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29 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on November 22, 2005
Following up the smash success of Star Wars Battlefront was no easy task. When you are the best selling Star Wars themed game in history, the bar is set very high as fan expectations for part 2 were lofty. Thankfully the designers at Pandemic Studios were more than up to the task. The game is Star Wars Battlefront II and like the original as well as Battlefield, 2 Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam, players take on the role of soldiers who must battle on various maps for control of strategic points in order to obtain total victory. Unlike the previously mentioned games, Battlefront thankfully does not have many of the issues of the previous Battlefield games such as excessively long load times, difficult controls, and numerous bugs and instabilities directly out of the box.

In solo play mode; players can take on campaigns from the classic as well as the prequel series as they battle a myriad of A.I. opponents while the work with an A.I. teammates. There is a great campaign mode where players play as a member of the Elite 501st Squadron of Clone troopers as you battle in the deciding conflicts of the Clone Wars. The multiplay campaigns offers new maps from Prequel locales ranging from the opening space battle above Coruscant to Jabba's palace. Fans will rejoice in the detail level of the game from the Rancor in the palace down to the frozen Han Solo on the wall in the previously mentioned palace. There is also a map of the Tantive IV which allows players to play in Princess Leia's ship from the first Star Wars film and recreate the opening of the film in a grand scale.

As before, players not only attempt to eliminate enemy players, but they attempt to defend and seize key command points situated throughout the map. What is a nice plus is that by earning Hero Point for good play, players can play as Han Solo, Obi Wan Kenobi, Dath Maul, Darth Vader, and many more. When playing as a hero, players move faster, can withstand more damage, and can dish out quite a bit as well. Unlike tradition shooters, Battlefront 2 can be played in either first or third person perspective and immerses you into the action in a unique perspective. Unlike the previous game, Space battles have been added to the mix and it is a very welcome addition. In the original game, I could fly X-wing and T.I.E. fighters in support of ground based battle. In Battlefront 2, I was able to play as part of a squadron in battles against other fighters and capitol ships. The twist is that each capitol ship has hard point targets such as weapons or communication arrays which have to be destroyed as part of the mission. Players can also land their fighters in the hangers of enemy capitol ships and battle on foot to destroy strategic segment of the enemy ship from within. If flying is not your strong point, you can man a gun turret on the fighter or capitol ship, or skip flying altogether and be a ground defender. It is such variety that really makes this game enjoyable as the options as well as the variety of ships to fly makes this a real treat. As in the original, players select a side such as Rebel, Republic, Imperial, or Separatist, and then from a class within. For example, there are various types of Clone troopers each with their own unique weapons and abilities. When you die in a mission, players are able to select from a different class to find one that is best suited to the changing missions and player preferences. It is also interesting to note that local and NPC characters such as Jawas, Gamoreans, and others inhabit the map.

Multiplay fans will be delighted with the abundant number of servers that are available to play and I noted that the players were not only very friendly, but were willing to help new players learn the ropes such as how to get around the maps and watching your back. Logging in, I was able to find numerous games all with varying styles and maps. The connection times were very good and lag was not much of an issue in the games I played to prepare this article.

The vast variety of weapons, units, and character classes ensures that Star Wars Battlefront 2 will have great replay value. Multiplay mode allows players not only to pick their unit but also to take up arms for either side be it Rebel or Imperial, Separatist or Republic depending on the map being played. The menu and controls of the game are very easy to navigate and use and I have been unable to find any real issues with the game other than a need for a better save system for the solo play missions.

Graphically the game is very impressive as the rich landscapes from the films are well rendered and the detail level is amazing. What really made the game for me was the sound effects that were taken directly from the films as staring down an opposing tank is one thing but to hear the trademark whine of the laser fire is a Star Wars fan come true even if it is the last thing your players hears before hitting the ground with a loud thud. A true classic and one that will provide endless hours of casual and diehard fans alike, Battlefront 2 is a winner and one of the nicest surprises of the year.

5 stars out of 5
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27 of 29 people found the following review helpful
on November 3, 2005
Short, sweet, simple: Battlefront II is a BLAST!

Battlefront I is and always will be a classic for it's day, but at times the gamer would fly vehicles around on ground-based maps, with one eye on the ground, and their other eye, heart and mind on what lies beyond the atmosphere. In Battlefront I, you may have noticed the lack of a good plot or story, as the basic scheme concerned battle after battle for fun and points. How could Pandemic and LucasArts make Battlefront II any better, but to go above and beyond the call of duty to make the sequel worthy of attention?

Simple. You flesh out, increase, rebuild, glorify, enhance, expand, re-imagine, recondition, and make land & space reachable.

The second installment for the Star Wars: Battlefront series is absolutely beautiful. If you purchase one Star Wars game along with your DVD copy of Episode III, this is a must have!

Live the chaotic and blaster infested army battles you dream of conquering, leap into the air in a dazzling somersault only to finish off your landing with a Force push to the enemy and lightsaber slash to the chest, jump into the cockpit of a Tie-Bomber and scream from the belly of an Imperial in a Rebel Frigate and take the battle to the belly of the beast, maneuver your A-wing in a twisting corkscrew-reverse maneuver to break enemy lock and return fire down your enemies throat, and live moments as characters from the Star Wars Galaxy like Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Jango Fett, Yoda...and the list goes on. Battlefront 2 is AWESOME!

The good:

1) Galactic space battles & dogfights

2) New worlds to explore

3) New characters & the ability to play classic characters

4) Incredible supply of vehicles to operate

5) Beautiful graphics and design, almost movie quality

6) Play in 1st or 3rd person

7) Online play for up to 64 players

8) This list could go on and on...

The bad:

1) Not much!

2) Lack of a "cockpit" view for spaceships

3) Prone position is no longer available for crawling

4) Difficult to find partners or buddies in battle

*The PC version is amazing. Expect further patches and upgrades to make this the ULTIMATE experience.

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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on June 14, 2006
this was truly a great game! it was one of the best games I have ever played, and was THE BEST shooter I have ever played. It's gameplay was easy and it is one of those games you can just pick up and learn to play in a few minutes, though it takes a couple of rounds to become familiar with the game, and space battles can be just a bit tricky.


This game is compatible on probably any computer with windows. I have a 3 year old dell dimension 4600 that is even a bit slow on empire earth, and this game ran fine. In fact, it ran more than fine, loading a battle took about 8 seconds, which is VERY fast for my computer. So, you don't have to have a gaming computer for this game to work well

I like shooters, but first person (you can set it to third or first) shooters usually have missions where you're on your own, or with a few dumb marines, defeating waves of enemies (most of the time they're aliens)... BUT this game's missions were basically conquest modes (where you must take over enemy spawn points) where you had to destroy specific things and capture certain things (you also have like 32 people on your team)

The jedi were fun, with tons of different abilities, the other heroes who weren't jedi were good too

The space battles were very fun, with different classes of ships and frigates and central systems to bomb

There were tons of maps, each unique. For example, kashyyyk (that's right three y's) is much bigger than tantive IV. Each map also had unique features, such as the death star's bridge consoles you had to repair, and kashyyyk's wooden barricade. Teaser: The general favorites are hoth, geonosis, and mos eisley.

There were tons of vechicles, probably over 20, a few of them unique to a certain map. For instance, the ATTE is only found on geonosis and the ATAT and snowspeeders are only found on hoth. (I might add that the ATAT is extremely fun, who wouldn't enjoy driving an 100 foot tall behemoth that shoots huge lasers and bombs that send rebels flying)

I really like the feature of being able to repair things with your fusion cutter. When you are an engineer, you can repair any of your vechicles, health and ammo droids, and other various repairable features on the map, such as turrets and consoles that retract bridges or pull up gates(for example)Hint: you can also use your fusion cutter to slice into vechicles

CONS) please note that these are very small "bugs" and barely effect the GREATNESS of this game

The AI set on easy are too easy (they'll stop shooting at you and look at their surroundings when you're 3 feet away armed with a rocket launcher), and when you are on hard the AI in the area seem to aim precisely for you. I think there should've been a medium setting where the AI are smart, but act like normal soldiers and hit the easiest targets. This may seem like a big con, but until you beat the campaign you probably need the easy, and when you're experienced and are looking for a challenge, the hard setting is great

The story mode isn't very much of a story (while it is very fun) you can do almost the same exact things in instant action. There's no taking 5 smart clones and taking over a command point, its just a conquest battle, but you have certain objectives, like "take out those turrets soldier!" The campaign is still fun thoug, and you should play it to get to know the game and most of the maps

The graphics are very good, but not what I'd call amazing, which is fine with me, but for the more "hard core" gamer, they might not be enough. BUT!!! their is a HUGE PRO in this, this game will work easily on computers that arent very advanced or new, and it loads fast!


This is a great game, and I am only a bit bored with it, after having played it probably 5/7 days a week for thes past 5 months. Playing online almost never gets old, but I suggest you beat the campaign and play on most of the instant action levels before you make those seem bad by playing with real people.


-you are a first person shooter (or just shooter) game fan, you will almost definitely like this

-you are a star wars fan you'll probably like it, and you'll like doing missions and fighting battles from the movies

-you are a videogame fan, and have played a few shooters and liked them, you'll probably like this

-you are a shooter fan, but are looking for a game with a good story and unique missions, you probably shouldn't get this game because the campaign isn't great

-you are a shooter fan (halo fans welcome) and like star wars (this is me) TWO WORDS-GET IT
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on January 1, 2006
When I purchased this game, I had never played the first Battlefront, so I wont be able to comment on improvements, just features that seem important.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS- Even though this game supposedly requires a 64 MB graphics card with VS/PS, and a 1.5 Ghz processor, I am running this game on a Presario X1000 laptop with a 32 MB graphics card w/o VS/PS and a 1.2 Ghz processor. However, I have double the required ram, and the game runs smoothly. But, there are definintly some texture mapping bugs caused by lack of VS/PS, such as my soldier lacking a face and leg, or a vehicle not having sides: but this does not really affect the general gameplay. But be warned: if you dont have the requirements, there will be some bugs.


The single player mode, even though it is supposedly improved over battlefront I, is essentially the same as a multiplayer game, just a tad bit more objective oriented. In a way, this is a good thing, because the single player AI is a little less buggy than the instant action computer player AI. The single player mode also lets you explore the space combat mode in a very easy space mission, but then ups the difficulty a huge amount in the next space map. One of the coolest things about this game, both in singleplayer and multiplayer, is the epicness, and the sense of just being another soldier(with the exception of playing as a hero), uncommon is most games, where you are a special person, not the everyday soldier.


In general, the multiplayer mode is decent. When you are starting out it can get very frustrating: especially in space where you constantly get shot out of the air by freakishly annoying homing missles. I personally prefer the Instant Action single player mode, which mocks a multiplayer mode with all computer players, and you choose the maps and game types. The game types are -

Conquest- The standard battlefront 2 mode: capture an enemy base, keep in under your control. Availible on most land maps.

1 flag CTF- Offered commonly on space maps, there is one flag on the map, which ever team gets it and returns it to their base wings. Particularly fun in space, as you have to essentially return it to the enemy base to score.

2 flag CTF- Teams have to protect their own flag while trying to capture the enemy flag and return it to their base. I personally prefer 1 flag CTF, as just about every shooter game you find out there has a 2 flag CTF mode.

Hunt- Teams try to wipe out native species on a planet, while the species try to survive. My least favorite mode, because in my opinion, the best thign about Battlefront 2 is the even combat, wiping out creatures just isn't like the normal game.

Assault- Basically, kill enemies, get points.

XL- Gigantic battles between two sides. My personal favorite mode.


-Heroes such as jedi are fun to play with, and powerful when used right, but can be killed relatively easily if not.

-The graphics aren't the best you have ever seen when in comes to people, but they definintly convey the epicness of the situation. Sitting in a hangar in space, watching ships explode, then having a missle detonate into the protective beam behind you is very awesome. Also flying along the very edge of a star destroyer in an X-wing, avoiding enemy missles while trying not to crash is the same level of awesomeness.

-Space combat is definintly one of the most fun aspects of the game, but the maps do not differ very much, and it gets repetitive after a while.

-You can switch between first and third person, and I thought, as a fan of many FPS, I would keep it in first person, but the first person graphics aren't nearly as good as the third person ones.

So, in short, this game is definintly one you want to buy if you are a fan of intense, violent FPS/ Third person shooters, or epic games in general.
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on November 2, 2005
When I first played Star Wars: Battlefront I was taken completely by surprise. I had never experienced a Star Wars game so well done before, and now LUCASARTS has made a bigger and better sequel. For those of you who enjoyed Battlefront, it is guaranteed 100% that you will like Battlefront II. The graphics are excellent, the game play is ten times what it used to be, and there are so many more new features that make it so much more fun than the original. Pick any era you want to fight in: be it the Clone Wars between the Republic and the CIS, or the Galactic Civil War between the Rebel Alliance and The Galactic Empire. Fight as a sniper, a demolitions expert, a mechanical technician, or fight as a Jedi Knight or Sith Lord. For the most part this game is great; however there are a few things that other Battlefront fans have mentioned for which I share their dislike. These few things don't have any affect whatsoever to my liking of the game, they are small minor things and nothing more. It's the bigger things that make this game what it is: Awesome!

1. The gameplay is still excellent.
2. New story mode to keep the player interested.
3. New planets to fight on.
4. New Space Combat mode.
5. Ability to play as a hero (i.e. Boba Fett, or Obi-Wan Kenobi)
6. Some new weapons and many new Vehicles.
7. Graphics and CGI effects are much better and no longer have any lag.
8. Fewer glitches than in the original.
9. More elaborated stories that explain a lot about the movies.
10. Much more options and changes available to Instant Action. (i.e. More troops for each side, possible time/score limit, different game modes like capture the flag.)
11. More intelligent AI for the computer players, making for much more challenging combat.

1. Learning how to dog fight in the space battles can be difficult and a little frustrating.
2. Giving orders during combat can be difficult.
3. The health/ammunition display has been changed that no longer displays how much ammo is still inside the blaster's chamber.

Overall, this is a great game and I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the first Battlefront game. I can't really say if people outside of the fans of Star Wars would enjoy this, but if you enjoy strategy/shooter games then odds are you will like Battlefront II.

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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on July 3, 2006
I purchased this game about 2 months ago and became addicted. There are two modes to this game there is a career mode where you are a decorated member of the 501st. This is an elite regiment of soldiers. In this mode you go around to different planets and settle conflicts and eliminate the rebel alliance or the driod army CIS. On Coruscant you get to eliminate the jedi order you know execute order 66. The other mode is more of a strtegic deal. You build armies and recruit members and conquer planet by fighting the empire. Give your troops extra ammo or health or a turret when you capture a command post. Some of these places include Jabba's Hut, Hoth, Coruscant, Dagobah, Mustafar, Endor, felucia, polis massa, the rebel ship tantative 4, and even battle on the death star. Some of the heros include Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Emperor, General Grievous, Anakin Skywalker, Count Dooku, Yoda, Mace Windu, K-AI-A mundi, Ayla secura, obi wan, han solo, princess leia, luke skywalker, and the very talented wookie chewbacca! The levels are really cool nice landscape you can change the graphics resolution and settings depending on your computers performance. Also if your a computer geek like me and have a 5.1 setup on your computer then you can choose different audio modes 4.1, 5.1, 6.1 7.1 modes. This is really cool because you can hear people shooting behind you so you know whoose shooting you. The sound effect are phenomenal. Be prepared to have a 64MB graphics card or greater to play this game i play this on a Nvidea GeForce 4 6500 128MB and an ATI Radeaon all in one 9600 128MB. I play this on a 950mhz AMD athlon and a 1.6GHz Pentium 4 and both run fine. And make sure you have at LEAST 512 RAM. There are really cool multiplayer parts to this game if you have a high speed internet connection then you can play with up to 64 people in one place which is really fun. I have to admit there are some glitches in the game where you can get into walls and pretty much shoot anyone you want to without them seeing you. The patch that LucasArts put out dosen't really doanything it just takes up more space that i can tell. But luckily you can boot people for cheating and make passwords to join certain rooms. Also antother cool multiplayer thing is LAN (Local Area Network). If you have 2 computers at your house that can play this game and they are connected on a router then you can battle each other. (This will keep the kids busy). Another cool thing is the ability to chage classes on the battlefield and there are droids to heal you and give you ammo. also the tanks are awesome especially the ones on hoth.but beware of slicers. The engineer class can slice into vehicles and that kicks you out of them. You can pick your own levels and settings about play them on the internet or by urself at home. Anyway this game is really fun and also trying to make a backup copy is really tricky and most of the time wont work BEWARE PIRATIERS!!!
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15 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on November 1, 2005
This game is simply amazing. Ignoring the whole Jedi aspect, the game draws on everything from the first one, and improves it all. The levels are great, the old characters are the same and just as much fun, and the new units are interesting choices, but still fun. Of course, the Jedi are rediculously fun too. The only thing about the game that I am not a fan of, is the space battles. The vehicle control scheme with a mouse and keyboard just does not seem to work well for me, which is really a shame. Otherwise, space battles are a lot of fun.

Graphically, I honestly think this game surpasses F.E.A.R. and Half-Life 2. The graphics are just amazing. The look is perfect for Star Wars, and is just great to look at.

I haven't tried Multiplayer yet, mostly since I got the game early and couldn't find anyone else to play, but it should be just as good as everything else in the game.

Pros: Great Fun, Jedi, and very easy to get into.

Cons: Starfighter controls.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on October 10, 2006
This is one of the best games ever made. when i first got i spent all my free time trying to beat the game. thats how good it is. As you probaly heard in other reviews, there is the new space fights. But i really like the jedi v.s. sith fights. IN these fights, you can be any jedi or sith and fight aganist the oppisite team. You have a unlimated amount of lives. It relaly is alot of fun. Try and get this game and fight as the sith so they can rule the world!
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
BATTLEFRONT was a terrific game. In fact, it's one of the best "shooter" games I've ever played. For that very reason, I was a little skeptical about BATTLEFRONT 2. Like good movies, sequels to worthwhile video games frequently tend to fall short of the original.

To my delight, my worries were tossed out within a few hours of gameplay. To my great surprise, B2 is actually better(!) than the original! I expressed a sense of great relief at this.

B2 is good in that it's not simply another rendition of the original with some new maps. Yes, it has plenty of new maps, but that's just for starters. It also has some new units and new vehicles that are pretty fun. Best of all, however, is the fact that in this game you can actually be a Jedi Knight.

In the first one Jedi's were a pain in the posterior unless they happened to be on your team. They were basically invincible with only a couple ways of being killed (i.e.: running them over or blowing them off a catwalk w/a grenade). In B2 they are fierce warriors, but beatable. When you are one, it's great to wield your light sabor, but just remember your enemies CAN kill you.

Another area in which they did a serious upgrade was in dog-fighting. It was obvious in the first BATTLEFRONT that flying X-Wing fighters et all was basically an afterthought. The main thrust was infantry operations on the ground. In B2 you can actually stalk & shoot down enemy spacecraft and there are several different fighter / bombers to choose from. You can also board enemy ships & blow stuff up with hand-held bombs. This alone is one of the most enticing factors of the game.

I like STAR WARS but am not a fanatic. That said, I LOVE both BATTLEFRONT games. Like its predecessor, B2 has a great shelf-life. It's not the kind of game you play all the way through & then trade in for a different game. You can play each scenario using different units, vehicles & the like. That makes its shelf life absolutely off-the-scale. Believe me, both games are a GREAT way of working out frustrations after a long day @ the office.
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on January 30, 2006
First let me say that I began with KoToR 2 and ended up returning it do to a lack of dynamic or MP support. But that is a review for another page.

First, BF2 is superb in every way but this review will focus on the MP side of the game as I have not gone too far in SP. The space maps are huge and well designed along with an array of ships to choose from. However, if you don't want to just fly around all game, you can land your ship in a Destroyer bay and run around with your weapon drawn cutting down the enemy. Very nice to go from Space to ship in a single map rather than just be stuck in one or the other... The ship environment is also a refreshing thing as you can enter the control room on your own battle cruiser, sit at a control panel and operate the turret guns. I mean these space maps are just unlike any other online MP game as usually you are only allowed a certain gun or certain item to use. I think the space maps alone make the game worth it.

Ground battle maps are also fantastic, reminiscent of Halo in some aspects with the vehicles and different stationary weapons to utilize. The map selections are so big it would be impossible to review each one but Hoth definitely stands out as a great map. You can use any number of vehicles, Ton Tons and stationary weapons. Sniper rifles, rocket launchers, shotgun or any assortment of handheld mobile weapons are available as well. With most games, I would be fine without the shotty or rocket launcher.... but whatever, in this game it is not as bad as others since the maps are so big that it makes no difference, especially if you have them scoped in with a sniper rifle from across the map. There is nothing they can do with their noob weapons.

Con - As with any game there is a con. This game has sooo many controls that it takes a long while to get used to them. You are going to have to spend some time learning pretty much the position of every key on your keyboard to be able to fully enjoy every aspect of the game. I myself had an easier time, I work in IT and use a keyboard every single day but others may find it frustrating at first. Stay with it and eventually you will do fine.

All in all, there is not a whole lot of bad things to say. I come from Medal of Honor:Allied Assault, Jedi Academy, Halo, Splinter Cell and others and I can honestly say that Star Wars Battlefront II is the next generation of online play mixing space battles and ground battles with fully interactive environments, not just your standard run and guns. Good luck, it is a good choice.
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