Customer Reviews: Star Wars the Clone Wars: Republic Heroes - Nintendo Wii
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on June 9, 2010
I just wanted to add this review for any mom's of young Star Wars/Clone Wars fans. My 6 year old son LOVES anything to do with Star Wars. We got a WII for Christmas and started with the Lego Star Wars game. He loved that and I would highly recommend that. Unfortunately, he kept seeing commercials for other games that looked more like his favorite show, Clone Wars, and he wanted us to buy this one. We finally got it for him but I was very nervous because of the Teen rating. My 6 year old is our oldest and I am not wanting to get into all kinds of violence, gore, or inappropriate attitudes. Before buying it I was never able to find a review that spoke to content and that is why I am posting this.

This game does not show ANY blood or gore. When the droids are destroyed they just fall apart or short out and the guys/people grunt and fall over. We were o.k. with that. I am a big fan of this game because the it is very close to the Clone Wars series on TV and he really enjoys how he gets to use the remote. He can use it like a lightsaber (if he is a jedi) or gun (if he is playing as a clone trooper). He especially likes being able to swish his lightsaber with the flick of his hand rather than pushing a button like on Lego Star Wars. He also loves being able to switch between his favorite "good guys". So far there has not been anything that I felt was inappropriate for him. Either language, attitude, or excessive violence. It has more difficulty in problem solving but you can select a "padawan" or "master" mode to play in (padawan=easy or master=more difficult). A bonus for mom's in the game is there's virtually no consequences to dying so that lowers the frustration level for a young player. Also, Yoda will talk periodically through the levels giving direction on what the player should do. That was great for my son who is just learning to read. All in all, if you are o.k. with the Clone Wars shows on TV, this game is very much in line with it and your little guy (or girl) should enjoy it.

I WILL update this review if I find the content of the game changes as he moves through the levels. But for the first few levels, I have been very happy.
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on October 11, 2009
Star Wars the Clone Wars Republic Heroes is a fun game, but there are downsides. The great thing I liked was the story line, it's smooth and you play different characters in each chapter. There are three main settings, eight Jedi, and the Clones. You play as whatever the Wii had originally decided, meaning that if the chapter is directed towards the Clones' viewpoint, you play as the clone. It's a two player game with drop in and out features. I'd recommend this game for older kids or teens. It's simple enough for ten year olds, but not complex enough for seventeen year olds. The game play is fun, there are multiple combos you can achieve when fighting. Also, after you finish a particle section/ chapter of the game you can go back and play as any Jedi or Clone you've previously unlocked.
The problem with this game is the camera angle. As mentioned before, the graphics are the same as in the movie and T.V show, however you don't have any camera angles. It felt a lot like the on line "Path of the Jedi," camera angles. The packaging showed multiple angles, but this is false. It can be hard to jump, but you just need to look for a little blueish dot of where you could possibly jump and hope for the best.
Overall this game is fun, but is quick and the graphics aren't the best. I would still recommend it for Star Wars the Clone Wars fans, the storyline is best!
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on October 6, 2009
This game has to be one of the best star wars games for the wii ever created. Not only can you be a Jedi and beat up guys with a lightsaber, but you can also become a clone trooper and shoot bad guys with your blaster. This new dimension in star wars gaming really really gives it an edge over other star wars games.

Pros of being a Jedi
-it really uses the wii motion controls making you feel like you really are anikin or obi-wan
-you can tour around the Jedi temple and take part in various training exercises
-you are very powerfull, some enemies you can defeat with one upper cut stroke of your lightsaber

Cons of being a Jedi
-Your arms really start to get sore after a while so you can really only play this game an hour a time

Pros of being a clone
-It is very much like other shooting games except you can play in third person or first person
-It is fun shooting droids on the wii for the first time

Cons of being a clone
-It does not implament the wii controls vey much all you do is point the wii remote and shoot.

The other aspects of the game are great too. The graphics are very crisp and the plot is a good branch off the second star wars movie. All and all this is a superb game and any true star wars fan should buy it
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on December 17, 2011
Nothing says "rush to production" like an unplayable game. This thing has so many glitches that I have to wonder whether LucasArts simply laid off its QA staff before releasing this piece of dog squeeze.

On the plus side, the characters in it are at least recognizable. And the graphics aren't horrible.

But then we get into the gameplay. Or lack thereof.

If you're planning to make your character move, you'd better be pretty skilled in the Force, because that's what it's gonna take to figure out just which combination of moves you'll need to walk to the place you want to be. And jumping? Fuhgeddaboudit! Sometimes you'll get a handy little icon that shows where you'll land, but other times, you're left to trial and error to figure out just how far to jump in order to land on a platform or other surface. Most times, you simply fall to your death.

The in-game instructions are where this game really fails. My son and I were trying to take down a large droid that keeps trying to stomp on you. When it gets its foot stuck, Yoda comes on to interrupt your game with some "helpful" instructions. EVERY FREAKIN' TIME! And there's no way to turn off the in-game instructions. I'm not positive, but I think that if you keep at it long enough, the game eventually takes pity on you and lets you move to the next level.

Bottom line: The marginal entertainment this game offers will never make up for the hours of frustration you experience with it.

Grade: F+
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on October 15, 2009
I am generally excited when a game related to Star Wars because they generally do not make too many sci-fantasy games like this anymore. The market is flooded with Shooters

I played the Wii version of this game.
This game had a GREAT idea... but missed the mark by a mile. For one, the controls are slightly jerky, and often times confusing. As a Jedi, you will find yourself squinting your eyes at what youre trying to look at. Another common thing is jumping off the stage.

More Often than not, they give you a hint to where to go, but you cannot really see where youre going, or what your supposed to do. Sometimes what youre supposed to do is clear as day, but the camera angle is so bad, youll find yourself jumping off a cliff.

Death, in this game, is more or less a temporary annoyance since you constantly will jump off a cliff, then be revived.

Being a storm trooper is slightly fun, but it is more (or less) a kiddie version of Gears of War.

This game is obviously geared towards little kids, so I probably should have no reason to have played it, or watch the show for that matter. This is fine for younglings, but misses the mark if you've played good games.
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on December 12, 2012
Bought this for the PC as well and found it nearly impossible to play unless you have a controller.

Then bought this for our Wii and my daughter and I really enjoye this game together. Very much follows the clone wars animated series. Not too dificult and simple fun. Much like Lego star wars.
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on November 13, 2009
This review is actually courtesy of my 13 year-old son... He's had other Star Wars games, and he found the story to be too short in this one. He said it needed more weapons and more people. He did enjoy it until the story ended (a couple of days after starting the game), but after that he lost interest. Save your money; if you really want to play this game, wait and buy it used.
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on November 30, 2015
The gameplay isn't all too great with this game. The plot it nice, but it's difficult to learn and equally difficult to navigate. I would recommend it more for someone under 12 than for an adult for sure.
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on December 31, 2009
Bought this b/c it was on sale and my middle son really likes SW - CW. He's 6 and I think the controls are v. awkward for me and my 11 yo and for a 6 yo nearly impossible. Frustrating game play with little skill involved for the most part, then boss battles where the continual clues are NOT helpful. I would not recommend this game at current prices, maybe for $5 or less for video sequences in the game for fans.

I generally have found Wii control games to be fairly intuitive and even fun. This was definitely not. Haven't tried yet in 2 player mode, maybe that will be easier.

Ultimately, this feels like a cop out that is capitalizing (obviously) on the name brand. Kinda sad as I had hoped for more. I'll be sure to read reviews more carefully in the future for these things.
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on January 16, 2015
I got this for my boys (12 & 16 years old) who were convinced that their friends had cooler game consoles and they too needed an upgrade. But after playing this game, they realized they didn't need a new console, they just needed a bit of variety in their games. Thank you!
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