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on September 19, 2011
This is a genuine review. One that I refused to write until I watched all 6 blu-ray movies (with my girlfriend -- more on that later), all deleted scenes, listened to 8 of the 12 commentaries and sampled the other 4. In other words, this review is -- unlike so many 1 star reviews written prior to the release of this collection that were based on rumors and the person doing the critique's imagination -- REAL.

All changes and alterations will be noted, for better or for worse, so you can decide if this collection is for you. Also, for the alterations/changes, I'm adding THE GIRLFRIEND TEST (she likes the movies, but never "loved" them) and THE FANBOY TEST (I have seen all 3 sequels at least a hundred times and the prequels at least 15 times each). Now - onto the reviews ...


I debated going in the order the series was filmed, but I've never watched them in chronological order so figured I'd take a chance. The Phantom Menace has went from a beloved Star Wars' film in most fanboy eyes ("Not as good as A New Hope and Empire, but better than Return of the Jedi" was the common refrain) to the most hated of the prequels. The movie definitely isn't all that it could be. It isn't even close. But it has the best lightsaber battle of the trilogy, an awesome opening sequence, and WAY less Jar Jar than you remember (it's just that he's so SHRILL whenever he appears). It's also the only Star Wars' prequel that FEELS like Star Wars. It has plenty of real sets and is structured much like the original 3.

The Movie Itself: 7 out of 10

PHANTOM MENACE Picture Quality:

The picture quality of The Phantom Menace is the worst of the bunch. It's filled with TONS of annoying Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) leading to a LOT of clayface. And even with that, the digital FX are still much sharper than the filmed shots of actors (this was the last Star Wars' film to actually be shot on film), which leads to the actors oftentimes looking out-of-focus or "blurred" when compared to their annoying digital counterparts. This one still needs a lot of work, and I'm sure that was what George intended -- as he wants to sell us this set all over again in 7-10 years. In 3D.

Picture Quality: 6 out of 10 (still WAY better than the DVD)


The sound in the film is INCREDIBLE. It is some of the best surround sound ever produced on blu-ray. It genuinely sounds better than the the theatrical version. The Pod Race is, in my opinion, the best sounding segment of film ever put on a blu-ray disc.

Sound Quality: 10 out of 10

PHANTOM MENACE 2011 changes:

The horrible cross-eyed, stoned looking Yoda puppet has been changed to CG.

THE GIRLFRIEND TEST: Yes, she noticed. Yes, she liked it better.
THE FANBOY TEST: Yes, I noticed. Yes, I liked it better.

The HORRIBLE FX when Obi and Qui run away from the droid destroyers down the hall where you could see THROUGH them (Obi and Qui) is removed.

THE GIRLFRIEND TEST: No, she didn't notice. Yes, when compared to the DVD she liked it better.
THE FANBOY TEST: No contest. It is a GREAT improvement.


Attack of the Clones has always been -- prior to this blu-ray release -- my least favorite of the 6 movies in the saga. This release won me over. The movie is the best paced of the prequel trilogy and second to Empire Strikes Back in pacing, overall. The downfall is the HIDEOUS "romantic" dialogue between Anakin and Padme. What a load of garbage. It's still as laughable and as intolerable as it was at the midnight screening a decade ago. Fortunately, the rest of the movie holds up very well. This is the best directing Lucas has done since A New Hope (aside from his poor direction of actors). It moves at a brisk pace and keeps the viewer involved from start to finish.

The Movie Itself: 8 out of 10


Sadly, the movie suffers from the same DNR as Phantom Menace. As it was shot digitally, it isn't as glaring, but there are a few moments of waxy-face that are nearly intolerable. On the other hand, the CG in the movie has never looked better. The end battle (which is essentially one big cartoon) has some breathtaking moments.

Picture Quality: 7 out of 10


Incredible. Amazing. Ear-shatteringly awesome! Every bit as great as Phantom Menace. If TPM and AoTC lived up to their soundtracks, they'd be the best movies ever!

Sound Quality: 10 out of 10


Anakin hears junk (such as his mother) while he's dreaming -- indicating it's a terrifying dream, instead of a wet one.

THE GIRLFRIEND TEST: No, she didn't notice. No, she didn't care.
THE FANBOY TEST: I noticed something was different, but not exactly what (which led me to look it up). It did make the scene slightly less humiliating to watch.


Revenge of the Sith is a bleak film. If you're a diehard fan, it comes close to being traumatic. Lucas didn't sell this one short. Not at all. Sure, it should have been at least 3 hours and expanded further on Anakin's change to the Dark Side. That said -- the Emperor thought he could change Luke in a matter of seconds in Return of the Jedi. So at least it makes a bit more of an effort. The opening space battle is incredible. The banter from the original trilogy is back and nearly lives up to its predecessors. This is a very good movie. It still suffers from some of the inane "romantic" dialogue between Anakin and his lover, but Star Wars' fans have learned to deal with some cheesiness. Honestly -- no SW film, like no pizza (at least no good pizza), is without cheese -- not even Empire.

The Movie Itself: 10 out of 10

REVENGE OF THE SITH Picture Quality:

Unlike the first 2 DNR destroyed prequels, Revenge of the Sith looks GREAT! As a matter of fact, it's the best looking of all 6 films. The opening space battle is right up there with Avatar and Planet Earth as the best looking thing you'll ever see on blu-ray. This movie is, visually, reference quality. If you're proud of your set up and don't own this film, you no longer have a reason to be proud.

Picture Quality: 10 out of 10


I guess -- if you're a Star Wars' fan -- you can't have it all. This mix is muddled and doesn't sound nearly as good as the other 5. Still -- they set a very high standard and RoTS definitely impressive.

Sound Quality: 8 out of 10


I noticed none.

A NEW HOPE Review:

What can be said that hasn't been said already? A New Hope introduced us to this crazy universe. It was like nothing we had ever seen. It was Flash Gordon for a new generation. It was pure amazement. It literally defined the word "entertainment" and, because of that, lines of geeks and non-geeks surrounded every theater playing the film. Aside from the dated 70s looking computers (which is a change I wish George Lucas WOULD make) and a few clunky lines from the actors (mainly Mark Hammill), the movie is pure perfection.

The Movie Itself: 10 out of 10

A NEW HOPE Picture Quality:

There's quite a bit of DNR toward the beginning -- especially on Princess Leia's face, but it lessens throughout. There's also some terrible dirt during the Tatooine scenes and a few blurry looking shots. That said, the film looks GOOD. Almost too good. Better than I thought I'd ever see a movie this dated appear.

Picture Quality: 9 out of 10

A NEW HOPE Sound Quality:

Picks up right where Attack of the Clones left off (Sith was a misfire). The sound is so tremendous, you'll have trouble believing this movie was released in 1977. It sounds better than 99.9999999999% of movies released today!

Sound Quality: 10 out of 10

A NEW HOPE 2011 Changes:

R2 hides behinds some CG rocks that look pretty real.

THE GIRLFRIEND TEST: No, she didn't notice. No, she didn't care.
THE FANBOY TEST: I noticed and didn't care until the rocks suddenly vanished. Sorta lazy, Lucas.

Luke's lightsaber is color corrected during his training.

THE GIRLFRIEND TEST: No, she didn't notice. No, she didn't care.
THE FANBOY TEST: I noticed (because I was LOOKING for it) and was happy Lucas corrected the error.


As a fan of film and a fan of "event" films, I believe Empire Strikes Back to be the BEST event film ever made (along with Raiders of the Lost Ark). It is absolutely perfect, from beginning to end and, frankly, my favorite movie of all time. 'Nuff said.

The Movie Itself: 10 out of 10


Best it's ever looked. Yes, there's some grain in the scenes on Hoth, but at least the scenes on Hoth are WHITE again -- instead of blue! Not quite reference quality, but VERY close.

Picture Quality: 9 out of 10


Let me just repeat what I said for the other ones and double it: Incredible. Amazing. Ear-shatteringly awesome! Wait 'til Han flies you into the asteroid field!

Sound Quality: 10 out of 10


Can't see the puppeteer's hand on the Wampa anymore.

THE GIRLFRIEND TEST: No, she didn't notice. No, she didn't care.
THE FANBOY TEST: I noticed because I read about it and I didn't really care.

The whole scene in Cloud City with Chewie retrieving 3PO has been color corrected and sparks have been added.

THE GIRLFRIEND TEST: No, she didn't notice. Yes, she cared a little bit when I compared the two.
THE FANBOY TEST: I noticed and cared. It looks a LOT better, now.


This is the suckiest of the original 3 films. In a lot of ways, this is the worst Star Wars' film ever made. Yes, there is an awesome puppet creation in Jabba the Hutt, but it also has teddy-bears destroying the Empire. It's ridiculous. Han Solo acts like he's been brain-damaged by the carbonite. Luke isn't as much of a Jedi as he is Luke who we're told is a Jedi. The "sister" angle is wedged in and embarrassing. The premise of being told you HAVE to DESTROY Vader and yet being told you'll turn to the Dark Side if you strike him down is pure insanity. Another Death Star with basically the same exact weakness is silly and shameful. C3PO being this great storyteller after claiming he's not very good at telling stories in A New Hope is lazy or ignorant. This movie was George just wanting to get his "9 part" saga over in 3 sections. I'm sorry if your child blinders are blinding you, but this is, hands down, the junkiest of the Star Wars' films. It makes all 3 prequels look like Citizen Kane. Complaining aside, it does have an AMAZING space battle and a pretty groovy speeder bike chase through Endor.

The Movie Itself: 7 out of 10

RETURN OF THE JEDI Picture Quality:

The picture quality of Return of the Jedi is second only to Revenge of the Sith. There's less DNR than in any of the other 5 and it really does look like it did on the big screen. If not for the large amount of uncleaned grain during the Tatooine scenes, I'd say it looked better than it did theatrically.

Picture Quality: 10 out of 10


Like every movie in this box, excluding Sith, the sound is as good as modern technology gets.

Sound Quality: 10 out of 10

RETURN OF THE JEDI 2011 changes:

Jabba's palace has a bigger door made of CG.

THE GIRLFRIEND TEST: No, she didn't notice. When I showed her the DVD, she liked the new version better.
THE FANBOY TEST: Yes, I noticed. I liked both about the same.

Han thawing from carbonite is slightly different (through CG).

THE GIRLFRIEND TEST: Yes, amazingly, she noticed. She liked it "way" better.
THE FANBOY TEST: I noticed. I thought it was a little cheesy, but was fine with the change.

A Dug is added to one scene, but takes away from nothing.

THE GIRLFRIEND TEST: She didn't notice or care.
THE FANBOY TEST: I noticed and thought it was awesome. Perfect tie-in to the original trilogy. Just wish they made it look SLIGHTLY less CG.

Ewoks have blinking CG eyes.

THE GIRLFRIEND TEST: She didn't notice, but when I showed her the older version she thought the new one was "10 times better!"
THE FANBOY TEST: I noticed immediately and thought the new version was, let's say, 3 times better.

R2D2's attack is now over-the-top CG.

THE GIRLFRIEND TEST: She didn't notice. When I compared, she didn't care.
THE FANBOY TEST: I HATED this change. It looked fake and I can't think of a single reason why they changed it. It sucked.

Darth Vader says "No" and then says, "Noooo." Contrary to rumor, he never screams "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" like he did in Revenge of the Sith.

THE GIRLFRIEND TEST: She noticed. She didn't care.
THE FANBOY TEST: I noticed and, to be honest, didn't really care. It's tactfully done. It doesn't take away the silent moments where we see Vader, just through his eyes, starting to hate the Emperor and sympathize with his son. It ties together well with the original and if you're whining about this by writing a fake 1 star review before even watching the blu-ray, you need to get a life.


Awesome. But I won't give them a 5 out of 5, as they should have included ALL deleted scenes and ALL extras from the DVD releases AND the blu-ray releases (this is George's greedy way of making us all hang onto our DVDs instead of selling them used). Billionaire George is into making billions more. Still, this is the best set of extras the Star Wars' saga has ever had. By far.

Overall? This is easily the best Star Wars' release ever. This is an event. If you want to deny yourself the pleasure of owning this treasure because the original versions aren't included, I more than understand. But, if you are a huge fan of the saga AND writing a 1 star review before even seeing the blu-rays, you are both lying to your audience and denying yourself to the point of being pathetic. May the force be with you. Always.
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on March 3, 2015
Ok, this set has been out for quite sometime now and I have read some of the reviews. Everyone is not going to be happy about it, so I might as well get that in right up front. Having been very fortunate enough to have seen the "original trilogy" in the theater in the summers of '77, '80, '83, respectively I must confess that I love those three the most. I am sure the kids that saw I-III for the first time and had not seen the later SW movies, must think those were their trilogy. That's all fine and dandy. Having loved SW all my life, and still do, I am one of those fans that had bought virtually every set that came out, whether it was the VHS widescreen editions from 1992 in a box set, or the 1995 Laserdisc THX certified Widescreen versions (which by the way IS THE BEST VERSIONS OF THE UNALTERED YOU ARE GOING TO GET, for an official release). When I saw the 1997 Special Editions that Lucas wanted to do, I thought, ok, he's going to finally put the Jabba the Hutt scene back in IV, now that we have all seen Jurassic Park, the technology for film has finally caught up so it could be believable. If anyone thought a fat man in a caveman bearskin rug would make a memorable character as a crime boss in SW, you have another thing coming. He did not look intimidating whatsoever. I was able to view the VHS documentary of what Lucas wanted to do in each IV, V, and VI. I thought his changes would add to each movie. Now, mind you, some tinkering went on behind the scenes still exclusively for this Blu-ray release set.
Here's what I think, and again, I was 10 when I saw IV: A New Hope in the theater so I believe I have been a SW fan longer than most of you have been.
Most of you long time fans, like me, have complained about the added CGI effects or changes to the original trilogy. Ok, that's fair enough.

IV ~ , if ANY OF YOU have an original VHS copy of it with the RED letters Star Wars on side, I beg you to go back and watch THAT on todays widescreen LED TVs and tell me what you think. You will NOT be impressed. No DVD of the original theatrical version ever came out until about 2004 with the "Limited Edition" sets. That set has the Special and Theatrical Versions, however, the Theatrical versions are not cleaned up, no THX, and ALL mistakes, I mean ALL are in it. Glitches, film dirt, the boxes clearly visible around ships, Darth Vader's metal lightsaber, you name it. But, at least it is on DVD.
This set has clearly cleaned up and I mean cleaned up many errors that were visible in IV. So, to the extent of the cleanup, yes, excellent job. Now, the added or changed scenes for this set in IV were good for me, with the exception of Han Solo and Greedo scene. It is ok now with them virtually shooting at each other at the same time. I would have preferred it left alone like in the original. Han Solo had a gun pointed at him, what else is he supposed to do, sit there and wait for it to go off? No, we all know HE shot Greedo under the table before Greedo could squeeze the trigger.
Obi-Wan Kenobi scaring off the Sand People, to me it is better. Again, not everyone is going to like it, just stating how I feel about it.
Creatures being added and so forth coming into Mos Eisley was nice whereas Lucas could not do it in 1977, but wanted to. The technology was NOT there to do most things he originally thought of doing. He wanted the spaceport to be big and expansive. He shot on the island of FIGI, I believe, and could not get that. The orange "blob" under Luke's landspeeder is finally gone as well when they enter Mos Eisley.
Jabba's scene with Han Solo and Chewbacca. Jabba is completely redone even from the lame 1997 version. Much better and looks more in line with Episode 1. When Han and "the gang" are taking off from the docking bay, we get to actually see the Falcon lifting off with the troopers shooting their weapons at it and then get to see the Falcon fly off in a more normal way as opposed to the stiff and tight liftoff we had since 1977. That's the motion control cameras at the time.
I never liked the X-Wings taking off from Yavin IV to go fight the Death Star. You couldn't see them, just little white blips like shooting stars all going at the same speed at the same time? A definite improvement there. The lightsabers in the duel between Vader and Obi-Wan. Better and more vibrant than ever before. The "Metal" lightsaber was FINALLY covered up with RED! Thank you! (It's the scene where DV comes toward the hanger door as Han says "Blast the door kid!" just before they make their daring getaway aboard the Millennium Falcon.) That has bothered me for decades. The trash compactor creature was touched up, nice. The added scenes with Luke's friend Biggs Darklighter in the X-Wing hanger before the Death Star Battle were good. Added fight scenes during the Battle of the Death Star were really good and the explosion was nice with the added blast ring. The visible "boxes" around ships in previous editions have all but vanished, with the slightest hint of them when Han Solo and Luke are fighting off the 4 Tie Fighters fleeing from the Death Star. It looks fantastic on an Ultra 4K!

V ~ The "meteor explosion" that Luke sees on Hoth is more intense in sound now as opposed to the weak sound before in previous editions.
The scene with the Wampa Ice Creature added more suspense in the cave when Luke was hanging upside down.
The entire Hoth Battle sequence has been cleaned up, especially with the AT-AT's and Rebel Snowspeeders. Before you could clearly see the landscape through the metal of the ships. The large boxes around the ships, diminished greatly and almost invisible. Yoda has been left alone and looks as he did in the original release if not better by Blu-ray standards of detail. The asteroid belt looks really good now in high definition as opposed to the previous format releases. The Emperor scene aboard The Executioner with Darth Vader is just wonderful as he looks like he did in "Revenge of the Sith". Before in previous editions, he looked like an old man with a fat right eye. Didn't look intimidating to me then at all. Well done with added dialog. Bespin looks fantastic and never better! This is what a Cloud City is supposed to look like, at least Bespin! The original was limited and could not show you the outside of the city and what it looked like. The lightsaber duel between DV and Luke was fantastic and looked awesome in every hi definition detail! The added scene of Darth Vader flying back to the Executioner was good!

VI ~ The added effects to the Sarlacc Pitt monster were good as before there was just tentacles coming out. Han Solo's dialog is changed a bit when he shoots the tentacle to free Lando Calrissian from the grip of the Sarlacc. Before, he says "Trust me" now "It's alright I can see a lot better" and some rope has been added to his legs when hanging upside down from the skiff as before there was just his feet there with Chewbacca holding them. Not really believable. lol Inside Jabba's palace we see an added creature walking, a dug. Same species as Sebulba. Originally, Lucas wanted a bigger and better dance number to entertain Jabba.
With 1983 technology at his hands to do this and no CGI, he couldn't really do much and had to rely heavily on animatronics whereas the creature just stood there and moved a bit up and down near the mic. This dance number carried over from the 1997 version looks good and adds a little happiness to the otherwise doom and gloom of Jabba's Palace.
Yoda is left alone and intact as he was in original theatrical debut. The Ewoks now can blink. Again, in 1983, he couldn't accomplish this and was left with creatures that had their eyes open 24/7. It didn't bother me, because it only happens a few times, mostly when you are focusing in on what Princess Leia has to say.
Now, the scene where DV is about to pick up the Emperor and throw him into the energy shaft. It works for me either way. In the original he does not say anything and just picks up the Emperor, to his disgust. In this set edition, a deep NO! is added before he picks up the Emperor. Well, to me, Anakin is basically letting his emotions get control of him much like that of the scene in "Revenge of the Sith" where the Emperor tells him about his love Padme, "It seems in your anger, you killed her." He is basically outraged that yet again the Emperor is killing another member of his family and has to yell it out.
The ending has a lot of fans angry, and perhaps for good reason, but I think there was a reason why it was changed, good or bad. Instead of an older Anakin Skywalker "spirit" like in the original theatrical release, we see the spirit of Anakin Skywalker and what he looked like BEFORE turning to the dark side. In an effort to capture some of the prequel fans to the original trilogy and a sense of continuity on what he looked like before being burned, I think this is the reason Hayden Christiansen appeared next to Yoda and Obi-wan Kenobi. Personally, I would have left it alone as he was redeemed by Luke Skywalker when he died in the older form. Therefore, there was no need for a younger spirit of Anakin. Just my thoughts. The ending of the cities and planets were very good with joyous occasion and fireworks that an Empire or "Emperor" was no more.

All look great and sound great as they were in the theatrical versions. Episode I does have the extended pod race in it and adds to the movie. Nice. Yoda is CGI now as opposed to the puppet we were all forced to see in I. He is more in line now with II and III. Too bad Jar Jar wasn't edited here and there in I so we could see less of that character, who for me, was annoying.

Disc 2 Special Features "Archives IV - VI"
Episode IV ~
Deleted Scenes:
~Luke, after seeing the battle raging below with his binoculars, heads to Tosche Station to see his friends, notably Biggs Darklighter, who tells him he is secretly joining the Rebellion cause and not waiting for the Empire to "draft" him into service. Luke tells him of his struggles to join Academy also. Other members are seen at the station, one who is a woman and has a notable attitude towards Luke for some reason throwing him back his binoculars instead of handing it to him.
~Old Woman telling Luke to slow down while on landspeeder, No audio.
~Extended scene of Aunt Beru pouring her "blue milk" in kitchen before heading to dining area
~Luke and C-3PO search for R2-D2 in landspeeder talking about the droid and the search.
~Cantina "Rough Cut" in black and white. Shows more footage of Han Solo and his gal at the table before Luke and Ben join him there to discuss ship transport. Shows entire dialog of Han and Greedo, of which some did not make it to final cut in film. Han shoots first, of course, while having gun pointed at him. Does not show Han below table taking his gun out of holster. Shows more of the creatures in the Cantina, a few got deleted for good reason. One looks like the "Fly" character from the original movie "The Fly". Very similar, but not exact.
~Stormtrooper search in Mos Eisley alley with two characters before troopers arrive.
~Overview with Dennis Muren, Ralph McQuarrie, Ben Burt
~Mark Hamill interview
~Anthony Daniels interview
The Collection (ships detail, clothing, etc.)
Concept Art Gallery
~Overview with D. Muren talking about Death Star
~Deleted Scene in which Luke and Biggs see each other in the hangar, the commander comes to talk to them and stating to Luke that he knew his father when he was younger, hopes he can handle the ship. (Most of this scene was put back in the movie).
~The Collection (detail in ships, clothing, etc.)
~Concept Art Gallery
*Aboard the Death Star*
~Overview with Dennis Muren and Ben Burt
~A younger Carrie Fisher Interview
~Deleted Scene in which Darth Vader and an Imperial Officer talking about the Droids, mind control probe, Princess Leia and Governor Tarkin wasting time.
~The Collection
~Concept Art Gallery
Episode V ~
~George Lucas on editing The Empire Strikes Back
~Irvin Kershner interview
Deleted/Extended Scenes:
Han and Leia extended scene in hallway when Han tells Leia he has to go, the first half made it to the movie, the second half, no. The second half starts when he tells Leia, "I can arrange that, you could use a good kiss"...he comes back to Leia...
Luke's recovery in Bacta from being out in the Ice (black and white, some audio).
Luke and Leia kinship before knowing they were brother and sister. Luke basically tells Leia that he really likes her and attempts to kiss her but is interrupted by the droids.
Wampa Ice Creatures getting loose on Echo Base in hallways and the security forces battling with them. Some effects, but no lasers. (This was probably deemed to slow pace of movie down, so it was deleted. Great to see though because they really were nasty creatures.)
Plus, we get to see C-3PO removing part of that warning sticker on one of the doors or "holding cells" containing an Ice Creature. When the Empire eventually enters Echo Base, they stop at the door, open it, and a large arm of a creature comes out to take one of the snowtroopers. Darth Vader comes and is warned not to enter by the other troopers, he is seen leaving down the hallway. (No audio here.)
The Fate of General Veers during the Battle of Hoth with the AT-AT's:
General Veers and his crew are destroyed right after shooting the Shield Generator at Echo Base by "Hobbie" and his Snowspeeder by crashing it into the AT-AT head where the crew are. (A Kamakaze move by the Rebels). Black and white, no audio, some drawings where used where the film was not completed, but the whole scene is intact.)
~The Collection (vehicles, clothing, etc.)
~Concept Art Gallery
~George Lucas on "The Force"
Deleted Scene: Luke and Yoda in training. Yoda tests Luke by holding floating silver bar in which Luke cuts it to pieces. Effect never completed, but scenes are there in black and white. (No Audio)
~The Collection
~Concept Art Gallery
*Pursued by the Imperial Fleet*
Overview with Dennis Muren
Deleted/Ext. scenes: Hiding in the Asteroid Belt. The Falcon remains hiding while crew try to repair her. "Outside" the asteroid, imperial bombers try to "stir something up" as Han says.
Alternate Han and Leia kiss scene before C-3PO interrupts with good news on the ship.
~ The Collection
~ Concept Art Gallery
*Cloud City*
Deleted Scenes: Lobot's capture, Leia tends to Luke aboard Falcon while leaving Cloud City. Some of this made it to the movie, but not all.
(Interesting enough, but the scene where Han and Leia are talking about C-3PO and each other in "their room" is not on here. There is more dialog that was cut from the final edition of the movie. Director Irvin Kershner narrowed it down to the scene we all see in the movie.)
~ The Collection
~ Concept Art Gallery
Episode VI ~
Overview with Dennis Muren, Phil Tippet. They talk about Jabba's palace, The Sarlacc Pitt and working in Yuma, AZ. where it was shot.
Deleted/Ext. Scenes:
Vader's Arrival on Death Star, reaching out to Luke Skywalker in his chamber, Luke being shown in cave near Jabba's palace, perfecting his green lightsaber, C-3PO outside saying how wretched the place was, then being joined by R2-D2 going to Jabba's palace. All sound and effects are here and almost made it to the final cut of the movie. Also shows Falcon and X-Wing in background near where Luke was.
(My guess is that George opted to reveal Luke's new lightsaber during the Sarlacc Pitt skirmish.)
Tatooine Sandstorm. It is all here except for the final audio redub by the actors. The big fans are clearly heard to stir up the dust. This scene was cut to opt for the ships leaving orbit and splitting up in space as seen in the movie now, then communicating as to what is going to happen.
~ Overview with Dennis Muren
~ Interview with Harrison Ford
Deleted/Ext. Scene: Han Solo and Rebels engage stormtroopers inside the Shield Bunker. Audio and some effects are there, but no lasers. A hilarious moment in which Han reacts to being called "Rebel Scum" by one of the imperial officers after being captured inside.
~ The Collectioni
~ Concept Art Gallery
*Death Star II Space Battle*
(lots of stuff here!)
Overview with Bill George
Deleted/Extended scenes:
~ JerJerod'sConflict : He is telling Vader he may not enter Emperor's chamber, 2 Royal Guards in back of him raise their weapons to Vader, Vader uses "force crush maneuver" on JerJerrod, but he tells Vader it is the Emperor's wish to not be disturbed. Vader relinquishes grip and tells JerJerrod, "I will await his convenience." (I always wondered why the Royal Guards did nothing to Vader when he entered the Emperor's chamber unannounced and then the Emperor saying "I told you to remain on the Command Ship.")
~ Emperor voicing command to JerJerrod to destroy the Endor Moon should the shield generator be destroyed by the rebels. JerJerrod states there are many soldiers on the moon, Emperor states back "YOU WILL DESTROY IT!"
~ Deflector Shield is down, lost all contact with station on Endor, commence rotation of main batteries
~ Rebels moving in on unfinished portion of Death Star. Rebels enter Superstructure.
~ Moon target in range, commence firing.
~ Battle of Endor: The lost Rebels. Several female pilots are scene in fighters acting out, but only one made it to the movie and her voice was dubbed over by a male voice. (her voice probably was not suited in the scene, Heavy accent. It should also be noted David Prowse's voice was dubbed over as well for James Earl Jones as Darth Vader, so it's no surprise if you see this footage.
A pilot resembling that of the character Nien Nunb is also scene in a fighter. A Mon Calamari soldier is here as well with hilarious dialog for fun.
~The "Falcon"rebels on board the Millenium Falcon during the Battle in Space above Endor. They are seen doing various tasks as well as the gunners aboard during the battle.
~ General Madine and some rebel support staff are shown in place of the Mon Calamari on board the Home One ship just in case the creatures did not look as good on screen. There was a plan for them to be replaced with human rebels.
~The Collection
~Concept Art Gallery

The spoofs disc was fantastic and a lot of fun to watch and included the following:
~ Spoofs from Saturday Night Live
~ Yoda and Darth Vader's "Tom Tom" session Voice Over (hilarious)
~ Yoda doing the funky dance with troopers looking on in background
~ Darth Vader being a Jerk to an imperial officer (Empire), while in the private chamber aboard the Executioner
~ Candid Camera, 1977, The host of the show talks to a young boy about what Star Wars was actually about getting HIS version of it.
~ A few Spike TV commericals, one featuring an Ewok, the other featuring a Darth Vader using the Force during playing a round of golf.
~ Fast LEGO Star Wars summary, (Well done!, covering IV, V, VI)
~ TV shows, According To Jim, That 70's Show, Family Guy
~ Snippet from "The Donny and Marie Show", 1977
~ Star Wars Gangsta Rap Special Edition, 2008
~ Darth Vader feels Blue, 2007
~ Toy Story 2 spoof
~ Darth Vader and Heidi Klum Target Commercial
~ AT-AT Day afternoon
~ Comedy snippet featuring Eddie Izzard
~ Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me
~ Volkswagen Commercial featuring small boy dressed up as Darth Vader trying to use "The Force" on virtually everything to his disgust, then when Dad comes home, he gets a little "help" from a "remote".
~ FANBOYS snippet
~ SPACEBALLS snippet
~ CLERKS snippet
~ "Troopers" film, 1997 (quite good, well done)
~ Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's Star Wars scene, 2011
~ Spike Commercial featuring several "Tusken Raiders" at the office., 2008
~ "Chad Vader" as a store shift leader getting his crew to take him seriously., 2006
~ Late Night with Conan O'Brien
~ Star Wars according to a 3 year old girl. (Well done and hilarious as to what SHE thinks Star Wars IS.), 2008
~ Just Shoot ME snippet
~ The Muppet Show snippet featuring Luke Skywalker in Bespin clothes (Empire Strikes Back), 1980
~ French and Saunders snippet
~ 30 Rock snippet
~ MTV Movie Awards, 2005
~ The Colbert Report, 2006
~ Robot Chicken snippets from show
~ Hot Shots part DEUX film, snippet 1993
~ The Daily Show, 2006
~ Boba Fett Spike TV Commercial
~ Buffy The Vampire Slayer snippet, 2004
~ The Simpsons, 1998
~ How I Met Your Mother snippet
~ The Saga Begins song video from Weird Al Yankovic, 1999

Documentaries as follows: (Not all here, of course, so keep what you have already if you want more than this has.)
~ A Conversation with the Masters (ESB 30 Years Later)
~ Star Wars Tech
~ Star Warriors
~ Anatomy of a Dewback
~ Classic Creatures: Return of the Jedi (taken from vintage film)
~ The Empire Strikes Back, SPFX (taken from vintage film)
~ The Making of Star Wars (1977, taken from vintage film)
(I also have the VHS on the making of the 1997 editions explaining in detail what went on when cleanup took place on IV, V, VI. The documentary called "From Star Wars To Jedi" that came out in 1983. It's narrated by Mark Hamill and is very good. It was never released on DVD or Blu-ray.)
The Artwork on set was decent and I really liked the guide that came with it also in sleeve.

Another reissue of this boxset is out now, same 9 discs, only has a black box with a full fledged Darth Vader on cover and the discs are housed in the typical Blu-ray plastic case that would hold 9. I don't have it as I have this (Beige), so I can't say whether or not the guide came with it.
There are 6 "limited edition" cases out. These covers have the "bad guys" on each one, with the exception of II, whereas, Yoda, is on that one and each one has a "scene" inside the case respective of that movie. Most of the original artwork for the poster is on the backs of each case. They only house the single disc Blu-ray that is in this "Beige Set" I have reviewed.

All in all, a great set of the first 6 SW movies. I have to say that although the UNALTERED originals are not in this set, it does not detract me from giving this a 5 star rating. Like I said earlier in my review, I have been a long time fan since 1977 and these movies have never looked better or sounded better. Sound is DTS HD 6.1.
But, many of you still want the original unaltered versions of IV-VI. You CAN get them, but not on Blu-ray as of this writing.
Look for the 1995 LASERDISC THX WIDESCREEN VERSIONS of IV-VI. Those are about as close as you are going to get of the originals cleaned up with fabulous sound. Perhaps in the future after VII - IX are released we may yet have these original versions on Blu-ray.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on November 2, 2011
I'm going to make this short and sweet. There is no need to review the story lines contained in these 6 movies. That has been done in the past. Everyone now knows that Lucas has made further changes to the films - if you aren't aware of it, then google it.

This is what you do NOT know: How is the audio and video quality of this Blu Ray Release?

Here is the plain and simple answer: AWESOME

Do I love all of the movies for their content? No.

Was I completely blown away by the superb audio mix? YES.

Is the video quality great? YES.

If you are a fan - even a casual fan - with any kind of decent home theater equipment, then you owe it to yourself to buy this box set. It is FANTASTIC.
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on December 30, 2015
I was all excited about getting the beautiful cardboard book collection set, like the photos from the other customer reviews, but this was just a normal Blu-ray boxed set. This product only has one picture, so I assumed they just updated the cover. I feel like they should have separated the reviews from cardboard book collection, since it is now in a totally different case. Besides being disappointed with the case it came in, I'm happy with the Blu-ray discs.
review image review image review image
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on September 2, 2011

I appreciate your attempt to clean up matte lines, wonky lightsabers, and improve sound and picture quality in your Blu-ray release.

However, I don't understand why you want to make jarring changes to your characters that make once powerful cinematic moments now creepy or distracting.

A lot of people have made the case for Han shooting first (as in the theatrical cut) in Episode IV being a much more interesting and accurate characterization, so I'm not going to touch that.

This review is going to be principally about the changes you made to scenes with me in it.

For instance, in the original cut, when I throw Emperor Palpatine down the death star's reactor shaft, there is a moment of silent deliberation where, oscillating my expressionless masked face back and forth, I decide whether or not to sacrifice my life for the life of my son. The lack of dialogue allows the viewer to read more subtlety and indecisiveness into this act, and the silence is truer to my character's previous dialogue in films IV-VI.

In this release, you decided to have me scream "NO! NOOOOO!" at the very beginning of the scene, removing any of the subtlety or conflict, inserting a goofy, lamely comic line not befitting of my badassness, and consequently dulling the emotional significance of a father's redemptive sacrifice of his son.

What's worse, you replace Sebsastian Shaw's peaceful and redeemed ghostly image on endor with Hayden Christiansen's garish, creepy, pedefile-like smirk.

Not only does this not make any sense, because the last time I was alive (on the Light or the Dark side) I looked like Sebastian Shaw, and Obi-Wan and Yoda's ghosts look exactly as they did before they died... but again, Hayden's horrible acting and the visual unevenness of the three actors blunt what could have been a great, emotionally significant scene.

The scene starts great with Mark Hamill's excellent contemplative stare, coupled with peaceful acting from Sir Alec Guinness, but it ends with Hayden Christiansen's disgusting smirk, ruining what was one of the emotional high points and one of the key resolutions of the trilogy.

I keep trying to Skype you - please pick up so I can force choke you and prevent you from making any more changes to your movies.

Darth Vader
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on May 4, 2011
Having seen the films, here's my very brief updated review.

It's not as bad as some feared it would be (given that they're older transfers -- a route I still maintain was a cheap way to go). But it could still stand to be improved in a lot of ways with a new trasfer.

As to the films themselves:

1. There have been changes. Some work; some have caused even more fan contention. I'm one of those that actually wishes for more changes. I think TPM, AOTC, ROTS could stand to have major editing and fx work done to them. So put me in the camp of wanting even MORE special edition changes to both the special effects and narrative.

2. There's no original versions. Even though I prefer the SEs, I think fans should be able to get the version they grew up with.

3. Special features: Everything from the past DVD set should've been ported over. It hasn't, so hold on to your DVD copies if you want those documentaries. There are still features from the old videos that haven't been released on digital.

Hopefully, one day the equivalent of the Blade Runner or Aliens blu-ray sets, which contained all the different versions of the films (including new versions), will come out. This isn't the Ultimate Edition box set that fans had been teased with for years, and will not include extended versions of all six films. Additionally, the "100 hours of new documentary footage" fans had been teased with by Rick MaCallum in 2007 isn't here, which implies an eventual later set, likely in another 7/8 years.

In the meantime, the films look great, and this is the best version available for home viewing. Some good news: the grotesque puppet Yoda in TPM was (thankfully) replaced with a digital version that looks like Yoda. It helps TPM quite a bit (though, as I said, more is needed for that film).

For those who want to look deeper, take a moment to read about Star Wars' sordid history on video -- including the reasons four of the six films were downgraded in image quality -- on the site, The Secret History of Star Wars (in the article: "Saving Star Wars.")
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on August 27, 2015
Just as good the 100th time as it was the 1st time. I really do hate Jar Jar Binks but other then that really impressed!
review image
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on November 13, 2015
Not the packaging I was expecting at all. I had been looking at this set for a while and when I saw it was on sale I decided to get it. I wanted it for the packaging and the sale price. Disappointing
review image
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on August 31, 2011
These latest scene changes are the final proof that George Lucas has lost his mind, however they are NOT the main reason why I just cancelled my blu-ray pre-order. I had been excitedly counting down the days until this release, but this time George/Lucasfilm has given the whole Star Wars community the middle finger by not correcting many of the problems (color) which plagued the 2004 release. This blu-ray has virtually all of the same issues as the DVD. I'm talking about Vader's bubblegum pink lightsaber, the super high orange or purple explosions opposed to the more realistic white hot/yelow effects. These were especially noticable during the Battle of Yavin, Tantive IV shootout, and the carbon freezing chamber duel. They stuck out to the point to where they were almost distracting. After seeing the prequels, it's hard enough to still view Vader as that ultimate bad a** villian I feared in my childhood, but it's now near impossible to do it when he's chasing after Luke with a pink lightsaber.

Lucasfilm has been made well aware of these issues thru complaints made by ticked off fans since the DVD launched 7 years ago. Now in the last year of hyping up of this Blu Ray release, Lucasfilm has assured us Star Wars fans that our complaints had been heard and addressed in this release, the Blu-Ray would NOT have the same color and audio problems as the dvd's, they went back to the original negatives and spent 3 years fixing these particular problems, they manually went thru frame by frame in the problem scenes fixing and making other color corrections to bring them close again to the original theatrical versions.

Heck displays a screenshot of Luke's fixed blue lightsaber on the Millenium Falcon in ANH, boasting about how they went back and fixed these problems. I have seen the Blu-Rays myself and I can confirm this is NOT the case!! Yes it is fixed for that particular frame and a few other frames, but the next shot of the same scene his lightsaber shifts back to green, just like in the screwed up dvd release, then goes to bright white, then back to a very pale blue color. Yes they fixed ONLY a small portion of that scene, left the rest of it untouched with the wrong color, while implying that the whole thing has been corrected. The lightsaber scenes in the other movies, Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi, are practically UNTOUCHED WITH THE SAME color and timing problems that the DVD's have. It's like Lucasfilm is only willing to put in a half a** effort in anything they release anymore.... and why not?? If it says Star Wars on the box it's going to sell.

Now for the changed scenes:

A New Hope

- When R2-D2 hides in the shallow cave from the Sand People, there have been CGI rocks added in. The new rocks now cover up half of R2's body which makes him hidden better. However when he leaves a few seconds later, he just pulls forward and the rocks simply disappear!! Did they just forget to alter that scene too?

- Obi-Wan's introduction, he scares the Sand People away with a Krayt dragon call, has been redone again and now sounds like a jr. high kid making funny noises in Windows sound recorder. When I first heard it I thought no way, it's someone pulling a joke. It's sounds so bad and is so out of place, they made absolutely no effort to mix it in at all. You'll just have to hear it for yourselves... but sadly it's real. Unbelievable

- Greedo still shoots first. It is alot better than the DVD version.

Empire Strikes Back

- Wampa's arm in fixed. Looks good about time.

Return of the Jedi

- Jabba's Palace has a bigger door... ok?

- New CGI alien walking around in Jabba's palace as everyone sleeps. Poorly done and sticks out worse than a sore thumb... looks like Sebulba from Episode I?

- Ewok's now have CGI eyelids, blink, and sometimes make a clicking noise when they do. (maybe a tribute to Muppets/Fraggle Rock?)

- Darth Vader now screams "Noooooooooooo" as he picks up and throws the emperor, much like the way he does at the end of Episode III.... now twice!! This ruins a great and one of my favorite scenes. It's bad. The voice doesn't even sound like Vader's and it's just lazily pasted over the rest of the audio. Lucasfilm didn't make the effort to blend in at all..... what are they thinking????? If you really feel you need to add something like that, at least attempt a decent job.

This has just gotten laughingly ridiculous. There is no excuse this time for ignoring what the fans want and taking away more of the original magic the movies had back in the 70's and 80's. Besides the deleted scenes, this is not a quality release. I've cancelled my pre-order and I'm done with anything new to do with Star Wars. This includes the new upcoming 3d versions which will no doubt have even more stupid changes and conveniently opens the door for yet another Blu-Ray release. I have my unaltered copies on my bonus DVD and that's all I need.

I urge anyone who feels the same way to NOT fill the pockets of George Lucas anymore!! I don't understand how they think it's necessary tinker with new stupid voiceovers and Ewok eyes, but not fix the more obvious and distracting problems of this and the previous release. All the while Lucasfilm insinuated, just as recently as last week, that they had indeed corrected those problems..... THAT IS FALSE ADVERTISING!! They also claimed to have exhaustively sent this set thru 3 levels of quality control which is either another lie or Lucas has the most elite team of a** kissers ever assembled. I've defended the first two prequels, the Special Editions, and George Lucas himself over the years, but I'm done. For the first time in 25 years they will not be getting another dime of my money.

***UPDATE 9/9/11***

I've viewed the bonus content which the deleted scenes are no doubt the best of all the extra features. As for the Prequels, the previously released DVD deleted scenes are NOT included, so hang onto your old discs. The older movies include scenes that have been Star Wars folklore for years. Some are good and the quality is what you expect for deleted scenes cut over 30 years ago. However some of scenes I particularly had interest in, seem to be made from degraded alternate shots... since there are productions stills and video snippets that Lucasfilm released, over the years in different supplemental products, showing the same scenes taken from higher quality sources. On another note, the deleted ESB content shows the scenes leading up to and the aftermath of the wampa fight with rebel soldiers in Echo Base. The battle itself is completely omitted in this release, which is a shame since the battle scene was filmed and possibly finalized before it was cut from the final release. Luckily there are various stills of this scene still floating around and it was covered by Star Wars Insider years back. The rest of the content is very good and it's great finally seeing some of the other scenes... however after viewing I get the impression Lucasfilm is purposely holding back some of these materials for a future release.
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on April 4, 2014
the packaging was in decent condition but when i opened it up the beautiful box for this series is completely destroyed and my discs were missing this is a real concern for me seeing as the package didn't seem opened before i received it...
I have uploaded images to the customers images section of the product.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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