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on November 17, 2005
Well these things have been said over and over so I will spare the you the repititious "this is the sequel to the best selling star wars game" stuff that everyone feels so necassary to include in their reviews.

Instead let us get down to this game itself and not the series history as I'm sure many of you are well aware of.

Battlefront 2 is an epic title from the explosive opening to the "oh whys it have to be over" finish. Any fan of the first game will undoubtebly love this game, especially on xbox. Seriously, what fan of BF1 wouldn't get excited over 4 player split screen. thats my favorite addition for sure as I have many Battlefront buddies. The fact you can now play as jedi and sith is a brilliant addition and it works great. I loved the Episode III game for its playable jedi and awesome lightsaber action. I gotta say though, BF2 does the whole jedi thing much better. Now I'm not raggin on ROTS, I gave it 5 stars. But really, the addition of lightsaber weilding characters is not just a cheap gimick. Its done very well. Space combat is another great addition to the BF universe. And although its recieved tons of hype, it doesnt need a whole lot of explaining. you fight in space battles now such as the ones from episode 3 and 5. Its all great and feels like rogue squadron did on the n64...awesome. There is a storyline but seriously Im more into the action than a storyline. For some this will seem to be a big plus, and justifiably so, the story is handled very nicley too.

Graphicly BF2 is all that it can be on the xbox...wonderful. I liked BF1's graphics alot, and these are so much better. All the new weapons, ships, planets, characters, their all here, in mass proportion. This is truly the complete Star Wars action game. You've got Naboo, Tatoinne, Coruscant, Utapu, Fellucia, Mustafar, Dahgoba, may more. Play as Boba and Jango Fett, Obi-Wan, Mace, Anakin, Vader, Yoda, many more, including the trechorous bothan spy. You must get this game if your a fan of Star Wars or just searching for a great action title.

I hope this review was helpful to you and I gaurentee if you like Star Wars you will love this game.
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on November 25, 2005
(editors note: this review does not cover the multiplayer mode, and goes into needless detail about various minutiae, and is way too long. But it's more than you'll get anywhere else)

The original Battlefront was a good game, even a great game, for the true Star Wars fan. For the first time ever, you got to be a lowly grunt in the Star Wars epic, using your trusty blaster to make a difference. You weren't a specially trained commando, or a Jedi - you were some dude in a uniform, or in some cases, a droid. Battlefront should be credited with glorifying the poor saps that actually did 99% of the dirty work in the Clone Wars and the Rebellion, saps with names like Jans Hanotar, Omicron 643 and THX 113.

Battlefront II is less about the grunts, and more geared to the hero-worship that fuels the Star Wars universe. This isn't necessarily a bad thing - the new playable Jedi heroes, in addition to a slew of other changes from the original, make Battlefront II a significantly different, and better, game than its predecessor. And at its heart, it's still about the one Stormtrooper who made good against all odds...I mean, the one Stormtrooper that blasted a whole bunch of Rebels and retired to Coruscant.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics and sounds are markedly similar to the original, and that's all that needs to be written - still stellar, visually and audibly. That being said, here's my take on what's different elsewhere and what it means.

The Troops and Their Gear

As every other review no doubt relates, the four factions (The Clones, the CIS, The Imperials, and the Alliance) are back, and instead of five troop classes, we now have six with the addition of the new "commander" class, While the commander class is a significant addition, the bigger change here is the elimination of the pilot class from ground combat, which gives rise to the engineer class.

Anyone who loves close combat (and fusion cutters) will love the engineer class, pure and simple. Armed only with a shotgun (the odd `blast cannon' laser-shotguns from the original have been replaced by a very 20th-century combat shotty), the engineer can mow down the opposition with well-aimed fury, in addition to dispensing ammo and health to those that do not make fun of his fusion cutter and inability to automatically repair vehicles. He also gets remotely detonated explosives for those times when you absolutely have to blow something up from a distance.

The rest of the troops have minor changes to their gear. The sniper rifle is standardized across factions (two zooms, six rounds), and snipers now deploy `auto-turrets' (mostly harmless floating orbs equipped with a blaster) instead of recon droids. Recon droids, now the providence of the commander class, no longer call in orbital strikes, but instead blow themselves up. Keeping with the theme, Pandemic blew up the grenade/conscussion grenade/EMP grenade trio and has given combatants the thermal detonator, which is effective against man and machine alike. Additionally, snipers and heavy troops now only have two thermal detonators, while the regular infantry dude (not you, Super Battle Droid, not you) now gets four across the board.

The big loser here is the heavy (rocket) class, getting a big tune-down. His rocket launcher (which is standardized across factions) no longer homes or double loads, and the thing takes an awfully long time to reload. Still, it does the trick against densely packed groups of enemies and unwitting vehicles. Mines, one of my favorite toys from the original, sadly now come with safety lights. Yes, for thirty seconds after they're deployed, a mine shines a can't-miss red light so the enemy knows not to step on them. Since when did consumer advocate groups get into made-up ordinance? At least they still explode with a satisfying pop.

Since there's more emphasis this time around on down and dirty combat, the jet trooper class (Imperials and Clones) suffers. They get less armor, fewer grenades, and seem marginalized in the grand scheme of things. Their mobility advantage has been lessened by the "sprint" feature available to all classes, and the Dark Trooper has been given the awkward ARC Caster. While good in close versus large groups of foes, it's useless beyond close range, and a pain to charge. The Jet Trooper's EMP just ain't what it used to be, as well.

Finally, the all-new commander class is a bit scary. The Clone Commander comes equipped with a chain gun that, well, does what a chain gun might be expected to do. It shreds - Jedis, robots, your teammates that walk through the stream of ordinance. It is, however, ineffective against vehicles. The MagnaGuard, no longer wielding his force pike, now wields an EMP launcher and the hard-to-use-but-worth-it radiation launcher. If any one class is capable of hurling glowing ordinance all over the place, it's the MagnaGuard, who also has the weird ability to poison clones that get too close. The Imperial Officer has the rad launcher's deadly cousin, the grenade launcher, and a decent but none-too-awesome sonic blaster. Finally, the Bothan Spy has the special ability of going into stealth mode and releasing his deadly disintegrator (think flamethrower), but he has no long-range weaponry and looks like a hideous camel-human hybrid...George Lucas must have had a personal hand in his development.

The Jedi and Their Famous Friends

There's no need to go to heavily into this - the Jedi and other `hero' characters (i.e., Solo, Leia, Jango Fett) are available during Instant Action mode after enough points are scored, and in Galactic Conquest mode only if they are activated via a bonus.

The verdict? They rule. They rule with violence. Whether you get your kicks choking someone to death with Vader or lighting them ablaze with one of the Fetts, the Jedi/hero class is almost uniformly deadly and a blast to play (only one hero so far, Chewbacca, seemed pedestrian and not worth using).

They're not invincible, either - using a Jedi/hero forces the player into an accelerated mindset, because you light a fuse the moment you choose to become one. Kill to live, as it were - exciting and a great addition.

Planetary Destinations and the Exciting Vehicles You'll Find There

Much was made pre-release about two things: 1) many maps are re-used, and 2) every planet only has one map (with the exception of Tatooine). First off, many of the `re-used' maps have been altered, some radically - Geonosis is no longer the Geonosis of yesteryear, and Kashyyyk bears no resemblance to Battlefront's home of the Wookies. Two planets have disappeared together - Battlefront II won't let you duke it out on Bespin or Rhen Var. Alas.

But the volume of new maps is decent and the emphasis has shifted from epic scale to claustrophobia. Is this a good thing? Yes, if you like closer quarters. No, if you prefer hiking for two minutes just to get blasted by a Super Battle Droid. I prefer the new close-quarters action, especially Polis Massa and Mustafar, where hallways and rooms become off-the-wall explosion fests for you and your men.

Pandemic has toned down and smoothed out vehicular combat, and I think it works. Vehicles will still make the average grunt's life miserable, but they are no longer invincible juggernauts, offensively or defensively. In Battlefront, one of the most devastating things about virtually any vehicle was the `exploding laser' phenomenon - for example, an IFT-X could completely miss a group of droids with a laser blast, but the explosive nature of the laser would area-effect kill them. In Battlefront II, the exploding laser has been excised.

Also, engineers (formerly the pilots) do not automatically repair their rides without an earned award, making on-the-fly fusion cutter repairs a necessity for any vehicle jockey. Furthermore, the vulnerability of the vehicles has increased - as stated before, little old grenades now do appreciable damage, and mines, det packs and timebombs are all ready to rip holes in your AT-ST. Finally, all vehicles now have a "critical point" or weak point that a grenade or rocket will cause massive damage should it connect - the damage from a critical point rocket approaches 33%, no small change when AT-ATs or AT-TEs are concerned.

Also note that aircraft are no longer included in maps, with the exception of the Snowspeeder during the Hoth battle. Aspiring Snowspeeder pilots take heed - one blast from an AT-AT will knock your craft out of the sky.


I've read reviews faintly praising space combat and some heavily criticizing it. I'll do neither - it's pretty awesome when you get used to it, and even better when you view it as it should be viewed, a break from ground combat. It's a chance to get your TIE Bomber on, a chance to use time bombs as they were meant to be used, a chance to take a 3,720 to 1 chance of taking out an Imperial Star Destroyer by yourself.

Space combat needs work before it becomes great, but much like the nuanced ground combat (i.e., do I want to be a sniper? A grunt? A Jedi? Should I build a turret?), space combat gives you a multitude of fun options. Do you want to dogfight and do nothing else? Go ahead. Or maybe man a turret and try to down starfighters? Be our guest. Or perhaps bomb the crap out of the enemy frigates and capital ship? Indulge! How about taking a shuttle and five other troops and trying to create havoc inside the enemy ship? Rock on with your bad self!

Or better yet, do a little of each within one battle.

The Nuts and Bolts - Gameplay and Control

Little has changed in control since Battlefront, and this is good. The little that has been altered makes a noticeable difference, though - weapons overheating and a "stamina bar" that governs your ability to do combat rolls and sprint.

Previously, pistols and vehicle blasters would "max out" and take a fixed time to recharge or become active again. Now, they overheat. While the dynamic is similar, it takes forever for an overheated weapon to cool off, forcing the player to really keep an eye on weapon heat or suffer 10-15 seconds without the weapon.

The stamina bar is a cruel mistress. Once you start sprinting, you don't want to stop. But your trooper will get tired if you push them too hard, and being slow means being vulnerable. The player needs to plan ahead how to use stamina effectively, meting it out between sprints and combat rolls and saving some for crisis situations. Having a little gas in the tank to avoid a thermal detonator is the difference between life and respawning.

This time around, telling an AI trooper to follow you will actually cause an AI trooper to follow you. This can be a useful tactic once the "General" rank is reached, as you can assemble a small posse of troops and attack and defend as you please. Your squad mates will generally shoot at immediate threats, take cover, and basically take blasts for you, a huge improvement over the lackadaisical AI squad mates from the first game.

Curiously missing this time around are lying prone (kind of neat for snipers) and on-the-fly in-cockpit views for vehicles smaller than an AT-TE.

Awards for Valor, Stats for Tracking

Another nice addition to Battlefront II is the stat tracking dynamic. Not only do you get to follow your crucial death-to-kill ratio, but you earn medals for glorious achievements. Not only does this appeal to the hardcore gamer's deep need for accomplishment, but you actually get things once you accrue enough medals.

For example, the "regulator" medal is given when a player gets nine shotgun kills in one life. Once you earn the medal four times, you get an upgraded shotgun every subsequent time you get the medal. Earn the medal enough times, and the standard to get the better shotgun drops from nine to six kills. Earn even more medals, and you automatically start the game with the upgraded shotgun.

It's a clever reward device that for some reason has me trying like hell to get all the automatic medals. Why? I don't know. But if you like that sort of thing, and I suspect a lot of gamers do, the earned rewards are stylin'.


In terms of Instant Action, Battlefront II still has the tried and true Conquest mode, which involves slugging it out for command posts. On selected maps (generally space) we get Assault, which awards points for kills, and most maps support Capture the Flag, which isn't my cup of tea, but there it is.

Finally, for a surprising challenge/offbeat fun, there's Hunt mode. Some hunts are fairly lame, but some stand out as insanely fun/difficult: for a wampa good time, try the hairy beasts out versus the Rebels on Hoth. It's hard to get tired of whacking the crap out of Wookies with a good wampa. For a frustrating experience, take the Scout Troopers out against the vicious Ewoks on Endor. Those rocks and pointy sticks hurt, man!

Galactic Conquest is nicely revamped and actually makes sense now. Capture planets, buy upgrades, duke it out in space - Galactic Conquest is solid and engrossing.

The only real letdown here is the Rise of the Empire, starring the 501st Legion. The missions are simplistic and occasionally frustratingly difficult - you always have a finite reinforcement pool, while the enemy has an infinite amount of reinforcements. It's nice to have a "from Episode I to V" story arc, but you get the sense that the narrator is the only member of the 501st to have survived from the unit's inception. That must be one lonely clone.

Wrapping Up

The action is frantic, the options are many, and this is just the singleplayer version. If you liked the first Battlefront, Battlefront II is a must-have. If you missed the first one, give this a test drive: good, mindless Star Wars fun. Probably even better on-line, where you can find out if trash-talking 13 year olds pwn you or you pwn trash-talking 13 year olds.
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on November 2, 2005
okay, i wrote a review for the first battlefront a while back and it was a negative one, but... on november 1st when i got the revenge of the sith dvd i tried out the 2 demo levels of battlefront 2 and i have to say i was hooked ! the gameplay was richer and the controls were so looks like they learned their lesson from the first one about the control issues.. i went out and bought a copy and i liked what ive been seeing..the graphics are improved the locations are updated you can fight on mustafar, utapah, the rebel blockade runner (tantive IV) and various star wars locations..and i especially liked fighting on dagobah, and then theres my favorite taking on the coridors of the death star !! lots of fun...

the space combat is a great addition to the gameplay the dogfights are detailed and fast..the way they should be.. and playing as a jedi is well as vader would say.."most impressive"

and the ability to jump into any vehicle is always fun ..

to sum it up.. although i was not a fan of the first battlefront i like the second looks like they actually took their time with one...the single player mode(where you play a trooper in Darth vader's elite 501st unit) is challenging and worth it..if your not into online gameing like myself..

you know..the new x box 360 system gets released in a few weeks, and this game would have been a great launch title for that system it could have been the first next gen star wars game! but if you get the 360, and u dont like any of the games that are on the release day pick up a copy of battlefront 2 its compatible with the 360 since it plays regular x box games as well...

my only gripe is that they still have the clunky camera angles in some areas but it can be overlooked perhaps it will be fixed on battlefront 3 but overall, this is a fun game and if you are a star wars fan you owe it to yourself to pick this up...
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on December 30, 2005

I have played few star wars games. As a big fan of the movie, I expect much from the few I've played. The Phamtom Menace was boring, lacked sequence, fustrating. The Knights of The old rebuplic series was confusing. And now comes battlefront. Battlefront was the first star wars game I actually enjoyed. Even my sister could play along with me and take down a few droids with her. When Battlefront 2 came out, I was hyped to get it as soon as posible. Was I disappointed? Let's see!



They are definately better than the first. I'm not saying that the first BF (battlefront) was bad but this one is better. Note: if you dispised the graphics of the first battlefront, then don't expect to much a difference. The First BF graphics were already great!


Some of the Earth and Lava features look chunky in mustafar. I don't really care though. I'm just trying to be picky.


In Battlefront 2, there is a mission-objective type battle in Rise of The Empire-the story mode. In the BF1 campaign, there was just pointless battles on different planets. Why not just battle in Instant Action? It would be the exact same thing. But in Battlefront 2, there are missions so there is something different.


Sometimes the mission objective modes can get a little confusing and fustrating. I'm not saying the missions are bad, its just that sometimes, you get the feeling that they get impossible.


There are many new planets in Battlefront 2, such as Coruscant, Mustafar, Utapau and many more! And rather than just planets that are from only the original trilogy (episodes 4,5,6), there are planets from every episodes.


some planets that i loved like Bespin, the Tatooine desert, Rhen Varr were not included. And, i don't think any other planet in Battlefront 2 can replace my love for Bespin Platforms

(except for maybe Utapau).


for the first time, there are heroes and villians that are playable in battlefront. The reason I don't like other Jedi games is because playing as jedis get old real fast! But in battlefront 2, there is a variety from infantry, to jedis!


You cannot heal yourself unless you kill many enemies. (unless you do mos eisly assualt mode)


There are many new classes for soldiers such as the Republic clone commanders with there chain gun, CIS magna guard with some purple-bomb-shooting thing. Imperial officers with their geonosiam type air wave pistol and a motar launchers. Rebel Bothan spies with a gun that shoots grey-fire-type-thingy mabob.


The magna guards don't have electro staffs like in episode III. oh well.


Space is one of the main things that are really important that make Battlefront 2 better than Battlefront 1. Isn't in kind of clumsy not to include space battles like in battlefront 1? Battlefront 2 fixes that problem.


space battles can be fustrating because the controls could be difficult to learn. There is also the fact that the makers of battlefront 2 (lucas arts) put too much effort into space battles like putting space over mygeeto, or space tatooine. They could replace all those misculaneous space battles with Bespin platforms, or Rhen Varr maps.


The controls are kind of the same as Battlefront 1.


The reload button is the down directional button, meaning that the squad commands are reduced to just "cover my back". and when you say that command, It sounds nothin like the voice of jango fett. thats kind of it.


I haven't played galactic conquest yet so i can't tell you anything. Many other reviewers say it is nothin like battlefront 1 galactic conquest.

The demo for this game is very bad. I know that the aiming circle is not in the middle. But don't worry. Battlefront 2 is like any first/third person shooter except better!

I hope I hope i have helped you with your shopping dicision.

May the force be with you! Always...

* * * * * * * * * *

see you later alligator (no offense, just trying to rhyme)
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on November 10, 2005
Starwars Battle Front II is a great game and any slight starwars fan would have no doubt about buying this game. On this game when you play campaign, Rise of the Empire, you start off as a Clone Trooper with your squad called the "501st" you battle just as you would in the movies. And instead of just taking over command posts and killing your enemys, like on the original Battle Front, the enemy has unlimited reinforcements so you better be quick because you only have a limited amount of troops and you now have objectives to do. Later in the game you turn into the Empire instead of the Clone Troopers.

This game is almost like the first one, except now you can take the battle to space! To win space battles grab anything you can, a fighter, a bomber, or a transport ship, just get over to that enemy star destroyer and do anything you can to get rid of your enemy. You can either bomb the star destroyer from the outside or go inside and destroy anything you can by blowing it up. If you take a transport ship and land it in the enemy hanger that transport is a spawn point untill it is destroyed.

On the battle field you have an opertunity to become a hero: Yoda, Obi Wan, Mace Windu, Darth Vader ect. Your hero does not last forever so you need to take advantage of the time you have by taking over highly guarded command posts or just wipeing

out the enemy. Your hero has a time limit that goes down slowly, but when you get hit it takes a portion out of the amount of time you can use your hero, and when you kill an enemy a portion is gained. All heros have a second attack besides their light sabers, some have force lightning, others have force push, or force choke, and all the heros, equiped with a light saber, can throw their light sabers. The jedi heros can run very fast if sprinting, which is very usefull if you need to get somewhere quickly, and don't have a vehicle.

Most of the weapons are still the same and there are new kinds of people you can be. Now instead of a reacon droid that your sniper or scout had before, they now have an auto turret, which is very cool and usefull when you need an extra gun or just somthing to guard a command post. The only small and very slight thing that disapointed me about this game is that you only can use flying vehicles in space and the planet Hoth, and that pretty much ruined Geonosis, But overall this game is still an easy five stars! There is no reason to rent this game just buy it because you'll be playing it by yourself and with friends all the time!
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on September 9, 2008
I was really hesitant to get this game after playing "Battlefront I". However, I got a good recommendation for it and praise that it was far superior to the first. That's pretty much exactly what I wanted to hear. "Battlefront I" is really cool in concept, but it was lacking a ton. Co-op was practically useless, too fast, and virtually no story. It was just boring! Luckily just about all these misgivings I had for "Battlefront I" were fixed in "Battlefront II".

I'm personally more into co-op based games than the online multiplayer scenarios and when it came to purchasing "Battlefront I" I felt like they forgot about the fans that play co-op. Not so with "Battlefront II". My friend and I spent quite a long time playing through this games campaign setting. It was absolutely awesome! Not to mention quite challenging at times. Basically you play as part of an elite squad of Storm Troopers called the 501st. You go with them on their campaigns as the growing empire sends them out to squash dissidents. It starts off around where "Episode III" leaves off and brings you into parts of "The Empire Strikes Back". It's really interesting because you get to see where the empire started to make a decisive stranglehold on the various systems we're all familiar with. My favorite part was being able to participate in the battle at Hoth from "The Empire Strikes Back". Yes! You get to drive an AT-AT, one of my favorite weapons of the Empire! My only disappointment is that I could not fly a Star Destroyer... although I imagine that would be clunky and I would've crashed it into all kinds of things... like planets.

Anyway, the missions are pretty fun to play. They're almost way too chaotic at times though. You have defined goals and points to conquer in each mission area and you have to complete all of them in order to move onto the next mission. So in mission one you could be asked to defend a location and they have a marker there for you to stand next to. When you succeed at that objective you get more orders to complete another task and so on until that particular mission/campaign is completed. In most cases you have a finite number of troops so if you keep dying and have to keep using bodies you will fail the mission. Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty fun. Usually at the start of any new area you're pretty confused until you map it out in your head what you're supposed to do and where you're supposed to go. One mission that was especially confusing was when you play the part in "A New Hope" as Darth Vader's storm troopers board Leia's ship. At the end you're supposed to find Leia, but there's no marker and enemies respawn infinitely, so my friend and I were insanely confused on that level for a little while. It was really fun to play as Darth Vader though. Anyway, aside from intense amounts of chaos it was really fun and the maps you get to explore are huge!

Now judging by my rating you can see there were some things that I didn't like about the game. The chaotic factor in the battles can get to you after a while, but I think that's a pretty realistic feature, so my gripe really isn't with that. The worst part of this was the space battles. Luckily it gives you the option to skip these, but I would have preferred not to, honestly. The space battles are simply the most confusing thing I've ever come across! They're absolutely insane and I found the ships fairly hard to control. I could rarely figure out where I was going half the time. Maybe I just have a natural aversion to flight simulator styled games, but I was very lost on these. For another perspective, my friend who actually does like flying games hated this part of the game too. He also got lost and incredibly confused, so I guess it doesn't work like other games of this nature. Other than that the only things I wish I had access to were more character options and more access to force powers when playing a Jedi. They do give you some options to play as different storm troopers, but I think it would've been cool to have the option to play as various aliens and so forth. Maybe the game was already too big with what little they had so they had to limit it.

Anyway, as you can see this is far superior to "Battlefront I". If you're thinking about getting a Star Wars game like this, definitely get this one. You won't be disappointed and if there are parts of the campaign you don't want to do the game allows you to skip them without it hindering your ability to complete the full campaign sequence. Of course if you skip it you don't get to see the story or cinematic sequences for that level. This is also really fun because you play entirely from the Dark Side! If you really liked that part of Star Wars you'll love this. All hail the Empire!

Overall Rating: 3.3 out of 5
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on November 13, 2005
Most people have covered what it is I have to say but there are things I would like to mention. First of all the air vehicle combat has been made much better with tighter controls, when you combined this with space battles the fun is outrageous. The revamped story mode is well done and surprisingly by the end I cared about every character in my company even though they were all genetically the same. There was one thing that scared me immensely about this title and that was the ability to play as heroes. However my fear turned out to be misplaced since heroes are no longer the mortal gods they once were. Heroes are now fun to play as and more powerful than regular troops but while playing as them you can not earn rewards from medals, you can not heal normally only slaying an enemy recovers health, and like everyone else your only one rocket away from the end. All in all this game is great and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the original game, star wars, and for all those like me who suck at halo.
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on May 20, 2006
This is really one of the best star wars games out there, really. I bought this after buying the 1st one because I really liked it. Im glad that I did! It has features that the first didn't have, like you can now play as a jedi, VERY FUN!

Also now, in the instant action you can play fun games such as the capture the flag and assault which is where to win you destroy the other teams droids and such to win. One of my favorite games is capture the flag on geonosis, you should play it to get used to ctf. So now the instant action is more than just capturing command posts.

You remember how in the first battlefront the campaign was the same as the instant action only in order? Well now there are objectives you have to fufill, like for instance, "Destroy the shield thing that is protecting the droid army." Like that.

Couple annoying things though, if in a movie in a battle a certain side wins, like the battle of Endor the rebels win, it is really hard to win if you are playing as the empire, and on Hoth it is really hard to win as the rebels. Very irritating to just capture a command post and suddenly the minute after you leave the other side suddenly captures really quickly, irksome. That is probably the only complaint I have against the game.

Also, as you have probably heard, you can now play in space. I feel that space is fun, but more fun playing it in the campaign where you have objectives to carry out. There are great vehicles in space you can use such as the X-wing and the TIE fighter.

This game has a much better conquest game than the first. In this one it feels more as if you are in control of the army because you can buy weapons, turrents and different soldier classes. It can get a little hard, but it is still fun.


Great Graphics

Jedi game play

New game modes like CTF and assault

Easy to learn controls

In the campaign you get to do such fun things seen in the movies such as carry out order 66

Wonderful space battles


Too easy for certain sides to win in certain games

Well, I have a couple tips for you, if having trouble getting used to playing as a jedi, play at mos eisley in assault, that is all jedis and other hero people. Also if the space controls are hard for you to use, go to the instant action play a space battle and practice just flying around and shooting at things.

I hope you plan on buying this game for it is one of the best I have played for X-box. However I must remind you that the majority of the game is conquest based with capturing command posts, so if you are looking for a Halo wannabe, go somewhere else.

Have fun Star wars fans!

(PS this game is more fun for people that are fans of the movies)
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VINE VOICEon November 13, 2005
This game series is simply, hands down, the most entertaining game series I have ever played -- with a caveat -- to get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of these games, you *must* play it in multi-player mode.

I have never had more fun playing a video game, than I have when this game (or its predecessor) with a buddy or two in either split-screen or system link mode. Although I wouldn't recommend playing over X-Box Live, due to all of the racist, sexist, screaming, lamers on that service -- but I guess if you do so without the headset, then you are okay.

Improvements over the last game, which I love:

- Multiple game modes! You can now play capture the flag (1 and 2 flag versions), assault, and a new type of mode, called "hunt." Hunt is basically the local, indigenous species, versus a human team. So: Ewoks vs. humans, Gungans vs. humans, Hoth Ice Creatures vs. humans, etc. It is a lot of fun.

- More than 2 players in split screen mode! You can have up to 4 players in split screen mode now. This was really needed in the last game, and I am glad to see they added it.

- Better balance! They have balanced all of the player classes against each other better. The basic solider class is now less powerful (their blasters don't shoot as long, or in a straight line as long, when constantly firing) -- Engineers (the old "pilot class" in the last game) now have a shotgun, instead of that stupid scatter gun, and they now have explosives they can use -- making them an actual, playable, class on the ground.

- More levels! That is always a bonus, but they have also better balanced the levels, to support the new game play modes -- which is cool.

- Player awards! You can now earn rank in your profile (allowing you to command other troops -- up to 4, once you reach general), and you can earn medals while playing and doing well, that grant you special bonuses (such as increased damage from your attacks, or increased weapon recharge rates, etc.).

- An actual single player mode, with an actual story! Enough said, although ... I would prefer to play the "good guys" over the bad guys ... but I digress.

- New and improved Conquest mode! The new layers in strategy and overall game play for the conquest mode, make it much more enjoyable.

- Intelligent AI! The AI of your allies is much less idiotic (although they do still get stuck in corners, etc.), and allows you to control up to 4 other AI soldiers which will follow you around like wingmen -- MUCH better than the "follow me" command from the last game, which would grab your AI compatriots attention for about 15 strides, and then they would get distracted again. In the new mode, they will stay with you and follow your lead, until you die or they die, or you release them.

- Space combat! There are now game modes, and encounters that exist only in space. You can choose to play as a "space marine" and just board an enemy ship, and blow it up from the inside, or you can man a turret on your own ship, and just shoot at enemy ships and their fighters. But, if you have the knack for flying, the space fighter combat as a pilot, is where it is really at.

I highly recommend this game. It may not be a Halo (but you can play it in first person mode, if you so prefer) -- but then again, even Halo fans, I have spoken to, weren't all that fond of number 2, while every Battlefront fan I have spoken to, has *loved* the sequel to the original.
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on May 29, 2016
This had to be the best party game of the day along with Halo and Halo 2. I was 10 when it came out and I loved every second. The new Star Wars Battlefront reboot thing EA did made me pretty disappointed, it has some good ideas, but I like not needing rank to have guns or perks. It made the game too much like CoD or Battlefield. I like having the same weapon choices but completely aesthetic armor choices that make you look different from the other guy. That's why Halo Reach felt like the perfect combination to me. I still play and I play team swat or team snipers. Everyone gets the same weapons, different armor. If EA makes a game like that but included all of the Star Wars years, it would be a smash hit. Even just Halo 3, one of the all time top selling games has armor customize but you all get the same weapons. The more you leveled up it didn't really matter, it just meant you were experienced.
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