager is both broad and brilliant. It has an epic quality that builds and builds each season. I've grown to love every crew in each Trek series, but Voyager's crew is one that will hold a special place in my heart, always.
I suspect Paramount will do just as good, if not a better job on these than the Deep Space Nine discs. If they come anywhere close, fans of the series should not be disappointed.
Everyone, get ready for the journey - all over again. If you missed the show the first time around, you're in for an awesome treat!
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on March 9, 2004
"Voyager" was a great show in that fans got to go "trekking" back into space after having been stationed on "Deep Space 9" for a while and saying goodbye to the"The Next Generation." These new "Star Trek" adventures would take place in a whole new quadrant of the universe - the delta quadrant - and would lead to a fresh new set of stories that didn't have to necessarily rely on what had gone before. A lone Federation ship and her crew having to deal with a whole new way of life, and many years before it could get home definitely appealed to me. Also the fact that a female captain was finally cast in a leading role was certainly an excellent move.
My rating is for 4 out of 5 stars because I find the packaging annoying. I don't like this split, clear slip-case, or whatever you want to call it, deal. As these DVD's are $100 or more, better care should be taken in the way the package functions and in its appearance. The DVD's are just plain old silver with no fancy pictures on them, which is weird because DS9 had illustrated discs. I guess I just expect a little bit more when it comes to packaging and the fact that this set only has 5 discs (only 15 episodes) I feel a little bit skunked, considering the price. Alas, the collector in me will eventually fork over money I don't have because I am an inveterate nerd.
Overall I enjoyed the first season of "Voyager." The extras were great and I finally got to see who was originally cast for the role of Captain Janeway and why she was wrong for the role.
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on March 16, 2012
If you're reading this, you probably already know what Voyager is all about, and whether or not you like it. Season 1, as with first seasons of most TV shows, finds the producers, writers and cast seeking their footing with the concept and the characters. Thus, it's one of the weaker seasons of the series. I'm OK with that -- they had to start somewhere. Four stars for the content.

I take issue with the price. This season aired 17 years ago. It's only 15 episodes (all subsequent seasons featured 26 episodes, I think) on five DVDs. Why is it currently priced at more than $51 (a figure that randomly jumps to more than $60)? That's more than $3.40 per episode at the current price.

In addition, the DVD packaging of the Voyager series is disgraceful and insulting to the legacy of the series. It's packaged as if the product was meant to be temporary and disposable, which makes the pricing even more frustrating and unfathomable.

One would think that the first season would be most likely of all the seasons to be "value" priced in order to hook consumers into starting -- and continuing -- a collection of the complete series. Sadly, not the case here. A frustrating side-effect of this greedy pricing model is that Voyager box sets are one of the most bootlegged DVD sets you can find. Just try to buy new or used, supposedly legit copies on auction sites and you'll see what I mean. You'll probably spend about $20-$35, but there's no telling what you'll get for your money. If the price was reasonable for the official product, maybe there would be less of a market for bootlegs.

Paramount should do right by the fans of Voyager and the Star Trek franchise, a franchise which fans have made one of the most lucrative in the history of entertainment media.
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on September 18, 2011
To address the other review, this show was produced in 480p 4:3 and isn't available in HD anywhere because it simply doesn't exist in that format. The original 35mm film is undoubtedly safely stored somewhere, and can be encoded in HD, but there are many elements that only exist in SD, like the computer generated effects, which would have to done over from scratch, a process that would take hundreds of hours and almost certainly cost far, far more than such modernization would earn the studio.

Barring a miracle, the only Star Trek series we'll ever see in HD are Enterprise and TOS.
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on February 27, 2004
Star trek Voyager is my first DVD season collection. Though I have lots of movies I had to get Voyager season 1 when paramount announced that they were releasing the whole series on DVD! And I am happy to say that I am SATISFIED. I just finished viewing all the discs and the quality of both video and Audio are quite good. Yes the Bass is not too good but then thats how it was even on TV! So theres not much reason to complain if you enjoy the show. Coming back to the episodes they were mostly good in the first season but the real good ones are there in season 3 and season 5. Anyhow I plan to get all the seasons on DVD. I also see from the packing that Paramount is releasing the original Star trek series on DVD. That should be interesting . Before I go kudos to Amazon for their superb shipping! I pre-ordered and received my copy on 26th through expedited shipping! By the way I am from India!! Keep up the great work guys. And to all prospective buyers here is what I say " Buy the DVD set if you like Voyager. You will not be disappointed.
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on March 19, 2004
I happen to be a buffy fanatic and the DVD's with special features included and 22 episodes only cost 40 something. How come this is 90? and used to 129? I paid 129 for the first FOUR season of buffy. Is paramount high?!
And yet.
I still want to buy it.
And according to other reveiws, the product is shoddy too.
It's only worth buying if you are a major trek fan, or you are obsessed with the first 15 episodes.
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on March 7, 2004
In this different but wonderfully well crafted boxed set of Star Trek Voyager season one; fans of Star Trek Voyager are treated to its first season which, in comparison with the other series, is a very good season. Of course, Voyager benefits greatly from the mistakes made during the first seasons of Star Trek The Next Generation and Star Trek Deep Space Nine. With this great first season, Voyager isn't struggling to establish a series or establish a framework to work within, that's already been set up both those two other exceptional series.
Voyager's first season albeit a short one, does a wonderful job of establishing the premise of the series and establishing the characters that will inhabit the imaginations of fans for the next seven years. One of the better aspects of this season is it doesn't suffer from some of the mistakes made during the second season as in that season they concentrated a little too heavily on the Kazon, which for most fans was a major detractor as I know I was and most fans were asking, when are they ever going to get out of and away from Kazon space.
Of interest to me about this first season and the series as a whole is the series producer's perfect decision to captain this new vessel with a strong female character in Captain Kathryn Janeway, which was a welcome decision that was a long time coming but a definitive eventuality.
The characters of Star Trek Voyager:
Captain Kathryn Janeway - Played brilliantly by Kate Mulgrew, Janeway is a strong and brilliant engineer and sciences minded commanding officer. Among her strongest features is also her principles which lead her to the decision to save the Ocampa by destroying the Caretaker's array in the premiere episode which results in stranding her crew and the crew of the Maquis ship in the Delta Quadrant with a 70,000 light year trip home to which she vows to her newly combined crew that she will get them home... After watching the special feature with Genevieve Bujold as Janeway, one simply cannot imagine her having been in this role!
Commander Chakotay (Robert Beltran) - Maquis leader and former Starfleet officer; he is a member of a Native American tribe which relocated to what later became the DMZ between the Federation and the Cardassians. When the treaty went bad for his homeworld, he left Starfleet to fight with the Maquis. As Janeway's first officer, he must tread the thin line between Maquis principles and rigid Starfleet codes.
Lieutenant Commander Tuvok (Tim Russ) - Vulcan Starfleet security officer who is well aged and to whom many aboard Voyager but especially B'Elanna look upon as a mentor. Without his counsel, Janeway would be lost.
Lieutenant Tom Paris (Robert Duncan McNeill) - Former Starfleet officer that ran into trouble and fled to the Maquis only to end up in a Starfleet prison. He is a superior pilot and helms Voyager through thick and thin. This is the Captain Kirk of the crew when it comes to womanizing...
Ensign Harry Kim (Garrett Wang) - Fresh from Starfleet Academy; at the outset of the series he is very green in the role of operations officer but look for this character to mature rapidly when faced with everything the crew must face in their journey home.
Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres (Roxann Dawson) - Half Klingon and half Human former Maquis now Chief Engineer. Until Seven of Nine shows up, look to this character for some of the strongest non Janeway stories as she continues to struggle between her Klingon and Human sides to achieve some form of inner peace.
The Doctor (Robert Picardo) - Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH Mark I). Look for this character to provide some of the most poignant and hilarious scenes throughout the seven year run.
Neelix (Ethan Phillips) - A Talaxian who helps Janeway during "Caretaker" and along with Kes becomes members of Voyager's crew. This character will most certainly provide some of the most memorable episodes throughout the series run as he takes on the roles of Ambassador, Head Cook and Morale officer.
Kes (Jennifer Lien) - Ocampan who is rescued during "Caretaker" and is, at the outset of the series, Neelix's companion. During her short time on Voyager she takes on the role as the Doctor's assistant. The Ocampan's only live for nine years but her part only lasts for three years as she joins the Denise Crosby and Terry Farrell club.
Standout episodes:
Caretaker - I list this one as it does, as a premier episode, a great job of introducing the series even that much more so than the premier episodes of TNG and DS9.
Emanations - This is a highly intriguing episode which goes where few Star Trek episodes dare to go, into "religion" and the afterlife.
Heroes and Demons - This episode does a wonderful job of establishing itself and future episodes in which the Doctor will be the prime player.
Faces - This is an extremely fascinating episode that does a superior job in establishing some of B'Elanna's back story while telling a poignant tale.
Jetrel - This is an extremely poignant story about Neelix and the destruction of his home world's moon during a costly war in which the Talaxian's enemy used a weapon of mass destruction.
I highly recommend this series to any and all fans of good Sci-Fi from the universe of Star Trek. This is a great series that should be given a chance by all fans of Star Trek. {ssintrepid}
Episode List:
Time and Again
The Cloud
Eye of the Needle
Ex Post Facto
Prime Factors
State of Flux
Heroes and Demons
Learning Curve
Special Features:
-Braving the Unknown: Season One
-Voyager Time Capsule: Kathryn Janeway
-The First Captain: Bujold
-Cast Reflections: Season One
-On Location with the Kazons
-Red Alert: Visual Effects Season One
-Launching Voyager on the Web
-Real Science with Andre Bormanis
-Photo Gallery
-Some hidden clips
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