Customer Reviews: Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith - PlayStation 2
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on May 9, 2005
The game has two components, multiplayer duel and the Revenge of the Sith story game. The Revenge of the Sith story game allows you to play as Anakin, Obi-Wan or go cooperative with two players reinacting the movie through an action-arcade style game. It's a movie game where you play out the movie, it is what it is.

The other component is a duel mode which allows you to fight Jedi vs Jedi. This is where this product is frustrating because this duel game is exactly what many of us have been longing for (think: Soul Calibur set in the Star Wars universe), it's frustrating because the duel mode was added as a bonus; it's an underdeveloped concept, so you have to unlock characters as you play along in story mode (or you can use cheat codes) once you've unlocked them all you get a few surprises (Darth Vader in full armor and Obi-Wan from Episode IV), but I was let down not to have Yoda and The Emperior as playable duel characters.

What I hope is that Lucus Arts will have The Collective create a pure dueling Star Wars game based not only on Episode III, but on the entire Universe. There are plenty to add from the expanded universe as well (e.g. Darth Bane), if someone would make this it could be the ultimate Star Wars game.
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on May 6, 2005
Due to anticipation of the movie, I went out and bought this the first day it was available. The combat system actually reminds me a lot of the EA Games Lord of the Rings releases. While you do not get to choose who you want to control on a given level, the combos seemed quite similar and the skill ratings work in the same manner. The lightsaber duels are very cool (Count Dooku, Grievous, etc) and the ability to use different force powers (force lightning!) also added to the variability of simply button-mashing your way through the game.

While some may complain that the game is too short or too easy, it's great for someone like myself who doesn't like to be thoroughly frustrated while playing a game and would rather plow through a game in hours rather than days. In a day and a half I am almost through the game but really want to go through it again (especially Anakin in the Jedi Temple). Additionally, there are a lot of unlockables and secrets to uncover in the game. There are bonus challenge missions that let you play as other characters (such as Gen. Grievous) that add to the game as well. Overall, a very good game for both Star Wars and action game fans.
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on January 22, 2006
I got this as a Christmas present, and so far it's provided me with hours of entertainment. The graphics and sound effects are perfect and makes you feel like you're in the movie. There are 17 story levels from the movie where you can be either Anakin or Obi-Wan, and there are several bonus levels you can unlock where you can play characters such as Yoda, General Grievous, or Darth Vador in full costume. There are also clips from the movie itself that either introduce a level or end it.

As you earn experience, you can upgrade your character with stronger moves and abilities. The very last level, called "Revenge of the Sith", has an alternative ending if Anakin beats Obi-Wan, and is kind of interesting to see what would happen if Anakin wasn't burned into a crisp. There is also a special multiplayer duel mode where you and your friends can play other characters and fight each other.

One drawback is if it's only one person playing, there's not much extra stuff to do. There has to be at least 2 people playing to duel, and while the levels are exciting, I kind of wish there was more to it...but that's only if you have friends who aren't into video games,like me.

Overall, I'd say at least rent it first if you're still not sure if you'll like it or not. If you're a huge Star Wars fan, or even if you just liked the movie Episode III, then get it.

***Select Codes***

If you don't have these already, then here you go:

(Go to the Main Menu, "Settings" and then "Codes")

Unlock All Powers And Moves: JAINA

Unlock All Bonus Stages: NARSHADDAA

Infinite Force Power: KAIBURR

Infinite Health: XUCPHRA

Quick Health And Force Refill: BELSAVIS

Super Light Saber Mode: SUPERSABERS

Tiny Droid Mode: 071779
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on May 30, 2005
It's amazing to see how popular EA's lord of the rings hack n' slash games are. The format used is done so well, that Lucasarts and the Collective took that format and replaced everything with Star Wars.

Revenge of the Sith for PS2 is a simple hack n' slash, beat-em-up game. You go down a linear path, killing enimies, pressing switches, jumping occasionally, and going down more paths, killing more enimies, etc. When you make a kill, you get a grade of fair, good, impressive, and masterfull. The more kills you get, the faster your skill meter fills up, and the more experience points you get to upgrade your charachter.

Sound familiar? It should be. While the gameplay is a disguised copy of the Lord of the rings format, it works for the most part, but could use more touch up (more on that later).

For a hack-n-slash game, Revenge of the sith looks pretty good. The enviornments and worlds look really good (especially the planet of mustafar). Every area looks good and has lots of little touches to set it apart from the other worlds. Grievous's flagship for example, has battleships floating outside, blasting each other to bits (which is quite fun to watch). Mustafar has volcaones, couroscant has a gigantic city-scape, etc. Overall, the game looks good, but certian things could use more improvement. The clone troopers and Yoda, for example, have a boxy look to them. It's not a huge problem, but it is noticable.

One nice draw of Revenge of the Sith is it's big one on one duels. You've got Obi-wan vs General Grievous (complete with four lightsabers, yikes!), Anakin vs Mace Windu ("Ready for this boy?!") Anakin vs Count Dooku, Anakin vs Stunt Coordinator Nick Gallard (*Face turns red in anger and steam rushes out of ears*), and the final showdown between Anakin and Obi-wan (which is just as awesome as it is in the movie).

While the game has sixteen levels, it isint very long. I completed it in about eight hours. Short yes, but fun. When you finish the main part of the game, you can then go and try out the bonus missions, which are simple "kill em all" missions. It is however, quite fun to play as Yoda and General Grievous. There's also a two player coopertive mode thats a complete waste of time (you go through rooms killing an endless amount of enimies. Gets boring in about ten seconds).

There's also a duel mode where you can play as the games big charachters in one on one fights in several locations, such as Anakin dueling Greivous in Couroscant, Count Dooku and Obi wan fighting on Mustafar, etc. You get a lot of arenas and a good amount of fighters, but why no yoda or emperor? One Feature I like is that if you're playing the duel mode by yourself, the computer will play as the second charachter, so you can enjoy it by yourself.

There are also a lot of concept art that you unlock going through the game, some of which is quite cool (Anakin wearing his vader armor withought the helmet for example). One big bonus of the game is that it includes several sequences that are not in the movie, such as a fight on Grievous's ship as it turns completly upside down (cool!). Several battles are also extended, such as Anakin and Mace's fight, which is now a lot longer.

Probably the biggest problems I have with Revenge of the Sith are it's combat system and it's lack of charachter selection in replay. The combat system that Revenge of the Sith uses is almost identical to that of EA's lord of the rings titles. It was perfected in Return of the king, but sadly the system here is not as good. While it's fairly easy to reach maximum skill in LOTR games, here it's almost impossible to get anything outside of "Fair". Getting "good" is really tough. Getting "impressive" takes forever, and getting "masterfull" is almost impossbile. Each sucsessful hit on an enemy gets you one point on the skill meter. Each hit on you takes away a skill point on the meter. And you get hit a lot, meaning that your meter gets emptied very quickly.

As a result, the combat system suffers from getting too little experience points for all the hacking and slashing that you do. It would have been nice if the developers copied the Return of the king combat system directly, as it had been pretty much perfected in that game (which is still fun two years later).

The other quibble I have is that unlike the LOTR games, you cannot play any level with any charachter once you finish the game. If a level plays with Anakin, then you're stuck playing as Anakin forever. It was so cool to be able to mess around with "what if" situations, but you cannot do that here. It would have added a LOT of replay value. Think of it! Mace Windu on Mustafar, fighting Anakin skywalker. General Grievous teaming up with Yoda to cleanse the Jedi Temple of clone troopers, etc.

As it is, Revenge of the Sith is a good, fun game that I enjoy a lot. While it has the possibility of adding so much more, it's good as it stands. I recommend buying it used, as i'd pay about twenty dollars for the game, not fifty, but you should probably rent it first.

Oh, one last thing. You can play as Anakin and kill obi-wan in the final battle on mustafar, giving you a cool "What if" alternate ending. That alone is quite fun to watch.
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on May 6, 2005
LucasArts is really on a roll of late. With the last major title for the PS2 being last fall's incredible 'Battlefront', they have taken all the Jedi action that was missing from that game and poured it into this one.

This game has a feel that is very similar to 'Jedi Power Battles' and the more recent EA releases for PS2 'The Two Towers' and 'Return of the King'. The game is a pretty straight forward run and slash with a minimum of deep thinking to do, except for deciding HOW you want to dispatch of your foes (should I impale him on my lightsaber or force push him off the walkway and into the lava below?).

Another fun feature is the two-player (or one-player but it's not as fun) dueling mode which allows you and your opponent to battle one on one, head to head, as one of the lightsaber wielding heroes or villians from the film in various unlockable arenas. There are also two other unlockable duelists that aren't in the movie. I'll let it be a surprise.

The graphics are good, the sound and music is as incredible as it is in the movies and the controls are easy and fun to use. The levels are rather linear and the overall length of the game is on the short side but there is plenty of reason to replay it if you're a fan of the movies.

I do feel the need to correct an earlier reviewer of the game who said that the original film cast provides the voice work in the game. This is not true. Most of the voices are provided by actors who voiced the 'Clone Wars' cartoons. Some of the voices are just new to the game.

If you've always wanted to have the powers and lightsaber skills of a Jedi, pick this game up immediately!
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on May 7, 2005
This game is amazing, even if it is short. The lightsaber duels are the best part. Once you are Darth Vader, you can do pretty much anything you need to in the game.Most of the droids in the game are really easy. The only ones that aren't that easy are the crab droids and the destroyer droids.But with the right moves you can get them. You can do lightsaber battles over and over again in the vs. mode, either with another player or the CPU. Get this game if you are a Star Wars fan
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on May 5, 2005
This game is awesome! I love playing as anakin, obi-wan is cool also. The best part is killing the separtists on mustafar as anakin, aka darth vader. The one downfall is that it is short, I bought it today and I have almost beat it. All together an awesome game with awesome graphics and also it uses real voice actors from the movies.
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on May 26, 2016
This is probably the best movie-licensed game I've ever played. It has a few minor glitches here and there and one major glitch. During the Mace Windu boss battle, Anakin (who I was playing as) went flying into a piece of furniture and was frozen there, so I had to restart the chapter. Thankfully, the chances of this happening are not particularly high. The game's stages are pretty standard (The Jedi Temple and the Mustafar Facility being my personal favorites). It offers a decent variety of enemies; seven types of CIS droids, five types of Clone Troopers, four types of Jedi, and three types of Nemoidian. It also has some intense sworb-based combat and very tough bosses; Dooku (the first boss in the game) is actually the only one I can currently beat without the invincibility cheat. Everyone talks way too much in this game and their lines tend to be rather random, but this is easily remedied by turning Dialogue all the way down in the settings and there's almost no chance it will affect the cutscenes (where the dialogue actually matters). This game was released before the movie, so a number of scenes (such as Dooku's death) and crucial plot-points (such as Padme's involvment) were omitted to avoid spoilers, not a single piece of music from the Revenge of the Sith score is played, though fottage from the actual movie is played before certain in-game cutscenes with different Star Wars music. The result is a bare-bones and at times lazy story with a few good creative liberties and gameplay that makes up for everything that's lacking.
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HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICEon October 25, 2005
With all the tie-in's and such for the release of the third Star Wars prequel, one would figure that maybe the folks at LucasArts would have put more time into making the video game based soley on the movie, but then again, this is LucasArts we're talking about here, and they've turned out far more misses with the Star Wars license than hits over the years. Revenge of the Sith follows the film's storyline almost exactly, while the graphics look great, and even the actors from the film provide the voices for their characters. You can play as Obi-Wan or Anakin and battle your way through the game on single player or co-op, or you can duel it out with various Star Wars characters, including ones that can be unlocked. However, the story mode of the game is really nothing more than a simple hack & slasher at heart, and fighting hordes of droids and soldiers becomes old real quick. The sound effects are nicely done, as is the score used from the film, but the voice acting is surprisingly stiff, and the one-liners are annoying and actually kind of un-Jedi like. Not to mention that the story mode is pretty short as well, and the final battle between Obi-Wan and Anakin will be there before you know it. The duel mode is nice, and it suggests that if LucasArts was serious about a Star Wars fighting game (such as a previous reviewer stated, like Soul Calibur) that they could make something really special (not like that horrible PS1 Star Wars fighting game, Knights of the Teras Kasi). All in all, Revenge of the Sith isn't a bad game at all, and it's definitely worth playing for Star Wars fanboys, but don't expect anything great from it.
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on May 7, 2005
This game is by far the best Star Wars game for PS2 yet. The levels are simply gorgous and the lightsaber duels are smooth with plenty of combo moves. It has cutscenes and the soundtrack from the movie. You can play as Kenobi or Anakin, and in the bonus missions as General Grievous, Darth Vader, and YODA!!! That is the most fun I've ever had in such a short amount of time. The game also includes an alternate ending if you can unlock it. I won't spoil it for you, but the name of it is "The Final Revenge of the Sith." If you are a Star Wars fan of any age, I highly recommend this game. If you don't mind spoilers that is.
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