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on June 26, 2006
i haven't played this game much yet (i guess that says it all), but here's my impression so far. this game is advertised for its great multiplayer, yet i had no such experience. for one thing, the maps are pretty bad. they're really small and the whole game simply feels like counterstrike with star wars graphics. sure, the graphics are really good, but what about the gameplay? well, at times it's fun, but here's my biggest complaint - WHO ARE THE ENEMIES? for god's sake, would it kill them to make it easier to see who's on your team and who's on the other team?? in a game like call of duty, each side has different uniforms so it's obvious. to make it even worse, servers use friendly fire. so i'm running around just trying to figure out who to shoot. some of the weapons are quite cool, but i had some problems. would it kill them to put in a description in the game of what weapons do what? i used the incinerator on people and nothing happens. and what all can those tongs be used for? what's going on?! granted i should probably read the instruction manual, but if i wanted to read, i'd read a book.

as far as the space fighting, the graphics are great, but the gameplay was TERRIBLE. i couldn't figure out how to find the enemies in the vastness of space, how to shoot them or anything. i think this kind of thing should be somewhat intuitive. i don't play flight sims or anything, but i can easily figure out how to fly a plane... if you make it intuitive.

on the plus side, the single player is good so far. i'm curious as to whether battlefront 1 is a better multiplayer game than this, but i'm not sure i want to spend the money to find out.
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on July 1, 2009
This here game does the equivalent of that old saying "one step forward, two steps back".

Inevitably, I'm comparing this to the original, as it is like Knights of the Old Republic and Jedi Knight in regards to sequels that do not change the engine or graphics.

Things changed from the original Battlefront including a deeper, more complex HUD. The particular units for the Clone Wars are updated (as in Clone Troopers from Episode III) and new special units alongside the old ones.

The main campaign is GOOD. It is GREAT. It is genuinely compelling. It takes the form of an old Clonetrooper telling the stories of his time in the Republic/Imperial 501st Legion, starting with the typical Clones vs Droids battles, and doing some dramatic acting and dialogue that is far better than most of that in the original movies.

It is genuinely gutwrenching to hear him talk after the Battle of Felucia, just before Order 66, saying to the effect of "Aayla Secura told us we were the absolute best soldiers she'd ever worked with. It was a good thing we were wearing helmets, because none of us could bear to look her in the eye."

The campaign also does interesting things in having Imperial Stormtroopers fight Kaminoan Clonetroopers, or Stormtroopers against CIS Droids, etcetera.

The Galactic Conquest is also changed for good and bad. For good; the map is larger and more realistic, and bonuses can be purchased with credits, as well as unit types purchased. You move your fleet into positions over worlds, and if the enemy has a fleet there, you engage in a space battle first.

A big big big plus: units can now SPRINT!

For bad; unlike in the first Battlefront, there is only one level per world, one battle to secure it or lose it.

Two new features: Space battles and heroes.

Space battles are amazing and fun, among the best of any Star Wars computer game in recent history. Pilots can either slowly destroy the enemy capital ship from external bombing, or infiltrate their hangar, and run past enemy fire to destroy their shields or life support or engines or auto-defense mechanism from the inside, or just keep to destroying enemy fighters on the outside.

Heroes: the heroes that wield lightsabers are disgustingly overpowered fun. They move amazingly fast, jump amazingly high, and kill amazingly fast. The good part is that they can obliterate dozens at once, but they can also die fairly easily, so they do not break gameplay. The bad part is that they are reduced to bloodthirsty beasts, in the sense that you are "timed" with them, and the more you take damage, the more "time" you lose, whereas you gain more "time" when you kill. If you run out of "time", the hero "dies" and leaves, but you regain them several minutes later.

Just a personal opinion, but any hero that is not Jedi/Sith/Grievous, is completely useless.

But now, the bad parts:

- BUGGY! The game is insanely buggy, in that it can randomly and very rapidly crash without notice. This happened to me a lot during space battles, while I used the boost, just to have the game suddenly drop me to the desktop as quickly as if I were closing an MSPaint file. As well, it also crashes if you play it in windowed mode and alt-tab away from the game menu. It does not crash if you pause it mid-game and alt-tab out, but if you are not on a battlefield and you alt-tab out, it will crash.

- THE ABSOLUTE WORST FRIENDLY AI EVER! On Normal mode, battles seem to tend to be an even deathmatch in which both sides would completely drain themselves out if it weren't for you. But the more you play it, the more you tend to see that your side, no matter what faction it is, is beyond retarded.

I have had control points lost because ONE enemy soldier stands upon it, while FIVE of my own soldiers stand next to it, and DO NOTHING TO THE ENEMY SOLDIER! I have seen enemy soldiers run circles around friendly soldiers, who cannot shoot it because their aim is abysmal.

Most disturbing of all: friendly soldiers ABSOLUTELY LOVE to run right in front of you while you're shooting. They absolutely LOVE to wiggle into your line of fire while you're shooting at an enemy. They love to be killed by you because they block your way while you're emptying your blaster into an enemy like a machine gun. THEY ALWAYS DO THIS! THEY DO NOT EVER NOT DO THIS!

I do not exaggerate when I say EVERY LEVEL where I am shooting at someone and a friendly unit is in front of me and slightly next to me WILL move out in front of me. Most of the time it's only once, but many times, they will KEEP doing it, or STAY IN FRONT OF ME.

- Elite mode. Something is horribly wrong with it. In the game menu, you can switch the difficulty from "Normal" to "Elite". For players like me, Normal is too easy, and Elite is too hard.

The main thing "Elite" mode seems to do is to make your troops UNTRAINED RECRUITS and to make the enemy Elite. What it basically does is render your entire army useless, and make it a quite literal "You vs All of Them" game experience. That may be fun for some players and experts, but for the most part it completely destroys the game experience.

I have played levels in Elite mode where my side has lost a battle, 150 vs 150, where I had killed AT LEAST 60 enemies by myself. And we STILL lost, and the enemy STILL had some 30 units left. This was not a one-time phenomenon, for I played the same level FOUR TIMES under the exact same circumstances and settings and bonuses, and it was the SAME RESULT EACH TIME! I murder half the enemy army, and the other half murders my entire army.

The bad parts outweigh the good parts by far too much. It's still a fun game sometimes, but as a long-lasting, high-quality game, it is a failure.

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on July 13, 2015
Wish I bought it on steam. duh.
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on February 27, 2009
This game is awesome, but on the PC it's buggy not running very well, the old maps cut out and hang almost every time. If all you want to do is the Old Republic stuff then you'll be fine. All in all quite dissapointing with Lucas Arts not planning on releasing any new updates. Tested it on 3 different computers with Vista and XP with various bugs in each.
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on January 13, 2015
I'm to old and couldn't play it
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on July 24, 2015
Can't do split screen or hook up a controller to it. We bought this game to be able to play together. Super disappointed.
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on January 19, 2013
I ordered this game and it came quick. I went to install the game and the first disk said battlefront 1 instead of 2 and then I tried to install it and when it told me to put in the second disk I did and it said catistrophic failure and crashed. I tried to do this multiple times. Maybe I just did something wrong but to me this game was a waste of 8 dollars
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on November 7, 2013
Not really my kind of game I found it difficult to use and didn't like the way it was controlled.
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on August 29, 2013
When i got a yellow package in my mail i was excited. But instead of the game i got a book. i gave 2 stars because it at least got delivered
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on November 12, 2005
I was debating between FEAR, Quake4, and this game. Bought this one because it was available at the time. Very disappointed in the gameplay. Nothing innovative. Feels like a 3-4 year old shooter. Even being able to play as various types from both trilogies wasn't enough to save this for me. The space battles were painfully repetitive, the ground battles were so-so, and the conquest mode was just plain dumb in its simplicity. Multi-player was enough for a little fun for a while. You will definitely get more bang for your buck almost anywhere else.
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