Customer Reviews: Star Wars Battlefront II
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on November 9, 2005
I dug out SW:BF1 the week before SW:BF2 released and played it for a day or so just to remind myself of the general gameplay. Others have already listed pros, cons, and recommendations; let me add to their lists rather than duplicate them:


-- You get to (a) dogfight in space and (b) play as a Jedi or other 'hero' character (e.g., Boba Fett), all within the context of a given mission.

-- The "Rise of the Empire" campaign is well thought out, if a bit dark (e.g., you get to assassinate the Queen of Naboo; I'm just grateful you don't have to kill the 'younglings' in the Jedi Temple).

-- The overall gameplay is great, with larger and more complex environments.

CONS (all relatively minor):

--The Options/Controls panel is a pain to use (as when setting up a joystick). Someone needs to improve the UI design and general behavior on this; it strikes me as being somewhat 'quick and dirty.'

--The shift to story/objective mode moves SW:BF2 towards the classic problems of a 'railroad' game, namely, you have to figure out how the designers intended you to complete the objectives and in what order. For example, in the Kashyyyk: First Line of Defense mission, I tried to destroy the CIS cruiser heavy turrets before I destroyed the enemy frigates, but SW:BF2 wouldn't let me.

--Each mission has a number of sub-objectives, and there is no way to save a game within a mission. In other words, if you get to the very last mission task and die, you have to start the entire mission all over again.

--There are a few glitches here and there. For example, in that same mission, SW:BF2 seemed to have a hard time figuring out when the other clone troopers should follow me over to the CIS cruiser.


-- First, get a joystick. It's a lot easier to do the space combat with one, though you'll have to take some time to set up the controls (under Options).

-- Second, if you don't have a lot of spare time, get the strategy guide. It doesn't have all the answers, but it does give you a heads up as to the overall flow of the mission.

-- Third, experiment. I've been able to solve specific objectives more than one way.

As of this writing [Nov 9], I'm about 2/3rds of the way through the Rise of the Empire campaign (I've completed 11 of 18 missions). I'll update my review once I've finished it and have had time to play in Galactic Conquest mode as well. ..bruce..
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on November 12, 2005
A fun game with hours of playtime, 2 different single player games, and several different online games, this game does have its pros and cons...

Pros: Slightly better graphics than Battlefront 1. Better cut scenes and a better stroy line.

You get to control Jedi's.

Space battles, you can fly almost every space cruiser you've seen on the movies.

Cons: One level, Yavin 4 is timed and is near impossible to pass. There are no cheats for the PC version as there are for other consoles, so a trainer program may be needed to help out.

Jedi control... After playing Star Wars Jedi Academy, I'm really disappointed. Many of the Jedi's are 'handicapped' and move slow. You're extremely limited in Jedi Powers, and you just don't get the moves that Jedi Academy gives.

Overall: The game is worth your money... several options, and several games. If you're into Jedi action, look into Jedi Academy.
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on July 11, 2006
This is a wonderful game that I got after playing it at a friend's house. If you've been reading some other reviews, you probally know all about the jedi (plus), space battles (plus...I guess...), and the planets taken off (MINUS). When I was going to buy this game, the two big questions were (a) BF1 or BF2 and (b) PC or Console?

BF1 or BF2?????

Battlefront I has the old maps and the lower price, but personally, I think that BF2 is worth is for better online play, heros, space, and graphics.

PC or Console?????

-The one(s) with internet get a plus.

-Console: You will get the beautiful splitscreen mode that has hidden itself from the PC...also a nicer menu w/ scenes from the movie. The PC one looks slapped together a bit. Also no worries about PC stats.

-PC: If you are a fan of programming like me, BF2 has some great mod tools out to make your own maps, mods, etc, without having to hex edit. Also, you can download user made maps from the internet.

Hope this helps.

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on November 15, 2005
If your planning to get your kid this for christmas or whatever, you've made a good choice! This one is better than the original in some ways, but worse in others. In this one, they changed the feel of it and the atomosphere detialing, and took out osme of that "dreamy feeling" but that is made up for by the ability to swing your lightsaber around like a lunatic when you play as general grevious. Hard core fans of BF1 might not like it as much, but to new comers to the BF series, or the first person shooter style of gaming, this is a great game. Also, you can buy the first BF after you beat this one and it will be a whole new fun experience. If your worried this game is too violent, don't worry. there are no bullets, just lasers. there are no blood or guts what so ever ( unless you count sparks from a robot as blood), but if your really uptight jerk about shooting and stuff, why are you even looking at this game??? go buy some mario game instead. Even though this game is rated T for Teen, it is pretty much good for anybody over the age of 9. anyway, if you don't know a lot about SWBF, then here's how it works: you choose a map or mission, if you choose a map you choose what side you want to fight for, then you choose what unit you want to be, like a sniper, a rocket launcher, ect. then you battle it out. trying to capture command posts which are basically spawn point from which you appear back in the game if you die. This game is also more fun than other first person shooters cuz you can choose your weapon, go in vehicle and if you die it's not game over. I hope this review was helpful to you!
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on January 17, 2006
First of all, let me say I LOVED the first Battlefront, especially the multi-player. My comments focus primarily on MP.

What I Love:

1 The space environment is HUGE! It is exhilirating to zoom past Imperial Star Destroyers, dodging turbo laser blasts. Sadly, I'm not very good at space combat yet, but neither is anyone else I've played online with, so I don't feel too bad. I do have a complaint about the controls for space combat(see "My Gripes:" below)

2 Call me crazy, but there was little 'social interaction' in the original Battlefront, and personally, I don't mind not having it here. You can still fight as a group if you want. Another Star Wars FPS, Republic Commando, excels in the 'coordinated combat' category.

3 The maps overall are great, very detailed and expansive. Some are nearly the same as the original BF (for example, the Mos Eisley and Naboo maps), but with slightly improved graphics.

4 The ability to play as 'heros' (such as Obi-Wan, Yoda even Princess Leia) is a great addition, and mucho fun! Nothing beats playing as the bun-haired Princess Leia, cutting down dozens of Stormtroopers with your girlie laser pistol! Also enjoyable is the ability to set-up a MP game using only the 'hero' characters.

My Gripes:

1. There should be a cockpit view for space combat. It creates a more immersive experience, and is easier to control (at least for me). As an old-timer (I was addicted to Star Wars: X-Wing in college) I would see the addition of a cockpit view to be, in the words of Martha, "A Good Thing."

2. What?! No prone position? I LOVED the ability to lay down to snipe the bad guys. Why wasn't that carried over? Crouching doesn't cut it, as inevitably some other sniper will see my fat droid/blazing white helmet and take me out first.

So, here's to Lucasarts giving us back our prone position and a cockpit view!
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on December 28, 2005
This is a very ambitious game that tries to include nearly everything in the Star Wars universe--from Jedis and high-tech weapons to space battles and land invasions--in a single package. For the most part, it pulls this off credibly.

Gameplay: This game is primarily a first-person shooter, although it includes some simple flight simulation and strategic gameplay. The single-player campaign focuses on Darth Vader's unit, the 501st squad of Clone troopers seen in the most recent Star Wars movies. Over the course of about 16 missions, you'll go from classic location to location, fighting against rebels, Wookies, droid armies, Jedi, and others as you tighten the emperor's grasp upon the galaxy. There are a couple truly great missions. For example, the best mission of the campaign was a reenactment of the capture and invasion of Princess Leia's ship, as seen at the beginnning of Episode IV. It's an intense, nearly perfect rendition of the movie scene, with Vader and his army of stormtroopers entering the captured ship through a hole blasted in its hull and battling it out with rebels. Overall, the campaign is well put together and should last 15-20 hours. My major complaint is that the missions vary wildly in difficulty, from those which should be easily finished by casual gamers to others that will require as many as 10-20 attempts to complete for even a serious gamer. Needless to say, your frustration level will likely get high after trying to conquer Hoth (the last and toughest mission) after the tenth failed attempt.

The game has three gameplay modes. First, there are space battles. Generally, these are well done. The ships are detailed and scaled well, and you get an opportunity to fly many different kinds of craft. You can even land inside of an enemy capital ship, destroy vital systems, shoot it out with enemy soldier, and even fly off in an enemy ship. The flight simulation feels a lot like the old X-wing and TIE fighter games, but with vastly improved graphics. The second part of the game--and the major focus--is the land battles. These involve fighting to control certain points of the map, which produce reinforcements for your army. As long as you have reinforcements, you respawn after dying and can choose from among several classes to return as (e.g., trooper, engineer, scout, etc). If you hold certain captured points, you'll be able to respawn as a hero character like Vader or Boba Fett. These characters are powerful, but not unstoppable, and they are usually appropriate to their environment. Playing as a Jedi is enjoyable, but does not have the same depth of control and tactics as Jedi Outcast or Jedi Academy. Still, the entrance of a hero onto the scene definitely gets noticed.

The third element of gameplay is a Risk-like game called Galactic Conquest mode that allows you to fight a computer enemy on a map of 15 planets. The object is to conquer all the planets (classic Star Wars places like Hoth, Kamino, Tattooine, etc.) and destroy the enemy fleets. It's a decent diversion for a while and should give the game some replay value. Additionally, there are various skirmish and quick-play modes. One of the draws for this game is the multiplayer capacity, which is probably quite fun though I haven't played it (I'm strictly a solo gamer).

The game is well polished, and I experienced no bugs in the campaign except that I never managed to get the imperial officer's chaingun to work. The instruction book is thin but provides the necessary basics, and there is a decent in-game tutorial. Unfortunately, the game does not allow any saves within missions, which will be a bit annoying during a few of the tougher campaign missions. However, the interface is clean and understandable and all of the controls can be customized for a keyboard, mouse, and/or gamepad.

Finally, I feared that the AI in this game was going to be bad, based on things I've read. However, it's quite acceptable in most circumstances. Enemy computer opponents will hide behind cover, try to outflank you, dodge and roll, snipe at you, and so forth. Computer allies usually hold their own when the odds are even, but the game really wants the player to be the star here, thus you'll be doing much of the killing, capturing of points, and saving the day. So, the AI is not bad per se, it's just geared toward making the player the center of attention.

Graphics: The game looks very good. Character models, ships, terrain, and special effects are all convincing. The game has a number of cutscenes from the movies. Also, on a mid-range PC (3ghz Pentium, 1GB of RAM, Geforce 6600GT), I experienced no lag or studder in framerates, even with a lot happening on screen.

Sound: Everything was fine in this department. The grand Star Wars score played in the background at appropriate times, and all of the weapons, ships, voices, and so forth sounded as they should.

Overall, I recommend this game to anyone into the Star Wars franchise or interested in first-person shooters. If you only play the single-player component of games (like me), I would suggest waiting until the price of the game drops to about $30. This game really does beg for an expansion which could add another campaign, some more planets to add to the Galactic Campaign mode, more ships, weapons, etc. If you like playing multiplayer, then the current price ($40-$50) is a bit more justified.
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on January 17, 2006
Battlefront 2 PC takes Battlefront to a whole new level. The single-player campaign involves specific objectives and not just acquiring checkpoints and wiping out the enemy as in BF. Using the Jedi and playing the space battles are as entertaining as they sound.

But the game lacks differentiation in the galactic conquest battles. I often found it more of a chore than good ol' fun to do the usual dogfighting and destroying enemy frigates and ships in the space battles. The ground battles were the most fun but were equally repetitive in terms of acquiring checkpoints. What could've been done is to implement the objective-based tasks into the galactic conquest and not just the single-player mission.

I played about an hour online. The multi-player is fun but nothing worth forgetting to go to sleep at night.

I give the game a very good 87%, well worth the purchase. Will play it a second time through soon.
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on December 2, 2015
This game brings back memories! I used to play this on the ps2, and when I saw this for the PC, i bought it without a blink. First, let me say the quality of the graphics are detailed and very nice. The graphics is just like the one I got for the ps2. The only problem was, the CD was defective somewhat and when I contacted the seller, he/she replied back quickly.They sent me a replacement CD and the new CD was very clean. I've had this product for a while now, and I am pleased with this game. I'd recommend it to those who love action games such as COD. Overall, I'd give this product 4 stars.
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on August 24, 2015
This game was great, but the online services have been shut down. You wont be able to play online or with anyone else, just start up maps and sit there by yourself offline, unless you play in your house on a LAN or over hamachi. Glu mobil bought the company that runs Battlefront 1&2 (and several other good games) and shut the servers down in 2014. EA bought the licence, and are making a Starwars Battlefront 3 (without the 3 in the name) but they are known for shutting down servers also. I used to host games online for this game, it was awesome.

Only 16v16 players unlike battlefieds 64v64, but the maps were too small for more players. The flying in battlefront2 was better on some maps then the first game by far. The land vehicles are mostly very well done, almost perfect except for one tank on the clonewars maps.

I wonder if EA could help the community make a patch to fix its online server browser. These servers are very very very cheap to run once set up, there is no reason for a company to ever shut one down, with virtual machines it dosnt even need to be a separate computer, for 15k they could build a computer to run almost every EA game from 1996-2009 online servers (since alot fewer players play them then they used to).
Their bandwidth would be as small as the amount of people wanting to play these games online still are in the hundreds not hundreds of thousands anymore. Guildwars 1 by NCsoft will be running as long as a single person is playing and it runs on the spare bandwidth of GW2 on a old server in a closet.
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on August 19, 2014
Arrived just fine but was disappointed that it does not work on our windows 7 desk top & none of the suggested fixes have worked. Would suggested updated information be provided about this product by the company, as I inquired about its compatibility prior to buy & was told it would be fine.
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